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Anon A Miss: That's Enough - cornholio4

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Leave Her Alone

Sunset Shimmer wondered how things could go downhill for her fast. She thought she had earned everyone’s trust after helping save the school from the Dazzlings but it appeared it was all too easy for recent events to fade in people’s minds. Someone on MyStable under the username ‘Anon A Miss’ was posting people’s secrets and the blame had fell on her.

Especially since a secret of Applejack that had been posted, just after she had admitted it to her friends and they had somehow gotten hold of the photos of a sleepover from her phone which had gotten posted; even her friends believed it was her and deserted her.

It seemed like there was no one for her left in this world. Perhaps she should just go back to Equestria.

She was walking around the street with her hood up trying to avoid anyone that was from Canterlot High, she soon came across the Sweet Shoppe and decided to go in. She thought she might as well sit down and hide here. She sat down at a table and just had her head down.

About five minutes later she heard a cough and was surprised to see Mr and Mrs Cake the owners of the shop smiling at her, “Anything you want to order Sunset or are you just going to sit there?” Mrs Cake asked, her and her husband looking concerned despite their smiles.

Sunset sighed and figured she might as well drown her sorrows out on something sweet, she quickly took out a five dollar bill and passed it to them muttering softly “just give me whatever this will pay for and this troublemaker will be out of your hair soon...”

She looked back down and did not notice Mr and Mrs Cake looking at eachother in concern, they then whispered eachother and then went back to the counter and Mr Cake going to take care of an order for Sunset.

After a few minutes (not that Sunset was counting) Mr Cake returned and put something down, Sunset looked up and blinked at the ice cream sundae and milkshake that she was now given. “I am certain that this costs more than the five bucks....” Sunset told Mr Cake looking up in confusion and shock.

Mr Cake smiled at her and told her “well consider this a discount for girls who are down on the dumps for something not their fault.” Sunset blinked and was left speechless. Mr Cake sighed and told her softly “I understand the students at your school have been blaming you for something, but from what me and my wife have seen of you lately. You don’t look or act like you were up to something like you did previously or are guilty at something you did. We’re good at reading people and we are confident that you are being a victim in whatever situation this is. In this time, consider this a safe haven for you Sunset.”

Sunset did not know what to say but managed to mouth a quick “Thank you...” Mr Cake just smiled as he left and from the counter Mrs Cake waved in her direction. Sunset managed to give the first real smile that she had in quite a while.

She then tucked into her sundae and thought things seemed to be looking up now, however after she finished the sundae it seems things went down again......

“What in the hay are you doing here?” shouted a voice and Sunset turned to see that in front of her table was her five ‘friends’ who were glaring openly at her. “Did you think you would try and manipulate us by trying to speak to us at our local hangout?” Applejack asked with a glare as Sunset shook her head.

“I am here as a customer Applejack, I came by and got in........” Sunset responded only to be interrupted by Pinkie Pie shouting at her.

“This is supposed to be the happiest and most sweet place in the world! I bet you came here to put everyone off their delicious treats!” Pinkie had shouted making Sunset look at her flabbergasted. There were mutterings from the assembled Canterlot High students who were there.

“Pinkie, that’s ridiculous! Ignoring what you think I have done, do you think I would try to ruin’s everyone’s time just by showing up?” Sunset asked incredulously, even by the most bizarre standards of Pinkie Pie logic that accusation made absolutely no sense.

“Don’t talk to our friend like that Sunset, I am surprised you want to show your face around here again! Here is what you should do with this.” Rainbow Dash shouted taking Sunset’s milkshake and pouring it over Sunset’s head.

They caused her friends to show surprise but the Canterlot Students were laughing. “Rainbow Dash, that was a waste of a good milkshake!” Pinkie commented as Sunset stood open mouthed.

Rainbow Dash smirked mockingly at Sunset and told her “now you better skedaddle or else.....”

“RAINBOW DASH!!!” a twin shout came over them and the five turned around saw Mr and Mrs Cake had walked over and was now glaring at the five furiously. “You five can leave right now!” Mr Cake snapped pointing to the door shocking the five who never saw the married couple even the slightest bit of angry before.

“As for you Rainbow Dash, you can consider yourself unwelcome here. For your little stunt you have earned a ban from our premises for an entire week!” Mrs Cake told Rainbow Dash angrily who was spluttering some sort of response.

Mr Cake then faced the restaurant and shouted “let me make this clear, when you are in our shop keep your comments about Ms Sunset to yourself. There will be no tolerating anyone who wants to confront any customers here; there will be serious trouble for anyone who would want to imitate what Rainbow Dash again. The fact that this is a firs time offense in the shop is the only reason I am being as lenient as I am!”

This caused the muttering Canterlot High Students to go back to their seats. The Cakes then pointed back to the door to the five. “But Mr and Mrs Cake.......” Pinkie started only for their angry stares to become even harder.

Pinkie dejectedly walked to the door followed by her friends who were not certain at what happened but there were glares at a nervous looking Rainbow Dash. “I can’t believe you done that Rainbow Dash; you would think you could get away with doing that!” Rarity quietly told her not even wanting to turn around and glare at Sunset, to risk even further punishment.

Sunset had her mouth wide open as the Cakes went to look at Sunset in concern, “We will find something to clean you up Sunset, plus giving you your money back as well as a replacement milkshake. We meant what we said about this being a safe haven for you if you need it Sunset....” Mr Cake told Sunset softly.

As the Cakes hurriedly went to get some towels Sunset managed to smile despite the milkshake spilled on her, it seems like there were some on her side here after all.

Author's Note:

This fic was inspired by a recent Anon A Miss fic I read thats a crossover with A Wrinkle In Time. Though I fic we might soon be burned about by the lot of fics of this comic that are still coming out recently, I wanted to write a fic of the Five confronting Sunset in Sugarcube Corner (I looked it up and it seems to be called the Sweet Shoppe) and trying to get her to leave. I think I gave similar ideas to scenes in other Anona A Miss fics I have read in comments I have posted but I can't remember what they would be. I wanted a fic where a confrontation in a shop actually gets the Five into trouble.

Comments ( 79 )

An excellent reworking of the story. Earn a favourite.

O.O well, that happened. But I love it!

Yup this is going on my favorites I always loved the cakes as characters!:pinkiehappy:

An Anon-A-Miss story portraying adults that actually do something is always a win in my book

Will there be a sequel? Love to see the aftermath of the truth coming out, and how the rest of the adults react to how the five girls reacted and what they did.
See them drag them by the ears or arms to apologize to Sunset, the CMC dragged by the ears for sure.

Make. A . Sequel. Now:ajbemused:

Grammar's a little choppy, but other than that this could easily branch out into a much bigger story.

Rainbow is lucky that she’s not getting charged for battery for what she did to Sunset unless getting your own milkshake poured on you doesn’t count for battery.

short... but i like it.

While I think the Humane 5's actions here are a bit out there, I can definitely appreciate how Mr. and Mrs. Cake handled the situation. The world needs more adults like these two!

Short but very sweet. Praise to the cakes for their kindness

No it does.
Any aggressive contact towards another is considered battery. Assault as well if it's intentional.

In that case, Rainbow definitely IS lucky that the cakes merely decided to ban her from SugarCube Corner instead of calling the police. You think Rainbow’s friends are going to be pissed at her for getting them in trouble like that. Besides it’s not like Rainbow really has much of a defense for her actions

It's almost as bad as the Case of Casey Anthony. That bitch.

It was more like a combo of Rainbow's inexcusable actions and the others harassing Sunset that got them in trouble so they aren't without fault. The Cakes did tell her their shop was a safe haven for her.
And they're all lucky the police didn't get involved, harrassment is a crime too. An extremely small one but still.

this is awesome I remember I've had gotten an idea that was almost the same but it was about the main six being so terrible to sunset in public place that they ended up in trouble with the adults like losing a job or bans and its there faults for trying to bully her like give her a hard time or run her off for being in places they considered "theirs" that it has the adults step in to tell someone off.

Huh I should add that to my story.
Great story but it's too short if you ask me. I'd like to see a follow up to this or something.

Pinkie is lucky she wasn’t fired on the spot

Comment posted by Krack-Fic Kai deleted Oct 18th, 2018

That's right Pinkie does work for them doesn't she? I'd forgotten all about that. You're right she is lucky.
Seems the luck was on all their sides that day.

Honestly I have to say it's refreshing to read a fic where adults are stepping in to do the right thing as opposed to falling into the hate like sheep.

not sure if human Pinkie does in canon

Fair enough, they're still lucky though

Needs some editing but I still liked it.:twilightsmile:

That was satisfying. It's like seeing my own Anon-a-miss idea in the flesh (or text, as it were). Also, despite how others portray the population in reaction to the cyber-bullying, it's more realistic when it's shown that there are still good people who do help, just like the cakes. I imagine Maud being on that list.

Anyone else you guys can think of?

Sheesh lucky it wasn't me. I'd have decked Rainbow for that stunt.

I've seen Mr. Doodle a few times. He tends to stay clear headed.

That serpent Steven Magnet would also probably count.

He'd probably be like a drama class teacher or something but it's possible

admittedly not what i was hoping for when i read it but a good story none the less.

i was hoping this would be the cakes calling AJ's line about sunset not being welcome at the sweet shop in the comic out because honestly none of the humane 5 own the sweet shop so really that made no sense.

good story none the less.

It's been awhile since I've read an Anon-a-miss fic where the adults are friendly to Sunset.


Also, remember that there's the criminal charges of Assault/battery, and the civil tort of battery. Given this situation, since they aren't real people involved in a real case, I can say Sunset would have both actions available to her. Of course, this is just a guess, and I would need to know her jurisdiction in order to build either case. I am a paralegal, and can't give advice on real cases, so this is good practice. :twilightsheepish:

Getting a police officer involved would bring the proper attention to Anon-A-Miss, because the officer is going to ask Rainbow Dash why she did it. Dash doesn't strike me as having enough mouth-brain filter to invoke her attorney rights there, and one of the first things that would happen is Dash would be separated from the others as part of the questioning process. The second thing to happen is gonna be Dash justifying her action due to Anon-A-Miss. Even the Keystone Kops or other comedic cop characters (Clouseau, anyone?) could probably figure out that Sunset's being set up. Heaven help the CMC if someone competent investigates the case impartially. In order for the Rainbooms to get their heads out of their (phrasing!) and realize what sort of idiots they really are, we can't have even an incompetent cop respond to this. Yet. :trollestia:

Ok, I am rambling, clearly blaming it on the coffee. :ajsmug:

According to the shorts, Pinkie works in a 50's diner at the mall, while the Cakes have their own shop on a street corner.


:pinkiesmile: Want some?

Also, I like this story. Have a yay!

I have an imaginary teleported setup. Will that do?

Yup. Incoming coffee!:pinkiehappy:

The only worthwhile one you've posted as far as I'm concerned.

OK, who imagines Pinkie Pie coming to apologize but then Mr and Mrs. Cake tells her that they're not the ones she should be apologizing too. Also, they tell her, just because Sunset is allegedly causing trouble, it's no reason to become a bully. Pinkie insists she isn't, but Mrs. Cake says that she did nothing at all, so she pretty much supports what Rainbow Dash did. Also, Pinkie loses her babysitting priveleges.

It'd make a great scene in a sequel for sure.
(maybe just a temporary ban of babysitting privileges though):pinkiesad2:


I mean Mr and Mrs. Cake would say that treating Sunset like that makes them bullies and they don't want their kids to have any bad influences.

Hence the temporary ban. At least until the Cakes deem her no longer a bad influence.

I wonder if that would be bad for the diner's business, I mean if I saw that and one of the girls who didn't stop her worked at a place that I go to, I would refuse to be served by a friend of a bully

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