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Changelings are unheard of. They live as a myth, like a whisper in a child's ear. One might hear of them on passing, but for the most part, they are a fairy tale, and they know this. They prefer it. The less anyone knows, the better. If ponies don't know there's a strange species of insectoid creatures living right under their noses, then they'll never investigate.

Sometimes, there are changelings who simply want to live their own lives, away from their hive. Raise a family, start business, or even own a city, but in the hopes of living their own dreams rather than that of the hive. Not all changelings get this chance, and those who do, don't get to keep it for very long. There a good number of changelings who have succeeded in escaping their hive to live peacefully in pony society as a simple member of the community. One of those changelings is Amare Cadare, or as he is known as to the ponies: Steady Saunter, the blacksmith.

Amare would like nothing more than being able to shed a disguise permanently, though he is content with his life style. Deep down, he does wish he could reveal his true nature. One day, he gets his wish, but he doesn't exactly get what he was hoping for. After all, faith can be misplaced.

The original version of this can be found at this link. Use the key password Original Whole to access it.

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Comments ( 4 )

I look forward to getting more of this fanfic.

I like this story, I look forward to how this goes and wish you luck my friend :)

Very interesting beginning, let's see how it goes.

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