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Once upon a whenever, there was a pretty pony named Moonhorse. There was also a lovebug thing named Bugdeer. They were both nice and sweet, so they figured that they should be together. This is how they did it.

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Did this thing remind anyone else of that caller to O&A? The "stewardess gave me a blowjobs. It was awesome." guy?

Well, this has been a great random read... one that in the end wasn’t that random. Anyway, made me smile or laugh plenty of times :twilightsmile:

By the way, would you be alright with me sometimes pointing people to this story for educational purposes? It utilizes telling really well.

Yeah sure! And thanks for liking this. Honestly, I just wanted to post something here and I had my romance goggles on.

You are welcome :twilightsmile: Well, not every story has to be a complex epic adventure to be enjoyable.

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