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Well this will be an interesting development. So I wonder how long it will take for everything to go pear shaped.

So basically entire chunk of continent got teleported into another world... This going to be interesting... And dark at times...
P.S. Meanwhile on Earth everyone is guessing what ocean is doing between Mexico and Canada?

I hope this is updated regularly. A few years back I found a story with a similar premise that hasn't updated at all since I found it.

1/week. I am literally being paid to write this. I will continue.

Are we talking exact political borders here? If so, this is suspicious on its own.
How much ocean beyond the landmass? What about connected islands like Long Island or the Florida Keys?

It's already pear shaped. The question is, how bad it's going to get. We already know some sort of war will be going on. We all know that in war, there are no victors.


Well the question becomes which group will cause trouble for the President first? The nuts in California, the nuts in Texas, and/or the nuts in Washington DC? All three groups have a long history of not working well with others. Then again I wonder what is happening at the UN, which is based in NYC?

How many satelite launchers are ready to go at any given time in the US, as in when is the next launch due that can be repurposed with one of the extra NSA fast conflict observational deployment packages? How many schools, colleges and universities have PiSats ready to fly?

how quickly can they enforce pool and sharing so teh remaining vehicles can keep runing, even with the jet fuel now available for agricultural and truck use?

I actually had an idea of writing something like this, although this seems darker then the story I had planned.

Are the ponies going to help America settle or is there going to be war between the countries.

Who are the main characters. I'm guess the OC President is one

At the moment, for example, there are around three space launches due November, and a couple other USA launches in October.

However, this is mostly irrelevant for much, as long range aircraft can very rapidly survey nearby lands, even with no gps.
Some sort of orbiting satellite with imagery could be got up inside a month, but before that, we would have a very good idea of the first few thousand miles, and longer range refuelled flights could survey rather more.

Thing about this fic. The politics (and "holy wars" in comments) will be inevitable, so I hope you will settle down with some moderate progmatic centrist President from some nonexistent third party, rather than sitting on the Morton's fork of choice between polarized Republicans and Democrats, so he can be neuter in this story and try to make a balance between forces. Though you (or your patron) most likely already chose President's political alignment, but I just wanted to share idea.

Amusingly not, other than a request that I not make him with orange skin.


I'm hesitant on the premise here, but it could go in very interesting places indeed. Let's see what happens.

Do you have things you'd like peered at first? No one's put in a vote.

Holy cow this is more awesome then I original thought. You did an awesome job bro! :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to read the next chapter!


I agree. The President needs to be third party or just set up a complete alternate universe where there has always been term limits and people can still be civil with one another most of the time.

I wasn't aware term limits were one of our many problems?

will the characters be in this at all or?

I might give it a looksie later though

'the' characters? Do you mean FCs from the show? Of course.


The lack of them is the problem more likely. Far to many in both parties have been in power for far to long with little to show for it.

The description i a little odd and doesn't inspire confidence.
We have like 10 years worth iirc of oil stashed, and the entire Middle East will run dry before like one deposit in Montana.

Citation required. Alaska is also not available.



A friend of mine is a pipeline inspector. Most of our oil is pulled from the Dakotas, Montana, Texas, and Arizona.

Yep, that's the story that inspired me to have Uncommon ground done. I was always dissatisfied with how that awesome story was abandoned, so after all these years I wanted to see it done. Even if its thru an entirely new story. :twilightsmile:

Yep, lots of oil. And how much do we use in the typical day?

I withdraw my complaint. Further research shows my stance to be false. I forfeit.

Our yearly production out of our reserve is like 2-3bn barrels. Plus the National Strategic Reserve.
Really it's a minor quibble but... I can't see this happening. It works because of the when the US finds out X has oil meme but not really otherwise.

The description is already altered. I am not too proud to ignore facts before me. I vastly overestimated our reliance on petrol for power production (basically not even used there). I have learned and thus the story will avoid that mistake.

So dude with a nuclear tech degree over here some quick nuclear facts for you to use.

1. The nuclear plants will have supply issues because a lot of the large equipment namely steam generators and some other hardware are not made domestically. In an emergency, we could make them, but it would require a lot of effort.
2. The US does not mine uranium in the lower 48, but the Department of energy has an experimental system that can mine uranium from seawater google it for details.
3. Look up a company called NuScale they have a new reactor design that is small, safe, and is built using an assembly line and assembled onsite like a lego set avoiding the supply issues that I mention affect the existing nuclear plants in your story. The reactor is in the final stage of approval by the nuclear regulatory commission. NuScale estimates that it would take less than 12 months to build one. If the US faces an energy crisis in your story NuScale would be the domestic company, they should tap to solve it.

If you have questions, message me.

id like to see celestia in this maybe she could make friendly first contact maybe have some Canadians who are in the usa end up near the crystal empire while new York city ends up near the dragonlands. I mean grumpy new Yorkers and grumpy dragons in one place what could possibly go wrong?...……(somewhere a god named Murphy is giggling like a blond school cheerleader)

Oh, thank you! I appreciate the sudden font of information, really. Good to know. I'll try to bear that in mind as we go forward.

Quite an interesting premise. Glad we seem to have a generic disaster-movie president in this story.

When customs agents peer over the border, what are they reporting?

I just hope scientists don't create a potion to turn ponies into humans. (The first of many, many TCB jokes).

Props for admitting when you make a mistake.

I'm not sure why that would be a thing they'd want to do, the potion that is.

Like I said, the first of many, many The Conversion Bureau jokes.

Well, let's try to avoid those pitfalls. Trying to mass-convert either side's species is really a messy way of waging a war.

Quite enjoying this story and the comments oddly enough.

Great what nut jobs ruined things in Alaska and just how out of control is everything going to get up there? At least we have the time of year for the humans.

Wait a second Alaska has shifted that far south?! All that permafrost and the oil line are going to be a giant headache very shortly.

Near the Crystal Empire and threatening the yaks is south?

Is there going to be naval combat? I know there's not going to be a battle as our warships are far superior compared to a nation with wooden ships so the opposing forces will be destroyed immediately. But if you do something with that you should try to incorporate the USS Iowa. While being a museum ship its also stocked with ammunition for its guns. It's written somewhere where they said it has to be battle ready at any time. Remember the Iowa is very large and could transport large amounts of troops as well as taking out and targets on or off shore.


I thought the Iowa would be Strategic Reserve because it doesnt have critical electroonics and can get away with only minor electrical repair, replacement? Its shelling predictor is Electromechanical analog, which means it has electrical motors, but those are buried inside behind layers of structural steel which acts as multiple shielding, and its targeting is by stereoscopic passive optical telescopes that can be adapted by cornea replacement operators for near IR and UV operation?

Wouldnt its main guns be large enough for fully dumb Little Boy shells?

Topologically it sounds more like the variation used here is a centroid on teh continental mass, not including Canada? So given there was no landmass in the ocean, the land appeared, but elsewhere teh land didnt move, the people were just displaced with minimum vertical offsets to place on Alaska, or such blening operation?

If Fast Satts are off, then how many of the 14 Blackbirds could be lifted for lonmg range, till then, get the B52s in operation up but with Predators and Hawks in the bomb bay and wing hardpoints for high altitude fast intelligence? I mean, the Drones have the equipment but not the speed and range, the B52 have the speed and range but not the gear, and itt takes too long to swap over, so fastest is rip wings off Predators and weld them to the B52 and get them up?

How many B1B, B2s are still available to these people, Run Carrier Fighters to maximum drop tank range for fastest return of surface information?

Get reports from MIT, CalTech, FermiLab, the LIGO crew, start cross checking local reality values, doesnt take much in light speed to change impedance and resonant lengths in high speed computers chip circuitry to start limiting the clockspeed due to waveform distortion etc. I beleive thats the main reason clock speeds ahve been effectively stalled for nearly 20 years.

Between Polar Bears, Yetis, and rapidly approaching Belligerant Yaks, Can see how unfortunately Alaska could go downhill instantly. :pinkiesad2:

Aaaaand the yaks basically ruined any hope of diplomacy. This is why I never agree to defensive pacts in Civilization. I just hope someone can bring this to the negotiation table before both sides give each other a reason to keep fighting.

Also, typos within Equestrian airspace:

Is Cadance and Shining alright


Raven assures me that it was the yak's sudden appearance that caused the mistake.

The start doesn't have America being steamrolled so far? Currently, Equestria and allies are on the defensive.

I dont believe it will turn out that way. If equestria and its allies wind up winning it will only be thru a pyrrhic victory.

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