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Hey I'm a crossover and displaced writer but I may write other stories for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy what I write!


(Not displaced)
A lot has happened when I met my other half (in a way). My name is Quick Writer and I'm just a regular reporter. One of the best ones in the Maretropolis Gazette, but the main topic really is just news on the Power Ponies and their enemies. I always thought I would just be a regular human living my life, I guess that has changed. I was writing about the whereabouts of an escaped villain, and I found something, or someone. That helped me become the impossible.

And now we are the monster villains will fear in the night!


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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Oct 18th, 2018

Pony Burglar: ”What the hell are you!?

Quill/Venom: ”We are VENOM!”

Does Spider-Man (or at least a superhero based off of him) appear or at least get mentioned in this story?

Ok, i waited till now to say it but, unless you can give Venom lines a whit outline you better change its color, people that use night mode can have a hard time reading this dark color on dark background.

Mane- ic is quills childhood crush isn’t she?

Please please please make more of this glorious story!

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Alright I’m going to return to writing this story

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