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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Why are you like this?

A completed Intricate Disguise fic?

What manner of devilry is this?

Saw the title, instantly got a hard-on.

Fun, ‘messy’ (in a perfect way) little story, happily enjoyed it!

Wait.... I’m confused

Flutters: Yea, so?

The Divine Entertainment community is going to be so conflicted over this.


Yeah, Flutters was just like "Everything is fine for me, IDGAF about your problems" WTF Flutters? XD

You're a sick man, and we love you for it.

What a pioneer going where no bro's gone before.

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, some of the incomplete stories in Intricate's library hurt my soul..
So many good premises left to blueball us for eternity :ajsleepy: Pour one out for the incomplete fics!

I don't know how I never noticed this in the past, but, according to your profile, you joined FIMfiction.net on my birthday!

(Great gift, huh? :rainbowlaugh:)

Needs a sequel where the new owners discover the wonders of Orthoro's dickings. And share them with the previous, with Raindbow getting that double dicking she doesn't know yet she wants oh so very much :rainbowwild:

I may have purposely saved a couple of tricks and positions I've been considering for a potential sequel. We'll see how demand goes!

Well, that was fucking magical

This should have been the line spoken at the end of the experience.

And that's how doggy style was named, kids.

Rainbow explaining to their adopted children a decade or two in the future how her and their other mother hooked up?

Legendary more would be awesome

with a two headed, two cocked dog?

"Would you like that, boy? Would you like it if I helped you get this out of your system?" She accentuated the word by brushing over the creature's belly, hovering just over its twin cocks, and Rainbow lost the battle not to admit to herself how hot that was. Also, the orthros nodded. Like, it nodded a lot.

I mean, who would not want stress relief with Flutters (and by chance Dashy)?

All the while, Rainbow noticed that she left the cock to her left, the one on Rainbow's right, completely unattended. It almost felt like a crime, like the creature deserved to be being pleasured from both sides, or it'd only receive half the satisfaction it needed and deserved.

Well the, time to do something about this, Rainbow.

and eventually, between the two shafts, Rainbow lost any semblance of restraint, reaching forwards and softly making out with Fluttershy as she began to pump the orthros with a hoof.


And that's how doggy style was named, kids.

The more you know... :twilightoops:

Rainbow had no idea if an orthros could knock up a pony, but right now, that thought was enough to send her into overdrive

This needs to happen.

Please? :fluttershysad:

Where'd the cover image come from?

Goddamn, that story image though.

It's one of the first explicit images with the orthros, on Derpibooru at least.

...no it wasn't. I checked. With the filter that allows all images.

-Go on Derpibooru.
-Set your filter to 'everything'.
-Go to the search bar.
-Type 'orthros'.
-Sort results by score.
-It'll be on the first page.

1: I already had the filter set to everything.
2: It was on page 6 or 7 for me.
3: I didn't know you could sort results by score until your comment.

Comment posted by Texus deleted Oct 16th, 2018

Sorry, I meant it was one of the first explicit Orthros images on Derpibooru.

Check oldest first.

I can't wait to see what cums next

Stop fucking the dog, Dogfucker.

And that's how doggy style was named, kids.


Fluttershy hummed in thought for a moment, likely knowing Rainbow to be right, until eventually, an idea seemed to hit her, a smile appearing on her face. "I bet Celestia and Luna would adore him, and I know they'd have the space. We could still visit too, I bet!"

Oh boy:derpytongue2:.

Rainbow looked down to her and her best friend's cum-soaked bodies. "Good. Because I wasn't giving up on that experience any time soon."

Only you Rainbow, only you:rainbowlaugh:!

And that's how doggy style was named, kids.

God damn it!

You know, I'm pretty sure there are other animals who fuck in the same way. Why isn't it called "horsey style" or something?

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