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I'm an MLP lover/Pegasister, artist, writer, ABBA fan, Disnerd, and Young Justicer. So yeah. I love everything cartoony. I'm also a Youtuber.


After Pear Crumble passed away when Pear Butter was ten, her dad became overprotective of her. Not long after, he explains why. The main reason: Pear Butter looks just like her mum.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

I'm not disrespecting the story.

On the main page, when I scrolled past this fic. I glanced at the cover, and thought I saw something.....naughty, so I read this description and looked closer. I couldn't see the lines of her head, and only saw the hair.

Have a like for this misunderstanding.

Huh. Disabled reviews. Uhh... have a favorite.

Dude. I drew the art and I was careful. Sometimes scaling a big drawing down can do things. I'm glad you like the story.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding. Ad, I know your pain. I drew my profile pic and had to re-draw it in sharpie so I could see it.

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