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Takes place after Father Knows Beast.

It has been a couple days since Spike's encounter with Sludge, but now he's back in Canterlot due to Royal Business. Celestia asks him what's been going on, and Spike shares his stories with the Princess. But how would she take it when finding out information about this particular dragon?

Cover art by NadnerbD.

Chapters (1)
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I'm checking this out later.

Celestia's eyes widened as the sound of shattered glass filled the air.

Meanwhile, not too far from the alley, a pony removed his head from a glass window, turning to his friend. "Ha! I knew my head could break glass!"

"That window cost me more than 30 bits." His friend stubbornly said.

:rainbowlaugh: at that moment, Sludge knew, he f***** up

Bet you Cadence and Shining Armor want to beat up Sludge while Flurry Heart cheering up Spike by being adorable!!!

Sludge is lucky he wasn´t banished to the moon.
At least Spike got his pillow back.

Great work on this!

No less than was deserved.

Normally fics like this feel rushed or petty, but this one made me smile. Kudos!

Mr 0 #7 · Oct 13th, 2018 · · ·

I choose to believe that sludge is basically stuck in orbit from this while on fire.

Eww, who'd want his ugly mug on the moon for a thousand years?

This was bound to happen

I like this!

Better on the moon than in Equestria.

This was loads of fun. :rainbowlaugh: Perfect!

Sludge deserved every second of that. :pinkiecrazy:

Bet his biscuits were burning after that.

Was that a hint of shipping between spike and luna??

Better than the actual episode.

Awesome fic. Take that, Sludge!

Moral of the story: Don't you ever make Celestia angry, especially after taking advantage of her favorite Dragon!

Sludge deserved that ending very much.

9230202 Don't make her angry, you won't like her when she's angry. :trollestia:


No no Celestia, aloud me.
A. You're fired
B. You're fired
"Isn't that the same thing."
A.You're fired from your job.
B. Into the cannon.
"Wait, what?"
Thanks for party howitzer FireBrand

No, Luna is Spike's dragon sitter, acts as a mother figure like Twilight or Celestia.

Best ending ever!

That was funny, cute and very sweet! I especially loved the motherly sides of Luna and Celestia with Spike, I always found that side of their relationship to be a highly underutilized but supremely adorable angle to explore more of.

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