• Published 17th Nov 2018
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Long Live The Empress - morion87

The once and future ruler of Equus is reborn. But what does this have to do with Twilight Sparkle?

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Letters and Questions

Cosmos examined the letter in her magic, back to front, before returning her gaze to Scootaloo, who just looked bored. Her being here was a bit of a surprise as today wasn't her weekly Twilight Time with the CMC.

Now that she thought about it, that name really didn't apply anymore. Not like she was now. But that could wait for the moment. Scootaloo had shown up just after lunch, saying they had to talk.

Putting the letter aside for the moment, she gave the filly a look. "So who told you to give this to me?"

"My moms. Said it was for you only." Scootaloo replied.

Cosmos gave her a surprised look. "Moms? As in..."

Scootaloo nodded. "Yeah. Both my parents are mares. Not sure how they did it, but they did." She gave Cosmos a stink eye. "Why? Got a problem with that?"

Cosmos chuckled. "Hardly Scootaloo. But you never talk about them, and there's not to a lot to go on here in Ponyville."

Scootaloo slumped. "Yeah, I know. But there's a reason for that." She sighed. "They're not always home, and I just stay with my aunts when they're not. I asked what they did once, but all they said was they couldn't. National security or something I think."

Cosmos nodded as her gaze returned to the seal that was on the envelope, one she had seen only once before. "And now I know why."

Scootaloo perked up. "You do?"

She nodded. "Oh yes. This is a Zeta-X Level Security Clearance which means it goes straight to only Celestia, Luna, or me. Nopony else is even allowed to be in the same room with it normally but one of us."

Scoots scratched her head. "So what does that mean exactly?"

She smiled. "It means that your moms are involved in the deepest and most secret black ops, so secret that no paper trail exists for them. It's a secret that only the Tetrarchy knows. Celestia and Luna won't even discuss their possible existence. Officially and unofficially, they don't exist."

Scoots tapped her chin. "So my moms are awesome?"

Cosmos smiled as she wrapped a wing around her. "Very awesome."

Scootaloo grinned like a maniac as her wings buzzed. "Cool!"

Cosmos chuckled before becoming serious. "But Scootaloo, I need you to Pinkie Promise me that you will never talk about any of what I just told you. I'd normally be in trouble for doing this, but I'm hoping I can trust you enough with this."

Scoots pouted. "Not even Rainbow Dash?"

"Especially Rainbow Dash. Either one. She can't keep her mouth shut far too often for something like this, and the more that do know, the higher the risk they'll put your mothers in danger. On purpose or not." Cosmos replied.

That shot Scoots up good. No matter what she may have thought, she didn't want to lose her parents. No matter how much she wished they were home more, she still loved them. "Fine." She finally said and went through the motions.

Cosmos's smile returned. "Thank you. Did they say what this was about?"

Scoots shook her head. "Nope, but Momma Red seemed pretty nervous about something when she gave it to me."

Cosmos frowned but didn't say anything as she opened the seal and took a moment to read the letter inside. Her face darkened somewhat at what she read. But she wasn't all that surprised. Of course, the nobles thought they could get away with it, or that nopony would notice it.

Her thoughts must've shown for Scootaloo leaned in. "So you know what's going on?"

Cosmos nodded. "Quite well actually. But I have a permanent solution for it if it ever comes down to it." Igniting her horn, a slot on her armor opened and out floated a sword of exquisite workmanship. Silver with a hint of gold running along the center line.

What surprised Scootaloo was how big it was. Nearly as long as Cosmos was tall. "So what's this?" She asked as she poked it.

Cosmos smiled as a stack of cards floated out next as a slot opened on the handle and slid into place. The blade began to change form as the handle grew larger and fanned out. "This is a personal favorite of mine a friend helped me make."

"Does it have a name?" Scoots asked.

Cosmos nodded. "It's called the Blay Rouser. And this is just its first form. There's also King Rouser, but I only use that if someone really needs to be punished. It's only one of several I have based on a certain universe far from here."

Scootaloo wanted to ask what that meant, but she held off for the moment as she looked around. "So, where is everypony?"

Cosmos sighed. "They're in Canterlot. I'm staying out of this. For them."

Now Scootaloo was really confused. "Why? What's in Canterlot?"

Cosmos's ears drooped. "They're looking for their families. Crystal, Emerald, Celestial, Orchid and Water Lilly went with them as support. After six thousand years, I don't know what they'll find."

Scootaloo had the sense not to ask more about it. It was becoming common knowledge of what had happened so long ago since Amber, Diamond, Ivy, Ocean Breeze and Moon Petal had shared it with the rest of their friends.

All she really knew for sure was that Amber's birth family had passed away long ago and that Diamond had adopted her into her own. But that was about all that made sense to her. Math was never her strong suit. "So what about mini you?" She asked.

Cosmos smiled as she looked up the stairs to the loft. "Packing for a small trip I'm taking her on." She tapped her chin. "We'll be gone for a few days, so if you don't see us, that's why."

Scoots blinked in confusion. "So where are ya going?"

Cosmos smirked. "My old stomping grounds in the Everfree Forest. The Orrery should be up and running at full power by now, and I want to show her it and a few other things. If I can find them that is."

Now Scoots gave her a shocked look. "Okay. I'm me, but even I think that's crazy. Is that even safe? She's still getting used to all of us."

Cosmos just smiled. "She needs to get out of the library for a while for one. And she's been itching to explore Equestria ever since we got back." She shook her head. "I'm not going to have her stay inside the whole time she's here."

Scootaloo wasn't convinced. "And what about what lives in it?

Cosmos smirked. "That's why she has me. There's nothing in there I can't handle if needed."

At that moment they heard someone coming down the stairs. Looking over, they found Twilight huffing and puffing as she walked towards them, her saddlebags stuffed with parchment and quills, and maybe a few books as well.

"I don't know how earth ponies do this." She wheezed as she came to the bottom and tried to catch her breath.

Cosmos chuckled. "Years of practice. You're still growing into your own. Give it time and you'll be wondering how you ever lived without it."

Twilight found that hard to believe at the moment but decided not to comment on it. Her eyes lit up as she caught sight of the Blay Rouser floating in Cosmos's magic, but held off for the moment. "You're not taking anything?" She asked.

Cosmos shook her head as she placed the blade against her reading desk as Twilight walked up to her. "Don't need to. Since this is your first time Teleporting, just know that it can be disorienting." She smirked as her horn glowed. "And watch that first step. It's a doozy."

She gave Scootaloo one last look. "Spike already knows where we're going, so don't worry. And if the girls come back, just tell them to meet us at the Orrery. They'll know the place."

With that, her horn flashed, and she and Twilight vanished from the library.

Author's Note:

Bonus points for those who know where the Blay Rouser comes from. You don't win anything, Just the satisfaction that you're a nerd.

And yes, I gave Scootaloo two moms. Not something I've seen before. I absolutely despise orphan Scootaloo stories, or ones where she comes from an abusive home, or anything like that.

So in my stuff, when it come up, she does have a family. And that's the final word on it.

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