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Dr. Wolf’s secret report findings #283.

Hours of research has led me to the understanding that Cole is invincible… and when I say invincible, I mean, his consciousness will never cease to exist. If he uses the RFI, his body will be dead, but his mind will be sucked into a different world. What’s worse is if this happens, he will not be able to return to this universe… I do not want to go into detail as to how this is possible, but rather simply say that he could end up in a number of parallel universes that is undiscovered by us.

*Written before I actually knew what I was doing.

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Super powered ponies and fight scenes? I can do that!

Please leave positive comments and constructive criticism. If you feel anything should be changed to a better flow of words, I would appreciate it if you explained how i could do this, and YES IT WAS RUSHED! EVERYTHING I WRITE ALWAYS ESCALATES QUICKLY!!! It's just how I write.

Btw, I don't know if this will end up being completed... I can pretty much see this ending up being totally disliked by people, but then, what am I going to do...

He should be feeling tired, being outside the grid is draining for Cole. He is like a battery, not a generator.

Some details need to be added, And some plot elements were really strange. Part of me didn't like this story.

But I never listen to that part of me. Thumbs up, Fave, and a moustache. .:moustache:

Continue this story. HeavyMetalCommunist orders you to continue in the name of Mother Russia!

1020620 i explain why this is in later chapters.

I really enjoyed this chapter! you should really keep going :pinkiehappy:

though i do need to address one thing.

i feel that the events were very rushed. Not to discourage you, but you should try to pace yourself, explain things in more detail

other than that i see nothing wrong with the fic, keep up the good work!

p.s. maybe an appearence from the mane 6?

Thanks for ruining infamous 2 before I even got to play it!:flutterrage:

I liked it though :derpytongue2:

1020651 dude, not my fault! its been out for a while, long enough for me to think enough people would have played it to where i would publish this story and not get these comments.


Mesh doesn't matter I don't even know what any of what I read meant :twilightblush:

That doesn't mean it's not ruined:twilightangry2:

Still doesn't matter :twilightblush: :trixieshiftright:

I like this just for the concept alone, but the writing drew me in well enough to keep me going. I hope you continue this, it's a better read then most out there, for sure. But then, I'm not one to make demands. Do what feels right! :pinkiehappy:

1020750 i got a good idea of what i'm doing.


Cool, can't wait to see more.~ Anyway, never played Infamous 2, myself. Beat the first one, had a good time, but my PS3 was fried before I got the chance to play the sequel. Was it good?

1020779 honestly, one of the BEST games i ever played. gets really emotional. i suggest you try and find a way to play it, cause it rocked!


I am looking into getting a new PS3, one of the slim ones. (Not sure why they call them slim, they look the same to me.) I guess this just gives me a reason to pick one up. :rainbowlaugh: Just gotta work up the cash.

Yes. Just. Fucking. Yes.

I think Nix should be Nyx and Quo should be Kuo. Other than that, good story so far, it has potential.

Dammit I was gonna do an infamous crossover! Anyway she spells her name Kuo.
And cole is a little out of charecter, he's not so quick to trust., the pace of the story is a little to fast but other than that FANTASTIC JOB!

1020833 your right about kuo, but not about nix. i googled it. thank you!

Nix is spelled right,but Quo should be changed to Kuo.

1020897 see above comment, its been changed.

1020889 sorry, but in order to get things down right, i had to mix up the character of cole... plus, when you meet celestia, wouldnt you just wanna trust that cute alicorn, even if she fires magic beams at your ass?:pinkiecrazy:

Heh.What a way to embarrass myself. :twilightblush:

Anyways,fav'd and thumbed up.Can't wait for more. :moustache:

1020913 thanks! this is doing really well... more better than expected actually!

Hell no that alicorn could kill u instantly. Anyway you could have easily had the have an argument to where he figured to not provoke a fight to go along with them. HAHA I replied to your reply. 1020912

1020947 well, i'll see about making it harder for cole to trust ponies.

That was fast. :rainbowderp: You still have my attention, friend. But... What's with the choices? Is this going to be done adventure book style? :heart:

1021051 its based on infamous the game. i plan on making the reader have the ability to choose which route they take, just like in the game. this first choice will have two new chapters follow it. in the title, it will say weather its the good choice or if its the evil choice. the two choices in the story will be linked to the next chapter. if this confuses you, then sorry, but you'll understand.

p.s. doing much better then i thought it would.


Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing it up. Let's see where this leads us, shall we?~


Doh, I missed. Well, let's just see where this story will take us. No brakes on this train.

1021108 well... i'm going to bed now, so this may not be updated for a while, plus, keep in mind, i have two chapters to write for each of the choices. so it may be a while until this is updated, sorry.


Alright, good night and have a good morning when you wake up.


Your welcome.

*Pulls out two S&W 500s and points them at the ground*

I'm out.

*Shoots guns, propelling himself into the air and away from the situation at hand*

I am very happy to see a crossover of inFamous and MLP. InFamous 2 is definitely one of my all time favorite games.

A couple of pointers:
1. When expressing thoughts, do not put them in quotation marks; italicize them.
2. Wolfe says that Cole's conscience would never cease to exist. I think you mean his consciousness, since Wolfe is referring to the idea of Cole being somehow invincible. His "conscience" is his his innate ability to differentiate right and wrong (which we all know can disappear rather quickly :pinkiehappy:.)

Keep up the good work!

1021248 in the begining, i intentionally made cole talk to himself. a little derpy, but still. also, thanks for consiousness thingy tip. its been updated.

This could get very difficult to write if every choice branches off into two chapters(16 chapters at 4 choices), you will get bogged down very fast, try to keep the choices at a minimum. Other than that, I like it so far.

1021332 i have a plan and intend on possibly making the story branch off not only on choices by=ut at certain points. like if you've been choosing the good choices so far, id link you to the good story and vise versa!

Hmm, what to say?:ajsleepy: Oh I know! Please continue.:pinkiesad2:

1021424 nobody is disliking this so far... sure, why the hell not?

Ah, so its really only two stories, one is the paragon Cole, the other is the renegade Cole.

1021455 technically... yes and no. this story will be hard to write, but i think i can make it work!

Oh. I see that now. Good call, actually, since he does have a habit of doing that.

I choose the paragon option.:rainbowdetermined2:

In any game with two choices of good or evil I always start and end with evil! But ti's is pony universe so I go with Good throughout the series!:pinkiehappy:

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