• Published 3rd Aug 2012
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Infamous: New Beginnings - Art Inspired

Cole McGrath wakes up to find himself in the universe of Equestria, world of the ponies!

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Dr. Wolf’s secret report findings #283.

Hours of research has led me to the understanding that Cole is invincible… And when I say invincible, I mean his consciousness will never cease to exist. If he uses the RFI, his body will be dead, but his mind will be sucked into a different world. What’s worse is if this happens, he will not be able to return to this universe… I do not want to go into detail as to how this is possible, but rather simply say that he could end up in a number of parallel universes that is undiscovered by us. This breakthrough will literally be the ultimate in science discoveries. It’s just too bad this will never be known to the outside world. People will think Cole McGrath is dead, when really, his conscience, memory… Basically his whole mind will be transported to another world and will probably develop a new body for itself to use… Depending on which world he is in, however. I tried to tell him, but time was short and I missed my chance. It may be better if he doesn't know. Not only that, but I don’t know what will happen to the other conduits once the RFI is activated. For all I know, they could end up in the same universe or a completely different one! This may be harming other beings that we have yet to discovered, and technically still don’t know about. It is without a doubt that Cole will survive… But is there a possible way of getting him back home?


The dazed and oddly confused Cole McGrath awoke in a field of colorful flowers. Sun shined down upon his buzz cut mane and warmed his body. Looking around with one hell of a head ache, he said “What… Where am I? I thought… THE BEAST!”

He stumbled to his hooves and panicked. “Where is he? Did I kill him? I must have…" Loosing concentration on his deceased foe, he noticed his body. Seeing the lightly grey coat and the new form he had taken, he began to wonder why he was a pony.

“What the hell? Am I… I’m a pony... Why am I a pony?”

He stumbled and walked through the flowers trying to remember what happened just before firing up the RFI only to remember a bright blue light and then nothing.

“Am… Am I dead? Did I die after the explosion? That must be it, but then, why am I a pony... do i still have my powers?”

He pointed his hoof forward and fired a blue streak of lightning. It eradicated and burned some flowers where the bolt landed. Smiling at his unique talent, he said "Even if I'm dead, I'll still have powers."

Blue skies filled the air, and in the distance, he could see a town. Cole decided to go investigate to see if he could find someone to talk to. As he tried to gallop, he tripped a few times before getting the hang of things. This world was nothing like earth. Cole saw mountains and beauty all around him as he approached the town. When he got to the entrance, he slowed down and crashed once more. A local gave him a hand by grabbing his hoof.

“Well, someone’s in a hurry.” The local said.

Cole just got to his hooves and proceeded to enter the town. Walking through, he saw it was extremely colorful, and everybody was a pony. As he walked through the town, he saw everybody looking at him. He did stick out like a sore thumb. Unlike everyone else, he had a different look; Scars on his face, and a shaved mane. He looked around and tried to think of what to say. Just before he did though, a mare walked out of a local bakery. The way she looked put his odd style to shame. She had a beautiful mane that sparkled in the light and was decorated with royalty jewelry; Not to mention the fact that she had wings on her sides and a horn sticking out of her hear. She saw Cole and gasped. As she walked over to the stallion, Cole cocked his head while frowning.

“Well, a new comer in the town of Ponyville? What’s your name?” The mare asked.

Cole hesitated before deciding to introduce himself. “The names Cole McGrath… I’m a little lost… And confused.”

The mare smiled and said “I can understand that. I sense a power within you.”

All the other ponies gathered round the two as they talked. Cole knew he would be in trouble if he hurt any civilians by showing off, so he denied it.

Princess Celestia giggled and turned around. “Very well then… I guess you can’t stop this attack then!”

The mare whipped around and fired a ray of supernatural magic from her horn straight at Cole. He responded by firing lightning back at the beam. The two were locked in a magic struggle. Sparks surged out of Cole’s hooves and pushed back the magic of the mare. The crowd stood with mouths wide open, some screaming in terror. Finally, the two ran out of juice and stood there, Cole panting more than the mare. All the other ponies watched as Cole could here murmur’s spread through the crowd.

“How did he do that?”

“He’s not a unicorn!”

“He shouldn’t be able to use magic.”

Cole, losing his temper, yelled at the mare while asking “What the hell?! Why would you fire at me? I didn’t harm you!”

The mare caught her breath and said “Because you lied to me. I knew you were special… Just like her.”

Cole stopped his anger to ask who the mare was talking about.

“Over the last few hours." The mare said. "She’s been ruining Canterlot, so I arrested her. Not an easy task when she can control burning hot sludge! She goes by the name of Nix.

Cole’s jaw dropped as he heard her name. Nix was still alive and was causing mayhem here. At least he wasn’t the only conduit here, and if Nix was here, that meant Kuo might be here as well. Things were starting to look like it would be alright, but what was this place? Cole asked this and the mare explained.

“First, my name is Princess Celestia. I raise the sun of Equestria, which is this world; Universe of ponies… Something must have happened in your world that transported you here. Ponies like you who are earth ponies, not unicorns, have been showing up with special magical powers. You’re not the only one, and it’s starting to become a real problem. So far, Nix and you are the only ones I’ve met, but I have heard reports of other just like you two. I believe Nix called them… Conduits was it? Please, come to Canterlot and explain how you got here. Perhaps we can make sense of this crazy ordeal.”

Cole did as the mare said and followed her to some carriage. There was just enough room for two. As they flew to Canterlot, Cole explained what happened in his world and Celestia explained where he was and gave him some insight about the area, location and what kinds of ponies inhabited the universe known as Equestria.

More to come! Next time, Cole meets Luna and has to make a choice.

I have been wanting to do this for some time, but decided not to until now. I just got back from vacation and intend on writing more assuming this does good. It WILL have karmic decisions and a different story lining. The good/bad story will be out line and you will be able to see which one is the bad story and which one is the good story. Hope you enjoyed reading the introduction.