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The story was rigged from the start...

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Very Fastly.
I... I don't even know where to start with this... you need commas, you need to capitalize the 'I's when the narrating character refers to himself, and for love of Frost, please just put the next chapter through some form of a spellchecker.

just for the theme, you got a thumb up.

One word for the situation he is in BUGGER!

For the love of frost?
Never heard that one before.

My phone doesn't do it automatically so i need to do it myself. And sometimes i forget to do it.

well of course you haven't; you're not living in my head, after all
...or are you?:pinkiecrazy:

And how would you know? :pinkiegasp: What if you're living in my head too, and you don't want me to know because if I knew I'd try to flush the lot of you freeloading pricks out?!?!

(COME ON! You know what a pip-boy looks like do i really have to describe it? And also i couldn't get a pic because the world is fucking me in the ass)

Your welcome!:pinkiesmile:

Thank you:twilightsmile:
My phone doesn't work
And just to let you know a new chapter is coming up on this story.

*DIES FROM EXCITEMENT* "Hello this is Trixie. I must now revive my human sorry!"

it's okay, but so many grammatical errors

Hey! I am not that good of a writer! And to add, this is only my third story. I know i need practice... But i am writing here just for the fun if it.

that reminds me of my beginnings in fallout 4 against the muta-deer. the damned deformed deer killed me faster than a group of ghouls. from that day I said nothing more than "I'm going to hell" and went to the jenkings style ... Leeeeroyy Jenkings. I have not yet been able to kill the bastards. Do you know what it is like to go knife to hand and fight the deer or mirelurks? It's like hitting and running like a bitch, that's how you beat them.

Ok ok So is 1000 or passed on our world war has a world fuse together because in 1000 years how did we become horse people or what?

The word I is always capitalized. Please respond to this comment.

Thanks for the info

Comment posted by Kanna deleted Oct 24th, 2018

The world war 3 happened. And radiation.

I quickly got up and started running in tge opposite direction of the roar.

What is tge?

I got up and started to opened the door and stepped outside, but before i got to shut the door the kid shouted "Wait!" I turned around and looked at him.


That doesn’t make much sense, but if you say so, I’ant complaining.

... from my new wantage point...

I think you mean ‘Vantage’ point.

Finish what u started. I am loving this

Hey, I am sorry if this is rude, but your story is good, abit weird, but your grammar and spelling sucks, you need to capitalize your 'I's and fix a few spelling errors, if you want I can help you with that since I don't have anything to do today

What just happened who does the charecter ... killed .. where is twilight , who was that unfourtunate scientist

Me when I see a death claw early the beginning of a new game.

"Yeah fuck that!" I said and started running

update sometime this century please.

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