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This is a Destiny/MLP Fic. This story is after the Guardians have defeated Gauhl and returned the Traveler to it's earlier state, free from the hold of the Cabal. After a mission sent out by the Vanguard fire-team to a certain Guardian. The task appears to be too much for him yet as he dies in the world with the Traveler, he is inexplicably appearing in a separate world, free from the Cabal, Vex, Fallen, Takes, and even untouched by the Darkness itself. Will he survive in this new world with his new body or will it prove to be too much for him much like the last mission he was sent on.

Chapters (3)
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Does Destiny have voice actors in it?

Comment posted by Draconic_Griffin deleted Oct 15th, 2018

Not for your character but NPC's do, like the fallen, hive, cabal, and any NPC guardian.

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