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Mike went to a con with his friend who was cosplaying as the incredible hulk, and after chewing his friend out for spending a hundred bucks on a cheap mask,he is accidentally sent to equestria,the problem being he now has the powers of Bruce Banner,making him public enemy number one. Will he be able to rein in the beast inside or will his temper get the best of him.

*accepting crosses*

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I could see RD being that irrational/stupid and causing this

Oh good I was kinda thinking I over exaggerated that part

Idk why, but i swear, SiE had better pacing than this when I started. Plus you might seriously want an editor dude. Especially in the beginning. Hopefully this gets better. Sorry if I'm rude, but feel like that should be said. Until next time, if there'll be one.

Meh, every version of Rainbow I've wrote so far is instantly hostile to the Displaced when she first meets them. So it's understandable in my opinion she'd screw up that big.

Its fine ,know my grammer isn't the best and neither is my pacing, and going to work on both(my dyslexia wont help with that) as for getting an editor this site is practically void of reliable editors. Anyway I hope you continue to enjoy my fic.

"Continue" isn't very accurate at the moment. I'm tracking it to see if it gets better.

And with thay the trio headed off into the open wilds.

Man that old show is what I was thinkig about while I made this chap

The fact that ending was begging for that music didn't help matters, either.

Man I love that show,im looking to make all the endings like that it just....fits!

Half the X-men are complete douches here:facehoof:, i want to see hulk smash those ones:flutterrage:

This story is a mess, it too fast and not well written......sighs.:facehoof:

Sorry I needed to get some things set up fast,ill try and slow down a bit

I really hope you mean add some details and such. I mean why did celestia declare him a number 1 threat why is fluttershy and Lyra there with him, why are the X-men there, why do you keep THROWING stuff randomly and seemly hoping for the best to fit in.

i'm so dam confused and lost track of what the heck is going on here!
sunset there as well, and all this...NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!

I'm sorry but i'm done.

it's a good idea, but you really need to work on many things.

Okay one hulk completely destroyed Celestia in fight and scared the shit our of discord making a bigger threat than even Tirek,who had to trick Discord to become strong,two fluttershy is coming along because she cares and lyra is there because she wants to learn more about humans,and third Sunset came with Zidanne and as she was from my freinds world not mine,now for the X-men they already said they were sent from their world to equestria the reason for this as that charatars from the marvel vers are showing up in equestria. Now I agreee that this is a lot to take in and i am going to stop intrducing new stuff for a few chaps( im starting to regret doing a cross on top of intrducing the x- men but its too late now) so things can fall into steady pace. Hope that answered your questions have a nice day.

She was immediately cut off by Hulk grabbing her by her front left leg and repeatedly slamming her into the ground.

:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Km bwa hahahahaha , hoa hehehe , hehehahahahuaghhaaa
puny celestia . PUNY GODDES CELESTIA !

Rainbow Dash - (laughing)


Hulk vs Loki - "Puny God"- Hulk Smashing Loki - The Avengers | Movie CLIP HD


Ive been waiting for someone to pick up on that reference

“Ross Ma’am General Thunderbolt Ross,” Ross said before smiling, “And don't you worry bout a thing,I'll have that green brute’s head on a silver platter,”

Motha..... ok you know what just say that your going to displace someone into basically marvel in Equestria as one of the characters please or it will just seem stupid at all the introductions

(and that was motha from the saying motha f*cka just without the f*cka and seems better to me)

Hmmm maybe I should,although only the avengers are going to be displaced after this since I have a certain villian in mind as a final boss

here is what I think the intro music should be (ps the old tv show is awesome)

I one hundred percent agree with everying in this comment,would you like me to post a link of it at tge start of ever chap from now on? Cuz I can do that

I hundred percent agree that is best Hulk intro

I knew it was Sun you crossed with the moment I read the chapter title

You don't have to be rude not everyone would know

I was hoping someone would get it

I'm just saying you are the only guy I know who has an active UT Displaced.

Still the way you typed it made it sound like it was a condescending comment

Probably. That might be my default setting now when you're involved

Really? I thought it was because of how you overreacted on such a tiny thing and then kept annoying me in a server when I decided to stop blocking you.

Nope it's because you're a condescending asshole

And you're an annoying prick

That's not what your mother said last night😎

Wow. Real mature dude.

You start bringing up the past and being condescending to me and you expect me to be nice even when I try to be at first

Besides you and me both know I apologize for overreacting and yet you keep bringing that shit up and always are condescending to me

Last we spoke, you kept annoying everyone in the server

Not everyone in the server you lying asshole only a few people

And that doesn't excuse you from telling some of my personal information on an entire server

Night, that's enough. This is a comment section for this story, not a bickering contest, please take it to PM and settle it like mature adults.

He was the one that brought it up not me

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