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A Blossoming Star - Blood_rose_doll

Celestia has a big secret. Twilight was not the first alicorn she made. So what happens when the daughter of her two greatest regrets shows back up in Equestria? Is the world ready for another alicorn even if she doesn't look that way?

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Chapter 5

Author's Note:

Here is what her dad and brother look like as I have yet to show them:
Night Rain
Star Echo
The names are links.

“After I sent Luna to the moon on that night so many years ago I already knew that one day she would return. It took several years but I put together a plan to save her using the power of multiple alicorns combined. The issue was that there was only me. Using all of the teachings I had I put together a spell to turn a worthy pony into an alicorn.” All the ponies assembled watched the magical panel as it shifted through the images that went along with Celestia’s story. As she spoke Luna looked down in shame. Celestia looked to Comet as she spoke the next line. “Comet’s parents were as worthy as I could see.” Comet rolled her eyes softly.

She had heard this story from her parents. She saw them more as vulnerable than this so called worthiness that Celestia claimed. She wondered how she would spin that part of the story to make herself look like the perfect little princess she pretended to be.

“Her mother was a student of mine. Daisy Field, a unicorn of exceptional ability with the magic to make anything grow and spread. Her father, Night Rain, was a bat pony of the night guard. They were in love but not yet married at the time. It was hard on them. With Luna’s banishment the night guard itself was shunned and sometimes resented. When it was discovered that Daisy was dating a member of the former night guard it was considered scandalous. Yet still they held out for their love,” Celestia continued. Comet watched as the panel showed her parents back then. She saw the looks other ponies gave them and it hurt her heart. She could see the love they clearly had for each other though.

“I approached them with the offer. They were understandably hesitant at first. Soon though they saw the benefit of what I was offering them. With them in agreement I gathered all I would need for the spell. It didn’t go according to plan,” Celestia said sadly as everypony watched the panel. On it Comet’s parents stood in the same throne room they were in now as Celestia aimed a spell at them. The next second there was a magical explosion. All three ponies were shot across the room in different directions. As Daisy stood first her new wings were clear to see as well as Night’s new horn as she helped him up. Celestia stood and as she neared them they glowed with yellow magic, Celestia’s magic.

“The spell had not only exploded but it had worked in a different way than intended. Instead of increasing their own magic a piece of my magic merged with them to make them alicorns. We became linked,” Celestia said with a pointed look to Comet’s bubble. “Including Comet and her brother as well. I can control their magic to an extent by speaking their full name and standing close to them. I can also tell when they are using magic outside of the barrier. Though this all seemed to be mostly a success though a complication soon arose. One that I could never have predicted,” Celestia said as she looked back to the panel.

This time the panel showed her parents trying out their new abilities. Her mother flew slightly off the ground and her dad levitated a few small objects. They were in a room that looked like Celestia’s personal chamber, Comet assumed it belonged to Luna. In a second though her mom fell out of the air and the objects followed her. “Their magic was imperfect. They were not true alicorns. They had magic of ones though however unpredictable. It was dangerous for them to be around regular ponies for their own sake,” Celestia said sorrowfully but Comet scoffed loudly. Everypony looked to her as she stood to glare at the white princess.

“You mean it was dangerous for you. You were ashamed that you had failed. You couldn’t let everypony know that their perfect pony princess had made such a huge blunder. So you hid them away,” The magic panel continued to shift at Comet’s words showing the images to accompany her words. “You picked a field that was far away from any pony city and you made a magical barrier to cage them. You gave them rules and to make sure they behaved you told them that you ‘could not protect them should they leave’. They also found out that your little spell made it almost impossible for them to foal. They tried for almost a hundred years to have my brother after they decided it was worth the risk to have one in the first place. Star Echo was not the only foal they wanted however. So they tried again with you discouraging them. That is when they had me.” Celestia sighed as Comet finished.

“You weren’t happy to spend your life happily with your family though it seems,” Celestia said as a small dig to Comet. Her neutral expression cracked for just a moment as she started to glare and caught herself. Comet laughed like that was the funniest thing she had heard.

“I was not happy to live in a cage my whole life,” Comet spit out the words with anger. “I want to see the world. I want to be part of it. I don’t care about your reputation. I deserve to do as I please. I am just as much an alicorn as you or your sister. I don’t get a fancy little crown or title though. You’re afraid. Afraid that everypony is finally going to see you as the failure you are. To see you as anything but perfect.”

Celestia did not deny this or even respond, she couldn’t. Comet was right and she knew it. Celestia was worried how it would affect how her kingdom viewed the pony who was suppose to protect them. She couldn’t let this pony ruin everything she had built. She also realized that her options were limited. Ponies knew she existed now, knew what she was. Celestia let out a deep sigh. She knew what she had to do.

“Fine,” Celestia said bluntly as her horn lit up. She dispelled the magical panel and Comet’s bubble. “Go and see the world if you wish. You will do so on my terms though. You will go with Twilight or one of her friends or you will not go at all. You may not care about your actions but they can have serious consequences. You can refuse if you wish but you know the price of that.”

Comet was trapped and Celestia knew it. She was threatening to take away everything her family cared about. To take away their home, Celestia’s so called ‘protection’ of the barrier and it’s contents. Comet looked to the other ponies in the room and an idea came to her.

“What is they refuse to come with me?” Comet asked smugly but Celestia simply smiled. She looked to her former student who nodded.

“Of course we’ll go with you Comet,” Twilight stated with a smile. Comet gave a deep sigh at that. She didn’t need a foalsitter but there was little she could do about it. She knew there was no way she was getting out of this and so finally she gave a small huff.

“Fine,” Comet stated angrily. Celestia gave her an approving smile that Comet hated. How could she still look like the perfect princess after revealing that she had make such a mistake? Comet decided right then that she would find a way to crack that armor of hers. She would show everypony else the pony she really was. Then maybe her family could live out in the open freely. She could finally be just like everypony else. That was what she wanted. A life that most ponies took for granted.

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I’m so glad these things are starting to actually come out more frequently. This story sat around for a bit.

Comet has a lower more monotone voice that does not betray any emotions she does not wish to express while still being sort of girly.
Daisy has the voice you might imagine a flower would have sweet and airy with a gentle tone.
Night has a deep voice with a low rumble kind of like the sound of heavy rain on a roof.
Star has a sort of jock voice quite masculine while also sounding like he is constantly smiling while he talks even when he isn't, he speaks in quite a cocky tone.

I have a tendency to forget all about writing when something big is going on in my life. I had a rough time the last several months but for now everything is as normal as it can be for me. I know it doesn't make up for it but I appreciate you coming back.

that great story yo got there. but i'm hopely if you have time to do Monster High Ghoul's Out in Equestria story so it can be find out what next chapter.

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