• Published 6th Oct 2018
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A Blossoming Star - Blood_rose_doll

Celestia has a big secret. Twilight was not the first alicorn she made. So what happens when the daughter of her two greatest regrets shows back up in Equestria? Is the world ready for another alicorn even if she doesn't look that way?

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Chapter 3

Comet had been led by Sassy down a few streets until she suddenly turned without warning into one the the shop doors. Comet was quick to follow after a small stumble. Inside a few unicorns were walking about placing clothes and other items around. A stage was set up in the center as well. While she was looking around Sassy handed off the bags to a male unicorn and then turned back to Comet. She trotted over quickly and took hold of Comet’s right wing in her hoof. The bat wing was quickly pulled back as Comet jumped to the side in surprise. Sassy gave an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that dear. I need a wing model though and so I was simply checking if your bat wings could work.” Sassy tried to give a small reassuring smile as well but she was clearly flustered. Comet extended her wing for the unicorn to inspect. The unicorn seemed very curious in the feel and shape of the wing. After a moment though she pulled a tape measure from her dress pocket and began actually working. This intrigued Comet.

“Have you never seen a bat wing before?” Comet asked innocently and Sassy hesitated slightly in her movements. After getting the last measurement she motioned for Comet to follow as she lead her to the back studio.

“Not up close before. They are quite interesting,” Sassy said with a clear sparkle in her eye. They had given her many ideas for designs. When they got to the back Sassy quickly directed Comet to stand in place as she started making things using her wings as a base to work from.

It was about an hour later with ponies coming in and out of the back to grab the completed items as well as ask Sassy for opinions. It all seemed so well choreographed it was amazing to watch. Finally though with a great sigh Sassy sat down in front of Comet. She made a tired dismissive gesture and Comet took that as her cue to leave. When she walked out of the back she was amazed to see how much the shop had transformed in that amount of time. Everything looked so fancy and almost regal throughout the entire place. Everywhere you looked was something new and beautiful. A few new ponies were chatting in the middle of the shop. As Comet started to walk past them her ears twitched softly as she heard a snippet of the conversation.

“Don’t be silly Applejack it’s all perfectly necessary.” A white unicorn with a purple mane stated to the orange earth pony before her. Comet was immediately interested. Still unsure of how to handle this sort of thing Comet simply trotted up to the earth pony.

“Are you Applejack? As in Braeburn’s cousin?” Comet asked the startled mare. It took a moment for the earth pony to recover before she responded.

“How does a bat pony know my cousin?” She asked, not in a rude way but in an honest bewilderment.

“I met him while I was passing through Appaloosa. I’m traveling the world. He mentioned I should visit you in fact though I never expected to run into you here.” Comet thought she would be living in a town like her cousin and not a city. Applejack chuckled at that.

“Not much of a city pony am I?” Applejack asked in good humor. Comet shook her head lightly and this caused Applejack to smile more at her honesty. “Well you got me there. I’m here to support my friends city pony or not.” For the first time Comet looked over to the third pony and the unicorn. The other pony was a pegasus with a yellow coat and pink mane. The unicorn cleared her throat in a dignified way.

“Indeed. I brought Fluttershy here to be a wing model but when we arrived we were informed that somepony else had volunteered. I’m Rarity by the way dear, I own this boutique.” Comet looked at the unicorn with slightly new eyes. She could tell that she was fancy but to own this whole shop blew Comet’s mind.

“I bumped into Sassy outside causing her to drop all her things and so I only felt it was right to offer some help in return.” Comet stated simply. Rarity nodded and gave her a grateful smile.

“Well you must let me thank you for that darling. Stay for the show. It’s quite an exclusive event.” Rarity said with a small boost to her own ego. Comet was unsure if she would fit in but she really wanted to see it. She figured this was her only chance to see something like this and she readily accepted with a nod. Comet was finally turning her first day out back around or so she thought in that moment. It was all dashed when the door to the shop opened.

As the ponies who had been working on the event started to leave another set of four ponies walked in. The pony at the front was the one who caught Comet’s attention. She was an alicorn. Immediately Comet felt cornered. Who was this? Did Celestia send her to get her? Deciding that she would not go so easily this time Comet ran over to the alicorn mare. She stopped in front of her and spread her wings. They glowed brightly as her magic flowed through them. She looked at the alicorn daring her with her eyes to try something. The ponies in the shop looked at Comet with pure shock, even the alicorn in front of her. It took several seconds for her to regain composure and her eyes landed on Comet’s wings.

“Is that magic? How?” The alicorn asked in pure bewilderment. Comet relaxed slightly in confusion.

“Did Celestia not send you for me?” Comet asked in a tone that implied she would not fall for her tricks.

“Celestia? Why would she send me to you? Who are you?” The alicorn asked as she looked around at the other ponies. Comet finally tucked her wings back into her side but they still glowed softly, ready to react just in case.

“How can you not know? You must be a relative of hers I was unaware of. You should be one of the only ponies to know of her greatest secret.” Comet stated like it was no big deal but the alicorn seemed to be having a breakdown.

“What?!” The alicorn asked in pure amazement. Comet realized she had no idea who she was. How was that possible? “Who are you?”

“Comet Flower. Sister of Star Echo. Daughter of Night Rain and Daisy Field. Celestia’s failed first attempt to make an alicorn.” Comet stated as if it was simple. The alicorn in front of her though seemed like her brain shut down. She stared at Comet like she had suddenly turned into a bird in front of her eyes. The first pony to regain their voice after that was a pink earth pony.

“So are you like a prototype Twilight?” the pink mare asked with a wonder that surprised Comet. This shook the alicorn out of her shock.

“I think you need to start from the beginning.” The alicorn mare looked to Rarity at that. “Can we talk in the studio Rarity?” The unicorn nodded and all of the ponies filed into the back with Comet in tow. Her wings finally stopped glowing as she walked. When they made it to the back the alicorn looked at the ponies assembled.

“Perhaps we should start with introductions. I’m Twilight Sparkle. I think you met these three. The rest of my friends are Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Starlight Glimmer.” Twilight said as she pointed to the three ponies she arrived with in turn. “Now how exactly do your wings glow?”

“I’m an alicorn like you. Though I was not born with a horn I still have the magic my parents passed on to me. It manifests using my wings as the conduit.” Comet stated as her wings started to glow again. She picked up a nearby spool of thread in her magic. Her magic was unique in that it was not a single color. It was mainly pink on her wings but around the spool it was purple. She spun the spool around and then teleported it across the room and back. She turned it into cup and then back again. It felt different to use her magic outside of the bubble.

“You said that princess Celestia made your parents alicorns?” Twilight asked as she watched the small display in wonder. Comet stopped and placed the thread down. She looked down at her hooves sadly.

“She wanted to save her sister. The idea was to make an alicorn to assist in returning her to her old self. She enlisted my parents for that. The spell backfired though. My parents were turned into alicorns but their magic is incomplete. Celestia was also affected when the spell exploded though I am unsure how exactly. Celestia was terrified that ponies would find out that she had failed in such a huge way and so she decided nopony could know about them. She created a magical place for them to live in secret for the rest of their lives. I don’t think she expected them to live as long as her or to have kids. When she found out about us she was not pleased but she said we had to follow the same rules. I want to see the world though not be trapped in a snow globe my whole life.” Comet looked back up into the now sympathetic eyes of Twilight. She was surprised to see that she cared. Twilight stepped forward quickly and wrapped Comet in a hug. Unused to such attention Comet froze in place.

“I’m so sorry. It sounds like you really need a friend.” She backed up from the hug and smiled at Comet. “As the princess of friendship I shall be your first friend.” Comet stared at Twilight in wonder. She sure was a weird alicorn.