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Shadow Kicker has few friends in life. Lovers, allies, ponies she loves and those she respects, but friends have always been few and far between in her life, and while her bed can be warmed at any whim, few stand by her side.

The rahj have a saying: should one be judged by wealth, strength, by crown or coin? By how much gained in a life lived, or how much one gave? For one mare, who sacrificed all, who lost so much and gained little, who gave all and asked for naught in return, she deserves more then any. Shadow Kicker finds not allies in the ranks of the Sultans guard, but a friend. But in the face of the abduction of the rahj by caribbou, can she keep her heart and honor? And can a stallion with naught to offer but care, will he find a way to care for one whose people so hard to love or be loved?

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There's only one b in caribou. If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

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