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Twilight's life in Ponyville is perfect, almost too perfect. Almost as if... she was the centre of a TV show or something. But that's crazy, it's not like there could be ponies filming her every moment of her life? Right?

But when she starts to notice the various discrepancies in her day-to-day life, when her friends act like they're not her friends when she isn't around. When everything starts to seem more and more unreal, she begins to wonder what's really going on behind the scenes.

Inspired/based on The Truman Show.

Chapters (2)
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Pretty awesome fic!


I'm a bit confused by the talk of 'seasons.' If the show were to be cancelled or something, what would happen to Twilight?

I'd like to think over time the girls would become friends and even start taking aspects of their characters into them selves. Becoming better ponies by pretending to be better ponies. Maybe Rainbow becoming addicted to the speed booster. Maybe Cheerilee was meant to be Big Mac's love interest but she and he disliked each other? Maybe Sugar Bell was his real girl friend and was written into the show? Could Twilight's princess hood have been added when she suddenly started to take on her fictional power? Imagine the freakouts the cast and crew would have if all Twilight's feats went from SFX to real magic! Did twilight really hatch Spike, it would be interesting if Spike had been hatched and raised by Twilight inside the fiction, putting up with everything because being "recast" means he loses everything. His job, his home and his "mother".

A MLP story based off of The Truman Show?

I've never seen the movie, but I'll definitely track this! :twilightsmile:

I dunno...

Maybe you will just... find out...


*Grins Evilly*


And does that mean there were seasons before this, or is this a brand new show?

i do wonder how Twilight can escape, or how she reacts to the horrible truth.
This could break her or inthe end be forged stronger than ever.

if the show get cancel, twilight get kill it that simple.

be funny if twilight figure it all out a while ago and say nothing

I thought I mentioned somewhere that "The Show" was in season two...

Anyway, the planned episodes of The Twilight Sparkle Show follow the general pattern of MLP:FiM.


But how does that work if Twilight thinks this is real life? Where was she before 'season 1?'

It'll be revealed eventually.

I was actually considering doing that, but it ended up not making sense.

Huh... I just did that as a joke, I did not expect you to have actually considered that at one point

why would she? no bills, not really. supposed stipend from a 'princess'... i mean, dash had the right idea. free living.

there's also the scene with rarity and the officer. he couldn't tell if she was faking it, or genuinely upset about what she did. could be bleed off of her 'char.' becoming a part of her. but we will have to see.

course, nobody has asked the big question. Alicorns. the show obviously has only the one or 2, but what about the real world? and is princess celestia still ruler of the real world, or is she just one of the many actors? could she have BEEN the ruler, but with it being a confederacy, she no longer has a role outside of the sun? or is she just a citizen now?


It's funny, before I started writing, I would theorize so much about the universes of other people's stories.

It's so different when your story is the one being theorized about! Not to mention that the questions bring up things that I would've overlooked in the plot anyway! :pinkiehappy:

Puts some thought provoking details to light at times.


She's probably just a very big pony wearing props, like Rainbow.

Well... Having an actor that pretends. To move the sun makes day night shift easier to explain than it was in the Truman show

I'd agree mostly, just that likely Alicorns in this universe are ordinary ponies not demi-gods. Would explain random background Alicorns. And we could have multiple ponies in the role explain Luna's appearance change. Twilight not knowing Shining and Cadance dated? The actors where dating and some producer decided a royal wedding would be a good episode. The whole thing with Changelings, the "reformed" changlings are "normal" the black from just "costumes". Would also explain identical background ponies, most lings have rudimentary shifting power and were the extras using easy template forms based on pony actors. Show progresses changelings get more skilled and more real ponies join the cast thus less doubles.


Or the Changelings are just guys in costumes. And a lot of SFX.

Ooooor... they're just magically animated pieces of Swiss Cheese...

Last time I checked, it's pretty hard to fake gigantic holes in your legs...


Dwarves in mechanical suits. Or foals, since they don't seem to care much about child labor and abuse.


Imma go ahead and keep writing the next chapter.

the little things are adding up already... derpy is gonna cause technical issues. lyra and bon and making her question things slightly after a while.. etc..

Uh oh... Derpy is about to screw things up again! :derpyderp1:

Poor Spike, you know the director has the little dragon by the balls, his entire life is Twilight. Same goes for Shining Armor, his whole identity revolves around protecting his "sister", he's been with her for her entire life, he clearly loves her deeply. She's going to need that real part of her life, the love of Spike and Shining, to survive the truth.

I wanted to cover a bit about the Background Six here.

Vinyl, Octavia, Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, and who is the last one?

Vinyl, Octavia, Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, and Doctor Whooves are technically the Background Six. I just couldn't find a place for the Doctor. Maybe later...

Ahh, that's who I thought it was I just didn't remember if he was in the chapter or not

This story is already pretty good, but I see room for it to get even better.

Not criticizing the story, it’s good, but I’m saying I see the story getting even better.

Trust me, when things get real, it gets even better.

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