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Sunset waited outside the assembly hall, gazing down at her hands. Her mind was going over the spell again and again, remembering what the Princess had said, so long ago.
Behind the doors she could hear, even feel, the rumble of conversations inside the large room. No doubt everyone there knew what they wanted to say and do to her.

When Sunset Shimmer realized that the real reason the school had acted as it had was because of her past actions—and her willingness to pretend they had never happened—she decided to put an end to the whole thing.
The past.
And the hurt she had caused others.

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Holy Shit.

~Skeeter The Lurker

So.......did Sunset die or...... go to Equestria.....

Ah the feels! That was well done. I hate that I like these stories, cause I really like Sunset, but my mind is always like, "What if?'

Well, that was a bit more than I was bargaining for. Should have known better with D involved.

Thanks for the read.


Whelp. That's it everypony. Anon-A-Miss is officially over. D wins.

Great shit as usual, D.

Considering the 'Death' tag, I would assume so. As well as the point that she implied that it was a practise inside Equestria. I would assume it's sort of a 'tear yourself apart to show everyone the truth' type deal.

I concur.

~Cyclone the Signatureless

Huh, that’s one way to explode into apologies...

That was neat, I’m glad a big name did a non piss take crack at this (not that Justice’s take wasn’t hilarious, just happy there’s something else), and didn’t shy away from the over the top edge the stories are known for. I do think the story line has a ton of potential that hasn’t been tapped yet and would love to see more attempts.

I do wish there was more, but I do love the different perspectives and the idea that everyone thought of themselves as a hero until it was too late. It works for what it is.

Wonderful job D. Really makes someone think about things unsaid.:heart:

Dang it. Where’s that box of tissues when I need it? :fluttercry:

I prefer this ending to many of the Anon-A-Miss stories that revel in how unfair Sunset was treated and how terrible her friends feel for not believing in her.

I can count on my hand the number of stories that point out that Anon-A-Miss was just a symptom of a larger problem, of people personally not forgetting what Sunset did in the past, that people can hold grudges even if they make an effort to be civil and "give someone a chance". The old adage of forgiving but not forgetting, such that at the first sign of duplicity they jump on it for those that actually did forgive, and fed by those that never felt that Sunset made up for the crimes she did to them in the past. Forgotten Friendship was along the same lines, just with a single person who had the means of targeting Sunset for revenge magically.

Too often Anon-A-Miss stories don't believe in the power of friendship, of forgiveness. And because of that, I think the vast majority miss the whole point of the thing. Anon-A-Miss wouldn't have worked if Sunset was so easily forgivable. It also doesn't work if she gets high and mighty about it either, because that just defeats the purpose of her even being there in the first place (to make up for what she did). That was the reason she gave for remaining there after her defeat, after all.

Lastly, this method being a thing that happens in Equestria is a very interesting concept. It might explain why ponies seem able to forgive so easily, to give others second chances. Because the alternative of not giving second chances is being subjected to this. Its existence created a whole culture of giving second chances.

I am not sure how I feel about this one. I have read it over three times, and still can't form a full opinion of this.

I think mostly because it feels incomplete. Suicide affects people far more than just... minor regrets. The idea of this being about forgiveness, rather than what sunset did being a horrible act...

Maybe you can blame it on magic, but the aftermath of seeing someone kill themselves, as a direct reaction of ypur own actions, would lead to far greater trauma than the initial repentance of Susnet Shimmer would provide.

I guess that is probably my issue... it waves away the suicide with magic, and seems to present it as a valid solution. And while that might not have been Wanderers intention, it is how it came off to me.

Ultimately Sunsets act would have a far more devastating consequence than she intended her act to have. And maybe that is why it feels incomplete, because it has the action without a real reaction or response. Witnessing the death of someone, no matter how noble that death supposedly is, is a traumatic experience to anyone, let alone the close friends who did not believe her, and would live with the knowledge, either justified or not, that they could have prevented this. And without proper grief counselling, this festers into a very dangerous mindset.

I want to like this, as it is an interested concept, but the execution rubs me the wrong way.

Wow dude. This is powerful. Another very well written and impactful story. Thank you.

Wanderer D

9205820 I'm afraid I don't follow your logic. The story is essentially, exactly about what you're talking about. It ends where it should: the moment of realization that they now won't ever have a chance to forgive or be forgiven. I don't and never intended to go beyond that point, because that is exactly where this should end.

That's why the last paragraph is what it is.

At no point in the story was Sunset's decision made "noble" or "right". It denied them any chance thereafter. She had given up after she realized why so much of the problem were her own actions. But she also gave up on them, in a way.

9205674 I feel more would have taken away from the message: There comes a point where you just don't have the option.

9205807 It is a horrible thing to have to deal with when all you needed was to be open to forgiving, or at least believing in someone.

What you've written here is poignant and thought provoking, but I'm kinda stuck on the fact that Celestia taught young Sunset the suicide spell. Is that a standard part of CSGU curriculum, or does she only teach the spell whose only apparent purpose is to tear apart your body and soul as a final act of atonement to her personal students? Is this why Twilight is so afraid of disappointing the Princess?


It is a horrible thing to have to deal with when all you needed was to be open to forgiving, or at least believing in someone.

What disappoints me is that it seems like this action was necessary for these students to become better people in the future. They have the potential to come to that realization, but it requires being shown how wrong their mindset was, what the consequences and losses would be. But was there any way to really understand that without having the consequences of their closed nature thrown in their faces with Sunset's sacrifice? Is there any other possible outcome?

I know you say you don't know just why you wrote it and don't doubt that, saying that, you're not consciously aware of the reason, but just in case, are you doing alright?
(The potential reasons you mention are plausible, but I thought it'd be better to ask, just in case.)

That was refreshingly original.

This was pretty deep, and really powerful. Probably the most introspective Anon-a-miss story I've read since Myriad Thoughts, going by the length.

The ultimate escape option.
The problem is, it does not solve any problems.

From the story, ponies seem to believe it does. It's basically described as the last option for somepony who is repentant but can't make up for their sins. Of course there's no proof if it actually does anything or just kills the pony in question, but seeing how it's apparently Harmony-based magic I'd say the chances are pretty good.

Did it help to integrate Sunset into the society? No, for obvious reasons.
Did it make her better? No, for same reasons.
Did it make other people better? Don't think so. Most likely it made them traumatized by their classmate suiciding in front of them.

It seems to be a pony-religious thing. It's literally not meant to do anything in this world except show the ponies you've wronged that you genuinely regret what you've done without room for duplicity or misinterpretation. Every other intended effect of the spell concerns whatever comes after for the pony who cast it.

I'm not saying it's a great or practical spell, but it's a choice, part of pony culture, and there's definitely a difference to regular suicide (assuming it works, which considering ponies have magic and cutie marks and thus likely souls, I'll assume it does).

As for the trauma thing, that's why it's a last resort. From her point of view Sunset might even think it gives them peace of mind instead of nightmares.

The implications of that spell’s existence are also profound. It sounds like something that Sunset found on her own, and Celestia talked to her about rather than risk a young student reaching her own conclusions. But it strikes me as also being relatively well known - or at least known of - though certainly not used much in modern times.

In the silence between the lines, I think this is also a profound argument against suicide as a form of penance. After all, is it impossible that her friends would come to their senses? That she could have successfully atoned over time?* Perhaps most of all, would Sunset have used the spell if she had known who Anon-A-Miss was?

I think not.

*Though I think her activities after Movie 1 should have made significant in-roads along those lines.

That's just stupid.

If you have done something wrong, simply dying won't help anyone. Simply being apologetic also won't. Those two combined - they won't help either.
The only way to atone is through good deeds. If you can, do them yourself. If the one you wronged won't accept it - do it anonimously.

And Sunset didn't make it. She gave up and run away. Sure, the spell must have given her solace in that everyone will get her apology. But the consequences are not her problem anymore.

I think this is somewhat like seppuku. Sure, it's all romantical and stuff, but in reality it's gory and painful and useless. Might be found by Sunset in some book. Then Celestia tried to explain that it's not a good thing to do. And now she feels betrayed and worthless, remembers about this and decides it's the only thing that can restore her honor. Or something like that.

A pity, really. Because if she changed on inside, the solution would be just to change the outside, like transferring to another school, and maybe some psychiatric help to support her in first times.

And apologising for her earlier behaviour can come later. Because time does indeed heal.

Wanderer D

9205855 I don't think it was necessary, exactly. There were ways things could have gone differently, of course, but in this "what if" Sunset felt that it was her best choice, given the pain she had given others before. Of course, that's up for debate, as really in the end, even if they did change their minds, or understood the depth of her regret, it would be too late to really say or do anything to make things better.

9205852 I was thinking more along the lines of what 9206185 said; Sunset found it on her own and Celestia explained what it did and why they did it. I don't think she ever considered Sunset would think she needed to use it.

9205883 9205834 I'm okay guys, thanks for asking.

9206180 9206158 Cultural differences, personal beliefs, extreme measures... in the end, however well-intended, Sunset's decision will leave a lot of questions that CHS students are ill-prepared to confront... I imagine in Ponyland, given their nature, no one suffers alone and understanding and forgiveness is shared by all of them with all of them. Humans however...

9206185 Sure, you can incorporate it!

Yeah, I mostly agree. I think her choice was made, not out of honor or nobility, but from feeling trapped. Like there was no hope left, and no point. Depression is a mind-twister, and I think she had it in spades. But I imagine there is or was a mystique around it among some ponies, rather like forms of suicide have in our world.

And, of course, she had changed, and even become a hero. But this Sunset wasn’t able to face the pain, and genuinely thought she had done so much she couldn’t be forgiven. And even one voice saying, “Hey, I believe in you” would have prevented her suicide.


This is haunting. Such a terrible waste and loss, on all sides. Well done.

May I incorporate that spell into my own stories? I have no intention of re-doing your tale, but I would like for it to be discussed and examined in my Equestrias. I have been looking for a puzzle-piece to fit a few of my future Sunset Rising stories together, and I think this might be perfect. :twilightsmile:


How exactly did she cast the spell? She can only use magic when singing or ponying up and I doubt she's in the right state of mind to do that.

Author Interviewer

I anticipate this will go down in history with Blink and the like, drawing strong but divided opinions from all corners. For my end, it was pretty darned original.

I'm split. On a Watsonian level, you acknowledge the reputation that made blaming Sunset for the slander campaign not just attractive but reasonable in the eyes of many... but at the same time, this fixes the problem much in the same way that burning down your house means you don't have to worry about a stopped-up toilet anymore. On a Doylist level, that comic was so infuriatingly stupid that it doesn't deserve a story this good, and there are still a number of unanswered questions that neither addresses.

All told, I'm really not sure of I liked this one or not. Still, definitely one of the better Anon-a-Miss stories on the site.

Ah, good. :)

(By the way, I do wonder what the actual mechanism of the spell is. If it was just a piece of unicorn magic, could Sunset use it while in human form? I suspect it may be ritual magic or somesuch thing, depending on how this particular universe's magic system works. And it would presumably be just as usable by the other tribes, if someone in human form can cast it.)

Wanderer D

9206340 well, you are a fan of most everything :raritywink:


If it left you feeling unsatisfied, then I did a good job. The story is about that moment of missed opportunities. When you realize that there are things you wish you could have said to someone, but they're gone forever. In this instance, it's obviously a sad, and regrettable circumstance, just like Rose could have told a happy thing to Sunset—like about their new garden—she can't now, because she held back before, just as surely as Apple Bloom could have told Sunset she felt that she was taking her sister away from her.

Unsatisfied is the right feeling.

Uneasy and wishing for more are the right feelings.

Feeling incomplete because there is so much pending... and no longer a chance to say anything to the one that needs to hear it... that's what this story is about.

Given the theme -People, please! Even if there is a tag for death, openly stating there is a suicide occuring should be considered a spoiler!- I was expecting something really nasty but I must say I am surprised and glad I read it. Hopefully this will be the end of all the anon-a-miss stories.

Sunset doesn't feel so good.

Obvious joke, but it had me laughing my ass off from the moment she dissipated.

No. Why? Why would you say that? Too soon! Nooo!

"Just say whatever and get the hell out of our school!" "Go back to your world!"

Further proof Magneto was right about humanity. What they fear, they reject. They are nothing more than savages.

Sorry to burst your bubble.:twilightsmile:

But it's far from over.

As someone mentioned above, it could be some form of Ritual Magic (With some form of material and/or Somatic (The hand wavy bits) components used beforehand) activated by a keyword she spoke, possibly the last "Anon-a-miss" but that's just a guess. Or she activated the spell beforehand and its effects just take time, almost like an acid slowly dissolving your very essence from the inside out before you finally just break apart, bearing your soul to the world at hand, quite literally, it seems.

Edit: Formatting and spellchecking due to being on mobile and having massive thumbs.

these are fictional peple lol. the point of advancing and progressing is to move past that shit

Magneto has the worst of it. In his eyes, we will never progress.

Bro, the Anon-A-Miss stories are far from over.

Holy fuck. That was a new take on an old path. Well done. Also, fuck you for making me sad you killed Best Pony.

It hit me beautifully; well done. Succinct.

Opponent #49 · Oct 3rd, 2018 · · 18 ·

As neat (and childishly edgy-while-trying-not-to-be) the idea of a pony ritually sacrificing themselves to prove a point is, the story just doesn't click. This is Sunset. She's never 'all alone, lost and forgotten'. Regardless of anything else that's happening, she has her FIRST friend, Princess Twilight, who supports her. She has an out that she might want to use before, but reconsidered because of her connections here. The connections are gone now; she's free to leave them behind. If they broke as soon as the first half-baked attempt at framing her came rolling, they weren't worth much anyway.

The most likely outcome of Anon-a-miss, besides resolving it, was Sunset giving middle finger to human Equestria and leaving for good. 'And have fun with the next Star Swirl's relic that comes calling!'. This whole 'oh woe is me, people don't like me, I'll kill myself to prove a point'... No, sorry. Tag this AU, because this is an entirely different character we're talking about.

One angle that does come to mind would be 'suicide bomber' style, with sanity damage instead of health damage. Although Sunset should know that she would have stronger effect (and do more damage, if she chose to) alive than dead, so even that's not good enough.

Wanderer D


and childishly edgy-while-trying-not-to-be

Clearly the story is not for you if it's past your understanding what it's about to this extent. Thanks for reading, I guess, and condescendingly throwing your opinion in there on character traits while ignoring the underlying message.

Also... no, it doesn't need the AU tag just because it doesn't cater to your perceptions of what a character should/shouldn't do/feel/perceive/say. If that's your metric, you also don't understand how tags work.

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