• Published 2nd Aug 2012
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A shooting nightmare - The Psychopath

A man, who wants a little thing for himself, finds that he gets too much.

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The leader arrives

As surprising as it may seem, the fairies started to grow scared of Phillip. He was, somehow, capable of spotting and recognizing them no matter how they looked or appeared. They even tried to pass themselves off as ants, albeit, extremely dangerous ants, and got stepped on by the weird teacher. As inadvertent as it may seem, Phillip still managed to get them when he wasn't even paying attention, such as the unfortunate flushing accident that left many a fairy traumatized, or when he decided to cook a special dish for Crescent, and cooked the fairies who had hidden within the dish as well.

All in all, that Phillip was a strange guy, and he adored torturing those little creatures as much as they loved torturing humans. The worst part is, he actually went to grab a loud-speaker, grabbed a bell, and played with Crescent under the guise of it being a game of sorts. Needless to say, the fairies broke in half. Every time they tried to attack the wittle filly, the one leading everything was watching. And every failure because of Phillip lead to a rise in fury. Eventually, the anger had reached its threshold, and it was time to intervene personally. They would have to do it at night, when Phillip wasn't there. However, even for tricksters like the Fae, it would be extremely hard to do such a thing, especially with the security on. The leader had that covered, though.

It was the quiet night, and Mathews shiny head was resting on his bed while the fuzzy ball slept in her tiny bed while being surrounded by her giant stuffed animals, and hugging a somewhat familiar white horse doll. If she could, she would definitely be sucking her thumb. All was calm in Crescent's room...or was it? Along the walls crept some fairies dressed in black clothes, stealthily hopping around the room, until they finally reached their target. It took awhile, but they finally managed to completely wrap up the filly without waking her up. These are the abilities of a ninja, no matter what they belong to. Unfortunately, the little creatures didn't pay attention to the floor, and so, as eight of the nine infiltrators heaved the rope, they found that their prisoner woke up after hitting the floor extremely hard. The first thing they did was look in horror as the flly started to tear up because of the surprising pain, and then, to start screaming for Mathews after she realized what was going on.






"What?!" Mathews shouted as he fell off the side of his bed. "Ow. That hurt." The man tried to stand up, but had readjust his back. This was accompanied by a fine crackle sound."I really need to start doing some yoga instead of the gym.*sigh* Let's go see little missy who's havin' a nightmare."

His room door screeched open as Fore tried to keep himself from staying drowzy. Reaching the fuzzy filly's room door, Mathews already saw that something was wrong. Her door was open, and she left her white doll on the bed. She always walked around with it at night, but he never knew why. Sometimes, when Fore would listen in on his little filly, he could hear her saying something about a "sister" or some such. This made him think quite a lot. However, now was not the time to start thinking. He turned his head to see that Crescent was using some of her "magic" to give herself astral-colored claws, which she promptly used to drag herself away from her captors. Judging by the difficulty she had in doing so, it was obvious that her captors were still pulling on the rope.

Instead of being horrified by the scene, Mathews had absolutely no expression on his face. He just walked towards the silent filly, grabbed her with one hand, and lift her up with utter ease. This also came as a surprise to her. The man slightly lowered his head to see that the ninja fairies were swinging around like crazy, trying to pull their victim down. They soon stopped moving once they saw that there was a hand near them.

"Uh-oh." one of them said almost inaudibly, followed by the loudest flicking noises ever heard in the history of mankind.

Each of the fairies found themselves flying without the help of their wings, and slamming into the faraway wall, only to flop down onto the floor without a sound. With the same expressionless face, Mathews ripped off the rope tied around his little pony, who promptly hugged him by placing her forelegs around his throat.

"Calm down. It's okay. Now that I know what those things are, I'll go get some iron bells tomorrow. I'm pretty lost as to what's happening anyways. First I find you, coming from the sky like a meteor, then you actually to be an adorable wittle pony thing with wings AND a horn, you end up with some sort of telekinesis powers-"


"...Telekinesis, then we go to the forest, and you end up getting chased by the headless horseman."

"Yes. And that is not the final bit, you cretin."

"Who said tha-What's with this light?"

Mathews turned around to see that there appeared to be a humongous ball of light illuminating his entire house as if it were roofless. Around it flew some fairies who went to help their comrades, while others simply landed on the furniture. This leader didn't even seem to have its own body. It was just a ball of light that blinded Mathews and Crescent as they looked at it.

"Oh. I'm so sorry." it said with a furious tone of voice."Perhaps a more 'limited' body that your feeble minds can comprehend would be more appropriate."

The ball began to morph and twist into what looked like a human woman wearing a very long white robe tucked into a golden armor on her body, but not on her arms and legs, nor her head. She was blonde, but her eyes were white with yellow contours. She looked absolutely furious...about something. Mathews was also quite angry.

"What's the meaning of this? Are you the one who has been trying to kill Crescent?"

"You mean that thing that should never have existed? That thing that shouldn't even exist?! YES! It is my job!"

"Oh yeah? And what job consists in killing young children?"

"I have no time to play with you."

The woman lift one of her arms, and the little filly began to float towards her. Fortunately, the fuzzy filly's grip around Fore's neck was enough to keep her in place. That, and Mathews simply pushed her rear down and against his chest. Surprisingly, the woman lost all her strength in the pulling, and "let go", panting and gasping in the end.

"What? Impossible."

"What is impossible? My love for this adorable creature, or your lack of strength?" at "love", Crescent looked up at Mathews who paid no attention to her face. A rare treat that he could have gotten would've been a little smile forming on the left side of her mouth.

"Nonsense! He couldn't have allowed you to do such a thing?"

By now, Mathews anger was reaching the boiling point. "Who are you talking about?"

"I'm the angel that takes care of the rebirth processes. Ever heard of it?"

"Rebirth? Angel? You're just pulling my leg."

"No. I am not. I take care of sending the souls that want to live another life towards various worlds and universes of their choosing. Your...your horror there shouldn't even exist. She is part of another being. Somehow, the two were separated. What you are holding is an incompletion. A reject. An error. Give it to me so I may dispose of it and return things to normal."

The fairies began to flutter their wings, but didn't move from their spots, and the "woman" had her arm extended once more, allowing Fore to stare at it for a few moments. Crescent started to stress, thinking that she WOULD be abandoned once more, so she clung powerfully to Mathews' neck. A few minutes later, she felt a pat on her back.

"Like hell I'm giving her to you."

"You dare defy the angel of rebirth?"

"Yeah. I do. I suppose you took control of these fairies to try and kill her, but somehow, suspiciously coincidental events kept them from doing so. Then, you tried sneaking in here to kill her, but, if I judge from Phillip's even more bizarre actions as of late, he was somehow capable of spotting them no matter where you came from."

"...Yes. Something like that."

"Perhaps this is a sign from the big man up there that you shouldn't be trying to hurt her?"

"But she's still an evil being at heart."

"So? Have you seen her doing evil things with me lately? She's just a bit ill-tempered. And speaking of evil creatures-"

"Don't go there. Hmph. Fine. As much as I would have preferred to prolong this conversation and convince you to hand it over-"


"Her over to me, I can see that you are of the stubborn sort. Fine. I will leave her in your care, but, when she turns seventeen, you will reveal her to the world. My fairies will be watching. Do we have a deal?"

Mathews hesitated at first. He knew how mischievous fairies were, and he was certain that this o called 'angel' wasn't one.

"Hey. It's either the deal or my fairies try and kill Crescent."

"Yes. Perhaps I could let Phillip live here, hm?" Mathews said as he stuck out his lips and crocked an eyebrow in a "gentlemen" fashion. The fairies all gave out a collective yipe.


"We have a deal."

"Good. My fairies will be watching. If she does anything out of order, they'll deal with her."

"Yes. Because they were so effective before." Fore gave a smug grin.

"Hmph. Let's go."

The fairies and the "angel" soon left the house through some strange opening made from light. Once everyone was through, it slammed shut, plunging the house in darkness once more. Because of this light, the man couldn't see anymore, that is, until the fuzzy filly used her horn to create an ambient light source. She was looking at the bald man with a huge smile and watered up eyes that were literally leaking tears.

"What's wrong with you? Meh. We're going to have a long life ahead of us. Best get started."

You can thank Jphyper for pointing out the inconsistencies that made me cringe when I saw them.

Crescent was sitting in her room, still surrounded by her stuffed animals despite her age. She was nervous, as tomorrow was the day she would have to go into the world. In front of her sat Mathews, pretty much trying to figure out how to sit on the stuffed animals. The mare had something important to tell to her "father". Several things, actually. She was fumbling with the white horse doll, all while looking at the floor.

"Did you, ugh, have something you needed to tell me?" Mathews asked as he tried to adjust himself.

"Yes. It's about time I told you how I got here."

"What? I thought you were just a filly who couldn't remember anything?"

"No. It's more specific than that."

Mathews took a short amount of time to think, then came out with an answer that would put Einstein and Plato to shame:

"A CREEPY filly with strange abilities who couldn't remember anything."

A loud wave of silence swept through the room as Crescent just stared at the man, dumbfounded. One of the stuffed lions even fell down on its 'paw', providing a comical 'facepalm' scene.

"I'm being serious!" Crescent yelled with a height in anger.

"Okay, okay! Tell me then."

"Well, like you obviously know, I don't come from Earth. I come from another world: Equestria."

"Where there are several creatures like you?"

"Yes. Actually, I'm the only one of, now, three alicorns. The rest are either earth ponies, unicorns, or pegasus."


"Well, that fairy 'angel' was right. I shouldn't exist."

"What do you mean? I can hold you, hug you, I've been sneaking you out for trips around the country."

"I'm actually part of another being. She was called Luna. I won't go into details, but I was actually born from her jealousy and anger."

Mathews still retained his indifferent look. "And what did you do that was such that you would be considered 'evil'."

"I tried to bring eternal night." the mare looked downwards in shame while still stroking the white doll's mane, expecting Mathews to be outraged. She was met with something entirely unexpected.

"Bahahaha! THAT'S your evil? Pfff. There was certainly something that would have stopped something so lame."

"And what would YOU have done, oh maliciously fiendish one?" Crescent snapped back, baring her teeth.

"Hmm. Allow me to tap my chin for two seconds...I would've used my super powers to create shadow clones of the creatures around me, have them infiltrate every nook and cranny of my coveted territory, then, when the time is right, have them use their corrupted pawns to start a full-scale revolution. Then, when the capital is at its weakest, strike the leaders down and proclaim myself as the new king of the land, and soon, the world."

"That is...disturbing."

"THAT is evil. So, who stopped you?"

"The elements of harmony."

"That sounds very, unintimidating. So, what happened?"

"They trapped me, and somehow rebuilt the elements after I destroyed them. Then, they struck me with their powers. I found myself being burned, then feeling absolute coldness afterwards. There was nothing. No feeling, no scent, no images, no colors. I found myself in the prescence of the Nothing. However, I wasn't erased. It seemed that the elements turned me into a powerless filly, and sent me somewhere else, while still protecting me. That's how I ended up coming down in a ball of fire."

"Ouch. I can't begin to imagine the ordeal that you suffered. Does anyone in Equidaestra-"


"Equestria know?"


"So they don't care?"

"Why would they?"

Here, Mathews stayed silent. He had nothing left to say. This wasn't something he could answer to, so, instead, he looked to the floor for a few moments before huffing.

"Well, I don't care about your past, because the one you had with me was a great one. You managed to fill a hole that I couldn't find myself, and you've given me great moments. I don't think that you're evil. We had great moments, didn't we?"

"Heheh. I guess so."

"C'mon. Gimme a hug."Mathews spread his arms out wide.


"C'mon. You know you want to."


"Not your choice anymore. HUG!"

Crescent was still slightly shocked by the man's insistence on giving her a hug. She was suprised at first, but, after having finally rid herself of that negativity, she was able to open herself up to a more, new, positive world. This was parental love. Something she had never felt, even when she was Luna. She wrapped her gigantic wings around Mathews as a tear swept across her cheek. Fore noticed this and pushed himself away.

"Are you crying?" he teased with a smile.


"Bah. C'mon, let's go get your favorite chocolate and blueberry ice cream."


The alicorn left her doll comfortably on her bed, and looked at it one last time before following her "adoptive father". One question still skimmed across the surface of her mind, however.

"What happened to Phillip? I haven't seen him in a long time."

"I dunno. He said that your teaching was complete, and went to teach others."

MEANWHILE, the weird teacher was in the forest holding some iron bars and screaming psychotically while wearing a costume made from bells. Several fairies were screaming and running away at this crazy man swatting them with a stick while sticking his tongue out and yelling "WAAAAAAGH!". His incessant roaring managed to wake up the old man living in his cabin near the forest. He came out with his gun and saw the colorful guy screaming like a maniac after the equally frightened fairies.

"Haha! Ya'll get'em thar dere fariries!"

"Fairies, dear."

"I don't freakin' care. Look at him smash them consarn fariries. Ah've been tryin' ta do that in mah haydays. Smash 'em with a bottle!"



Seventeen years later, Crescent had grown into a full grown equidae that looked more like a horse, although she insisted that she was a pony, despite her size. She was a bit taller than Mathews, excluding the horn, of course. A horn which the two had trouble with. The giant pony took several deep breaths as she neared the door. She gave a weak smile at the man next to her as he put his hand on her back, near her wings, that had grown tremendously since the first time Fore saw the fuzzy filly. It was a good thing that she could bend them against her body like a bird.

"Don't worry. This was part of the deal, remember?"

"I know. I'm just...worried about how the others will react when they see me."

"Probably'll think that you're some kind of automaton, then think that you're a horse that I disguised, and so forth."


"Well, the door awaits. Shall we?"

Crescent gave one last exhale, and stood firmly on the ground. "Yes. Let's do it."

"After you." Mathews opened the door like a butler. He used one arm to slide it open and stayed on the side.

The outside world was now open to the still fuzzy, but not-so-filly-anymore pony. "Here we go."

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