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Prince Blueblood, as anypony can tell you, is not terribly interested in the plight of those around him. So when Princess Celestia requests that he serve as Ambassador to the newly reformed Griffon Kingdom, he is more than a little surprised.

Much to his dismay, he finds that everypony has their price... and, hopefully, so does everygriffon.

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How's he going to feel when he gets home and finds out Cadance and Shining Armor already hooked up and he gets no date?

I am starting to fear that when Blueblood was talking about what happened here when he was with Doug he grossly over simplified it and downplayed just how messy it was.


Sadly no. Cadance will end up going out with Blueblood for a bit but it ends in sorrow for Cadance and confusion for Blueblood until Doug clues him in several years down the road.

Delivery is a little rough. But this potentially could be a very interesting story. It's always nice to see Blueblood written as more than a punching bag.

Why is Celestia suddenly switching gears from asking blueblood to go to the Griffon Empire to now asking him to get a job here in Equestria? Aren't those things incompatible?

It kind of seems like Celestia is trying to groom him in some way, so that instead of rejecting him after the one date, Cadance will want to be with him. "Become the prince" and all. Getting to know the nobility and "make friends" and so forth seems compatible with that. Saving himself sexually for her seems compatible with that. "Get a job" seems like a strange addition. You don't "be a prince" by having a day job. Surely there are more important things he could be doing than waiting tables. And obviously he's not going to be able to both have a job in Equestria and leave for the Griffon Empire at the same time.

The whole story takes place in relation to my other work Alternate Beginnings; Prince Blueblood relates a story of his time in the Griffon Kingdom to the main character Doug. It isn't necessary to read that for this story, and spoils the ending a tad.

...what? :rainbowhuh:

So the guard who was reprimanded by Celestia for checking out Blueblood a couple chapters ago is now being kept in his bedroom? Why, exactly? Why in the world would they revoke a guard's access to the barracks just because she's being sent on an assignment later? How do you justify that officially issued travelling clothes that you describe as allowing her to "blend in with a crowd" are somehow "scanty?" Why is the guard who thinks she's being punished for checking out Blueblood's flanks so brazen as to go digging through his personal effects and camping out on his bed? Why does she confirm her orders before she's even looked at them? How exactly does a horse sit on a bed in a "compromising" manner? You have her backing up and sitting on the bed. So she's what, facing Blueblood with her rump down? That's exactly the opposite of a sexual position for a horse.

This whole setup makes very little sense.

More thinking long term; I liken it to why is Prince Shining Armor still Captain of the Guard instead of 'just' being Prince. Continuing with the 'grooming' , having something to do instead of laying around all day. Or training, or whatever it is Blueblood wants to do. Something in case it doesn't work out with Cadance, kind of like how colleges don't want their athletes to just go to school for sports, they should have some sort of back up plan in case things don't work out.

Appreciate the criticism! Here's hoping I can answer it all.

While 'Celestia works in mysterious ways' is a big 'ole cop out, she has her reasons for removing her from the guard bunk: the two are going through a crash course hastily thrown together, she wants to test Blueblood's conviction to Cadance, and Aspide is everything Blueblood wants in a mare, specifically her non-noble, assertive self.

The clothing part is more because it is half-buttoned and hanging off of her rather than an aspect of the clothing itself. Same with the position; normally it wouldn't really be an issue, but the combination of clothes + bed + weird position makes them jump to that conclusion. I mean, would a half-naked woman being in the missionary position when a random man walks in the room scream 'do me!' ? Actually, it might. Hmm. (Consenting, of course)

She's impulsive. Or intensely curious.

For all that is good why hasn't Celestia had these two give life sentences without parole?! These two would not be anywhere near anything diplomatic.

Finding this story interesting, I would love if they did a blue blood episode. I didn’t like how he acted in it but always hoped he learned from it. Or was just all part of act. Can’t wait for next chapter


I didn’t like how he acted in it but always hoped he learned from it.

Him learning from it would detract from the point. The Gala episode cast Blueblood as a deliberate gender inversion. Everything he did was a female stereotype. The point was to show girls that their behavior and expectations are unreasonable. If you think Blueblood was supposed to be the bad guy who needs to learn how to treat women, you completely missed the point.

The point of Blueblood was to be a lesson for girls to show that they need to act better and treat guys better, by showing a male in the female role to show how obviously ridiculous some of those behaviors are.

Typical species that can fly. They forgot to make a path for any friendly visitors who cannot fly. Also a good defensive point as well.

I noticed a typo you made.

Hopefully It won’t be his last

You mean hopefully it will be his last

I suppose it works both ways; methinks he is more worried about dying on this one. After all, what if (horrors!) he enjoys it and gets to go on another?

then I will know where to set the explosive charges

Oh ffs
I really enjoy this

Such An Idiot
Henceforth any idiotic thing done by someone will be known as Pullin' a Gannisson

This is a pretty good representation of Hollywood German Gobbledygook.

It's actually painful to read. Ow.

Don't know what to make of this story yet.

Blueblood's not very... Blueblood-ish? He doesn't even go by the name most of the time. There's a danger of ending up with an OC in all but name (or even IN name in this case!) writing characters like that. Sure, Blueblood had very little characterisation in the show proper, so there's more "free space", so to speak...

Glad you enjoyed the 'Germane' section, it was nearly as painful to write. At least I hope that was enjoyment.

They eat pounds of inseects, Dose that meke em insectivores

Should slap an AU tag on here, the griffons don't have a government, much less a kingdom.

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