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Celestia - NTSTS

Unsent correspondence between a student and mentor on the subject of life.

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POULTRONIC FIRST COMMENT HIJACK READ THIS This story has words in it you baboons. Did you even try clicking on it? Come on.

You, sir, have written an excellent fanfiction. Mustache to you.:moustache:

that myth?
The one about the boy and his uncle?

BR #3 · Aug 2nd, 2012 · · ·

Is it just me, or is the picture too blurry to read?

Huh. What do the colors mean? Actually, what does any of it mean? Interesting tho.

It says no words... Whaaa?

Why does it say no words?

Also damn this is weird.

My eyes hurts...

A well written fic.

Two perfect streams of consciousness. It's difficult to understand exactly what each writer means, but that is perhaps the point. Twilight seeks to understand, and sees her mentor as the all-knowing, all-seeing deity with the power to move the cosmos, who therefore must have the answers she seeks. Celestia, on the other hand, has lived so long that the very concepts of meaning and understanding have no relevance to her. Her struggle to define the word love, despite the love she has for the ponies around her, makes this incredibly clear. Even her immortality offers her no solace in understanding the meaning of life.

A question... how did you make the word count zero? Because that in itself was a bit of cleverness that must be applauded.

Never mind, just read the comments, and realized that it's actually an IMAGE. Still just as clever! The idea that these words, as much as the two writers have agonized over them, ultimately have no meaning or worth of their own... it's just icing on the cake.

Faved, liked, and I'll watch you for the heck of it, too. :twilightsmile:

Nice Fic, but a description of it would be nice.

I will be very honest and terribly blunt here.

The fic seems verbose and - to me - it borders on frivolous. It seems to tackle "the meaning of life", dancing beautifully around the question before concluding that it has no answer. It drags on and on and seems to repeat itself, worded carefully so it's hard to tell. Perhaps it's because the landscape of my soul is more similar to a dried-up desert of salt instead of a deep ocean which should be there, but to me, this falls flat.

Am I too dumb for this? Immature, perhaps? I'm not quite sure I understand the colours, or why the cover picture is so.. abstract. Why is the fic itself a picture instead of being actual text?

Is this fic simply too smart for me? It strikes me as a verbal equivalent of "modern art" paintings; you know, those pictures which are a blank canvas with some colours smeared onto them. People say they're beautiful and deep in meaning, yet all I see is someone's napkin after a healthy breakfast - and in the end, I'm just left thoroughly confused.

In short, I don't get it.

Wow, I came here simply to see the zero words but found a truly awe inspiring fic.

The entire story is an image file, so the words aren't registered. Try dragging your cursor to highlight only one word and you'll see what I mean.

My puny brain is SO CONFUSED!!!! :raritydespair:

That's awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

I will never manage to completely understand this but still, thumbs up.

It's interesting, but I didn't understand most of it. The different colors are confusing, and you don't differentiate between what they are.

That flying to the sun and burning part says something.
But what does it mean?
My understanding... it falls short.
What are you trying to tell me?!
It's like the light within darkness of the heart is the darkness of the light that brings forth the heartness of lightness and dark hearts that fulfill the darkness that follows the light of the heart in darkness but is in fact the heart of light that sets root in the deepest darkness of the heart's light.

Too deep for me man, still 'thumbs up'.

Before reading: 0 words? Dafu :rainbowhuh:?


Very... Creative :derpytongue2:

No words can describe how awesome it is:derpyderp2:.


Oh god, What an awesome idea :rainbowlaugh:

(Alhrough, its harder to read than normal fic):pinkiesad2:

Excellent synopsis, if I do say so myself.

so, twilight wants to bang celestia?

1017691 I can only offer my opinions.

It's verbose, meandering, and repetitive because it's stream-of-consciousness. It's trying to emulate Twilight's and Celestia's inner thought processes, in all their confusion and circularity.

> It seems to tackle "the meaning of life", dancing beautifully around the question before concluding that it has no answer.
I think this was exactly its intention.

The colours seem, to me, to be carefully ambiguous. A base of purple for the words Twilight writes, and a base of orange for the words Celestia writes – so far so good. But the parts highlighted in black or teal are much more brazen and emotional (like "This – this is a confession"), and often apply as descriptors of the words around them. That all suggests that they're the thoughts that Twilight and Celestia have but don't write. In some places the base text makes more sense that way: the black seems like an interruption. But in other places, the base text replies to the thoughts. We're left in doubt.

[edit to add: It's interesting to read just the black, or just the teal. I should also note the symbolism of the purple and orange in the last two paragraphs: "answers" versus "hope".]

The fic itself is a picture instead of text so that it registers as 0 words. Because these letters were never sent. Or, possibly, as a statement of the meaning and worth of the words. The chapter title is blank and the cover picture abstract for the same reasons.

It's not a question of intelligence. Just one of what you look for. This fic didn't resonate with me as strongly as it could have, because I'm skeptical of the whole meaning of life thing. But I enjoy examining how stories are crafted, and I enjoy complexities of interpretation. Which was extra fun in this case since the story itself tried to define "meaning". (If you'd shown this to me a few years ago I'd have turned my nose up at it – I'd have gotten the same "confusing modern art" impression – but my preferences happen to have changed.) So I found this quite interesting.

1018205 I understand that. I think I do, anyway. It is obvious that the fic was carefully crafted, I just don't see why. I don't "get it". What I do understand is, put very plainly, that Twilight seeks knowledge, and Celestia believes that too much knowledge is bad and having questions for which to find answers is good. In other words, Twilight thinks that the meaning of life is knowledge, while Celestia says that it's truly the pursuit of knowledge that matters. That much is not hard to figure out.

I am left guessing, then, whether there is something more to this, or is this really it? It seems too superfluous for it to only have this much meaning. But if that's the case, then there is something in it that I completely and utterly fail to see, and that thought frightens me.

:derpytongue2::applejackconfused: Understood nothing till I read the comments. Now I understand little

i love this :pinkiecrazy:
my mobile browser actually can't load the image for some reason, but i have every intention of checking this out when i get home. love how it's zero words, a good mindfuck moment for me.

1018319 There are hints at other meanings.

It could be shipping: Twilight is in love with Celestia but is wracked with too much hero worship, and Celestia is unable to return the affection because she's immortal and can't bond properly with fleeting mortal lives.

An especially dark interpretation is carried by all the references to exhaustion. Celestia is tired of life. She wants to die. But – of course – she can't.

Or it could indeed simply be about knowledge. It doesn't have to be about anything more. Sometimes people put a lot of work into very simple ideas.


I wholeheartedly approve. The following is from a conversation I had with someone about this work, personal parts and names taken out, the rest that is relevant to this fiction formatted to be more readable. It's still clunky, but I'm too tired to rewrite it properly.

The reason some might not understand this is because they haven't written something so honest that they cannot express it properly. It's a state of mind that one reaches when thinking enough; the amount varies by person I guess.
This, this is long because it's true in what it says: it cannot express it. It's dense and beautifully written because it has to be, because the author cannot write it in any other way. It's like when you're in a trance, that which some might not have been in before, which is also why some might not get this.
The point cannot be expressed in a better way without misinterpreting it and changing the meaning: the meaning is only perfectly contained and transferred through the work itself. But I can give some stabs here about what it means to me. Part of the full meaning that came through for me. But it's most likely not the full story. That's half the point in works with deep meaning.

Twilight asked how is it possible to exist as a god, i.e. how can Celestia bear living as a god, through endless millenia. Only part of the question letter is about this, I think, but most of the answer really is about that. I think.
And the colours are to differentiate maybe the efforts to write the letter, i.e. it was attempted multiple times. Or maybe the smaller, the interrupting (and sometimes supplementing) parts are the unwritten thoughts of the author of the letter (Celestia or Twilight).
And, if you examine it closely, that blue-ish italics is a poem, it rhymes halfway. That is, every line is two subsentences that rhyme. Hm, at some places, they don't rhyme, but they're aesthetically beautiful, as abstract and symbolic as it gets.
The green, that which is only in Celestia's letter, is the confessional part: Celestia grew weary as a god. The last part, the Icarus bit, with the orange-coloured word "hope" (meaning, the orange is the giveaway that it's Celestia writing), that means she would like to be mortal and see an end, a conclusion to life. She yearns for death, the conclusion. Because she's tired to uphold reality, or at least the life-giving Sun.

This is what came through for me, others might interpret the work differently.
The form, the structure, the way it is written, is fundamental to its meaning. It gives it the honesty it deserves. What it means in full, I do not know. It would take several re-reads for me to get it, and even then I might not understand it fully. But it definitely deserves that kind of attention, and I will most likely give it that, when I'm able.
The full meaning, is contained within the work itself. That's why it's written as it is, to be interpreted in more than one way, because it cannot hold the full meaning in unambiguous form. Maybe because the meaning is compound and complex.

Also, inserting a picture instead of a fic is genius. Never figured the wordcount on the site doesn't count bbcode (that which I reckon the fic's source looks like: just the bbcode that inserts the picture).

Wow I don't get it at all, what was that supposed to mean? Twilight wanted to understand, but Celestia like couldn't or something because she lived so long? This is bizarre. Oh well, thumbs up to you for creativity.

1018384 Yeah, I guess that's right. At any rate, even those thoughts seem to be simple at their core. I simply don't understand why is this as complex as it is. But that's probably the point - to appear more complex than it really is in order to make you think. Maybe.

Ah well. :unsuresweetie:

1017545 The entire thing is a .png, that's how.

1018319 There isn't anything to get. It's stream of consciousness musings. Random thoughts on the subject entering the characters' minds. The meaning of the story is not in what is actually said - that amounts to a lot of babble - but in reflecting their emotional states.

Fucking gorgeous, stuff like this is why I love this fandom.

Im to ignorant to grasp the severity of what this poetic fanfiction truly means..

I cannot accurately form a response to this, but I will say one thing, and leave it at that:

Thank you.

1017912 I think that's the one. I suck at remembering names like that.

I don't get it either eewhy????? :raritydespair:


Mageec *snort snort* :twilightblush:

Congratulations. You made a fic about nothing and everything. Have a mustache and a downvote.


What... the... hell... Am I the only one getting a blank screen where the story should be...?

Edit: Oh, there we go, now it's just abunch of blurry orange text...

I dunt get eet! :raritydespair:

*reads comments*

..Still don't get it. But it's a clever fic anyways, the way it's a picture and all. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Feel sorry for the author, getting loads of hate for writing a unique and interesting fic :(

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