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For reasons undisclosed, the Mane Six have set up a modest shop with themselves as the employees. Twilight believes in her team to be more than capable of meeting the task. But is she right?
(Set pre-season 5)

Chapters (4)
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I'm sorry. But your title reminds me of things......

...I'm not apologizing.

No apology necessary !!

:rainbowwild: Cool, this is almost like a theme song of sorts to this story.

"Whew...you know what? Twilight seems to be taking all of this reeeaally well. Don't you think so, Rarity?"

You should get rid of the extra quotation mark and I’d like to read more if you’re still willing.

Thanks for pointing that one out. And sure, I planned to finish it eventually.

You know, It's comments like yours though that let me know that at least somebody is interested in my stuff. Now I will try to get both remaining chaps done in the next few days, provided life-stuff doesn't suck the energy right outta me. :derpytongue2:

I know how it feels to want someone to notice that you've done something and to enjoy it with you. I always like to leave comments asking for more.

"You also have to make a little, teeny uh... boop noise every time you take an item off the conveyor belt and place it into a bag."
"A Boop?"

Okay I just about died laughing at this, because it has been a long running joke with the fandom with Fluttershy's "Yay" and now I am just imagining dead silence, and her random head popping up and whispering "boop" hahahaha! I would just about roll on the floor if I were to hear this actually voiced by her voice actress, because for some reason it tickled me!

Also poor Pinkie Pie, she was not trying to put Sugarcube Corner out of business!

Overall I like this story, it gave me entertainment when I was bored! A big thumbs up from me! Keep up the good work Wonderbolt Writer, and also thank you for your warm welcome when I joined! I appreciate it!

:twilightsmile: Aw, thanks a bunch. Glad you like it, I've just finished putting up Chapter 3. And you are welcome for your welcome!

Hey sorry it took me so long to dive into the new chapter, I was working on my story and my time had been recently consumed by it! My apologies, anyways let us talk about this line....

You just got to be able to look a customer dead in the eye and say, 'Celestia's Sun-Snooty tissues is a quality product!"

Dude I cannot even read it without clutching my ribs, and my friend coming into my room to see if I was dying or something. Despite my walrus wails of laughter, I was able to keep reading which I am doing right now.

"Twilight, where's the supply room? We're out of Celestia's Sun-Booty paper in the stalls."

Dear God it is starting again, cover your ears! Rainbow and I are immature but our humor is what keeps things lighthearted and fun. I don't care if my friend is reading over my shoulder and asking why that is funny, because it's pretty dang funny to ME! I don't need her permission to burst out laughing for ten minutes, unable to continue reading without giggling all over again... anyways I am calm now, I will keep reading.

She reached out gracefully and gently touched the end of Twilight's nose. "Boop!" She smiled as she re-focused her attention on her bagging.

The Boops are real, this is probably going to be my favorite part of the whole thing since I can just imagine Fluttershy doing this like all the time.

"T-Twilight's dancing!"

Good way to end the chapter, if this was my job I would never leave! Overall I thought this was a great read, looking forward to the next chapters! Sorry again for being so late to the dance party *wink, wink* yeah, I know I am not funny I will walk myself out now....



Your reviews make me smile. :pinkiehappy: You're awesome, so thank you for leaving them. :derpytongue2: I'm glad my story was able to make you laugh and smile. Heh, if you enjoyed this then I think our sense of humor must be pretty similar. I'm aiming to have the story finished within the next week, so here's hoping.


-Wonderbolt Writer

Love that song

I try to sing the bridge every once in a while, it usually doesn’t work.

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