• Published 10th Jul 2019
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Dragon Concubines - The Dragon Lord Cum Dumpsters! - TheOneWithoutAName

After the events of the bloodstone scepter Spike finds himself surprisingly as the new Dragon Lord. Not only that but his three friends Twilight, Rarity and Ember are now also fighting for his love!

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how about spike chose one of them for a mate. For a bad ending?

I adore this sort of happy and pleasant "willing sluttery/degradation" stuff!

Go for the Sequel!

What I want to see in the next chapter (if possible);
Spike! How dare you get married without telling me? :trollestia:
Spike! Ah thought yer will wait for us! -sniff- :applecry:
I think he is doing the harem thing like in one of Rarity's book. :unsuresweetie:
Can we join? :scootangel:
WEDDING PARTY!!! :pinkiecrazy:

wow you outdone yourself yet again.

Will you continue with other of your stories?

Sequel please.

Great story, enjoying it :3


Possible, but I honestly can't imagine how to write such an ending. Or if people would really want such non-cannon endings here.


Glad you like it! :yay:


If there will be a sequel, it won't be for quite some time as I am planning to focus on my other projects for now. But it is always good to know that there are people interested in it, so I can take it into consideration for the future! :raritystarry:


Sounds fun! :pinkiesmile: Albeit things might turn out more like this at first:

Celestia chuckled, “I see that your title is not only for show, Dragon Lord of Debauchery~”

“Conduct thineself properly Dragon Lord!” screamed a red-faced Luna.

“Dragon Lord of Debauchery.”

“Debaucherous or not, this reptile shall know how to showeth respect to US!!!”

Still your comment sounds interesting and is something I will consider.


I worked a bit on Timberwolf Puppy Love, so yes, I am trying to get other stories besides the Commissions I'm working on done.


Hm... That is an interesting insight. I thank you for it. Though it certainly isn't something I can or am willing to change. The prequel was about slut-like behavior so I wanted to stay true to it. Not to mention that I wanted to write a Slut Romance instead of a normal Romance. I believe we got enough normal Romance stories already on this site, so deviating from the norm is in my mind a good idea and helps administer some much needed variety.

More endings the merrier :moustache:

Hmmm, maybe Twilight will later publish 'A Guide to Safe Intercouse with a Dragon', which tempt Rainbow so much since she could not accept that the egghead know more about relationship than her.

The waiting game! I do hope the herd increases in size especially if we know Spike's greed would make it happen or is it his lust? Which is it more infections greed or lust?

Imagine Spike as the new Mayor of Ponyville.....

Or just age up the CMC. Excellent work

“Yay! Friendship!” the lavender Alicorn cheered

Yay friendship indeed, Twilight. Yay friendship indeed.

Awesome. Sequel required immediately!

Cuckholdy is bad.

I know it's fantasy. I just think you could up the tension a little. What I said about Twilight was a proposal as to how. That they need to do their say in a quick enough manner. If they do they get to have sex with Twilight.

I really love the idea here and I think making it more believable would take it even further.

Just because you don't care about it doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to.

I'm just saying in what ways I think it could be improved further. Every story can be improved in some way. You don't have to agree with me but you also don't have to lash out like that.


And why should anyone listen to you? You don’t have a single story written on this site. So your advice is more about what YOU want to see and not the author wants.


10139870 Once again, you have shown to me that you have no idea how relationships work in the real world.

You do realize in the real world, people pay others to have sex, right? Or sometimes they’re just people who have a casual sex relationship. The point is, people don’t have to have deep meaning garbage to get sex.

And your idea sounds just boring, uncreative and unrealistic. It sounds like something out a cheesy romance movie.

I'm sure the author can decide for himself what to do.

Also I don't see where the criticism of yours is coming from. The scene itself wouldn't change, just the motivation would and be a little more legitimate. Here it's just sex being entirely separate from the overall plot. I also didn't say that the meaning had to be deep. Just that there had to be one in the first place. That within the story itself it serves a purpose.

If you think my solution is uncreative than do you know a better one?
Also please try to halt it with the insult throwing. It really makes you look bad.

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