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Warning!: This fic will contain diapers, diaper usage and very mild AB/DL themes, and has been as a precaution. If such material is outside your comfort zone DO NOT READ! ps this has wetting diapers and may have messy if you want a second

Rainbow Dash always flew with the wonderbolts everyday when it comes to events or competition but when Rainbow dash got a letter from Spitfire something must be up as it wants all the Bolts to come ASAP but what could it be for at the WonderBolts HQ

Editor: SuperPinkBrony12

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Ya thx you so much I really did need the help make it thank you SuperPinkBrony12

Nice work.

Please come and join my group and post your fic and all future fics there. You can never get to much attation to your work.


Why does this have so many disliikes? I thought this was quite good, despite the minor hiccups. Looking forward to reading more.

Because there are people who dislike diapers, or grown ponies wearing diapers.

but this is my first story i ever made i work hard on it and had help making it and edit by SuperPinkyBrony12

9199551 Just some errors in grammar. You should be able to spot them if you give the story another read-through. Considering this was your first effort writing a story, you did a decent job.

9199652 And those people don't have good taste.

It's called 'being different', not everyone is the same as you nor will everyone agree with each other, so instead of claiming they have no taste, you should respect people's likes, dislikes, and opinions. If everyone was the same, this world would be very boring where humans have no flaws and dislikes.

9199652 I hate that they do that even though you warn them what's in the fic.

It happens. Alot of stories tend to attacked, bashed, hated and judged harshly either due to grammar/spelling, the genre, theme, or direction of the story.

Writing still needs a lot of work but you can get there with practice. take your time in thinking it through and you will get there. Good luck

I have no idea what were you thinking when you wrote this fiction... 3/10

Good idea, poor execution. Repetitive sentencee structure and mediocre descriptions.

I will say this could use some work, but I have trouble seeing the Wonderbolts' reason for this as anything sensible. I also have trouble understanding RDs reasons for stressing over it. It's so unlike her the way she's acting. All in all, it just seems rushed and totally forced. It makes logical sense, but most readers like to be able to immerse themselves in a story. That becomes difficult when your characters aren't acting quite like a real person would

3/10 Mediocre, could use some work

Trust me, everyone who read this probs likes diapers. I personally downvoted it for the execution which made for an honestly downvotable read. I'm honest about shit. If I didn't like ABDL, and I read a well written story, I'd upvote it anyways because I respect effort. I know this is your first story and all, but thats probably what got you the downvotes

Hmm. Seems there may be more to what Spitfire is requesting than is shown first hoof. Perhaps someone is trying to humiliate the bolts and is using magic to make them weaker in the bladder and bowel department? That or they could be setting up for long travels and events outside of Equestria? The newly discovered lands are further out and acts may be a little more taxiing than going about Equestria?

Definitely will keep reading to see what may be going on. Soarin seems to be the first to be impacted followed by Dashie. What will be next?

(This is not meant as a snide but as an honest question)

What sort of reasoning would you suggest?

Maybe Rainbow Dash could've been the one to flood her flight suit, so she had to wear diapers. Then, she'd have a reason to stress because maybe she'd have to wear them until the accidents stop.

I dunno, it just seems like as the main character, the diaper stuff should be more focused on RD

Just an opinion

I see Rainbow's conflicting feelings are stemming at least in part from how her parents treated her. :rainbowkiss:

Hmm. Now the plot thickens, no pun intended, as we appear to see Spitfire in genuine surprise as to what is happening.

First impression was Spitfire was kind of in control of the situation to some degree. Potentially a co-conspirator. However her mess, and how she felt about it, appear to tell another tale. One, as I'm sure we'll find out, will illustrate what bizarre creature could be behind such shananigans.

9211424 She might still be, but it's possible who she's working with double crossed her when Rainbow Dash didn't sign on right away.

This was a lot better to read though the chapter, I think that you are getting better in characterizing all of them I did love the Spitfire messy diaper. I will be looking forward to the next chapter, keep it up.

Again it's shaping out to be great.

Alright, who hypnotized the bolts? (They sure seem to have been hypnotized!)

Very interesting. The reaction of Thunderlane makes me think some sort of unseen brainwashing is occurring. Perhaps an entity is haunting The Wonderbolts? Discord perhaps finding a clever way to 'prank' them?

Then you have the potential of Lightning Dust and her "Wash Outs" uncovering some sort of magic to bewitch The Wonderbolts as a way to get even while making her troupe far more appealing as they don't need diapers?

There is certainly something deeper going on and, at this time, only Spitfire appears to have any clue as to what it is. I suppose we'll know soon enough about who, or what, is behind all this.

So how long until the rest of the Wonderbolts have their diaper situations exposed? :trixieshiftright:

Eh. Not feeling this so far. Spelling and grammar are ok. Didn't notice any major mistakes in that department. And the subject matter is something I enjoy so its not that.

I like the general idea so far but it does however feel forced and maybe a little rushed. Particularly the explanation for why they now need to wear diapers.

I notice you said this is your first story so I'm putting it down to being new to this. Keep at it, with practice you'll get better.

A better chapter than the first. Glad that I chose to continue reading. :)

Hmm. Very interesting. It is much like what Starlight did to create "Our Town". Some pony is doing something, likely through the diapers, to brainwash the Bolts.

That new guy is also an interesting little twist. Perhaps he is a part of what is happening to Dash & Friends? Some pony who can't help needing diapers would definitely benefit from having ponies of high regard wearing them. It'd make him, and perhaps his colleagues, feel a lot less judged for how they've found to cope with needing padding.

Spitfire definitely had to have been the first of the Bolts to get impacted by this effort. It makes sense as the leader would command the respect of those who follow.

I wonder if the ponies behind this studied Starlight's technique to brainwash? It definitely would make sense as those who get padded seem to gradually find themselves getting into it without even realizing it is happening...?

I like how the bolts are all starting to get into their new roles, and Spitfire's taking charge as a caretaker. It probably helps that they're not actual children, so she can be as tough as she wants on them while on duty. :rainbowkiss:

“What?! We’re sleeping in cribs now?!” Rainbow exclaimed as she stumbled back. “W-why? Why are we going to sleep in cribs? I never had problems sleeping in my bed.”

Haha, Rainbow

Inside the room, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Starlight Glimmer, and even Rarity were all wearing diapers and playing with toys. Twilight was too when Rainbow took another look at her, and jumped back in surprise! “Welcome to the padded slumber party,” Her friends all spoke at once. “Come over here and join us, Dashie. Be an adult foal, you know you’ll love it.”


Super Pink Brony 12 definitely is a good writer. I do like seeing the work he supports, does, and encourages.

What is interesting is seeing how, perhaps, different items of foolishness impact different 'Bolts. Perhaps this pacifier is the one that was meant to, uh, pacify Dash? Other Wonderbolts may have been bewitched by other things.

Whatever the force behind all this it is definitely a strong one. Now to discover what lies ahead as the Bolts continue to be foalified and slip into whatever it is the one masterminding all this wants them to be.

Ah! The plot thickens as we are starting to see just who has manipulated Spitfire while also getting to know that said individual is not alone. Seeig that it is now a revenge plot adds even more to the overall tale that is making its way ever closer to its climatic end.

Nicely done and well executed. I liked the 'automatic crib bars'. Dashie having a 'whoops!' as she tried to pull down the bars just as they automatically came down was quite funny. Soarin bein gall cool about RD bumping into his padded rump was kind of funny, too. :)

That was an amazing story! Too bad it wasn’t finished though... :fluttershysad:

I know it is I just can’t get my story ideas back up and running I know how it goes but just can’t get around to it

Dang. Well.. okay then. Hope you can figure it out man. Really good story :twilightsmile:

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