• Published 2nd Aug 2012
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Addiction - FlashFoward

Pills have been keeping you pain free. It's not long before you find a substitute.

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One To Many

Ace hops on chair and whistles to the bartender, who looks less than pleased to have Ace whistling at him like a dog. This was one of the flaws with hanging out with Ace at times he sometimes acted like he owned the joint.

“What do you want?” The bartender hissed at Ace.

“Give me your finest wine!” Ace declared extravagantly.

The bartender blinks a few times in mild shock before fetching Ace’s drink. You were reasonably concerned about Ace now. Things went out of control when he drank and this wasn’t exactly the best place for Ace to start his antics. Not with all these enormous bouncers lingering about anyway.

“Don’t you worry you’re little head! I know the guy who owns this place and we have been doing business.” Ace explained, giving you a wink before indulging himself in his wine which the bartender had brought.

“And you?” The bartender acknowledged you, lowering the spite in his voice to a minimal.

“Eh, I’ll take what he’s getting.” You reply, gesturing to Ace.

With a quick nod, the bartender whipped up the drink for you within a blink of an eye. You take a glance at his cutie mark, a fancy looking cup with purple contents, and figure he was just meant to do this. Ace was already working on his fourth cup by now. Getting drunk of wine is not really easy, especially if diluted. It didn’t mean that Ace wouldn’t try though.

A large hoof comes over your shoulder and you turn around immediately. He wasn’t as large as the bouncer at the front doors and he looked reasonably mellowed out. You weren’t sure if you had seen this guy around though. Ace seemed like he has a clue who he was, seeing as that Ace shook the stallions hoof energetically.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself Ace.” The stallion muttered, eyeing Ace’s cup of wine.

“Pft, don’t make me start hitting the hard stuff.” Ace joked before demanding another refill.

“And who are you?” The stallion took notice of your presence, eyeing you with a look of caution.

“I’m a friend of Ace’s, usually the one who tries to keep him in line.” You reply, Ace promptly steals a large bottle of brandy and starts chugging it down. “I try at least.” You mutter after watching Ace.

“You’re fighting a lost cause there.” The stallion remarked, eyeing Ace with amusement.

“Hey! I’m a comritent adalt!” Ace snapped back, alcohol finally starting to slur his speech.

“That you are.” You reply coldly.

“I’m sorry for not properly introducing myself. My name is Golden Hooves. Just call me Gold though.” Gold held his hoof out, which you shook hesitantly.

“I take it you own the place?” You ask, wondering if this was the guy Ace was talking about earlier.

“That I do.” Gold replied simply.

A sudden thought comes into your mind. “Hey, do you know where the mare, who’s the DJ, is?” You ask. Gold looks at you and just chuckles.

“Took a fancy to Scratch? Nah, don’t tell me. I can see it in your eyes.” Gold immediately figured out your motives. “She should be starting soon in fact. Sadly, talking to her while she works is not going to be possible.” Gold informs.

You hang your head slightly after hearing the news. Gold looks at you in pity before looking around for Ace, who disappeared from his seat. The bottle of brandy was completely empty after Gold briefly inspected it. You’re worst fears came true; a drunken Ace was walking about.

“We have to find him!” You immediately try to run around to find Ace, but Gold picked you up with one hoof.

“Last thing I need is a stallion running about yelling for his friend. I’ll take care of it. Besides, Ace is walking around with my money.” Gold trotted to a group of bouncers and seemed to be giving them instructions.

An uneasy feeling was settling on you. Gold was underestimating how Ace can turn a place upside down. Discord himself would be envious at the chaos that Ace produced when he was under the influence. Almost absent mindedly, you start make a grab for your pain killers. The pain from carrying Vinyl’s gear had been stuffed away from your legs for a while. Now, it was just getting too much to bear. After popping the pill, the pain from your legs instantly subsides.

“Popping pills are we?” A familiar voice asked.

Vinyl was right at your side. Either you were caught off guard or just panicky around her, but your heart was racing. The thumping was so loud that it blocked out the music around you. Even your head started to pulse, synchronizing with the rapid heartbeat. You could hear the faint giggle from Vinyl and you finally start to calm down a bit.

“Why must every time we meet that you sneak up on me.” You manage to mumble, trying to hide the anxiety you were feeling.

“Aw come on, I thought you would be excited to see me again.” Vinyl teased, a lovely grin graced her face.

“I never said I wasn’t happy to see you.” You reply, looking deep into her crimson eyes.

Vinyl’s eyes flickered rapidly and she started to blush a little. “Well, I...uh.” Vinyl looked around for something to excuse herself. Her savior came in the shape of one of the bouncers in the club, who whispered in her ear urgently. “I guess I should get going.” Vinyl gave you one last glance before departing with the bouncer.

A familiar empty feeling came over you. Pain ran through your legs again and you popped another pill to subdue the pain.
Oddly enough, the pill didn’t seem to be very effective to fight off the pain. Instead, the pain moved to your heart. You clutch at your chest, feeling your very heart starting to constrict. Last time you checked, your legs were the ones with the annoying surges of pain and not your heart.

Ace suddenly gallops right past you, a look of terror etched on his face. A few stallions were chasing after Ace as well. One of the pursuers stopped by you.

“You know that little runt?” The stallion demands, his eyes bulging slightly.

“I can’t say that I do. What did he do anyway?” Last thing you wanted was being chased down for Ace’s stupidity.

“He kissed my marefriend right in front of me! If I get a hold of him, I will break his legs off!” The stallion fumes angrily.

All you could manage was to face hoof yourself. Ace was unbelievable.

“We got him boss!” Another stallion was carrying a limp Ace by his hooves.

“Excellent! You will now know not to ever touch my girl again!” Sure enough, the stallion bucked Ace full on the chest.

“Are you mad because I kiss your marefriend better then you?” Ace muttered.

Ace got another healthy buck straight to his jaw for his remark. The stallion holding Ace dropped him and kicked Ace across the head. You were about to lunge at the group of stallions hurting Ace but a hoof grabbed you around the neck again. Gold was standing right behind you, wearing a determined look on his face.

“I don’t tolerate ponies beating on my business partners, even if they deserve it.” Gold walked to Ace’s limp body and the thugs around him immediately back off.

“Gold you’ve aged! You think we are scared of you?” The head of the group of the thugs taunted.

“Who said I’ll be kicking your sorry flank all over Equestria, Frost?” Gold whistled and the small groups of thugs were surrounded by Gold’s bouncers. “You just entered the lion’s den fool.” Gold whispered.

The air grew tense and everypony’s eyes were on the scene. The music came to a halt and you figured even Vinyl couldn’t ignore the possible fight. With a blink of an eye Gold landed a powerful buck to a poor thug, sending him flying to the wall.
The stallion’s body actually penetrated to wall a few inches. Soon, the two groups lunged at each other and chaos ensued. You drag Ace’s body from the fight before any more harm can be done to him.

As he carried Ace on your back, which protested of the load you have placed on it, one of Frost’s thugs lunged at you. The weight that Ace added on was too much for your back, you took the full brunt of the tackle. Ace slipped off your back and the stallion proceeded to land a few blows on him. You quickly stand back up and buck the thug on the ribs. He crumbles to the ground and you take advantage of this moment to pick Ace back up again. The front door was so close! Just a couple more…


Your head throbs painfully and your legs finally give out. A splintered chair was lying close to you, probably the same weapon used to injure you. The weight on your back was lifted; a few thugs picked Ace off you. One of the thugs punts your head like a football. A terrible ringing came over your hearing and you felt terribly dizzy. By instinct, you pull out your bottle of pain killers and fumble around with the lid. Frost stood over you and stomped on the bottle, reducing it to nothing but cracked plastic. He laughed evilly before Gold tackled him. No sooner had Gold nailed Frost is when thugs started to pile on top of him.

Everything became a blur. There was so much pain and you had no pain killer to stop the onslaught of it in your body. Hard to tell what was worse, the pain in your limbs or the one that’s been in your heart as of late. Things were starting to fade to darkness. Was this death? If it was, this was actually pretty nice. The yells of pain around you were reduced to nothing and a numb feeling came over you, not like what the pain killers offered…it was better.

You start to see a pair of crimson eyes stare straight down at you. For some strange reason, you feel rather safe after looking into those comforting eyes. The darkness that started to eat away at your vision soon covered those eyes. You felt slightly miserable now that you had nothing else to look at. Familiar surges of pain ran through your legs and heart again. Forget the dumb pills; those eyes sustained your sanity far better.

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