• Published 2nd Aug 2012
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Addiction - FlashFoward

Pills have been keeping you pain free. It's not long before you find a substitute.

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The Mask I Wear

You and Ace took a seat on the sofa, which was located smack in the middle of the living room. It was odd to see the house so clean; you usually didn’t have the patience in making the house crystal clean. However, the house wasn’t exactly ‘clean’ due to you actually dusting off the place and such. No, the sofa was actually the only piece of furniture left in the whole entire house now. Ace poked fun at you whenever he removed a picture frame from the wall, due to it actually leaving a dust free outline at its removal. Hopefully Vinyl was better at keeping her place in a less of a mess then you.

Ace let out a groan and pointed at a spot on a wall near the front door. “Man, we forgot a picture.”

Sure enough, Ace was right. You pull yourself up from the comfy sofa and try to remove the picture. Once the picture frame was off the wall, also leaving a dust free outline, you noticed this was no ordinary picture. In fact, it was an old family picture.

“Get over here, Ace.” you call out, not taking your eyes off the picture for one second.

“But I’m tired!” Ace whined like a foal.

You let out an exasperated sigh and took a seat next to Ace and showed him the picture. “There, no need for your lazy flank to walk.”

Ace shot you a bitter look before snatching the picture from your hoofs. His features softened after fully realizing what the picture was about. “I remember this, good times they were.”

The two of you stared at the photo like it was the last time it would ever appear in your lives again. A spunky voice broke Ace and you from your trances.

“Hey there guys! Are you packed yet?” Vinyl asked with a large smile gracing her face.

Ace blinked rapidly and squinted at the sight of Vinyl’s large purple glasses. “What’s up with the glasses, Vinyl?”

Vinyl readjusted her glasses at Ace’s question. “This old thing is something I wear nearly all the time. Also, stop avoiding my question. Did you get packed yet? The train is heading out soon.”

“Believe it or not, I’ve been ready for some time already. I’m waiting for this guy to get ready, for once.” Ace replied with a hearty laugh.

You punched Ace on the shoulder, with no real intent to hurt him. “Shut it you. I’m ready, but we been delayed due to this taking us down memory lane.” you hold out the family picture and Vinyl takes it.

“How long ago was this taken?” Vinyl let the question slip her lips.

Ace exchanged a thoughtful look with you and shrugged. “I can’t say for sure. The picture can’t be that old since it isn’t black and white.”

“I’m not sure that helps much.” Vinyl mutters thoughtfully.

“Well, I’ll be meeting you two at the station. I’ve got to fetch my bags.” Ace announced and left through the front door.

“Ace isn’t really related to you, is he?” Vinyl suddenly asked once Ace had been gone for a few minutes.

You couldn't keep the surprise from your face once she pieced that together. “You’re right, he is adopted.”

Vinyl sits next to you and magically floats the family picture for the both of you to see. “Does he know?”

You bury your face in you hooves and your answer gets a little muffled due to this. “No, he doesn’t.”

Vinyl looked at you in disbelief. “Ace is some-what mature. I think he can handle it.”

“Maybe you’re right, Vinyl. It’s just that, we accepted him in the family like he was one of our own.” You reply.

“Did he ever grow suspicious?” Vinyl asked.

You smile faintly. “Oh yes, a few kids back in school would point out that me and Ace looked absolutely nothing alike. Ace would joke around and say he was the one who inherited the good looks while I got what was ever left.”

Vinyl leaned in closer to you, her whisper reaching your ears just barely. “I beg to differ.”

The family photo offered another interesting detail. Ace had acquired his cutie mark, the ace of spades, long before you had one yourself. Vinyl seemed to take notice of this too, she was analyzing the photo more deliberately now.

“True to his name, he was, and still is, a card shark like no other.” You explain.

“How did he get his cutie mark at such a young age?” Vinyl asked in disbelief.
Your smile unhinges slightly as you remember Ace’s story on his cutie mark. “He was trained by his dad to gamble other ponies out of their bits. Scary thing was that he was good at what he did. No pony in the right in mind would expect a child to be able to beat you out of everything you owned.”

Vinyl looked slightly confused and alarmed by this news. “Did his dad make him cheat or something? Why was he even doing that anyway?”

“Let’s leave it that Ace’s parents weren’t the best role models for him. No, Ace was all talent when it came to gambling. He
might look lazy and relaxed, but when the stakes are on he’ll be a whole different stallion.” As you finished speaking, you finally started to appreciate how Ace turned out to be now.

“Do Ace’s parents know that he’s moving to Ponyville?” Vinyl asked abruptly.

You let out a humorless chuckle. “No, they haven’t asked for him not even once since my parents took him in. Far as they know, Ace could be sipping tea in Canterlot with Celestia and Luna.”

Vinyl chuckled at the very thought of your idea. “Ace would probably find a way to get Celestia to bet her tiara against him!” she exclaimed while fighting back giggles.

All of Vinyl’s laughing was starting to get contagious for you. Soon enough, you joined in on the laughter and it showed no sign of stopping any time soon. You clamped your hooves over your mouth to suppress anymore giggles. Once you finally regained some composure, you noticed that Vinyl had stopped laughing long ago and stared at you fixedly for some time now. All her staring gave you unsettling feeling. Her glasses hid her eyes, so trying to gather how she was looking at you was out of the question. However, this didn’t stop her giving you a teasing smile and pressing ever closer to you.

“Uh, maybe it’s time we meet up with Ace at the station.” you suggest sheepishly.

Vinyl leans so close to you at this point that her hot breath was pressing against your face. “Ace can wait. Besides, the train won’t come until the afternoon.”

“Ah, you two finally came! I thought I was going to make the trip alone!” Ace cheerfully called out to you and Vinyl.

It was a good thing that Vinyl’s mane was usually wild, it helped cover up why you two were so late. Vinyl was buying the tickets at a booth when Ace pulled you aside. He was wearing a silly smile which confused you greatly.

“What’s so funny?” you demand impatiently.

“I know what you did.” Ace whispered mischievously.

“I don’t get what you’re talking about, Ace.” you reply nervously.

“Oh yes you do, Proof. By the way, be a little more careful next time. Her glasses cracked and she's walking a little funny.” Ace pointed out teasingly.

You smack your hoof against your face once you remember Vinyl’s glasses did fall off the coach at some point.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay quiet.” Ace managed to say while laughing at your dismay. “You’re lucky to have the chance to enjoy something like her, Proof.”

“Ha, no need to tell me that, Ace.”

Ace’s smile died off when you were staring at Vinyl dreamily. Seeing Ace upset never sat well with you over the years and you were determined to figure out the cause. “Alright, what’s up with the long face, Ace?”

“I’m jealous of you.” Ace admitted.

This caught you off guard, Ace was always happy about the life he given himself. “That was never the case before.” As you reply, you realized Ace was speaking of the relationship you had with Vinyl.

“Exactly, but now you got Vinyl. Seeing you two so happy makes me feel a little…empty.” Ace explained.

Empty. How odd how you felt like Ace a few months ago. Pain killers filled the void in your heart while Ace was hiding behind a mask of a smile to convince others that everything was fine. In a way, you envied how Ace was able to handle his feelings. Red never talked to Ace again after you two left the hospital a while back. Was that the last straw for him?

You give Ace a comforting one armed hug and gestured to the train heading to Ponyville. “Come on, Ace, like I said before, there are a lot of mares in Ponyville for you to try your luck with. You never know until you try!”

“You sound like the guy from the lottery commercials.” Ace deadpanned.

“What’s up guys?” Vinyl interjected.

Ace looked relieved at the chance of a change in topic. “Not much. Are those the tickets?”

“Excellent! Let’s get our bags on the train and get out of here!” Ace exclaimed, already dragging his bag inside the train.

Vinyl let out a soft giggle at Ace’s enthusiasm. “Isn’t he excited?”

“I guess so.”

You couldn’t help but think Ace wasn’t willing to look at the two of you together at the moment. It was a shame really, not only had you been in his position, but you got your way out of it. Why couldn’t Ace? Surely he was much less of a hassle to deal with then you were. Or maybe it’s just because Ace has been chasing after the wrong mares?

Ace was hanging out in a compartment in the train, pressing his face against the glass window. The longing and lonely look in his eyes through the reflection the in mirror ate at your heart. His mood returned to its happy old self when he noticed you and Vinyl were settling yourselves in the room. Ace made no movements while the train raced across the tracks to Ponyville. Vinyl tried to make small talk, but the ever pressing gloom coming off Ace was too much.

“Okay, what’s up with you, Ace? This isn’t like you!” Vinyl finally snapped impatiently.

Ace made no motion to respond.

Vinyl sighed with growing impatience. “You can’t ignore me forever, Ace. You’re stuck in this room with us for the next few hours!”

Again, Ace remained still and you really started to wish that Vinyl what just drop it.

“You’re being such a baby, Ace!” Vinyl’s horn glowed blue and Ace’s head snapped around to look directly at you two.

The look on his face made a gasp escape from Vinyl’s lips and earned a sad sigh from you. Tears stained his face and his eyes were bloodshot. In all honestly, he looked like a mess.

“I feel empty,” Ace whispered gently.

Vinyl moved to Ace’s side and took off her glasses, putting it over his eyes instead. The purple lenses blocked Ace’s bloodshot eyes and he looked utterly floored by Vinyl’s kind gesture. Ace was struggling to express his gratitude and Vinyl just placed a hoof over his mouth and gestured him not to speak, which he obeyed. Giving Ace one last approving nod, Vinyl moved back to your side and leaned against you for a nap. Your appreciation towards Vinyl probably just doubled in the last few minutes.

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Comments ( 9 )

It has returned! Now we go on to Ace's story! And I thank you for continuing this just a little/alot longer!

Poor Ace:applecry: Time to find a mare for him.:scootangel: And that should be a bit easy, about 2/3 of the population in Ponyville is mares.:eeyup:

1321680 more like 7/8ths....


Poor ace. :fluttercry:

And why did made me think "The Perfect Stallion" song but change it to finding the perfect mare for Ace:facehoof:

Why does this fic have to be dead?... it's beautiful. :fluttershysad:

I will continue the story from Ace's POV. The only thing stopping me is motivation and time needed to sit down to write it down.

2224434 i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/106/887/backpain-1292835351.jpg
Thanks bro, I thought this wasn't gonna get back from death anytime soon. Good luck!


This fic was freakin heartwarming. Dat dead dad bit hit me right smack in the feels. I had a good time reading it.

A bit of constructive criticism: The romance between you and Vinyl seemed forced. The shower scene was cute, but not enough to make me feel she was my marefriend, worth fighting for. In order to have the impact you wanted for the fight scene, it appears that the mushy romance in act 2 should have been exaggerated.

Another issue I had was the charecterization of Vinyl. She was awesome the first time, but kinda fell into a "damsel in distress" role by the end.

Overall this was great. I love how you refrained from clop (thank you!) and kept the story going. Keep up the good work!

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