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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!



This story is a sequel to Rainbow is Magic Season 2: Disharmony, Disruption, Discord

Princess Cadance is one of the most notale members of the royal family, being a powerful unicorn and the Headmaster of Canterlot's school of magic, not to mention being the one who personally trained Rainbow Dash in magic. So naturally Rainbow is ecstatic to be invited to her mentor's wedding, and her friends get to come along and help to! But while Rainbow is blinded by her idol worship, the others can't help but notice that something feels....off. The Groom is acting weirdly, Cadance is getting on their nerves, and they can't help but feel a little paranoid....like something's....watching. And waiting....

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It looks like for the image you screen-captured a transparent gif. The checkerboard in the background is how some editors show transparency, but it's supposed to be transparent. You might choose to take the original transparent gif and place it on a colored background so it doesn't look like a mistake.

oh whoops! I didn't notice! I'll try and fix it or grab a different image!

You know I knew cadence was a teacher but I never knew she was rainbows personnel teacher.

yeah after Rainbow hatched Spike Cadance took Rainbow under her wing and trained her in magic for a while

I think I know where this is going, but I'll wait to before I say anything. Cause I could be wrong.

nah go ahead tell me whatcha think! theories are fun, even if they can be wrong, and its interesting to hear someone's thoughts on a story while it's ongoing

Well the real cadence is getting married to chrysalis disguised as blueblood. And knows full who she's marrying to.
So either their cadence and blueblood are both hostages or cadence has turned to the dark side and is willing participant in this scheme.

I'm absurdly off aren't I?

I will neither confirm nor deny anything so as to keep the surprise. You'll find out next chapter : 3

Okay chrysalis and cadance team up, both are good so I was wrong about the going to the dark side thing. Neither Cadance nor Blueblood are hostages
and all of canterlot is easy to dupe, andNO ONE Suspects a thing including rainbow dash and Chrysalis's plan has more holes than she does
whelp this is going to be fun.:pinkiecrazy:😈

changelings are not smart
I mean, you'd think a race with SHAPESHIFTING as their main gimmick would be better at PRETENDING TO BE THE PEOPLE THEY'RE IMPERSONATING

also, you got a fair bit more right than you'd think : 3

Also, let's not forget that Chrysalis' mom might be attending the wedding too, so that might be a pickle

This story is a sequel

Huh. Well lets look at the prequel.

This story is a sequel

This story is a sequel

This story is a sequel

This story is a sequel

This story is a sequel

This story is a sequel


sorry XD this is a PRETTY lengthy AU. I really need to post the reading order up in my blogs, I think.

Though you can read most stories in any order, really, aside from a handful that directly continue the main story arcs.

The very first story in this series is Rainbow Dash Element of Magic, so if you wanna start from the beginning start there, also go to the Rainbow is Magic group for a much cleaner collection of the various fics.


Well, that was fun. Your Chryssie is absolutely adorable, and Flitter and Cloudchaser were a lot of fun as well.

The only part I wasn't thrilled with was the opening which initially reminded me far too much of McCarthy's stupidity for comfort, but I knew I could trust you not to be that colossally stupid and you pulled through. You not only managed to make it make sense in an entertaining way, but you also did so in a way that took a perfectly aimed shot at the idiocy she rammed into the show starting with that episode without crossing into preaching which is always hard to do.

not sure what you meant by 'stupidity', but thanks :3 I just write what I think'll be fun. And I can't take TOO much credit for Flitter and Cloudchaser, as they're basically just references to minor villains from Final Fantasy 9.

Glad you like Cadance's bug wife!


The specific stupidity I was referring to there was no one noticing Chrysalis's terrible acting in canon, but considering how much of a clusterfuck McCarthy turned the show into starting with that episode I can understand why you needed clarification.

As for the rest, yeah, you did mention that about the twins, but they're still fun. It would have been nice if they turned since they obviously would do very well if they gave up on mommy and hung out in Equestria thanks to their jesters routine, but it's ultimately not a big deal since I doubt we'll see them again either way.

Also, I want to mention that I like how you're actually letting Spike be useful unlike the show.

yeah I am trying to make Spike more prominent, hence why he shows up more often in adventures.

and 'changelings are stupid and awful at using shapeshifting' is the hill I'll die on. The fact it somehow works in canon just means ponies are even dumber.


No, that was the start of the bad writing plain and simple. At the time I just kinda groaned and wrote it off as a one-off mistake which was more than made up for by the changelings, but in hindsight it was the start of McCarthy running the show into the ground. The reality is that it isn't that ponies are dumb, it's that McCarthy wanted to make Twilight important and warped the world to do it. Textbook mary sue writing failure, especially when you step back, look at what the characters were doing, and realize Rainbow and Luna were completely free while Twilight was buried in wedding work yet they are nowhere to be seen and Twilight is doing everything significant in the episode.


Yeah, it's a mess. That said, the failings of the show are kind of off topic for this story so it probably makes more sense to take that conversation to PMs or an appropriate group.

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