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It's not getting from A to B. It's not the beginning or the destination that counts. It's the ride in between that matters

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I must say, I'm liking this new direction! Missing a few punctuation marks here and there, but otherwise, looking good!

It is good to see you back, my friend.

Ooooh shit, this is taking place during Tirek's assault....

Holy Emperor....


“Yes, Princess Luna” Autumn Skies said “I will be willing to serve you in any way that will help thurthar your plan”

I think you meant further

So, 'cross the realms of Time and Space;
As friends appeal to Hearts and Minds,
In lieu of Hope, a fit of Rage;
For those who Blood and Breath do give
When does of Doom new threaten Life,
And when sun's Light sends iron to Void,

Ok then.

That one's on me. I helped with the prophecy a bit.

Does that mean it's just flavor, clever wording or something that lines up with where you got it from?

This is a Destiny crossover, right?

No, the series it's crossing over with will be revealed much later down the line, but there are certain hints throughout the course of the story which will hint at what it's crossing over with (the "Destiny" part also hints at this to an extent)

And..... All respect for Fantasia is lost.


I did say she wasn't "good", but all the same she isn't evil outright either, at the end of the day she simply wants to to maintain the balance between nature and civilisation.

her morals are drastically different to that of ordinary people, for her it's all about intent, someone could use the most evil of dark magic possible, but it could be for a righteous purpose and she would deem that as OK where-as individuals like Celestia would be losing their shit.

and always remember; when dealing with a god without morals it could always be so much worse

It's that She took total "control" of him. And thats just a peeve of mine :/


As someone who's working alongside Nova on the universe behind this story, (but doesn't speak directly for him,) I can tell you this much;

She's not taken control of him, she's just put her hoof in the door that leads to such an outcome, so she can occasionally step in on a personal level if a situation calls for it, while also setting a conduit to channel magic directly into Onælan so he can use it like a natural-born Unicorn. Nobody's completely happy with the arrangement, tbh, but as they say...

"The gods play games with the lives of men."

I'll say no more on the topic, because of "reasons," but thanks for voicing your concerns on the issue.

Who is the guy in that video, and where is he from?

Sutehk the destroyer, from classic Doctor Who

Specifics on the clothing thing... It's a cultural holdover from old bullshit religious sources. It's more prevalent in Western civilizations due to Christianity in general, and it's especially enforced in places like the USA, because of the expulsion of the Puritan Christians (who were fanatical about that kind of thing) from Europe long ago, who eventually settled/founded the "New World".

That's why places in Europe (like Germany) are more tolerant of nudity, as long as it's kept tasteful and/or limited to specific locales. Be warned, I've heard tell that there are beaches, water parks, gardens, and public parks in Germany where you can run across several unclothed folks if you're not careful where you wander...

Keep doing what you're doing dude. It's great so far!

Not sure why I expected anything good...

She cares little to nothing about the lives of mortals, despite what she said. As long as there is balance between opposing forces, she is content. That's what I get from her.

How in the hell u get knocked out if you r an robot

In the time before Equestria, before the elements of harmony, the peoples of Equis were protected by beings known as The Wrakjon, individuals from all races who showed exceptional courage and bravery in the face of danger, and were bestowed with supernatural strength and command over an element of nature by the gods, so that they could continue to protect those who cannot protect.

I must warn you, these lines make it sound like the Wrakjon, are their own unique race, not made up of species that already exist in the show. Please respond to this comment.

Not a robot, a human in armour :facehoof:

"Indeviduals from all races"

Sorry about that I was just a little bit confused about what I know on biotics and how he reacted when he took off his mask made me thought he was turned into a biotic sorry about that I read on into the story turn it up in the next chapter my bad

Congratulations: you now have the beginnings of a Harem.

Good job.

(I jest, bro. Keep that in mind.)

To be fair, the heartlight usually was just an indicator that the "Bionicle" in question was still alive, rather than serving as their actual heart-equivalent. Sorta like a human with a heart monitor display strapped to their chest, giving everyone else a live readout of their heartbeat. Also, afaik, only Roodaka ever had anything crystalline that had to do with her heartlight, and that was merely a shard of the energized protodermis prison that Teridax was being held in at the time, which she placed over her actual heartlight (long story.)

At least, all according to OG Bionicle canon. This is your universe, after all, so perhaps things work differently here...?

Also, zyglak: rejected by their creator(s) and just about everyone else, it makes sense they'd effectively be the Xenomorphs of any setting, including having actual, crystalline heartlights.

Woo, Lesovikk! I personally would have more than likely saluted, given the guy's a legend, but that's just me.

That said, 3000 years for Humanity to be gone? We've got more than 10,000 years of history here on Earth, so unless there's some sort of time discrepancy between realities, something funky must be going on.

I've enjoyed the story so far though I think you may have jumped a bit too far ahead for the amount of explanation given. The pacing of the latest chapter also felt a little all over the place

Yeah, not knowing what shift I'm working from one day to the next tends to mess up my writing flow, though in fairness there's not many ways "4 weeks of near constant running and sparring" could be written creatively

Hmm, all these centuries later and people still want to know my story first hand. Well, you better order yourself a few drinks, this will take a while.

I'm already loving this :rainbowlaugh:

Disturbed were one of the first heavy metal bands I ever got into, though now I've shifted towards less outwardly mainstream stuff, usually on the power metal or folky end of the spectrum, Sabaton (though they recently blew up big time with a song about the battleship Bismarck), Amon Amarth, Alestorm, Powerwolf, that sort of thing

If it's got some sort of historical theme to it then it tends to catch my interest regardless of genre

“Y-you should have gone for the head”

Bruh why the IW reference

Yay, a punt gun!




<thinks about it> wow, she survived a punt gun hit? Dang, she was either really lucky, or the pirates had a blind gunner... maybe both!

Am I the only one slightly disappointed that Alee didn't go the route of Seras Victoria when her power awakened?


I coulda seen her as a 'magical gun gal; :)

she was shot at whilst she was flying some distance above (like a couple hundred meters), plus she was using clouds as cover which did something to throw off their aim, so whilst she was still injured she wouldn't have been obliterated

A smile, turned into a smirk, and that smirk very quickly became a chuckle, which then turned into all out laughter. The pegasus looked exasperated.

:rainbowhuh: why is he laughing, I don't understand what supposed to be funny? Also getting knocked out 30 seconds after meeting someone... that's a crap hero in crap armor.

Oh, you don't believe in magic let me mind rape you...wtf.

Ok, how did this guy go 180° from a very Justified kidnapping and brainwashing rant too well I guess I serve this bitch of a God now beacuse who I was is now dead. I mean Christ at least the ponies got to keep their names and their pasts all he gets is a Magic Stick and what looks like the crappiest power out of all of them.

...ok I hate putting so many negative comments for a fic but this story fall into so many HiE tropes that I straight up don't like.

1. The human male MC is a helpless obedient little bitch even though he's been given powers by a "god" not to mention the story shits on him more then anyone else.

2. All the pone seem to be these hyper competent ubermensch most of which are just unlikable characters.

3. The human MC bad-mouths his own species and planets like a cherry picking out-of-touch hippie.

Overall there's nothing really wrong with the story it's just in a HiE when the human sucks as a character it just really brings it down as a whole.

We'll all right, this story is getting so much better now that all the chicks arnt being cunts and Onælan isn't being a bitch also them treating Fantasia like the bitch she is is also a good time. The world building is a little bit bizarre but hey its whatever.

Ok this is getting extremely frustrating at this point who can Onælan actually beat one on one because it seem like every chapter he getting his ass beat by someone and there has been at least 3 times he's just excepted death on his knees. I want to like his character but its getting really hard I mean for Christ's sakes when he's not being a bitch he helpless and when he's not being helpless he's whiny and dumb.

1. Onaelan came from modern earth, specifically the UK, he's never had a reason to fight anyone, let alone handle a real bladed weapon, do you honestly expect him to go from being a combative newbie to an experienced fighter in the space of less than a month? He's not used to spending days on the road, he's not used to being without his creature comforts, do you really think he'll be content with the situation at hand? Too many fics stick someone in Equestria and have them be perfect charasmatic gary stus who can master any skill, and honestly that takes the fun out of it in my eyes.

2. As a result of the environment he grew up in he's also of a passifistic mindset, and typically it takes extreme circumstances for someone of that mindset just become aggressive (I'd suggest looking up Alvin York as one example)

3. Stick a person like that in a traditional battle and they'll struggle at the best of times, put them up against someone, IE the Keiserin or any one of the soldiers he's faced, who's had years of training with a specific weapon and its a surprise he'd hold his own at all.

4. You complain about the other characters being bitches but only one was deliberately written like that, Autumn Skies: she's battle hardened, been through hell and back and lost a lot because of it, not to mention she's from a military background, she isn't going to go lightly on someone like Onaelan because others didn't go lightly on her when she was in his position. Octavia is at the very least sympathetic, Vinyl is indifferent but invariably sides with Octavia, Midnight is simply a product of where she grew up, coarse on the outside but in warms upp to others with time, Alee is... Alee, she's a river pirate, she isn't going to be the epitome of kindness in the first place, and Tarn if anything kisses up and clings to Onaelan. The point of writing them like that is very often you can't pick who you have to be around and inveriably there will be at least someone who you won't get along with, and it's not always a case of simply forsaking ones self of such people, whether during education, at work, or even your neighbours. It's what I'm used to, so it's what I write.

5. He took a fucking howitzer to the chest, it's a miracle he wasn't turned to a red mist

I understand his shortcomings when it comes to combat and I also understand not wanting to make a Gary Sue character but what you're doing is make the opposite of a Gary Sue. You have a character with no noticeable positive personality traits (except for using his body as a living Shield) who's barely competent in anything he does surrounded by characters that are hyper competent in everything they do. I get that each character has their strengths and weaknesses but I have no idea what any of Onaelan strengths are the only things he seems to be good at is getting beat up and being saved. I guess you could say his fire powers are a strength but they're so inconsistent that you don't even know if he is going to use them or not.

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