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After the whole "Tirek's deal" someponies are afraid of everything that has been happening lately, so they decided to blame it all in twilight, seeing how she always seems to be in the eye of the storm, exile her from Equestria. Worst follows and soon Discord is again in stone, Spike is called to the 'Dragon Kingdom', the changelings move behind the scenes to take control of everything, the Storm King is coming to Equestria, Cadance and Shining fight each other for the Crystal Kingdom, the yaks have put a 'no-exits no-enters' policy, Celestia has a hard time with the population and the mane six are all but disbanded.

But it looks like the 'Harmony Tree' has pulled Twilight all along this mountain of trouble on purpose, seeing how now the 'Harmony Chest' is in a weird town with no name...

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