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[Mature] [Sex] [Twilight] [Shining Armor]

This is a fic where Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle end up in what would be considered sexual situations. I will leave it up to readers to determine if what they have together is incest


but I will make it clear that no sexual intercourse happens in this story.


i wanted to do a choosen one meme but i think its a little old plus you have a history of writing strories like this so it would of been out of place

My thoughts exactly.
Either go for incest or don't.

And here we see the great Shakespericles broken into tiny pieces.

9213045 Well, to be fair, there's plenty of incest stories out there. Agency reduction, predicament bondage? Not so much. :twilightsmile:

I just wanted to make sure people weren't walking into a story they weren't expecting.

Downvoting purely on account of my blue balls.

9213069 I'll take that one with pride.

I know you're receiving more downvotes than usual but I want to say it's nice to see something there is so little of on the site get posted.

9213186 Thanks! Downvotes happen. I tried to head them off by being explicit in the description, but that can also lead to downvotes. if I wanted all the upvotes, I would have just written a straight clopfic with Twilight and Shining banging, like every other one.

How I judge a story as read worthy goes out the window if it's a clopfic.

It seems the more downvotes it has means "oh boy this is gonna be a doozy!"

9213417 I can't fault the logic!

last one doesn't show but I can imagen its something like this :raritydespair:

9213558 Twilight looking frazzled, sad, and pouting. :twilightsheepish:

Downvotes will happen regardless of warnings, they do it as a form of 'hate' or because they believe its unoriginal or it's been done too many times or the characters are being ooc, etc.

9213991 Yeah, I've done enough not-quite-mainstream stories to recognize that. The main stat I look at to gauge how well a story does is upvotes:unique views. If that metric is at 1:10 or better, things are going well. :twilightsmile:

Loved the story. the stallion teaser mark one, made me think of the kind of things that would make an appearence in Given Shape.

Also yay for Spicy making a cameo in a way!

Nice work, really nice work. I think what makes it is how you handled Twilight, she seems very true to herself despite the adult subject matter, inventive, subject to her mind and worries running wild and quite capable of getting lost in the moment. Speaking of the last, it was hilarious to see her demonstrate how to properly secure her brother like it was an everyday thing, leave and then return as she suddenly realized what she'd done.

But, now to nitpick,
There's a few typos here and there, yes instead of eyes at least once, and one sentence that doesn't seem to make sense, I know what you meant, but it doesn't work
The cover looks wrong for this story, suggesting porn to my eyes rather than erotica which I'd call this
I think there should be a bit more to the after care scene, particularly them discussing how she tested the equipment, and Shining realizing what Mac prolly wants and pointing that out to her. I imagine the story ending with Twilight doing an oh shit face as she realizes what she missed as she was so wrapped up with her work

Still, very good story that will be going on my favorites shelf.

9216258 Couldn't resist getting best bat in there.

9216305 I'm not surprised there are some mistakes. I cooked this up over two evenings, and not being a commission it didn't have another set of eyes to even glance at it before publish. I need to get back into the habit of listening to my stories via TTS before publishing them.

Very much agree is one of the best bats!

Even more impressive then, since as I noted, I only caught two maybe three mistakes in the whole thing.
And I still wish you'd gone a bit further with the ending as I noted.

This tickled my fancy. And something beyond my fancy.

9226851 Glad to hear it. :twilightblush:

This was extremely well written. I hope for a sequel.

9230438 I'll think about it. There just doesn't seem to be enough orgasm denial/loss of sexual agency stories on here (or at least ones that are consensual).

I agree. This was one of the better erotic stories I've read on here, and it's interesting that it contained no actual sex. Excellently done.

When are you going to do a SEQUEL ??
PLEASE??? :fluttercry:

9242850 We'll see. I'd need to have a new idea to add to do such.

A trickle of pride, of accomplishment

Is this what I think it is?

That was an enjoyable read, and it was interesting to see the characters so close but keeping that last bit of distance. However, I don't think forced orgasms and orgasm denial work well in the same session, especially in that order.

Just now found and read this.

This was really, really good! Cant believe this has downvotes, really great work here and very creative situations for Shinny to enjoy. I really hope this is continued.

I think Damaged somewhere below said that he would continue this if an idea presented its-self for how to continue the story. I think the logical next step is for Shinny to explore this side of himself with Cadense instead of Twilight. Twilight could loan Cadense many of these new toys and teach her how to use them safely.

If I remember correctly, Cadence didn't have any interest in learning how to bind a pony properly, but Twilight's toys are automated. That would take a lot of the work out of it for Cadence, then she can just toy with her bound husband now and then while the toys do most of the work.

And when Shinny is all worked up he wont have to run to the bathroom to jerk off, he can jump his wife instead :)

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