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Equus is in turmoil. A tyrant had risen across the Celestial Sea, a diamond dog who goes by Emerald Soran. She has taken over most of the recently formed nation of griffins, the United Griffin Republic, or the UGR. Thorax, king of the changelings, is the only assistance the UGR has, and it isn’t nearly enough to stop the massive force that is Emerald’s army. Fortunately for them, there’s a possible solution to there problem.

Firelord Zuko has woken up in the fields outside of Thorax’s hive. He’s injured and has no recollection of how he got to where he is. When he is attacked by a monster, he’s saved by changeling soldiers and brought back to the hive. Thorax heals his injuries and eventually tells him of the war.

Zuko is faced with a major decision to stay and help the war effort or attempt to look for a way home to get back to his family and friends. He’s brought peace to the Four Nations, but now there’s a whole new world that needs saving. He’s got major responsibilities back home, but there’s people that need his help more than the people of Earth. His decision could change his life forever.

I did not expect this to get featured. Wow.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

The premise is a tad flawed, for once why can't Zuko do both? Help the changelings while looking for a way back, help the changelings and they in kind will help him.
Lastly the question of going back is also dumb, the answer is obvious, go back.
Zuko has family, friends, nation to rule and a world to help recover from the actions of his predecessors, Zuko can't go around different worlds play hero, and while Zuko is a very skilled fighter he's no avatar he won't make that much of a difference in a world war.

Otherwise it's a decent fic.

The author seems new so he most like has yet to flush out details like that yet. Otherwise it's potential is there. Hopefully he flushes them out unlike another author I know... Not saying names but his stories can be so much more but he's just...(Screams til punches the wall) He completely throws away what they can be!

“Damn it Ross,” Thorax said annoyed. “We’re not dragging him into this.”

I really like the concept but constructive critsism here not bashing the reasoning behind actions seems to be lacking
Most of this chapter needs to be a little more fleshed out
Lots of questions come up with why doesnt the chinera go hunt somewhere easyer and why charge now after 2 months
And ross has too much information just freely given it might work if she wasent willing to give it up or has build up to why she knows these things but it just feels wrong
Great concept keep these flaws in mind next time you write as i hope to see imporvement as this story florishes

Congratulations! That is literally what I was thinking of when I put that in.

My undying love and compassion. And more links to funny videos in future chapters

Interesting.... So there was a lot more agency in Zuko's arrival. Fortunately he's already decided to fill in the role of Avatar while he's around.

This is fascinating! I gathered "Zuko is stuck in the world of Equestria" and knew it would be interesting. I'm looking forward to more!

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