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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 30: Sweetie Belle part one

Sweetie Belle looked out over the edge of the chariot and watched the land roll away below. Her position under Celestia’s wing made her feel safe, and she was pleasantly warm. “Sure is a nice view from here.”

“Should you be looking… oh yes, the landscape below. - Yes, it is a mighty fine view.”

“What? Oh, you mean the backfield view.” Sweetie said delighted at catching Celestia engaging in a little misbehavior.

“Don’t you dare say anything to Rarity.” Celestia chastised playfully.

“I would never dream of doing such a thing.” Sweetie protested. “Granted it could come out accidental like.”

“You surely aren’t trying to blackmail me? Are you?”

“What? No. I wouldn't dream of it.” Sweetie had a mischievous smile on her face. “As for myself, I only have eyes for my herd friends. That and I hate to say it, but even Alalme is built better than these charioteers. Nova is likened to chiseled stone, and Loki is by far one of the most stacked stallions I’ve ever met. And cute too. Of our little herd, I’m likely the weakest one. - Oh, and what I wouldn't do for a pair of wings.”

“You’re not craving immortality are you?” Celestia asked cautiously.

“What? No.” Sweetie Protested. “I just want to be able to fly with Nova, Scootaloo, Alalme, Loki, Moonie, and the foals. Apple Bloom and I kind of get left out of a lot of bounding time simply because we are land bound.”

“I see,” Celestia replied, and gave her a sympathetic hug. “That is a problem.” For Celestia, the gulf was more than just an issue of flight. She knew now that fox ponies had the potential to live far longer than regular ponies. What this meant was that while Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle grew old, Nova and Loki would not. Scootaloo was an unknown, but not likely to hold her age any better than any other pegasus. Granted the level of magic a pony had did tend to influence the length of the expected life span of the pony.

When Princess Celestia first proposed the idea of Scootaloo attending the wizard school she knew that there was a likelihood the other Crusaders would want to tag along. If nothing else the experiment had proven that pegasi and earth ponies have just as much magic in them as unicorns did, but the conditions at the school were far worse then she could have imagined. She also knew the fillies would quickly form a friendship with Nova. She hadn’t expected that friendship to grow to the point it had, any more then she could have imagined the difficulties that would be placed on them. Not to mention Nova arriving with a nest mate, two foals in tow, an extended family, or the shock of learning Scootaloo had produced a foal of her own while there. Naturally the three fillies with foals, no make that three young mares with foals, had banded together. Apple Bloom and Sweetie having been lifelong friends with Scootaloo were eager to be considered a part of that little growing herd. Everything was happening way too fast for Celestia.

“Princess, Mom...” Sweetie began in a contemplative tone, “..I may not be the one who sat on that egg, but Rose Myrtle is my foal just as much as she is Apple Bloom and Scootaloo’s foal. All three of us provided a drop of blood.”

“And Scootaloo provided the egg. Kind of makes Rose primarily Scootaloo’s foal. But tell me, how do you see your role? Do you see yourself as a father figure? Does Rose look up to you as a father figure.”

“I think I’m more of an older sister in her eyes. I’d say that little defensive display is a strong indication of who they’ve chosen as a father figure.” Sweetie offered. “Even so, I want to be as much a part of her life, and of Apple Bloom’s, Nova’s, Alalme’s, and Scootaloo’s life as I can.”

“And Loki?”

“I have time before I choose to commit myself to a stallion. Not like we have to have just the one.”

Celestia looked at her and just started laughing.


“You are so innocent.”

“Since when?”

“Two stallions are not likely going to want to share a herd unless they are the best of friends.”

“Oh.” Sweetie had to think about it for a moment. “I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.”

“I suspect that they will always see you like family, no matter what decision you choose to take.” Celestia offered. “And I imagine one reason Nova wanted to take this move is so that you’d have some say if anything should happen to her, or the others. Should the unthinkable happen and the foals were left without their parents.”

“Nothing is going to happen.”

“No, of course not. But do take into consideration what her life has been like.”

“Well, she doesn’t have to go it alone anymore. Not if I have any say in the matter.” Sweetie’s deceleration was just as good as any deceleration of love. Nor did the fact that the object of her admiration was a completely different pony type bother her one moment. Growing up, Sweetie was the filly adult ponies would whisper about behind her back. Apple Bloom had lost both her parents and had to be raised by her grandmother, and later her own sister. And Scootaloo was a flightless pegasus who grew up with Aunts, foster parents really, who where almost never there for her do to their commutes to and from where they had jobs. Sure the two sisters were loving, but the fact of the matter is that they’d missed every single significant moment of Scootaloo’s life. What their connection to Sunset Shimmer was, was still a mystery to Sweetie Belle.

A big smile formed on Sweetie's face as the spires of Canterlot came into view. The large castle Keep, the gardens behind it in a large bailey, the small bailey in front of the keep, the apartments for the nobility in another large bailey below that, and government offices on a lower terrace below that. Beyond the third ring of walls was the city of Canterlot. The entire city was perched on a number of terraces high on the side of a mountain out of which rose an enormous volcanic plug that defied reason. The plug itself could be seen from nearly every point in Equestria so long as the view wasn't obstructed. The city itself was adorned with cascading gardens, and streams that came together to form a magnificent set of waterfalls that plunged off a cliff to a valley far below. Sweetie had been to Canterlot on several occasions by train. Arriving by train was an adventure in itself as the line had to snake its way along some very steep mountainsides. Glimpses of the city were few until one was nearly there, at which point the city could be seen climbing up the mountain high above the rail terminal. The first time Sweetie got to see it from the air, her mind had all but shut down it was so overwhelming. Rarity had been there with her, just like she always was.

Rarity was always there for Sweetie Belle. Her… well, her grandparents hadn’t always been around. Granted that at the time she’d thought it was her parents that were constantly off on vacations leaving her ‘sister’ to look after her. When her sister turned out to be her mother Sweetie had been filled with conflicting emotions. Betrayal was one of them. It was Rarity’s relationship with Princess Celestia that finally brought out the full truth of the mater. Her grandparents on her father’s side had paid Rarity off on the condition that no pony find out who’s foal Sweetie really was. It certainly explained how a middle-class family suddenly had the money for the parents to live the life of the idle rich, and where the seed money came from to start Rarity’s Boutique.

And then Twilight and the elements of Harmony came into Rarity’s life. Things were happening that would eventually lead up to Rarity’s courtship with and marriage to Princess Celestia. Rarity acknowledged Sweetie as her daughter, in private, and then Princess Celestia adopted Sweetie so they could both call her daughter in public. Her father’s family, whoever they were could just lump it. A thought came to mind, and she had to laugh.

“Care to share?”

“Well, Sunset Shimmer, AKA Sunrise, AKA Princess Eliana, is technically my sister, right?”

“I did give ponies the idea that she is my daughter. And?”

“That would make Scootaloo my niece. I’m fixing to enter into a herd agreement that will presumably led to marriage to my own niece.”

“Which will make your sister your mother-in-law,” Celestia added with a grin.

“The Royal Genealogist are going to hate us!” Sweetie exclaimed, and laughed some more.

“I wouldn’t be too concerned. Worse things have happened. Sunset is actually my granddaughter via adoption. A great-granddaughter several times removed via the Platinum bloodline” Celestia offered. “The nobles do tend to be a bit inbred as well. There isn’t a one who isn’t at least a third cousin.”

“I’m not related to my father am I?”

Celestia gave her an odd look. “He’s your father.” Celestia thought for a moment, the smile returning to her face, “He’s not your mother’s cousin or anything like that if that’s what you are worried about.”

“That’s a relief. Do you know who he is?”

“I’m afraid it’s not my secret to tell.” Celestia offered apologetically, as the chariot turned for its approach to the palace landing pads in the royal gardens behind the Keep.

“Any pone I know?”

“Not my place to say.”

“I bet all the gossips know.”

“And that’s not a bet I’m going to take,” Celestia stated, and punctuated her words with a chuckle as they landed.

“Your majesty. Miss Sweetie Belle.” Offered a palace Hoof-colt as a step was brought up to the back side of the chariot. He opened the gate on the back of the chariot and swung it open.

“Thank you, Jarvis, and ask Kibitz to see to it that word is sent to make sure they set a place for Sweetie at the luncheon,” Celestia replied as she stepped down. “Sweetie, I must attend to the morning session of court, and there is a luncheon at twelve thirty. Rarity will likely be attending to her business downtown but will be back for lunch. Did you have any ideas as to what you planned to do today?”

“Well, I suppose I should go see about finding an outfit for the luncheon.” Sweetie offered as she followed after Celestia. “Probably should go get my spare identity card, and a purse first though.”

“Let us hope you do not experience the same difficulty here as Scootaloo had in Ponyville.”

Sweetie followed Celestia into the castle’s keep to turn down a hall that would take her to the stairs that went up to the royal apartments. She hadn’t gone far when she spotted a number of cracked windows. She looked at the window and decided that what the school didn’t know wasn’t going hurt them. She pointed her horn at the window, spoke the words ‘speculo reparo’ while channeling her magic through her horn, and towards the window. The window pane made a sort of ‘squick’ sound, and the crack in the glass vanished.

“Good as new,” Sweetie announced to no one in particular. The day was young so she decided to just fix the cracked windows on her way to her room as she came to them.

Sweetie found herself being scolded by a maid a short time later.

“You can’t be doing that. Where’s your outfit?” The maid protested.

“I can’t?” Sweetie asked. She didn't recognize the maid and protested that she’d be getting her outfit later.

That would never do. The maid informed her that she must be properly dressed at all times.


“Rarity!” Celestia called. The two had decided to meet up in their chambers. “How was your morning? Have you seen Sweetie Belle?”

“Sweetie? Is she back?”

“Yes, I fetched her this morning.”

“Wonderful. I imagine she’ll be along shortly, if not we’ll have to go down without her.” Rarity said sounding delighted. “Did you find out who it was that buzzed the palace?”

“Scootaloo and a certain Ensign Moon.” Celestia offered with a wink.

“Surely not Loki. I would think he’d know better than that?”

“Not him, the elder Kitsumi Nova. Seems they discovered that they can push themselves forward with magic alone while in flight. It gives them the ability to maintain a sprint speed over a much longer duration. They literally sprinted from Ponyville to Canterlot and back. When I got there, they were stuffing their faces at the Apple Farm, and it seems General Spitfire had egged them on.” Celestia let out a sigh. “And the entirety of the morning court was filled with complaints about their little stunt.”

“That’s too bad.” Rarity offered. “Perhaps we should head down?”

“Sweetie did say something about wanting to get a new outfit.”

“Well, then she’s gone shopping, and likely lost track of the time.”

A short time later they were on their way into the dining hall when one of the maids standing buy caught their eye. Rarity walked up to the maid cautiously. The maid gave her a sheepish smile.

“Sweetie?” Rarity asked while giving her a hug. “Why on Equestria are you dressed like a maid?”

“I’m not sure? I thought I’d fix a few windows on my way up, and next thing I knew I’d been drafted into the household staff.” Sweetie offered.

“Well, run upstairs, and get out of that thing.” Rarity ordered. “You’ll find some new outfits. Yes, I anticipated you’d need new outfits. Now hurry along, we can’t stall them too long.”

“Yes, mother,” Sweetie said with a smile, left her place in the lineup, and hurried upstairs.

“And leave the repair work for the staff.” Rarity called, but Sweetie was already out of earshot.

Princess Celestia and Rarity went into the reception area to meet and greet everyone who’d come, and Sweetie Belle returned a short time later wearing a pale blue summer dress. Fancy Pants and Fleur deLis were Sweetie's first target as Rarity had said that she should always give a warm greeting to her supporters. Upper Crust and Jet Set came next, but then the sounds of an argument caught her attention before she'd a chance to really say anything to them.

Rarity was having another argument with Prince Blueblood, the two discussing something in hushed tones. Celestia had a pained look on her face, and the gossips were just soaking it in until Prince’s mother decided to put a stop to it.

“Prince! That is quite enough.” Duchess Blueblood scolded. “You know my feelings on this matter. Must you hash it out in public?”

Fortunately what looked to be a row in the making was defused by the head waiter coming out and announcing that the luncheon had been served. Sweetie followed in with every pony else and went to the seat she’d been directed to. She stood by her chair and waited for Princess Celestia to sit down. Only when Celestia moved to sit down was it appropriate for anyone else to sit. Princess Celestia welcomed everyone and welcomed Sweetie back from her overseas school. Princess Celestia sat down, followed by everyone else at the grand table sitting down. Sweetie sat quietly as the first salad was brought out. Slices of bread were brought out, and a very nice sauteed dish. The conversation was light, polite, and without substance. As too seemed the food and not a scrap of meat.

“Sweetie Belle, are you home now?”

Sweetie looked up from her lunch, her mind taking a moment to register that it was Prince Blueblood speaking to her.

“Just for tonight.” Sweetie offered. Why is he talking to me, Sweetie asked herself. “I’ll be headed back in the morning. I have an invite for tea with their queen. After that, we were going to do a bit of sightseeing, before coming back. It would be a shame to spend all that time, and not see anything but the inside of a school.”

“I suppose that’s understandable,” Prince replied in as cordial a voice as he might use with a dignitary. “Any chance you will be returning to Princess Celestia’s school?”

“We had planned on going back again next year.” Sweetie offered. ‘Is he actually concerned with my welfare?’ Bad enough there was no meat in the food, Prince Blueblood was actually being nice. To here. It was creeping her out.

“Planned on?” Prince asked. “Any chance we can talk you into not going?”

“I could never abandon my friends.”

“Yes of course.” He then turned to Princess Celestia. “Auntie, weren’t you considering expanding the outreach of your school?”

“I wasn’t aware you were interested in supporting it?” Celestia asked.

“If half the rumors concerning that British school are true, I’d support anything to get Sweetie out of it.” Blueblood declared. “Is it true that you sent a squadron of the Night Watch?”

“There was an issue which concerned national security, which has been dealt with.” Celestia offered. “To the best of my knowledge, the school is safe. Even if it isn’t up to our standards.”

“Then you admit that that school is not up to our standards?” Prince Blueblood asked.

“If it’ll help...” Sweetie began, “..if things don’t improve, then I think it’ll be time to come home for good. - I just feel sorry for the students who are trapped in that system and culture with no way out.”

“Well, we can’t help everyone.” Prince Blueblood offered apologetically.

“No, I suppose not.” Sweetie offered quietly. “But that won’t stop me from helping those I can. And then maybe they’ll help those that they can help, and it’ll spread out until all creatures can say their life is better for it.”

“If only it really worked like that.” Prince Blueblood replied. “But you go right on helping those you can. Maybe someday it’ll catch on, but in the meantime, you are going to find that there is a lot you can’t do. Ponies that can’t be helped no matter how hard you try.”

Rarity was giving him a dirty look from her place next to Celestia. “Sweetie, tell us about everything you learned while you were there?”

“I learned a lot about magic.” Sweetie offered. “The type they use. Their magic relies on sticks with a bit of something from a magical creature. I didn’t get much on theory as to how it works. I learned a lot about herbs too, and how to use them. Can’t say I learned too much about potions.”

“Oh?” Rarity asked.

“Our instructor would write instructions on an old slate with chalk, tell us to do it, and then basically sit back, and watch to see who would mess up first.” Sweetie let out a small sigh. “I had several potions go horribly wrong. Miss Nova showing up was a lifesaver. She knew potions well enough to be able to help us out, and made sure I had my mane tied up so I wouldn't get it in my potion.”

“Well, how are you doing in math?” Prince asked.

“We didn’t have any.” Sweetie offered.

“No math?” Prince asked sounding incredulous.

“Non that I’m aware of,” Sweetie replied.

“I’m to understand they do teach logic in the higher classes.” Princess Celestia offered. “I must confess the only reason I suggested Louise go was so she wouldn't have to endure the callousness being shown to her here.”

“Well she is just a button head, isn’t she?” Lady Duchess Blueblood offered dismissively. “What sort of name is Louise anyway?”

“As it just so happens she is named after my father, Louis le Roi Soleil, High King of the Alicorns, King of Akkadian.” Celestia quipped knowing full well the ripples this tidbit of information would cause. No one had connected Sunrise Shimmer to Sunset Shimmer, and the fact that she had seemingly dropped out of nowhere had led to a good deal of wild speculation. After all, there was no way this Sunrise pony could possibly be Celestia’s daughter as Princess Celestia had not had any foals in recent history. Few knew anything about Celestia’s ancient history or how old Princess Shimmer was.

“Akkadian?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Arcadia, as Miss Nova calls it.” Celestia offered with a smile for Sweetie. “I’m sure it’s buried in some history book somewhere.”

“Not in my history books.” Sweetie lamented. “I thought I’d be learning about their history, but all I got was endless droning on about goblin wars. History isn’t even taught by a proper instructor.”

“How’s that?” Prince asked.

“Our history teacher is a specter. A real honest to gosh ghost.” Sweetie offered. “The novelty wore off really fast.”

“Now Sweetie, what did I say?”

“But it’s true.”

“I’m afraid Luna was able to confirm it. Her teacher really is a specter.” Celestia offered.

“Now how can she be expected to learn in an environment like that?!” Prince exclaimed while pointedly looking at Rarity.

“Prince.” Lady Duchess scolded. “Sweetie is Lady Rarity’s responsibility, and while we may not approve of the school, it is not our place to question where she sends her foal.”

“Well, I can certainly understand his objection.” Offered Lord Blueblood. He’d been quiet up to that moment, not wishing to get involved. “An adopted Princess along with a young filly who we are to understand is of the noblest bloodline, really should not be trusted to any school outside of Equestria.”

Author's Note:

OK, I decided I'd make Scootaloo's Aunts, her foster parents for this AU. The recent development in season nine simply isn't going to fit, in regards to her canon parents, for this AU. Having had eight and a half seasons where Scootaloo's parents are never once mentioned, and then told they are super cool explorers without ever once dropping any hints as to why it was Dash nine times out of ten who had to fill in for the parents simply doesn't work for me. Before a character is introduced they should have a back story of some kind already worked out. Especially if they are more then a background character we are to see on a regular bases. A person would think that Scootaloo would have mentioned how cool her parents were half a zillion times.

Somebody decided that it was time to give Scootaloo parents, and instead of simply going with the more believable narrative that they simply had to commute to work every morning, and didn't get home till late, they decided to go for the jungle explorer set. I would not be one bit surprised to see a Jungle Explorer set in stores in the near future. Having her 'Aunts' live in Ponyville would also have worked a whole lot better. Granted being that they live in another town it made sense that we never saw them. Scootaloo lives in her parent's house, and her aunts come from where they live every night to take care of her when the parents are away, only to head home in the morning. Which still leaves us with a filly who grew up with little adult supervision. :facehoof:

One idea I'm toying with is the possibility of making Scootaloo's canon parents along with the Aunts and Shimmer all part of a social activist group when they were in school. With things getting out of hoof and forcing every pony to lay low for many years.

I'm labeling this as a part one because there is more, it's just not ready. I wanted to give a taste of what life has been like for her in the palace rather than just having her go, and be back in the next chapter. So far it has taken a little longer than it should, to include some deletions that just weren't working. There's some heavy hinting who daddy is too.

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