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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 28: Free flight

When Nova walked through the portal with family in tow, they didn’t see any guard ponies until they made their way to the main hall. Rainbow Dash, Soarin, and Spitfire were chewing out the entire command. Nova and Scootaloo both had goggles in anticipation of some serious flying. Rose was sitting on Loki’s back, Alya on Alalme’s back, and Goldwine was on Moonie’s back. Nova had even gone so far as to give Moonie the pendant so she’d be able to move about independently.

“What’s going on?” Nova asked as she and the others approached.

“We had a little incident earlier, on my first visit.” Scootaloo offered while Phenik bobbing up and down on her head.

“Princess, I’m so terribly sorry about what happened.” Spitfire offered as she trotted up to them. To Scootaloo’s horror, Spitfire bowed to her. For the assembled Guard force, seeing three young alicorns they knew nothing about was a bit disconcerting, and having General Spitfire actually bow to them was a strong indication that they were not impersonators.

“You don’t need to bow to me,” Scootaloo said quietly.

“Just return the bow, and accept her apology,” Nova advised. “So what happened?”

“I accept your apology.” Scootaloo offered. She was unsettled by what was happening and did as Nova had suggested. Scootaloo was feeling just a bit uncomfortable about being bowed too, and simply wasn’t comfortable being treated like a royal. “I don’t understand though. This morning’s incident happened at Harmony Castle. The only thing this group did was, be difficult.”

“Incident?” Nova asked as Spitfire straitened out.

“The incident at the castle, while inexcusable, was a result of misconceptions, misidentification, misinformation, and a lack of proper training that originated here.” Spitfire offered. “I arrived shortly after you had left. There have been a number of complaints concerning the garrison, and I came to do a full inspection.”

“What happened?” Nova asked, her tone beginning to indicate a level of frustration.

“I was given the run around when I got here. They wouldn't tell me where Twilight or any pony else was, my assigned escorts were way to slow, and when I got to the castle the unicorns wouldn't let me in.”

“I’m to understand that shortly after your teleport, they flattened you,” Spitfire added.

“They what?” Alalme asked.

“And then I introduced them to the ceiling,” Scootaloo informed the others.

“Never thought we’d need IDs in our own home town.” Sweetie Belle said. She was stunned.

“If I’d have stayed with the escort I probably would have been fine. Though to be honest they might still have refused to let me in.” Scootaloo offered. “I can see where the confusion came in, it’s just that those two were barely above Alalme’s stall speed.”

“I see,” Spitfire replied. “So what’s your stall speed?”

“We don’t actually have a stall speed,” Nova informed her. “We kind of picked up Dash’s hover technique.”

“I see,” how about top speed?”

“If you are talking top sustained flight-speed, I don’t rightly know. I know I can reach double rain-boom speeds.” Nova offered. “If you’d like, we can make a dash to Canterlot and back, and you can time us.”

“What about breakfast?” Scootaloo asked. Scootaloo wasn’t going to question Nova and just figured that if Nova said they could do it, they could do it. They were certainly capable of covering a lot of ground over the Forbidden Forest.

“I don’t imagine we are going to do a whole lot of flying after breakfast,” Nova replied.

“Oh right. Granny is probably going to stuff us like a wizard turkey on Thanksgiving.” Scootaloo said with a big smile.

“You can’t be serious?” Spitfire asked giving them an odd look.

“You got radios?” Nova asked.

“What’s this I hear?” Dash asks as she heads over to them.

“These two rookies want to race over to Canterlot and back, and expect me to sit around timing them,” Spitfire informed her. Nor was she being disrespectful in that she was fully aware that Scootaloo preferred being called ‘Rookie’ over ‘Your Highness’. It was just a way to bring her back into her comfort zone.

“Hey, I know we can see Canterlot from Ponyville when the sun reflects off the gold roofs, but that’s a haul for a rookie.” Dash offered.

“So how long does it take you to do it?” Nova asked.

“About an hour, more or less, and that’s hard flying,” Dash informed them. Dash could do it in less but seldom admitted to it.

“Two hours in the air,” Spitfire added.

“What if I told you we can do the round trip in, oh say, about fifteen minutes?” Nova asked with a big smile.

“Dash, get a couple of radios,” Spitfire ordered.

“Mam?” Dash asked. “You can’t be serious, she’s pulling our tails.”

“Well, only one way to find out,” Spitfire stated. “But if I don’t hear the tower complaining about you two in fifteen minutes, you have to turn around, and own up that you can’t do it.”

“I’ll bet you a hundred bits they can do it.” Loki offered. Rose was sitting up looking excited.

“Are you serious?” Spitfire asked in stunned disbelief. “Sure those two can move pretty fast through trees, but that was nowhere near the kind of speed they’d need to accomplish a time like that. - it’s not possible. No pony can maintain that kind of speed outside of a dive.”

“Know what? No way am I going to take that bet because for all I know it’s some sort of alicorn thing.” Dash cautioned. “It’s all I can do to keep up with Princess Celestia when she decides to stretch her wings.”

“I did teleport that far once, but it wiped me out,” Nova admitted. “This is going to be both of us, there, and back. I’m confident Scootaloo has progressed enough that she can do it. And yes, it is an alicorn thing. Sort of. We are boosting our speed with a flight spell. That means we can maintain a constant high rate of speed without having to do a whole lot of wing flapping. How do you think we were able to cut through those trees so fast without ever losing altitude?”

“OK, OK, now I want to see this,” Spitfire replied as a smile dared to show itself on her face.

“Alalme, Loki, Sweetie Belle, Moonie, why don’t you head on over to the farm with the foals,” Scootaloo suggested. “We’ll meet up with you there.”

“I can’t come?” Moonie asked.

Nova nuzzled Moonie. “Sorry, but if you were to buzz the Canterlot tower, they might mistake you for Nightmare Moon.” Nova cautioned.

“But I don’t look anything like the Nightmare?” Moonie protested.

“No, I’m afraid she’s right.” Dash offered. And then in a voice loud enough to be heard by the assembled command added, “Because some ponies can’t seem to tell the difference between ponies they are supposed to protect, and the monsters they are supposed to protect them from.” She gave a pointed look at the guard ponies.

“I’m sorry. You can fly up with us another time.” Nova offered.

“Yes, next time.” Scootaloo offered. “And now, as Trixie would say, it’s time to get this show on the road.”


A few minutes later in the Canterlot tower.

Canterlot Tower, this is Knave one and Scoter requesting a high-speed fly by.

“Blasted foals.” Grumbled Colonel Tower the senior tower control operator on duty. He reached over and pressed his mic. “Negative Knave, the pattern is full.” He let go the mic button and poured himself a cup of coffee. Two ponies go flying by so fast the windows shake like there’d been an explosion, one window cracks, and the operator splashes hot coffee all over himself.

“Sweet Celestia! Who are those hotshots!” He goes back to the mic and pressed the button. “Whoever it was who just did that, I want you in my office!”

No can do we’ve got breakfast waiting in Ponyville. Nova says over the radio.

“Who in Tartarus is that!”

“No idea sir, but they are keeping a tight formation.” One of the other tower controllers say. “Princess Celestia is not going to be happy, they just buzzed the palace. Jeez, look at ‘em climb.”


Princess Celestia is sitting in her breakfast nook with Rarity. Both have spilled tea on themselves. Celestia gets up.

“Going somewhere?” Rarity asked.

“To have a word with the Pegasi Flight Commander,” Celestia growled.


“I bet we just woke up every noble in Canterlot!” Scootaloo shouted as they climbed up to ten thousand horns.

“Freedom, glorious freedom!” Nova shouted as she went into a roll. “Freedom to soar high above the clouds without a care in the world. Nobody up here but us!” The two would arrive at the apple farm before Celestia arrived at Colonel Dynamic’s office. Colonel Tower would arrive at about the same time.


“Well, you heard him tell us to report to his office,” Nova said with a big smile as she set down in the yard outside the farmhouse. “We buzzed Princess Celestia too just for good measure.”

“No way!” Dash exclaimed. “And you're under fifteen minutes round trip.”

“Yeah! That was totally awesome!” Scootaloo shouted as she pulled off her flight helmet and goggles. “Whoo!” She laughs and snatches up Rose into a hug. Nova pulled off her flight helmet, goggles, kissed Loki and thanked him for believing in her. Loki got a shocked look on his face and began to blush madly.

“What about me, I believe in you too?” Alalme asked and was awarded a kiss as well.

“I just know I’m going to catch Tartarus for this.” Spitfire pronounced. An actual smile had formed on her face.

“Well, it’s not like you can’t honestly say we were all at the Apple farm for breakfast.” Loki offered as Applejack came out of the house to greet everyone. Loki now had a contemplative look on his face as a distant memory of a similar occurrence during their banishment with Nightmare Moon and he was only now remembering it. Nova had come to them in their limbo and given them all hope.

“Boy howdy looks like I better tell granny to get more fix-ins ready.” Applejack pronounced. “Scootaloo! Would ja just look at you? You look all grown up,” Applejack said as she gave her a hug. “And who all ‘ave you brung with you? Who’s little cutie is that?”

“This is Rose Myrtle, and she’s mine,” Scootaloo replied with a big smile. She then set Rose down so she could run about, and explore. “Rose, Goldwine, Alya, don’t go too far.”

“Scootaloo, you want to run that by us again?” Dash asked. :rainbowhuh::applejackunsure:

“Did Twilight or Shimmer happen to mention what it was that had caused her to get so sick?” Nova asked. As it was Scootaloo who’d gotten sick, very little had been said to Applejack at the time. They didn’t find out about Rose till sometime later, and there again, very little had been said to Applejack as Scootaloo was Sunset Shimmer’s, aka Sunrise Shimmer’s responsibility. The other’s did share responsibility but weren’t legally responsible in the eyes of the law in that a case of this nature had never come up. The final reason Applejack had never been told was thanks to all the activity surrounding the banishing of Voldemort. The matter had simply dropped off the radar.

“Was it Rumble?” Dash asked. “I’ll kill him.”

“It wasn’t Rumble,” Scootaloo said in protest.

“Yes, we can be sure that this is at least one world where Rumble doesn’t knock up Scootaloo,” Nova added.

“It’s partly my fault.” Sweetie offered, sounding a bit unsure. “We were fiddling around with magic we didn’t understand.”

“And it resulted in a premature egg.” Nova supplied. She had no intention of going into detail if she didn’t have to and just wanted to get this awkward moment over with.

“Does it really matter how it happened?” Scootaloo asked.

“So are you honestly going to stand there and tell me there was no father?” Applejack asked. She knew full well they were holding something back.

“Hey, why’s every pony standing around out here?” Apple Bloom asked. She’d just come out of the house. Her older sister looked at her, her mane and tail matched Rose’s mane and tail.

“Apple Bloom?!” Applejack asked in shocked dismay.

“What?” Apple Bloom asked.

“We were just introducing her to Rose.” Scootaloo supplied on seeing the confused look on Apple Bloom’s face.

“I can explain.” Apple Bloom said dropping her ears and taking a step back. “Sweetie Belle was the one who cast the spell, all I did was provide a drop of blood.”

“I have another niece, and you couldn't be bothered to tell me.” Applejack scolded. She had to take a step back when a very defensive little filly placed herself between the two, to be joined by her nest siblings a moment later.

“Settle Down, that’s no way to treat your Aunt.” Alalme scolded. It was only a mild rebuke, and she’d a big smile on her face.

“How the hay am I going to explain this to Granny?” Applejack asked a moment later.

“What say we eat first, and then try to explain it?” Nova asked.

“Ya, otherwise we might not get anything to eat.” Sweetie Belle predicted.

“She’s going to ask.” Applejack pointed out.

“Then we’ll all say she is ours,” Alalme suggested. “Trying to explain that Apple Bloom and Sweetie are technically the fathers might be a little difficult.”

“Works for me,” Nova replied, and nuzzled her.

“Am I included in this?” Loki asked.

“I think it may be important to make it clear you had nothing to do with bringing Rose into this world,” Nova suggested.

“But I carried her through the portal?” Loki said sounding confused.

“Not what I meant, and if you don’t want your next posting to be at the Royal Mews in London, you’ll make it clear you are not the daddy.” Nova cautioned.

“Understood,” Loki stated, his voice going up two octaves, and his ears flat back.

“Royal Mews?” Applejack asked followed by a rather shocking explanation. One in which did garner a chuckle at Loki’s expense.

Inside they discovered Apple Bloom’s escort, a white and gold unicorn named Bright Star, and a roan earth pony with a black main. If the two had thought they’d just be standing around they had another thing coming. Applejack put the two mares to work, and they had dearly earned the breakfast they were about to receive.


Princess Celestia had been furious, at first, and then her mood shifted to bemusement when she heard the description of the two miscreants. A quick letter to Twilight confirmed that Nova and Scootaloo were planning on visiting the Apple farm. It was a bit of a stretch in her mind, but the complaints were starting to pour into the palace, and there was only one way to find out for sure. The sky chariot was hitched up, and she was off to Ponyville.


Princess Celestia stepped into the home on the Apple Farm just in time to hear the words, “..why in my day fillies didn't go around knocking up other fillies!”

“Princess Celestia?!” Granny exclaimed momentarily after her mind registered the presence of the Princes Regnant. The two Guard ponies jumped to attention, and Apple Jack got up to welcome her in.

“Auntie Tia, I made my own booster seat,” Rose proudly proclaimed. She and the other two foals were presently sitting on little clouds.

“Good for you. - Ladies, as you were, go on, sit down, and finish your breakfast.” Celestia offered, doing her best to smile. At the table were the two guards from the local garrison, Granny, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Rainbow Dash, Soarin, Spitfire, Alalme, Scootaloo, Nova, Sweetie Belle, Loki, Big Mac, Sugar Belle, Mac and Sugar’s daughter Apple Bun, Rose, Alya, Goldwine, and Moonie. Celestia was just sure the table and room had some kind of enchantment as there always seemed to be room no matter how many ponies were present.

“General, what brings you all the way to Ponyville?” Celestia asked Spitfire.

“I’m afraid there have been a number of complaints regarding the present rotation of guards ponies.” Spitfire offered. She had somewhat of a guilty feeling when she asked, “So what brings you all the way to the Apple Farm?”

“Oh, a couple of ponies using unregistered call signs broke a few windows in Canterlot a little over an hour ago,” Celestia informed them. “I was wondering if any pony here might have any idea who it might have been?”

“Your majesty, every pony here has been in the Ponyville area all morning.” One of the guards offered. They’d been cleaning up before breakfast and had completely missed the radio traffic and knew nothing of what had happened prior to breakfast being served.

“Windows?” Scootaloo asked. “I didn’t think...” Her voice trailed off.

“So how many windows did I break this time,” Nova asked dejectedly.

“About two dozen last count. Not to mention poor Prince Blueblood’s shattered nerves.” Princess Celestia informed her.

“Not much of a loss… oh right, the windows.” Rainbow Dash replied. Dash had broken her share of windows.

“I thought we were going to deny everything?” Spitfire asked.

“She came all the way here, I think she figured it out.” Nova offered.

“Indeed I did, now come here, and give me a hug,” Celestia ordered as a smile crossed her lips. Nova got up, went over to Celestia, and gladly accepted the hug. Next thing Nova knew she’d been scooped up with a wing. Rather than fight it, she just folded up her legs and stuck her head out.

“Hey, I want in on that.” Sweetie protested as she got up from the table. A moment later she was snuggled in on the other side.

“Does this mean you’ve become accustomed to thinking of me as your mom?” Celestia asked giving Sweetie a nuzzle.

“When you first did this to me, I was so freaked out.” Sweetie offered in quiet contemplation. “I actually found myself missing it while at Hogwarts.”

“And you?” Celestia asked Nova.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore. Isn’t that good enough?” Nova asked.

“Fair enough.” Celesta offered as Nova pulled her head back in.

“Princess Celestia, care to sit down? There’s still food left.” Granny offered, looking like she was ready to get up.

“Don’t mind if I do. Thank you.” Celestia replied going to one of the now unoccupied chairs. “Now what’s this about fillies knocking up fillies?” she asked as she, Applejack, and the two guards sat back down.

“We were trying to explain Rose to Granny Smith.” Alalme offered as Applejack got Celestia a clean plate, and offered up various goodies.

“Oh, oh dear,” Celestia replied. “Granny, it’s probably not quite what you are thinking. Pegasi lay eggs. Young mares will even lay unfertilized eggs just like a chicken, just not with such alarming regularity. Pegasi and alicorns for that matter are winged creatures, just like birds, and like birds, we lay eggs. - This allows for the foal to continue to form in a protective shell and makes it possible for the mother to go out and forage. Before we became ‘civilized’ a pegasus pony heavy with foal simply wouldn't be able to fly to avoid predators. Laying eggs was nature’s way to preserve pegasi.”

“You do?” Granny asked. “You lay eggs?”

“You should have seen Twilight the first time she dropped an egg.” Dash offered. She couldn't help but laugh at the memory.

“Poor dear wasn’t even married yet, and there she was clucking like a chicken she was so shaken up,” Applejack added with a smile. “We never said anything about it, because it was an unfertilized egg.”

“I had a hard time explaining to her that her transformation included more than just wings. - Unfertilized eggs are typically quietly disposed of,” Celestia explained. “What the Crusaders did was to bring forth one of Scootaloo’s eggs prematurely, and somehow succeeded in fertilizing it without the need for a stallion. - it will be a boon for our medical ponies if they can figure out how to duplicate the process without the risk involved.”

“Oh, I see,” Granny said sounding contemplative, but her tone quickly turned back to scolding. “Still should have told me.”

“The humans took her egg from her because they didn’t understand,” Nova explained. “They’d gotten it into their heads the CMC had stolen it from the local pegasi.”

“When she got Rose back, afraid we were all preoccupied with the Leach Wraith that had infiltrated the school.” Celestia offered.

“I remember,” Granny replied. “I think I can see how it could have slipped every pony’s mind. I was dead set on pulling Apple Bloom out of that school, and never would have let her go back if you hadn’t agreed to let Sweetie go back.”

Celestia let out a sigh. “If Nova hadn’t been there, I’d have gladly cut ties with that place.”

“Could you have done it knowing there were little ones in need?” Alalme asked. Her ears perked up, and she smiled. “I hear purring.”

“Purring?” Applejack asked.

“Nova,” Celestia replied as a big grin formed on her face. “Fox ponies purr just like kitties. They’ve both snuggled in for a nap.” This news resulted in Goldwine launching himself into the air. He flew up, landed on Celestia’s back, and burrowed into where Nova was. A moment later Alya and Rose were up on Celestia’s back. Celestia just beamed as the two attempted to burrow under the same wing. When Rose realized there wasn't going to be enough room she decided to join Sweetie Belle.

Granny was shocked at first. That Princess Celestia would allow it, but that look of pure bliss on the Princess’ face was all the argument needed. Celestia was loving every moment of the attention she was getting. “So, um, just how many foals can you get in there I wonder?” Granny asked with a big smile.

“No idea, but it’d be fun to find out,” Celestia admitted with a silly grin on her face. “I’m afraid most foals are too intimidated to even think of doing such a thing.”

“They are accustomed to snuggling with the avatar of yourself that you provided to Nova.” Scootaloo offered with a smile. “They’re not likely to be intimidated by you short of ponies putting ideas in their heads.”

“Then that has proven a double blessing for me for it has been a joy often denied to me.”

For the two guards at the table, seeing their princess like this was proving to be quite the eye-opener.

Author's Note:

I've had so many downers in this thing I just had to end this chapter with some cuteness. :twilightsmile:

Just to remind everyone, or to let you know if you missed it, Rarity is Married to Princess Celestia in this AU.

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