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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 23: First day back in London

They all filed out of the train, one at a time, with Scootaloo picking up Rose prior to stepping down onto the platform and holding her so her face could face Scootaloo’s body if Rose got to feeling bashful. The presence of reporters and wizards with cameras was not helpful. Unexpected as well, and they’d some interesting questions for Princess Luna. Nova had her suspicions that Luna had expected something as many of the reporters seemed to think she was now in charge of the government. After all, why have the entire detail escort them out of the station? The reporters were probably more surprised by a security detail that seemed to know exactly how to deal with reporters.

“All right buck off, the lot of you!” Shimmer yelled as she pushed through the crowd. She turned to face several of the reporters. “If you all don’t shut it right now the muggles are going to hear. I swear you lot are just as bad. All pressing in here and asking a whole bunch of silly questions, and all at the same time! Knock it off!”

“I’m not in charge of any part of the British government, muggle or wizard,” Luna stated. “I have a cordial relationship with Beatrice Lula Moon, and believe me when I say that she will do whatever she wants with little regard to what I want. She may not be the Minister you want, but she is definitely the minister you deserve. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to make our way out of here.” Luna had deliberately made it sound like Beatrice was actually part of the Moon family.

One by one the press turned and wandered off into the crowd, each having gotten some idea into their heads.

“Your nose is bleeding,” Hermione said to Nova as she offered a handkerchief.

“It’s not magic,” Nova said in defense of what she’d just done. Luna was giving her a dirty look.

“I managed to get a trolley for Harry, Ron, and Hermione if they don’t mind stacking their trunks.” Apple Bloom offered having finally made it through the crowd. “Any chance we can fit Neville’s up there too?” As for Harry's broom, he had thought it best to leave it at school where it'd be safe till next year.

“Not detectable magic is what you mean, and don’t be doing that sort of thing.” Luna scolded Nova. “And right off hand, I’d say we are going to need another trolley. You can’t be stacking four trunks, and an owl cage on one cart.”

“We should hurry, it looks like people have already queued up to get out of here.” Ron offered.

“What about your parents?” Luna asked Hermione Ron and Neville as they made their way through the concourse.

“My Gran should be here somewhere.” Neville offered.

“My parents will be waiting out in front under the overhang most likely.” Hermione offered.

“I think I hear my mum, chewing out Fred and George.” Ron offered.

“Well then, lead the way,” Luna suggested. A short time later they were face to face with the rest of the Weasley family. Nova took one look at Ginny, rushed to her, and embraced her in a tight hug.

“Um… do I know you?” Ginny asked sounding alarmed and confused.

“I’m so sorry,” Nova replied as she quickly let the girl go. “It’s just that you look so much like a dear friend of mine I’ll not likely ever see again.” Nova gave her a weak smile. “I kind of forgot for a moment.”

“Then let me.” Molly offered and gave Nova a hug. “Princess Nova Moon I'm to assume. You are her, aren’t you? You look just like the girl in the old photos. It’s all true isn't it?”

“I am.” Nova offered. “Though I hesitate regarding what’s true, and what isn’t.”

“Arthur’s gran used to tell me I had to pass on a message from Maggie to Princess Nova Moon should I ever happen to meet her.” Molly offered. “She wanted you to know she loved you very much and cherished every moment she had with you.”

“Leaving her behind was so hard, and I guess she figured out the truth, even after I’d tried to tell her I was simply going to live with my own people. Is she still around?” Nova inquired as she returned the hug. She backed off a moment later, her emotions showing as the tears freely flowed. She pulled out a silk scarf to wipe her eyes.

"Unfortunately I can't say what became of her as we lost touch many years ago." Molly Weasley offered. "All I know is she got married and left England. Owls just seem to know where to go so I've no addresses." She offered with a smile. "So, who do you have with you?"

“I’d like you to meet my muma, Princess Luna, and my kin and cousins, Louise Magnus – Scootaloo to her friends, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle. The little one is Rose Myrtle.”

“Oh, she is such a precious little darling.” Molly proclaimed, followed by Rose pressing her face against Scootaloo to avoid getting her cheeks pinched.

“And this is my mother, Sunset Shimmer.” Louise offered, indicating Shimmer.

“And such interesting names.” Arthur offered only to get elbowed in the ribs by Molly.

“People from Eques tend to have interesting names.” Hermione offered.

“Oh, this is Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Harry I’m sure you know Harry,” Nova added.

“And these people who are with you?” Arthur asked as he looked over the security detail.

“Our shadows.” Luna offered with a smile.

“But with those outfits, the muggles will notice you,” Molly said sounding concerned.

“I’m a princess.” Nova offered. “I’m supposed to be noticed.”

“It’s a rather interesting drill.” Luna offered. “The typical muggle will want nothing to do with someone dressed like that, and yet they’ll be terribly fascinated by the person or persons being escorted.”

“I see,” Arthur replied. “Arthur Weasley, my wife Molly, and I see you’ve already met my son Ronald.”

“Ronald,” Sweetie said with a smirk.

“Associating with the riffraff is it Weasley?” Sneered the voice of a grown man, who sounded remarkably like an older version of Draco before he started growing up. Lucius Malfoy had no idea who they were, therefore they were inconsequential. Funny how some people's minds work.

“Um, father...” Draco attempted to caution.

“And you would be?” Luna asked sounding just a bit affronted.

“Draco’s father and I see he’s as magnificent as rumors say.” Nova drolled with a wink to Draco. “Oh, and Draco, don’t forget to write, and let us know how you are doing.”

“He’ll be doing no such thing.” Lucius Malfoy snapped. “Draco will not be associating with anyone I don’t approve of. Now move aside.” Mr Malfoy actually took a step back as the Shadowbolts stepped in.

“Perhaps you’d best be using the space not otherwise presently occupied, Sir.” Captain Hoofstrong offered in a cordial enough manner. His body language signaling I don’t need magic to buck you up. He even went so far as to flex his biceps, and pop a button. The button hitting Mr Malfoy right between the eyes.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Lucius Malfoy had met someone who scared him more than Tom Riddle. He backed off, and hurried Draco around the group, to be followed by a woman, presumably Draco’s mother. She gave an apologetic look and hurried after Lucius.

“Well, that was rather entertaining.” Arthur offered with a smirk on his face. The twins stood with mouths agape.

“Come on, let's get in the queue to get out of here.” Shimmer offered.

Now the thing was, the wizards didn't want everyone streaming out at the same time lest the muggles notice. The procedure was to have a lookout let them know when groups of people would be going by, at which time a few of the people on platform 9 and ¾ would slip out. Unfortunately, it was a procedure that took a considerable amount of time. A time that was spent talking mostly.

“Yes, I took up the position that had been left open when Quirrel offscounded with the stone.” Luna offered. She’d intentionally made sure everyone in hearing distance heard her say Quirrel offscounded with the stone, and they’d likely figure out which stone. Harry smiled knowing full well what had really happened and suspected Princess Luna was intentionally setting rumors loose. “I did my best to make up for the damage that had been done to the education of the students, but I’m afraid that nearly everyone is quite a bit behind from where the education department says they should be.”

“I’m not behind am I?” Hermione asked with a mild touch of panic.

“No dear, you are ahead of just about everyone in your year. Notwithstanding Nova who by rights should have been put in fourth-year. I swear I just don’t understand what Dumbledore was thinking? Needs to take the tests my plot, all they needed to do was evaluate her, and place her accordingly.”

“Well if it’d been up to me, she’d have been in third-year. Between you and me I think he was just making up excuses to put her off.” McGonagall offered having joined the group. “Now no promises, but Nova and Louise did well enough that I’ve recommended they be given a proper evaluation, and allowed to move up, at least to third year, if not forth.”

“Seriously?” Apple Bloom asked.

“You know all that sitting around she did after she fell off her broom?” Nova offered with a wink.

“Grilled me day and night, she did, and made sure I was up on my mathematics, literature, and writing.” Scootaloo offered. “You two didn’t get the full treatment, because you were able to escape.”

“Oh right, all that sitting you did.” Sweetie Belle confirmed.

“And having Miss Nova around was good for all of you.” McGonagall offered. “All your grades went up.” “Mathematics, literature, and writing?”

“I wasn’t aware I was that big of an influence.” Nova offered. “And there is hardly any mathematics at Hogwarts.”

“Mathematics, logic, and proper sentence structure are crucial to being able to do the more complicated forms of magic.” Luna offered. “I really can’t understand why it’s not part of the curriculum, and the history really should include what the rest of the world has been up as well. Turning a blind eye to what the muggles have been up to is a recipe for disaster.”

“Well, the improved performance of the Gryffindor first-years is the result of putting a third-year in with first years.” McGonagall offered as she quietly thought about what Princess Luna had just said. Classes in reading, writing, and arithmetic had been dropped from the school's curriculum sometime in the past as unnecessary. Logic was simply a part of transfigurations and charms. “And Louise, for someone your age, you had a very rocky start.” She gave Louise a guilty smile. “Granted that a good deal was misunderstandings. No hard feeling I hope?” Both Raritys had had more than a few choice words concerning the cutie marks following the end of term feast. Both had cutie marks, even though one wasn't actually from Eques.

“No hard feelings, and you’ll never know how glad I am that Nova joined us,” Scootaloo replied with a smile. “And I was a late bloomer. A lot of the first year stuff is usually taught at a much younger age back home.”

“I imagine I’ve an idea how grateful. Considering the damage we nearly did.” McGonagall replied, and gave Rose a pat on the head. “And you learn magic at a younger age back home?”

“Next group.” came the call.

“Finally,” Scootaloo said as they started forward. “Yes, most who have an aptitude for magic start when they are four or five.”

“That group will need to split up.” The wizard at the archway ordered.

“You go first.” Molly offered. “I image once you get going no one is going to pay much attention to the rest of us.”

“Fair enough.” Luna offered. “And my sister Twilight started using magic when she was four.” Luna had found that just saying sister was a lot easier than explaining how she was married to another woman and had a husband that they shared. McGonagall just smiled. “See you on the other side.”

“Should I stay with the Weasleys?” Harry asked.

“No, I want to make sure you have a home to go to.” Luna offered.

“What?” Molly asked taken back by the statement.

“His relatives might not show up to pick him up.” Luna offered.

“Go now, or you’ll have to wait.”

“Let's go.” Scootaloo prompted, and started moving forward. This prompted the rest of the Moon party to move forward. Hermione hung back with Ron.

“A bit anxious to go?” Sweetie asked as they passed through the archway out into the strip between platforms nine and ten.

“Rose is asleep, and it’s like holding a sack of potatoes.” Scootaloo offered.

“Here, I’ll hold her for a bit.” Apple bloom offered. Scootaloo hesitated a moment, and then they carefully transferred Rose. “Light as a feather, and it looks like she drooled all over your blouse.”

“Figures. You try holding that feather for an hour or more.” Scootaloo offered as she shook out her arms to get the circulation going, and wish she dared use a spell to clean herself up. "Nova, can I borrow your hankie?"

"Ya, sure." Nova offered and attempted to wipe her up.

"Come on you two," Luna whispered. "Nova just give her your jacket, you're driving the stallions nuts."

"All right then," Nova said, and took off her jacket. It was tight on Nova and an extremely tight fit on Scootaloo's chest.

"It doesn't fit." Scootaloo protested.

"It fit the last time you tried it on?" Nova replied. The gravity-defying fact of the situation hadn't quite clicked for the two.

"That was last winter." Apple bloom reminded. "Everyone's gotten a little bigger since."

"Ya, that's more than a little." Sweetie offered. "Come on, lets go."

They continued on out through the front doors where Nova stopped to look up at an overhang that had been added along with a bunch of shops. By the looks of it it’d been added shortly after she’d been there last.

“Something wrong?” Luna asked.

“Who’s idea was this overhang and all this? I can’t hardly see the street.” Nova asked. There was also a parcel post office, a diminutive police station, a pharmacy, and a coffee shop that hadn’t been there. “Who puts a mini-mall in front of a railway station?”

“Must be rough knowing what the place looked like when it was brand new,” Harry commented. “Let's see if my Uncle is here. He’ll likely be parked by the Saint Pancras.” Harry made his way for the street, and the first person they saw was a car that’d been sent from the Horseguard Hotel driven by a man named McGuffey. It was a small car that could seat five people tops counting the driver. They had thirteen people counting Shimmer, plus a baby. He’d had a sign that read Luna Moon.

“I’m so terribly sorry.” The driver said apologetically. “It seems they were expecting a retired couple.”

“I see my uncle.” Harry offered.

“I hope there isn’t going to be a problem? Why don’t you make a call, and we’re going to see this young man off.” Luna offered. Shimmer decided she’d best stay with the driver.

The Dursley’s had been sitting in their car, watching and waiting, and when Harry came walking over accompanied by four girls, an adult woman, a baby, and seven suits they immediately assumed the worst. Why they were there, they couldn’t rightly say as they all detested Harry very much.

“Whatever he has done I assure you he will be punished severely.” Vernon Dursley said as he hurriedly got out of his car.

“What have you done this time, Potter?” Said a rather fat boy sitting in the car.

“He’s certainly done nothing to be punished for.” Luna corrected sharply. “Though if you so dislike him as to assume the worst at the drop of a hat, I’d gladly take him off your hands.”

Vernon flinched noticeably and began to twitch. Uncle Vernon would like nothing better than to be rid of the boy, but just couldn't get himself to say it. At this point, Aunt Petunia got out of the car and announced that they loved Harry very much and would never dream of abandoning him to a stranger. She didn’t sound very convincing. In fact, her words sounded rather forced, almost as though she’d been compelled to say it.

“Somehow I thought you’d say as much.” Luna offered as she studied the Dursleys.

“Princess Luna, I am so sorry about the mix-up.” Their driver said rushing over to them accompanied by Shimmer. “There’s going to be a bit of a delay getting a proper motorcade. However, and I hesitate, but I could escort you on foot via the tube to Charing Cross station, and from there it’d only be a short distance to White Hall. That is if you don’t mind the extra adventure.” Of course, he meant White Hall Court, but for the Dursleys hearing ‘Princess’ and ‘White Hall’ was nearly enough to cause an aneurysm. "I'm aware this is all highly irregular, but it seems he is our best option at the moment."

"My idea." Shimmer offered. "Beats sitting here waiting for someone to get their act together."

“Princess?!” Vernon squeaked out.

“This is Princess Luna, Princess Nova, Miss Belle, Miss Bloom, Miss Louise, and Mrs Magnus.” Harry offered. “And the suits are their personal escort.”

“You don’t really want to be here do you,” Luna said softly as she looked Vernon in the eye. “And yet here you are, sitting here waiting for a boy you got saddled with, and you can’t for the life of you figure out why. It’s like it’s some kind of compulsion. Oh, you were perfectly happy to dump him off at the station last year.”

“I did come back,” Vernon said defending himself. “Just in case.”

“Did you now,” Luna replied sounding oddly delighted.

“I know perfectly well that place exists.” Petunia stated flatly. “We swore we’d make sure Harry knew nothing of that school. If he couldn't find his way to the train it wouldn't have been our fault.”

“Trying to keep Harry from his special talent is a bit like locking a bird in a cage, and trying to keep it from flying.” Luna chastised. “No, but I suspect there is far more going on here. You were envious of your sister, were you not? Even resentful. Don’t deny it. And deep down you don’t want Harry to suffer the same fate.”

“Well, no, I don’t. Why would I?” Petunia admitted tersely.

“Well, then I suppose Harry will be well enough in your hands for the time being.” Luna offered with a smile. She turned to Harry and gave him a hug. “Take care Harry, and be sure to write.”

“I will.” Harry offered and received hugs from the girls.

“And now, good sir, it seems we’ve a tube waiting on us,” Luna said turning to the driver. “So, um, what exactly is a tube?”

“It’s the underground railway.” Harry offered as his trunk, and Hedwig’s cage was being loaded.

“How can someone not know what the Tube is?” Dudley derided. He’d been eyeballing Harry’s seemingly new tweed jacket.

“I imagine they don’t have an underground where they’re from.” Harry offered.

“Might not be a bad idea to put some in though.” Luna offered. “Led on McGuff, led on.”

“It’s McGuffey.” he corrected kindly enough and proceeded to direct them into King’s Cross station. “By any chance is there any other luggage?”

“It’ll be sent by courier.” Shimmer offered.

“Oh, you haven't left yet.” Mr Weasley said as he, his family, and the Grangers approached.

“Just going on a little adventure.” Luna offered. “We are going to ride the tube.”

“Sounds splendid.” Mr Weasley offered as the Moon party continued on down into the subway, and was heard to ask, “Whatever is a tube?”


Poor Mr McGuffy found himself having to swipe his own transit card for each member of the party to get them through the gates, and no one seemed to be carrying any spendable money. All they seemed to have on them was foreign currency of some sort. Gold, with the exception of Mrs Magnus who at least had a credit card though she hadn’t a clue about the train, and it just seemed easier to pay for them all. Especially being he didn’t want any of the more unscrupulous people seeing all that gold being flashed about.

“It’s alright, we’ll just pop on over to our bank just as soon as we get settled.” Nova offered, as they waited. Fortunately, they’d not long to wait and were soon on their way. A short time later they deboarded the train at a station of enormous proportions.

“Wouldn't surprise me in the least if all of Hogwarts could fit in here.” Sweetie Belle commented as they made their way for the exit, and a short time later they found themselves at the intersection of Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall Place, and Embankment Place, the latter being a small shopping arcade under the elevated lines. From there it was indeed a fairly short walk to Whitehall court. Before them was a grand building in the ornate Victorian style, and yet the entrance looked as though they were entering through the back door. This despite the lavish red flower boxes bordering the entry, the doormen, or the richly stained wood doors with large windows. Inside they were delighted to see a wonderful array of earth tones, gold, dark mahogany, and red velvet upholstery. It even reminded the girls of the Gryffindor common room, only much nicer.

The desk clerk looked on with a mild state of panic on their face.

“The Moon party,” McGuffey announced as he approached the front desk. “I trust you’ve remedied that little issue we discussed.” Meanwhile, Rose had woken up and was beginning to get fussy.

“I thought you were joking!” Hissed the receptionist. “There’s only the one modest room.”

“Well, then that will have to do until you can straighten things out.” Luna offered. Rose announced that she needed to go potty wasn’t helping.

“Mommy?” Rose added plaintively.

“Give her here,” Scootaloo said, followed by Apple Bloom passing her over.

“If the Princesses could possibly check in to their room?” Hoofstrong suggested. “The rest of us can wait until some accommodation is provided. Granted that all they really needed was a place to set Nova’s luggage down where they could discreetly slip into it.

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to go fetch my car.” Mr McGuffey offered.

“Thank you so much for all the extras you did for us.” Nova said going up to him and handing him a small gold bar from Equestria.

“Oh I couldn't take this.” he protested.

“So far as I’m concerned you’ve earned it, and I dare say you’ll be lucky to get a fraction of the value.” Nova countered. He smiled, took the bar, and thanked her.

“Ladies, I shall return shortly, till now I leave you in the capable hands of the desk clerk, Mr Morgan.” McGuffey tipped his hat and was out the door a moment later. Mr Morgan called a bellhop a moment later who escorted them to the room.

“Yes, thank you, this will do.” Luna offered as Nova was setting down a trunk on its end in the small closet.

“Will there be more luggage on its way?” the bellhop asked as he looked at the trunk wondering where it came from.

“Yes, do please let us know when it arrives?” Shimmer offered, as everyone filed into the small room. “Princess Luna, aren’t we supposed to be on an official state visit?” She asked.

“Officially unofficial.” Luna offered. “After all, our country doesn’t officially exist.”

“I’ll um, I’ll just go see if they can come up with any more rooms.” the bellhop offered and retreated in the direction they’d come. The ponies, all filled in, Nova opened up the trunk, and everyone climbed in.

“Listen, I’m going to make a phone call, and have some luggage delivered.” Sunset offered as she emerged moments later. “Can’t have this many people, and no visible luggage. - Hang on, someone is at the door.” She closed up the trunk and went to open the door. This time the bellhop had returned with the manager.

“I’m so terribly sorry, everyone just stepped out for a moment. I’m Mrs Magnus, Princess Luna’s private secretary. By any chance are you the manager and were about to tell me you’d found some more rooms for all our people?”

“Yes, I’m the manager. State visit?”

“Some of us are to meet with a Mr Robin Butler tomorrow.” Shimmer offered. “The others will be seeing the sights. - Listen, I’ve a credit card if it’s a matter of a damage deposit?”

“I’m going to get over to my banker.” Nova offered as she exited the bathroom now dressed in some of Scootaloo's more casual clothing. Shimmer just gave her that look that said, I see what you did there. A short time later Nova and Luna were stepping out of the fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron.

“This place hasn’t changed one bit.” Nova offered as they walked away from the fireplace.

“Did you just seriously teleport us into the floo network?” Luna asked. The fact that they were presently dressed like muggles had gathered every eye.

“It’s just another form of teleportation. Not that hard to splice into.” Nova offered. “Come on, they are expecting us at Gringotts. Oh dear.” Nova stopped short on spotting Hagrid sitting at a booth drowning his sorrows. At least trying to. Due to his size it was nigh on impossible for him to drink enough beer to actually get drunk short of downing pony kegs like they were mugs along with bottles of fire water like they were shots. Possibly why giants tended to be so grumpy, being it was so difficult for them to actually get drunk.

“Hagrid, are you alright?” Nova asked momentarily on approaching the table.

“Gone, they’re all gone.” Hagrid lamented. There was a copy of the Daily Prophet in front of him detailing the eradication of the acromantula colony plastered all over the front page. Center front page was a picture of a very large pile of smoldering spiders. The creatures being semi-sentient had attempted to ball up to protect their leaders. “Aragog wouldn't hurt nobody.”

“Hagrid?” Luna asked kindly.

“Seems like only yesterday e’ was jus a pup.” Hagrid bemoaned.

“Come on, he’s oblivious,” Nova said with an air of resignation.

“All them years scuttle’n bout the forest by himself, e’ was so happy when I brought him a friend.”

“You brought him a friend?” Nova asked stopping dead in her tracks. “You were the one who introduced those monsters to the forest?”

“Now see here, Aragog wouldn't o’ hurt no one.”

“They whipped out an entire town in the forest, and it was their attacks on Muggle farms that forced the muggles into action,” Nova said as her anger boiled. To her pegasi were equal to wizards, better even -any day of the week. Never mind that she herself had wanted the creatures exterminated simply for destroying the Silver wood community and glen. The muggle authorities might never have known of the existence of the acromantulas if they hadn’t been preying on muggle farms. “There is evidence those things were going after people! How many lives are you responsible for? Well, Hagrid? How many? I wouldn't be one bit surprised if your body count surpasses Lord Voldemort!” Nova had yet to see the article, and it was just as well she hadn’t or she’d have fried Hagrid on the spot.

The bar was dead silence.

Nova didn’t say another word, turned, and headed for the back ally, and was shortly followed by a stunned Luna.

“And here we was thinking you were upset about all the people.” a patron said as he approached.

“It’s not true, what she said. I’d have known.” He swallowed hard. “I’d have known if there had been anyone liv’n out there.” Hagrid protested. He had yet to open the article. Rita Skeeter had done what no one else dared to do, she’d gone into the blast zone to take pictures. The man who’d approached Hagrid slowly opened the paper to reveal picture after picture of horror. Within the remains of charred cocoons, victims could clearly be seen to be human forms along with a variety of many creatures. There were also stone works of lavish gardens that had been there, and even structures could be made out in the branches of the charred remains of the once magnificent trees. All having been partially preserved by the very webs that had held them. Rita was calling it the home of the high elves. She’d initially gone there hoping to prove there’d been nothing there, and that the muggles were simply crazy. What she’d found had rocked her to the core. Hagrid could not deny the evidence of his own eyes.

Nova stood in the back alley, willing herself to calm down.

“You, um, going to be alright?” Luna asked cautiously. She’d never seen Nova so angry.

“I just need a moment,” Nova said softly. “Probably just as well I’m not Aunt Tia. Even so, bad things can happen when I lose it."

“I think I’m still trying to comprehend it.” Luna offered. “You’ve more of a personal stake in this then I do as well.”

“I can at least console myself in that many of the ponies of the Silver wood did at least escape.” Nova offered, took a moment more, reached out, and tapped the keystone that would cause the arch to open up. Nova looked out over Diagon Alley. Little had changed in her absence.

“Hang on,” Nova said as she made a sharp turn mid alley. She’d made right for Ollivander’s wand shop. Moments later the sound of a small bell could be heard tinkling as Nova opened the door. She smiled. Here was a place of permanence, a place that was undeniably familiar.

“Good afternoon, and how may we be of service to you? Ah, Princess Luna. A fine afternoon, and how may we be of service to you?”

Nova looked him over for a moment. “Is Harold available?”

“Harold?” Garrick Ollivander asked. “Harold, you’ve a young lady asking for you,” he called. He sounded just a bit annoyed. A moment later a rather mature Harold Ollivander emerged from the back.

“A young lady you say?” He looked at her but wasn’t quite sure what to think as he’d not yet recognized her.

“Yes, I’d like you to check my wand for me. Afraid I’ve been abusing it.” Nova offered.

Harold looked at the senior Ollivander who just gave him a withering look as Nova produced her wand and offered it up to him. He gingerly took hold of the wand and began to inspect it while doing his best to ignore the now beaming girl. Luna looked on, not sure if she should be happy that Nova could bounce back so easily, or be concerned? Nova was undeniably up to something and seemed to know who this man was.

“Blackthorn… seems to be in excellent shape… ?! - It’s been a long time since I had a wand blow up on a customer.” Harold offered in a deadpan tone while giving his father a sideways glance. “Father, I’m afraid I’m at a bit of a loss here, this girl seems to have a wand with a triple core.” He handed the wand over to Garrick Ollivander who took hold of it with a look of annoyance. He’d only held it a moment when his eyes widened.

“Princess Luna, might I make a personal inquiry?” Mr Ollivander requested.

“You may if it’s not too personal,” Luna replied doing her best to hold back a smile.

“By any chance are you related to a Miss Nova Moon?”

“She’s my daughter.”

“Oh, your daughter is named Nova Moon. No, but the Nova Moon I’m thinking of would surely be old enough to be your mother, grandmother even.”

Nova started laughing as she couldn't keep it in any longer. “No way am I that old!” She exclaimed a moment later and proceeded to laugh some more while placing a hand over her mouth.

“You always were the most surprising girl.” Harold offered as he looked at Nova, a smile now on his face. “Thought I wouldn't recognize you, was it.” The fact that she hadn’t seemed to age wasn’t really bothering him.

“You didn’t.” Nova offered. “Not that I can blame you. You recognized my wand fast enough.”

“That’s because to the best of my knowledge, in all the world, there is none other like it.” Harold offered.

“And I’ve still the scars from when we first met,” Nova said with a smile.

“Surely not?” Harold protested.

“Scars?” Luna asked.

“Just a slight reddening from a dogwood wand that blew up in my hand.” Nova offered, showing her hand. “It’s only been, what, about a year and a half?” Nova asked herself as she attempted to calculate the actual amount of subjective time. “Nineteen months at most, or thereabouts if I’m not horribly mistaken. I went through a time warp. A portal from the past to the present.” She added quickly while addressing Garrick.

“Let me see your hand,” Luna ordered, followed by Nova letting her take up her hand and inspect it. “I see. It’s a little bit of magical residue. Should clear up eventually. Does it bother you?”

“Not really, no.” Nova offered. “Maybe a bit when I have to do long-winded reports by hand.”

“Pity I can’t go back in time, and have a word with some of your teachers,” Luna replied. Nova had told Luna all of her adventures, trials, and tribulations.

“I remember my father working on this wand. It was his crowning achievement.” Garrick offered. Even Luna’s wand contained but a single strand of her own hair. “It was her mixed heritage that required three strands. It was so the magic could be harmonized.”

“I’ve found that it’ll work no better than an ordinary wand in the hands of anyone else.” Nova offered.

“Well the wand does choose the owner, and in your case, and all Equestrians, the wand is as much a part of you as the horn upon your head.”

“Wait, you can see that?” Luna asked sounding stunned.

“After years of working with wands, I can see the auras of enchanted things, and beings.” Garrick offered. “I knew you were a powerful being the moment you walked into my shop.”

“That being able to see auras is kind of annoying, isn’t it?” Nova offered.

“One gets accustomed to it.” Garrick offered. “Can you see the auras?”

“Yes, I can,” Nova admitted. “Been able to see auras since I was six. I got used to it. Bout the same time I started using magic.”

“Well, you’ve done a fine job of taking care of your wand.” Garrick offered as he handed the wand back.

“Just out of curiosity, what does my aura look like,” Nova asked as she took her wand and put it away.

“Yours is a very beautiful aura.” Harold offered. “You both have beautiful auras, almost blinding. And yes, I can see the auras. Been able to from the day you saved my life. Princess Luna’s is very equine. Yours is fluid, hard to pin down, almost vulpine.”

“I don’t see my own aura,” Nova confessed. “And they don’t really reflect in mirrors either. Mirrors reflect light, but not auras. I imagine that we aren’t perceiving auras with our eyes.”

“An astute observation.” Garrick offered. “Comes in quite handy when a sneak thief comes in here using some kind of invisibility charm. The eyes may be fooled, but that extra sense that senses the aura is not. Why just the other day I had a rather distinguished visitor trying to sneak a new wand. I must say he hadn't expected me to be able to see him.” He gave a wink.

“Might explain why certain members of my guard force are so good.” Luna mused wondering who it was who'd tried to sneak a wand. “Well it’s been nice chatting, but we really must be going.”

“Harold was in school with me in nineteen oh three.” Nova offered. “Different school year, but that didn’t stop us from being friends. We were both on the Quidditch team together.”

“Ah, so that’s the real reason you wanted to come here when we need to get to the bank.” Luna surmised. “You wanted to look up an old friend. Not that I can blame you. Now we really must be going.”

“Just one thing more.” Nova requested. “Harold, whatever became of Maggie?”

“Maggie? Maggie moved to America during the first wizard war. Last I heard she’d moved to some town called Canterlot.”

“Canterlot?!” Nova exclaimed and turned to Luna. “Muma?!”

“I’ll make inquiries, now come on, we need to get going.” Luna offered in a scolding but reassuring tone. Nova was nearly bouncing, and they were off to Gringotts a short time later.


“We thought you’d come looking for muggle money sooner or later,” Griphook said sounding almost delighted. “How you’ve gone so long considering where you set up a residence… well, I guess that’s a perk of being a princess. You have people to manage those sorts of things.”

“Something tells me you are going to make a lot of money off of us.” Nova drolled.

“Oh, you wound me to the heart.” Griphook protested. Though to be true he was far more personable with the ponies, and they with them for that matter. After all, they weren’t human. The very notion that ponies had put one over on the humans was a means to endless mirth for the goblins. “And yes, we will be making money. Every time you use your bank card we will be making money. Muggle banks are so devilishly clever when it comes to making money.”

Nova quietly chuckled as he laid out a couple of billfolds.

“Now what we have for you...” He continued as he opened up the billfolds. “We’ve set up discretionary accounts for you in the Bank of England, to include a Coutts account. Each billfold has a Coutts World silk Card, an identification stating Eques as country of origin, a passport supplied by your own people to UK specifications with a letter from Princess Celestia requesting you be allowed in the country as her representatives, a working and holiday visa for Princess Luna, a student visa for Nova, and one hundred pounds each British sterling in paper currency. Miss Bon Bon proved a most capable mare in gathering up everything you’d need.”

“Is a hundred pounds a lot of money?” Nova asked.

“Not really.” Griphook offered. “Use the card for most of your purchases, and if you need more cash, you can go into any Bank of England office, or come directly to us to get more. Oh, and don’t be tossing gold around like it’s loose change.” He cautioned. “In fact, don’t let anyone know you’ve gold on you. Not if you don’t want problems.”

“What kind of budget should I hold myself too?” Nova asked.

“Try not to spend more than a million pounds British sterling per month, and you’ll be fine.” Griphook offered. “Not that it’ll put much of a dent in your primary account, it’ll just cause too many people to start scrutinizing you, and possibly try to figure out where the money is coming from.”

“Thank you very much,” Luna said as she accepted her billfold. “Should the picture in the ID be moving?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll freeze any time you are among muggles.” Griphook offered. “We’ve set some enchantments on them to prevent theft.”


When Luna and Nova returned to the hotel they were confronted with police. The hotel had gotten it into their heads they were working some kind of scam on them. The fact that no one had any local identification didn’t help. Scootaloo, Sweetie, and Apple Bloom had Canterlot palace identification, and the Shadowbolts had similar, only theirs were military. They were all foreign ID from a kingdom no one had ever heard of, and as far as the police were concerned it was all some kind of hoax, and not a one had a proper visa or passport. Not even Shimmer who should have known better, but then again, she’d been an undocumented alien when she had attended Canterlot High.

“Is this how you people treat state visitors?” Luna protested as she handed over her identification, passport, and credit card. She didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to hand her credit card over to the police, and just simply did so as it was just another form of identification to her. Just one she could use to make purchases up to a million pounds British sterling per month allegedly without raising suspicions. In truth, the card had no limit and signaled to merchants that she had an account with at least a million pounds in it. One look at the credit card caused the manager to faint. A few moments later someone from the Ministry arrived having been called by Shimmer on her phone. Shimmer had been provided with emergency numbers, just in case. A short time later they’d been moved to a sizable duplex also located in the building having two floors and three bedrooms. Downside, it looked out at the old War Office which was in much need of repair. Upside, it was a private duplex, and no one was going to ask about who all was actually sleeping in it. Nova decided to set her suitcase to mimic the closet door in the reception slash dining room, and the Shadowbolts took the bedrooms and sofa. Any surprise guest would find only seasoned warriors. Meanwhile, Nova’s balcony had chosen to open out between two apartments in the true front of the complex, looking out over the river.

“So anyone wants to do anything?” Alalme asked once every pony had settled down.

“Not really,” Nova replied. “It’s been a long day. Maybe a late dinner, and call it a day?”

“Ya, me too.” Sweetie Belle seconded. “We nearly got thrown out on the street a short time after we got here. It's the reason why we closed up and moved. And that after a long train ride.”

“Followed by having to take the subway because they only sent one little cab.” Apple Bloom offered.

“I think they were expecting some old couple.” Luna offered. “If everyone had climbed into the trunk in the train, we might have been fine.”

“Except we needed our squad when we got off the train.” Nova pointed out. “Paparazzi are the same everywhere, and a job at a ‘news’ publication still doesn’t excuse rude behavior.”

“What, what happened?” Alalme asked.

“We got swarmed by people with cameras, and note pads,” Scootaloo informed her.

“I had no idea,” Alalme replied. “I’ve just had a normal ordinary day.”

“Maybe next time we’ll all climb in the trunk, and arrange to have it sent through the post,” Nova said with a smile and nuzzled Alalme.

“Hang on, have we ever mailed ourselves?” Scootaloo asked.

“Tried to once.” Apple Bloom offered. “We got it into our heads we could just put a stamp on ourselves, and we could mail ourselves to Manehatten to visit Babs Seed.”

“Oh ya,” Scootaloo replied. “Didn’t work too well. But then we didn’t have a magic suitcase that has a palace on the inside.”

"One of those reporters asked me what brand of panties I buy." Luna offered.

"I heard that." Shimmer replied. "I was about ready to bust his chops."

"Why, what are panties anyway?" Luna asked.

"You don't know?" Shimmer asked sounding shocked.

"It's not some kind of undergarment is it?" Nova asked. "Humans seem rather obsessive about undergarments."

"Princess Luna, are you not wearing any underpants under your skirt?" Shimmer asked.

"Now why would I want to wear anything under my skirt?" Luna asked honestly perplexed.


“Tia, can you pull in the balcony?” Nova said a short time later. She’d just come in from the balcony and had decided that it was uncomfortably close to the neighbors.

“No balcony?” Scootaloo asked.

“Far too close to the other apartments, it might get noticed.” Nova offered as the balcony melted away to leave only a large picture window. “I think if we want to sneak in and out, it’d be best to connect from the attic.” “What say we set up some tables in here, and have our dinner here.”

“Splendid idea.” Lady Aiko replied, followed by tables appearing, complete with table cloths, and place settings. She then proceeded to hand out menus from all the local restaurants.

“Are we ordering out?” Luna asked.

“Sort of.” Lady Aiko said with a grin.

“Where’s Loki?” Alalme asked. She seemed excited at the prospect of everyone eating together.

“The bolts were going to take their dinner in the duplex.” Nova offered, and on thinking about it headed for the door. She’d used the door on the rotunda, it having been set to look like a closet door on the duplex side was quite a bit smaller than it normally would have been. It’d also been set with a spell that would cause muggles to look right past the door even if it was wide open.

“Well I’d say it’s high time he started taking his meals with his family,” Luna suggested, followed by Scootaloo marching through the door to go fetch him.

“Nova, there is a strange woman here to see you,” Scootaloo called a few moments later.

“Aha! The closet, Trixie should have known!”

“Beatrice!” Nova called as the somewhat familiar woman barged in. A moment later the two were hugging. “How’d you know we were here?”

“Saw you arrive from my new office. We have the wing just down the hall from the Ministry of Silly Walks.” Trixie offered. “Why were all the muggle police here?”

“They botched up the reservation, and got it into their heads we were trying to pull some sort of scam.” Shimmer offered. “Now what’s this about a new office?”

“We’ve moved all the more mundane aspects of the ministry into the old war Office across the street.” Trixie offered. “Now that muggles know we exist, we have to give them something, and it’s oh so nice to get out of those old bunkers. Naturally, everything we do is rated secret to top secret, confidential, with the modifier of need to know M-I six and above.” She had to take a deep breath after having rattled all that off. “And just to be on the safe side, everyone in an above ground office is muggle born.”

“Oh, we were just about to sit down for dinner, why don’t you join us?” Nova asked. “Hang on, Loki? Some pony tell Loki he’s joining us for dinner.” Whether he wants to or not.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Trixie replied as she found an open seat at the table. “Just wait until the wizards see the data on the metahumans.” Nova just had to laugh as she imagined what their reactions would be. "Oh, and why does Scootaloo look like she needs to get into a maternity shop?"

Everyone looked at Trixie with a bewildered expression. Mouths began to drop into great big huge smiles as the implication of what Trixie had said sunk in.

"What?" Scootaloo asked after she reentered the room with Loki in tow.

"Your blouse," Nova informed her.

"What the? I just put this on?" Scootaloo protested.

"You're lactating!" Alalme exclaimed, and gave Scootaloo a hog... which made things worse. "Come on, I've just the cure for that leakage problem." Alalme offered and directed Scootaloo towards the back.

"I'm what? How?" Scootaloo protested.

"Well, you are technically old enough." Luna offered. "I'd say it's a delayed reaction from the spell, or perhaps it has something to do with you carrying Rose for so long."

"OK, I'm not carrying Rose anymore." Apple Bloom announced as Scootaloo, and Alalme vanished into the back.

"More then likely a delayed reaction from that spell you lot did." Shimmer offered. "She wasn't ready when you did the spell, but now she is."

"Hang on, that's not going to happen to us is it?" Sweetie asked sounding horrified.

"Maybe." Shimmer replied with a devilish grin. "And it'll serve you right for messing with things you don't fully understand.

Once every pony was ready the family all sat together at the big table that had been set up followed shortly, by a series of waiters coming in through various doors. Not a one of whom seemed to realize they weren’t still at the restaurants at which they worked. As for Alya, Rose, and Goldwine, they’d all been put to bed following a surprise that had left Scootaloo with a big grin, and were snuggled with Moonie. As for the bill, let's just say they’d be getting a call from the muggle bank in a few days asking how it is their brand new account had dinner charges at several different locations all on the same day, at nearly identical times. Luna’s explanation that they’d split up, and she’d paid for them by phone seemed to suffice.

The following morning saw a slight change in plans. Every pony that was going to be out and about who didn’t already have proper muggle identification was going to need identification. Bon Bon came in person to escort them to the various offices they’d need to go to that morning with everyone dressing in a sort of business casual.

Author's Note:

If it looks like I know what I'm doing, it's all a cleaver illusion. XD
The title of this chapter was "First back day in London" until my mind finally clicked there was something wrong with that. Meanwhile my spell checker says everything is spelled correctly. That leaves wrong words, misspelled words in the spell checker, and variants. Leaped, leapt, and lept are all the same word. The last being listed as archaic on some sites, and a modern common misspelling on others. I generally use the second version which is preferred by most purists I'm to understand. Didn't know I was a purist. Also, I just went back through everything, found a few mistakes that needed fixing, but not a lot that I could catch. I know I misspelled 'Louise' wrong somewhere, but for whatever reason, it didn't register in my brain till I'd moved on. [beats head on desk] There in lies my problem. I know exactly what I'm saying. It just doesn't always make it into print in a cohesive and comprehensible way. I found one error where Dumbledore called Slytherin House, Slytherin hose. I fixed it, and then it occurred to me that that would have been a great Freudian slip, and I should have left it. Whatever will Dumbledore do without Snape's Slytherin hose? XD Is it stallion's nuts, or stallions nuts?

If you see something that really needs fixing, pleas let me know. Chapter, and what it was. Telling me something was misspelled, and not telling me what and where doesn't help.

Disclaimer: I feel that a disclaimer may be in order. I'd like to take this moment to remind readers that this is an Alternate Universe story, and that events are all fictional having no barring in the real world. Regarding the Horseguards hotel, the real one is a five star hotel, and I'd like to think that such an incident as is described here would never happen.

One of the primary things to take note of within the story is that Luna is beginning to work to sway the wizarding public's opinion in regards to Dumbledore. She is fully prepared to destroy the man's life if that's what she has to do to get Harry away from the Dursleys. A rather tricky tactic being she still needs him to find the horcruxs.

Moonie: her main and tail are now white. A little detail that got added right after Luna restores her after Nova dropped the hammer of the gods. There's been a few other miner details added as well. Such as the removal of a bunch of unnecessary quote breaks and some of the info that was intended to go in those breaks was added. I'm thinking I'd intended to crank out the dialog, and add the reason why there's a little break later, or it was so self explanatory to myself, I didn't see the reason. Same person talking, switching to a new topic, or talking to a different person. Most cases I just forgot. I kind of feel like if I ever wanted to write professionally I'd have to have a professional go in, clean it up, and fill in all the holes. >.<

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