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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 16: The end of the day.

The Centaur who’d talked to Harry and Draco had gone straight away to Hagrid and had nearly been shot for his effort. Hagrid just seemed a bit too itchy to use that large crossbow. Hagrid apologized to Ronan, pleasantries, and introductions were made, and then Ronan brought up the businesses he had with Hagrid. “Hagrid, you should not be here this night.” Ronan cautioned.

“There’s a wounded unicorn, and I need to put it out of its misery,” Hagrid explained. Ronan looked up into the sky.

“Mars is bright tonight.” Ronan offered as though that was supposed to explain all. “Take the foals out of the forest. They should not be here.”

“They are serving out their detention.” Hagrid countered stubbornly. “It’s Hogwarts businesses.” Hermione and Millicent just looked at the Centaur dumbfounded as their sense of propriety warred with their reason. Ronan, part man part horse hadn’t a thing on, and he was definitely part man. His manly features could have been chiseled by Michelangelo himself, and the horse half was a fine stallion that could cause even the stoutest of mares to swoon.

“He’s huuuuge,” Millicent whispered.

“Oh god,” Hermione replied. Hermione hadn’t even thought about that. “Oh – my – god.”

Another centaur emerged from the trees a moment later triggering a giggle fit from the two girls.

“Hello Hagrid, I hope you are well.”

“Hello, Bane.” Hagrid offered while turning to look at the girls.

“Fillies can be so strange.” the new arrival commented.

“There’s a unicorn that’s been hurt, have you seen anything strange?” Hagrid asked turning back to the centaur.

Ronan looked up at the sky. “Always the innocent are the first victims.” He let out a soft sigh. “So it has been for ages past. So it is now.”

“Um ya, but have you seen anything strange?” Hagrid pressed. “Anything unusual?”

“Mars is bright tonight.” Ronan offered. “Unusually bright.”

“The moon grows in brightness too.” Offered Bane. “But Mars is bright. Venus dances with the moon as well.” He contemplated the signs for a moment. “Artemis hunts tonight.”

“The signs are indeed unusual tonight.” Ronan offered.

“Ya, but I was meaning unusual as in a bit closer to home. Here, in the forest?” Hagrid pressed.

“Artemis is hunting Mars.” Ronan offered.

“I’m asking about the forest,” Hagrid asked with a hint of exasperation.

“The forest hides many secrets.” Ronan offered after having to think about his answer. Most wizards would have understood a statement Artemis was hunting Mars. It meant that an individual associated with war had entered the forest, and a powerful huntress was after him.

“Bane, would ja know anything about someth'n going after unicorns?” Hagrid pressed. Bane walked over to Ronan and replied that Mars is bright tonight. “Ya, we’ve heard. If either of you sees anything, let me know. We’ll be off then.” Hagrid grumbled.

Hagrid continued down the trail with the two girls trailing behind.

“Hagrid?” Hermione asked as she looked back in the direction they’d come. “Hagrid, there’s light.”

“If it’s not green or red I ain't interested,” Hagrid grumbled.

“But should there even be light? It’s in the direction the boys went. - Hagrid, I see blue light, now pink, and now orange. Now there’s purple, magenta, and vermilion. A green light!”

Hagrid turned to see the colors of the rainbow lighting up the forest. “I said green if they find it, not light up a bleeding disco tech.”

Hagrid watched in dismay as the swirling lights pulsed, converged, and pulsed again. Light washed out over the forest. And then a column of light blasted straight up into the stratosphere. Higher and higher the column went, and then crashed down again.

Silence. It was as though the forest itself was holding its breath, and for a brief moment, it was as though the stars and moon had vanished. Hagrid couldn't even begin to comprehend the forces being brought to play.

The light was gone. What was going on?” The three stood there looking into the blackness. They heard the rush of wind and were nearly bowled over by it when it hit. And then everything was as it had been before.

Hagrid started walking back in the direction they’d come and then broke into a run.

“Hagrid?!” Hermione called. Hemione pulled out her wand and illuminated the end.

“Where's he going?” Millicent asked sounding frightened.

“Come on, I’ve had enough of this forest.” Hermione offered. “I know I deserve to be punished, but this just doesn’t seem right to me.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Find our way back to where we left the main trail, and find our way back to Hagrid’s hut. That’s assuming he doesn’t come back for us.”

“What if we can’t find our way back?”

“We will. We have to.”


Harry was brought down to Nova’s infirmary and placed on an examination table. Blood was dribbling from his scar. On another table, nearby Doctor Hawkeye, a brash young pegasus surgeon, was patching up the unicorn while a nurse hooked up a bottle of plasma via an intravenous tube and needle. Hawkeye had volunteered when he heard about the opportunity to prove himself, and he was every bit as nimble with his hooves as any unicorn surgeon. *“Come on, stay with me, don’t give up, don’t let the bastard win!” Hawkeye exclaimed as he worked feverishly.

“Come on Harry, what’s going on with you?” Nova asked shortly after he’d been placed on his table.

“It hurts.” Harry pleaded, clutching at his head. He was in so much pain he was oblivious to the fact that he was surrounded by talking ponies.

“Tia, what’s going on with Harry’s scar?” Nova asked.

“It seems to be reacting violently to the fact that Troll Fart was banished. Almost as though it were a piece of him?” Princess Celestia offered.

“Aunt Tia?” Nova said in surprise. “Can you do anything?”

“It needs to come out, but I’m afraid the attempt might kill him.” Celestia offered. “I’m afraid it’ll kill him if we don’t.”

“Would it come out if he was, shall we say technically dead?” Nova asked.

“It would. What did you have in mind?” Celestia asked, concern in her voice.

“I’m going to need a small thunderhead!” Nova shouted, and started making cloud balls. “I’m going to stop his heart, you pull that thing out of him, and then zap him with the enchanted lightning to get his heart going again.” “Harry, you have to trust us, there’s no other way!” Nova explained as she passed over a cloud ball to another pegasus, and started making another one. “Don’t just stand there, start packing. Aunt Tia, there are containment jars on the shelf behind me. Once you get it out, put it in there, and seal it up.”

“Well have you a cloud in a minute.” Rainbow Dash offered as she joined in packing clouds.

“Alright, I don’t want to wait any longer,” Nova said as she passed another cloud ball over to the pegasi who were packing cloud balls into a small thunderhead. She placed her hooves on Harry’s chest and willed up the Foxfire. It took but a moment for the aura to envelop them both.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?” Aiko asked rushing in.

“What I have to do, to save Harry,” Nova informed her. The magic poured into Harry, his body convulsed, Nova found herself fighting spell after spell that had been intended to keep Harry safe. All they were doing now was preventing her from helping him. Harry let out a gasp and went limp.

“Go,” Nova ordered breathless. She then slumped to the floor to be caught by Aiko. “I’m alright, that just took a little more then I thought it would.”

“You’ll have left a little of yourself behind, in the form of your magic and a little of your spirit energy, you know that don’t you?” Aiko asked.

“And a little of him migrates over to replace it.” Nova offered. “It doesn’t break away pieces of my soul or anything like that. I’ve little pieces of every pony I ever saved or tried to save. Along with a little of everyone I ever cared about or loved. It happens naturally between individuals who care about each other. The way I see it, I gain far more than I ever lose because I carry a little piece of everyone I ever cared about, and it’s the only way to balance out the lives I’ve had to take. Taking lives of ponies, when I found myself in that war against Sombra, it hurts. It hurts something awful. Giving a little piece of my heart to those I care about is the only way I know to heal the hurt. And then sometimes I feel like even that’s not enough to make the pain go away.” Aiko looked at Nova with care and concern and gave her a hug.

“Got it!” Celestia announced. “Dash, where’s that cloud? - Aiko, I need that jar, quick! This thing is trying to get away from me!”

Hermione and Millicent slowly made their way back along the animal track. “Don’t you have a wand?” Hermione asked as they made their way through the dark.

“Just a school wand I can’t really use. My hand hasn’t fully healed yet.” Millicent offered. “The doctors aren’t sure if I’ll even be able to do magic again.”

“Why ever did you hex that little baby in the first place?” Hermione asked. She might as well be asking what were you thinking, why’d you do something so stupid, and cruel? All questions that had been asked repeatedly by people from other houses, people from her own house, the teachers, the medical professionals, her parents, and the greatest insult of all, even from the person who’d dared her to do it in the first place.

“I just did. - I survived my brothers hexing me.”

“And how did your parents react?”

“My father said it would make me strong.”

“That is just messed up.”


“Harry!” Hagrid called as he raced down the path. He’d slow down every so often to check the forest floor for spots of unicorn blood, and then raced on again. He slowed to a walk when he came in sight of the clearing where the unicorn had been. He saw the trail of splattered blood growing dark in the cold, the pool of blood in the clearing, the depression where the unicorn had been, and hoof tracks everywhere. “Harry!? Harry!”

“What av I done, what av I done?” Hagrid asked himself as he raced about looking for signs of Harry and Malfoy. When he found where Harry had lain it looked to his mind that there had been a struggle. “Malfoy,” Hagrid growled. It really did look like the one boy had knocked down the other, and then someone must have flown in on pegasi, snatched them up along with that valuable unicorn carcass. Oh yes, he’d made a tidy profit selling the last one on the black market. He'd made a good deal of money recently. He could only guess at who had this one.

“I’ve got to tell Dumbledore,” Hagrid said at length. But what was he to tell him? Ronan had told him that he shouldn't be here. Ronan always seemed to know when something was about to happen, though it was beyond him, and the way centaurs talked just befuddled his mind. Hagrid knew better than to take first-year students into the forest, but then the lure of finding that unicorn had clouded his judgment, just like the thrill of having his very own pet dragon had. He’d even gone so far as to tell a total stranger how to get past fluffy just to get that egg. True, he missed Norbert something terrible, but Ron, Harry, and Hermione had been right. Hermione?! He’d left the girls alone in the forest! Hagrid turned and went crashing back in the general direction he’d come. Moments before he was due to intercept them, the girls on hearing the sound of a great beast crashing through the forest chose to hide. Not knowing what could possibly be approaching them, Hermione doused the light of her wand and pulled Millicent under a fallen tree. She needed a little prompting. They waited till the unknown behemoth had passed, scrambled back to the path and hurried as fast as they could, not wishing to encounter anything else in that forest. Getting suspended was better than getting eaten any day.

By some miracle, Hermione and Millicent found the path they’d come in on and turned back for Hogwarts. They met Filch on their way out.

“What are you doing out here?” Filch asked as he hurried to meet them. He wasn’t angry at them. He wasn’t accusing them of anything. He was honestly surprised that he’d actually found them, and bewildered as to why they’d be out in the forest in the first place. “You’re supposed to be mucking out the Thestral caves, not traipsing about in the forest? Where’s Hagrid?”

“We don’t know?” Hermione offered. “He left us by ourselves.”

“Two first-year girls, on your own in the forest?” Filch said astonished. “You could have been killed out there! What is he thinking? Where is he? What’s happened to Potter, and the Malfoy boy?”

“We don’t know.” Millicent offered.

“After Hagrid left us, we thought it best to go back to the hut, and take whatever consequences there might be.” Hermione offered.

“I’d have done the same.” Filch offered. “Let's get you back to school.”

“Are we going to be suspended?” Millicent asked as Filch escorted the girls out of the forest.

“I can’t see how you can be faulted if you were never put to the task you were supposed to have done in the first place.” Filch offered. “And for that matter, leaving girls out in the forest by themselves is a bit much even for my tastes. Dying is not learning.”

Finding Fang cowering on the doorstep of Hagrid’s hut did not bode well. Filch took pity on the dog, and let it inside so Fang could go in and curl up on his bed. From there they returned to the school where Filch roused Professor McGonagall.

“What’s going on?” McGonagall asked as she opened the door. Filch told her about Professor Dumbledore coming to him, about finding the main hall doors wide open, and that Hagrid for reasons known only to himself had taken the students into the forest, and left the girls to fend for themselves. The whereabouts of Hagrid, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Professor Dumbledore were presently unknown. “Girls, return to your dorms. - Mr Filch, we need to wake the staff.”


Hermione climbed the stairs to Gryffindor tower a short time later, she was weary and worried. There was no one in the common room, and no one in her shared dorm room. How could there be no one in her room? Maybe they were in Nova’s room? Hermione thought about knocking on the door but decided not to wake them up. She was too weary to do anything but change, and when she’d changed she pulled the covers on her bed back and sat down. Why is their a pony poking her head out of Nova’s room? “Louise?”

“You made it back. That’s good.” Scootaloo said.


“He’s going to be fine.” Scootaloo offered. “Did Millicent make it back too?”

“Harry’s alright?” “Yes, she did.”

“Good, that’s everyone except Hagrid. He’s a big boy, and can take care of himself.”

“I think McGonagall is about to organize a search?” Hermione offered as a little filly in a nappy bounced up onto her bed. Hermione was just too weary to question anything at this point and wasn’t sure if she might be dreaming.

“Hermie-ne.” Rose said with a smile and sat down.

“So cute,” Hermione whispered.

“Come on Rose Myrtle. If you are satisfied that she’s alright, we need to get you back to bed.” Scootaloo said, her voice warm and caring.

“Myrtle?” Hermione asked.

“Ya, that’s Myrtle,” Scootaloo confirmed. “If we had wanted to make her human we would have needed a drop of your blood.”

“You aren’t human then.”

“Afraid not. I hope that isn’t going to make things worse. I really do want to be your friend. And Rose wanted to see you. I think she remembers things. She was worried too. I think she somehow knew something was going on.”

“What does she remember?” Hermione asked sounding concerned.

“Don’t worry, Princess Luna went through and removed anything that wasn’t a happy memory.”

“Tank you,” Rose said to Hermione. “I have to go now.” She then got up again, walked to the edge of the bed, spread her wings and jumped.

“Well, at least your landings are spot on.” Scootaloo offered.

“When fly?” Rose asked.

“When you’re older. Come on now.” Scootaloo offered. “Oh, and Hermione, you’ll find Harry in the hospital wing in the morning.”

“The hospital wing?” Hermione asked.

“We got 'you know who'. What we did effected Harry’s scar, and they had to remove what was inside of it.” “Good night. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“We? What have you been doing, how do you even know what’s been going on?” Hermione asked.

“Shortly after Princess Nova got here, a security detail from back home showed up. Things kind of snowballed from there. Listen, they’ll probably ask you a lot of questions in the morning about what happened. Might be best to leave out this little conversation. Might be problematic.”

“I’m so weary I might not even remember,” Hermione admitted, and lay down. Scootaloo went over to her, helped her the rest of the way into her bed, pulled the covers over her, said goodnight one more time, and escorted Rose back to the apartments.


“Excuse me?” Twilight said as she approached the growing number of faculty in the entry hall. Twilight was in human form and looked possibly more like a muggle then a witch being she was wearing clothing that was more fitting to the town her counterpart had grown up in.

“Who are you?” Professor McGonagall asked momentarily after her mind acknowledged the newcomer.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle. I’m Nova Moon’s Mother.”

“I thought Luna Moon was her mother?” Snape asked suspiciously.

“We both are. I’m her birth mother” Twilight offered. Never mind that Twilight looked far too young to have a daughter Nova’s age, or that she was presently fairly sure Nova was some other Twilight’s daughter. For the wizards, Twilight's apparent youth strongly suggested to them a reason why Nova might have two mothers. “I wanted to let you know that your students are all accounted for. Luna brought Draco in, he should be in bed, and Harry is in the hospital wing.”

“What’s going on?” Pomona Sprout asked.

“Hagrid took the students out into the forest, and right into the middle of a black ops operation.” Twilight informed them. “We haven't told him because he’s racing back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off, and we thought it best to let him wear himself out first. That and he has a large crossbow, and we are a little worried he might shoot at anyone he doesn’t recognize.”

“Understood. You wouldn't happen to know where Professor Dumbledore is would you?” McGonagall asked.

“Stuck in his own trap I’m afraid.” Twilight offered. “Luna is going to see if she can’t get him out. I hear he’s being petulant.”

“And what exactly was this ‘dark ops’ operation you speak of?” Snape asked suspiciously.

“In a nutshell. There won’t be any more attacks on innocent unicorns in the forbidden forest.” Twilight offered. “Oh and don’t bother looking for Quirrell as he’s long gone as well. We can’t really say for sure what happened to him, but the person you thought was Quirrell, wasn’t Quirrell. - I pity him if he ever was. - And if that serpent sprouts any new heads, we’ll cut them off too.” Twilight turned and walked out the door. As she went down to the steps mist drifted by, and when it had gone, she was gone. She'd left leaving them with more questions then they'd started out with.

“I’m going to go check on Mr Potter,” McGonagall announced. “Otherwise I’d imagine everyone can go back to bed. That is unless someone wants to try to fetch Hagrid?”

“Might be best to let him wear himself out. Serve him right as well.” Snape sniped, turned, and headed for the Slytherin dorm. He’d a mind to make sure for himself Draco Malfoy was indeed back in his room. Snape was not happy. And no it had nothing to do with the apparent defeat of Voldemort’s plans. That woman hadn’t named him, but he knew who Quirrel was working for. For Snape, there was the issue of that unbreakable vow he’d made to keep Draco safe as well, and he’d trusted Hagrid to do as he was told. Snape wondered if Dumbledore would ever blindly trust Hagrid again after this night?


McGonagall arrived at the hospital wing a short time later to find Madam Pomfrey up, and Harry sleeping soundly. Harry’s forehead was wrapped in gauze.

“They’ve removed the thing that was in his scar.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “I’m to understand that it nearly killed him. A sort of poison pill that would kill Harry if anyone succeeded in doing anything to you know who.”

“So what did they do, to Mr Riddle?” McGonagall asked.

“Mr… ah, I suppose it can’t hurt to use the man’s real name.” Madam Pomfrey mused. “They didn’t say. All they’ve said is that he won’t be a problem anymore. I suppose I should be elated, but I'm just too weary.”

When Harry woke the next morning he was not surprised to find himself in the school's infirmary. He dimly remembered the creature coming straight at him, a flash of fire from Malfoy’s wand, and rage. A rage that blinded him, and it felt as though an anvil had hit his head. After that everything was rather confused. He dimly remembered Professor Quirrel shouting something about getting away with it if not for the meddling ponies, and he’d swear the people in the operating room had all been ponies, but that can’t be right, can it?

“Hey, Potter, how’re you feeling?”

Harry was sure he was still hallucinating. Draco Malfoy was sitting by his bed in one of two chairs and seemed genuinely concerned for his well being.

“Well...” Harry began, “Either I’m still hallucinating or you’re Draco Malfoy, and you actually care what happens to me.” Malfoy laughed. It wasn’t his usual fake laugh either, but a genuine goodhearted laugh.

“Last night was pretty messed up.” Draco offered. “And don’t be telling anyone I blasted you know who right between the eyes with an Incendio spell. I did what I did because what I saw wasn’t even human. That and when it comes right down to it, you’re probably the closest thing I’ve got to a real friend in this place.”

“More like rivals if you ask me.” Harry offered with a smile.

“True, but rivals can be friends.” Nova offered having just entered the small room Harry was in. She hadn't come in from the hospital wing. “Glad to see you are better.”

“Do you know if that unicorn is going to be alright?” Draco asked Nova. He wasn’t sure why he asked her, he just had a strange feeling she might know.

“She made it through the night.” Nova offered. “She lost a lot of blood though. Be a while before we can say for sure if she’s going to be alright. - Draco I heard about what you did. That was mighty brave.”

“What I may or may not have done was mighty stupid on multiple levels, and I’ll thank you not to go spreading rumors.” Draco cautioned.

“Understood, and don’t worry, no one outside of those who were involved in last night’s operation know.”

“Know what?” Hermione asked as she entered. “Is Harry alright?”

“Draco stayed by Harry’s side until help came.” Nova offered. “Best not tell anyone. We wouldn't want to tarnish his reputation.”

“Until help came?” Hermione asked. “What exactly happened out there?”

“We caught up with the creature that was killing the unicorns and nearly got killed ourselves.” Draco offered. “That’s the way it is at Hogwarts my arse. I’ve already been told by Professor Snape and several other teachers that Hagrid had no businesses taking us into the forest. Even Dumbledore admitted it. I saw him this morning. He wanted me to tell him everything that happened, and he was livid.”

“I see,” Hermione replied softly.

“That was pretty reckless, taking us out into the forest after something capable of pulling down a full-grown unicorn,” Harry admitted. Hermione walked over, and sat on the end of the bed, followed by Nova sitting on the other side.

“Oh ho ho, what have we here?” Malfoy teased just as Ron came bursting into the room.

“Harry!-Malfoy!?” Ron exclaimed. He was delighted to see Harry alive, and just assumed the worst of Draco.

“What about us?” Nova asked.

“He gave the letter back. Never showed it to anyone.” Harry offered.

“Wait, what?” Ron asked confused. Up to this point, everything Ron had heard concerning last night’s incident had all been second hand. Hearing that Draco had returned his brother's letter detailing their plans to evacuate Norbert simply went against everything he knew to be true about Malfoy.

“And saved Harry’s life.” Nova offered. “Or at least had a part in it.”

Draco got up, walked over to Ron, “Now you have to be nice to me.” He teased and then left the room.

“What just happened?” Ron asked sounding very confused. “Nice? To Malfoy?”

Draco went down to the dining hall where he found Millicent sitting by herself, and sat down next to her. “I’m guessing by the good food you’ve got that the House-elves aren’t mad at you anymore,” Draco commented, and was delighted when he was provided with the best breakfast he’d seen since Millicent had jinxed the foal.

“How do you two rate such good food?” One of the other Slytherin's asked accusingly.

“Might be because we went through hell last night.” Draco offered even as the morning papers came in.

“Draco, what was all that light last night?” Millicent asked.

“Harry and I got caught in the middle of a firefight between several powerful wizards, and the thing that was killing the unicorns. - Though you probably don’t know about unicorns being killed.” Draco offered to the others at the Slytherin table. He looked at the Daily Profit, the headlines read ‘Students left in Forbidden forest to die’. How the Profit had found out so fast was beyond him. They were lacking a lot of details as to what had actually happened, but when did that ever stop Rita Skeeter? “You should have seen it, it came straight at us. That’s when an Animagus in the form of a draft horse comes galloping in, and bats its head with a great big shovel sending it flying like its head was a bludger. Next thing I know the air is full of wizards, and pegasi, and they were casting spells the likes of which I’ve never seen. When it was all over I even got to ride a nightmare back to Hogwarts.” Any suspicion he had that the nightmare and Luna Moon might be one and the same he kept to himself. He also suspected that not one of them believed him when he said he’d got to ride a nightmare.

“We saw the light.” Millicent offered. “Hagrid was going to ignore it till he saw a green flash. The light show went out, and a few moments later we were nearly bowled over by a blast of wind. After that Hagrid took off and left Hermione and me to fend for ourselves. Hermione decided she’d had enough and to Azkaban with the consequences. I wasn’t going to argue either. On our way back a great beast comes crashing through the forest, so we hid till it had passed. Though in hindsight I think it might have been Hagrid.” Draco laughed. “Filch was actually happy to find us. Apparently, we were supposed to be mucking out a cave that was full of Thestrals and not traipsing about in the forest. As bad as that sounds I think I would have preferred it. I imagine it lacks the potential to die a horrible death.”

“Me too.” Draco offered. “Harry and I nearly got killed, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that big oaf gets fired this time for sure.”


What could possibly happen next? Dumbledore asked himself. He’d received an urgent summons to see Minister Fudge at the Ministry of Magic. He’d gone the gantlet of emotions and didn’t need anything more to happen. He’d honestly believed Harry had been killed, he had been trapped in the Mirror of Erised, and Luna Moon had come to his rescue. At first, he hadn’t wanted to be rescued. Luna had been bewildered by his not wanting to be freed from the mirror. How did she even know how in the first place? Bad enough she was able to get past all the traps without even so much as a scratch. He could do it because the wards allowed him to apparate. Was Luna Moon able to apparate within Hogwarts? It was inconceivable. He’d been overjoyed that Harry was alright and furious that they’d defeated Voldemort without him. Logic suggested he should be overjoyed, but he wasn’t. Luna Moon never told him what had become of the stone either. All she’d say is that it, along with Tom Riddle, was gone. As inconceivable as it seemed, Dumbledore had come to the conclusion that his trap had indeed failed, Voldemort had gained the stone, made an attempt on Harry’s life which was nearly successful, and that the family Moon of Eques had taken matters into their own hands to clean up his mess. It also begged the question, just how powerful was this family?

“Professor Dumbledore?” Asked a young woman on approaching him. Dumbledore had been on his way to Fudge’s office. “Beatrice Lulamoon. I was asked to escort you. I’m Minister Fudge’s new assistant.”

“Is he not in his office?” Dumbledore asked wondering who the strange woman with silver and pale blue hair was. She also wore a purple wizard robe and hat covered in blue and yellow stars he found to be quite delightful.

“No, I’m afraid not. - Now, please follow Trixie.”

“Trixie?” Dumbledore asked.

“It’s what my friends call me.” Trixie offered as she made her way down a corridor, checking every so often to see if he was still following.

“By any chance do you know where you are going?” Dumbledore asked one eternity later. They’d been back and forth up and down staircases and even cut through a few offices.

“Trixie knows exactly where Trixie is going.” Trixie offered followed by directing him into an elevator. Just as the door was closing she flicked a beetle off Dumbledore’s shoulder out into the hallway.

“Inconceivable,” Dumbledore said under his breath and watched in bemusement as Trixie pressed every single button. He let out a sigh as the door closed. The beetle was locked out in the hall, and Dumbledore seemed oblivious to it thinking only that this young witch was wasting his time.

“Trixie is also well known for getting lost.” She said, took hold of his robe, and teleported the two of them straight to the Hall of Prophesy on the ninth floor. If the destination hadn’t been surprising enough, the teleport was most startling. Apparition wasn’t supposed to be possible within the Ministry, and that transport hadn’t felt anything at all like they had just Apparated.

“Inconceivable! - Where did you go to school?”

“Oregon State University,” Trixie replied with a smile. “They’ve a wonderful course on defense against the dark arts.” Trixie couldn't very well tell Dumbledore she was a drop out from Hogwarts, and telling anyone about Equestria was out of the Question. When Trixie had learned about Princess Celestia’s incursions into the human world, she immediately inserted herself as an adviser and was presently working undercover. They’d even managed to recruit Griselda Marchbanks who’d nearly blown Trixie’s cover when she had recognized the girl. It’d been easy enough, the question who sent you was asked by Madam Marchbanks, followed by Trixie informing her that Nova Moon’s parents had sent her. The question where have you been, and why haven't you aged past what looked to be her twenties was a little more difficult to answer. All Trixie could say was that her age had something to do with the portal. Nova’s parents were concerned about the state the country would be in when Nova reemerged, and Trixie wasn’t the only undercover agent they had.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of it?” Dumbledore asked wondering what an Organ state was?

“This way.”

Trixie directed Dumbledore further and further into the Hall of Prophesies. The place was never really well lit relying on the prophecy globes to light it, but today the place seemed darker than normal. It wasn’t until Trixie pulled out a wand to cast a light spell that Dumbledore realized why. Now with vision unclouded he beheld orb after orb that had gone out.

“Ah, there you are!” Cornelius Fudge called as they turned a corner.

“Took our good sweet time at it.” Bartemius Crouch Sr said as they approached.

“Trixie always arrives when Trixie intends to.” Trixie offered. Minister Fudge smiled at her answer. In addition to Minister Fudge, and Mr Crouch, there were two other men who were looking at the burned out Globes.

“Minister Crouch, Cornelius, and I see Mr Bode and Mr Croaker. What seems to be the problem?” Dumbledore asked as though he hadn’t noticed that there was an entire row that had gone dark.

“What seems to be the problem?!” Crouch exclaimed with a tone that suggested he thought Dumbledore had finally lost it. “The prophecies! They’re all going dark! And it seems to have started with the prophecies that center around Voldemort!”

“Professor Dumbledore.” Fudge began quietly. “The boy who lived, Harry Potter I believe his name was? How is he?”

“He seems to have died last night.” Dumbledore offered as though what he was saying was, oh Harry, yes he has the sniffles.

“Dead?” Fudge asked with just a hint of horror.

“He got better.” Dumbledore offered.

“He got better?” Crouch inquired with an air of Now I know you’ve gone quite mad. “How do you get better from having died!?”

Dumbledore had to think for a moment. He let out a sigh and began. “Last night, a small group of our students went out with Hagrid to do detention. Hagrid did not stick to the planned activity, and chose instead to go unicorn hunting.” Dumbledore was not happy with Hagrid’s actions. Hagrid had at least been more than remorseful, but… Dumbledore simply could not just let this latest transgression go. Dumbledore knew about Norbert. If he’d had dealt with the dragon himself, Harry would never have been caught out of his dorm and been subject to detention in the first place. Dumbledore had done nothing when he should have, and his inaction had once again resulted in disaster.

“Speaking of which I need to have a word with you concerning Hagrid and a unicorn later,” Crouch replied. “But go on.”

“You can put a warrant out for the capture and arrest of Quirinus Quirrell,” Dumbledore informed him. “He’s the one that was killing the unicorns, betrayed my trust last night, helped himself to the Philosopher’s stone, and tried to kill Mr Potter on his way out. He was nearly successful.” Oh, Dumbledore knew full well they’d never find the man, not if he could believe Draco Malfoy’s account. And Draco wasn’t the sort to make up a tale like the one he’d told. Dumbledore was suspicious Draco had left a few things out as well. If Luna Moon hadn’t shown up to let him out of his own trap… He wasn’t entirely sure it was even his trap anymore. Luna Moon had also assured Dumbledore that the creature they’d trapped would no longer be an issue. Quirrel, or what was left of him was lost in the bargain as well along with the stone, or so he believed. Not that he needed to tell anyone at the ministry the whole truth of the mater as he knew it. “As far as the prophecies go, I believe Quirrel was working on behalf of the dark lord. His failure to kill Potter has likely caused a domino effect where prophecies dependent on the prophecy about Mr Potter could no longer stand once that prophesy failed. The effect will undoubtedly spread. Prophesies depending on other prophesies all falling apart one after another being the conditions for the prophecy to come true no longer exist. I’ve no doubt we’ll be completely in the dark in a matter of days.” Dumbledore also suspected there’d be a mad dash by Voldemort’s supporters to find a man that no longer existed in this world once the word got out that Quirrel was presently on the run with the Philosopher's stone. Dumbledore could take solace in that Voldemorts followers would likely turn on each other and that the Philanderers stone was still safe.

“I set policy based on the prophecies. What am I supposed to do now?” Fudge asked sounding frightened.

“You could try doing what your heart feels is the right thing to do,” Dumbledore suggested. Fudge just looked at him as though he’d gone mad. Dumbledore was also glad he’d told the staff not to talk about what had happened. Luna Moon was going to cover the Defense against the Dark Arts class, and they’d decided it best not to let on that a wraith had been teaching the class. Granted ‘wraith’ really wasn’t the correct term, but he was at a loss as to what Professor Quirrell had become?


“Come on Harry, it’s nearly time for dinner,” Nova announced as she brought in a wheeled chair. Harry was at least dressed, Ron, having brought him some clothes earlier. The clothes he’d had on in the forest were muddy and bloodstained from unicorn blood and had been removed shortly after they removed that fragment of Tom Riddle's soul.

“You aren’t planning on making me use that are you?” Harry protested.

“Harry, your heart stopped. You were clinically dead.”

“About that, I seemed to have had this strange dream that you were the one who did it. Only you were that black and white pegacorn.”

“Best not say anything.” Nova offered. Or they might take that Quidditch win from you.”

“Hang on, what?”

“If anyone asks, I turn into a little fox, not a pegacorn.”

“You turn into a fox?” Hermione asked as she entered the room. Ron was right behind her.

Nova jumped up onto the bed and transforming to her fox form mid-jump. She turned and sat on the bed looking back at Hermione, and Ron.

“What kind of fox is that?” Ron asked.

“One of a pair who tried to help us when we forgot the invisibility cloak.” Hermione offered. “That other one anyone we know?”

“Oh, he’s the real deal.” Nova offered. “I think he wants to be my boyfriend. And if we can keep this quiet, I’d really appreciate it.”

“She can talk while she’s an animal?!” Ron exclaimed.

“Ron, lots of animals can talk.” Hermione offered. Nova shifted back as Hermione edged forward.

“You weren't thinking of snatching me up, I got wings you know,” Nova said sounding a bit accusatory as she transformed back to a human. In her mind, she saw herself displaying a wing, but she was presently in human form… right? To Nova’s bewilderment, and embarrassment a wing materialized, and smacked Harry right in the face.

“Harry!” Hermione exclaimed. “You’ve killed Harry!”

“Harry, I’m so sorry, are you alright?” Nova spun around, and as she did her other wing popped out smacking Ron in the face nearly knocking him over. And these weren’t her little compressed fox wings, but her full-sized wings. Each protruded from a slit that had magically appeared in her clothing. “Why are they even doing that? This is so embarrassing!”

“Oh my?” Madam Pomfrey said on entering the room.

“Harry, speak to me!” Hermione ordered the now prone Potter. Ron had retreated to a safe distance.

“Just take a deep breath, and let it out slowly.” Madam Pomfrey suggested to Nova.

“Alright,” Nova replied.

“Harry?” Hermione asked as Harry reached for his head.

“I’m alright.” Harry offered. “Just got knocked over. Her wings are really soft.”

Nova took a few moments and somehow managed to get her wings back to where they looked like they were tattoos on her back. She then got out her wand and cast a binding spell on herself.

“You think that’s going to be necessary?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

“Until I can get this new issue under control, I think it best.” Nova offered.

“You don’t think it could be your condition worsening?” Madam Pomfrey prompted.

“My… oh that. Celestial foxes, also known generically as kitsune or Oukitsune in Nippon can transform into humans when they are old enough, so that’s not really going to be an issue. It’s more a matter of my getting control of the transformation spell.” Nova explained.

“So then, you are turning into a little winged fox that can turn into a human?” Ron asked. “That’s just weird.”

“Don’t be so sure she’s not a fox who’s turned herself into a human who’s slowly turning into a fox who can turn into a human.” Harry offered.

“Or maybe...” Ron began.

“No, stop. If I let this continue, we’ll never make it to dinner.” Hermione protested. “So what’s the wheelchair for?”

“That was for Harry. I stopped his heart so we could get that fragment of dark magic out of his head.” Nova informed them.

“You did what?” Ron asked. “And what were you doing out of the dorm in the middle of the night?”

“It worked, he’s here, alive… Ah, that’s probably what’s going on with my transformation. When I did it, my spell, our magic mixed a little. I sure hope it’s not going to affect my spell work. Oh, and I wasn’t out of the dorm either, not technically.”

“Your magic mixed?!” Hermione asked accusingly. “And how can you be out of the dorm, and not out of the dorm?”

“It was that or let him die.” Nova offered.

“Madam Pomfrey?!” Hermione asked accusingly.

“I’m afraid I wasn’t there at the time.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “I can assure you that they were successful in their endeavors. And what Nova said about not technically being out of the dorm is true. Whatever else she might have been involved in doesn’t really matter for two reasons, Headmaster Dumbledore is going to let it slide, and the Ministry can’t touch her short of asking her to leave the country, and the Ministry of Magic doesn’t have the authority to do so.”

“I’m a trained medic, and it was my Aunt Celestia who did the extraction. They brought him right back here, and I pitched in.” Nova offered.

“Miss Nova’s family has a full security detail with medical personnel keeping tabs on her.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “She is a princess after all, and they were the ones that went after the creature that was killing unicorns. One more thing, we need to keep the details confidential, there’s to be no talking about what you may or may not know.”

“Oh, I see,” Hermione replied. “I guess that explains a lot. How Miss Moon here always seems to know what’s going on.”

“And Harry, perhaps you should use the chair, just for tonight?” Madam Pomfrey offered.

“There are no ramps in this place.” Harry pointed out. “How am I supposed to get down to the ground floor?”

“OK, maybe we’ll just leave the chair after all,” Nova replied with a sheepish grin.

They arrived at the great hall a short time later and took up their usual seats. To Nova’s delight, the second year Gryffindors were excitedly talking about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. The classroom had been cleaned and aired, nor was there any sign of the previous instructor to remain. Quirrel had been replaced by a beautiful witch who really knew her stuff. Granted it also begged the question, what had become of Professor Quirrell?

“Your attention please,” Dumbledore said to the student body moments after going to his place at the head table. He waited while everyone went to their places, and sat down. “I’ve a few words.” He paused a moment. “As some of you may already be aware of, Professor Quirinus Quirrell is no longer with us. Madam Luna Moon has agreed to cover the class for the rest of the year.”

“Madam, he says?” Nova mused. Luna was giving Dumbledore an odd look and smiled when she realized that she hadn’t told him she was a Crown Princess. Under the circumstances, he could be forgiven if he’d forgotten that Nova Moon was a confirmed Princess of Eques, and hadn’t made the connection.

“As for Professor Quirrell, I might as well tell you now before you read about it in the papers.” At that moment the evening edition of the Daily Profit was arriving. The headline: Quirrel attempts murder of Harry Potter! “I had secreted away a certain valuable artifact here in the school with the assumption that there could be no place safer. Unknown to me, one of our own had already betrayed me, and simply been waiting to strike. Professor Quirrell took that artifact late last night, and even went so far as to attempt to murder Mr Potter.” There was stunned silence. “In that regard, we have to thank Mr Draco Malfoy for sticking with Harry and bringing his plight to the attention of a group of Aurors who were hunting a dangerous non-native beast that had been preying on the local unicorn population. Fifty points will be awarded to Slytherin.”

The Slytherin’s erupted in cheers. Who cared who Malfoy had saved, he just regained fifty house points.

Dumbledore waited for the Slytherins to quiet down. For keeping their head after having been abandoned in the Forbidden Forest, Hermione Granger and Millicent Bulstrode will be awarded twenty points each.” Dumbledore waited till the dining hall quieted down. “For abandoning his duty, and the students in his charge, I regret to inform you that Hagrid has been suspended for the remainder of the year. On his return next year, he will be on probation.”

“Hagrid’s been suspended?” Harry asked. Sure Hagrid had really screwed up big time, but Harry never thought Dumbledore would actually suspend him.

“Dumbledore must really be mad at him.” Percy offered.

“That’s all I’ll say on the mater for now,” Dumbledore announced over the chatter. “I’m sure there will be plenty about it in the morning papers. Now it’s time to eat.” Dumbledore sat down, and the food appeared moments later.

“It’s not going to be the same without Hagrid around.” Ron offered as he helped himself to a plateful of roast beef. “Say, Nova, why is it you never eat beef?”

“A little to close to cannibalism.” Nova offered as Sweetie Belle piled the meat onto her plate. “I never eat anything that is equine, or bovine. Not if I can help it.”

“I gave up trying to avoid it when I found out how good it is.” Sweetie Belle offered just as Phenik came in for a landing. “Phenik likes it too.”

“Traitor.” Nova accused Phenik, and then offered up some fish from her plate. “Besides, she likes fish best.”

Phenik hopped over to Nova took the offered morsel, and then lifted off. Phenik went straight to Princess Luna and landed on her shoulder.

“Alright, what does the head table have that we don’t?” Apple Bloom asked just as Dumbledore’s Fawkes showed up, and landed at the head table. The two phoenixes proceeded to squawk at each other.

“I wouldn't know, but I’d be more inclined to think Phenik can’t figure out why we aren’t sitting together when we are in the same room,” Nova replied. Luna offered Phenik a morsel of what she was eating, and then Phenik went back over to Nova followed by Fawkes. “Oh now it’s my turn again is it?” Nova asked, and offered up some more fish. Phenik took it and then flew back to Luna. “Well, at least she’s getting her exercise. Fawkes, you didn’t want something did you?” Fawkes flew back to the head table and went back to squawking at Phenik.

“Speaking of which, now that things are going to quiet down, what about that extra training, we still on?” Scootaloo asked.

“What’s this about extra training?” Oliver Wood asked.

“Louise sneaks into Nova’s room every morning.” Hermione offered.

“Um, never mind then.” Wood replied. “Harry, are you going to be up to playing quidditch against Ravenclaw?”

“How about putting Louise in?” Nova asked.

“I can fly.” Harry protested.

“How’s your magic though?” Nova asked.

“My magic… you don’t think I might have a problem too?” Harry asked.

“Hang on, too? What’s this too?” Wood asked suspiciously.

“Go on, tell them.” Hermione prompted with a smile that looked a bit like a cat who’d caught a snitch.

“I um… Harry helped me with a spell the other day that sort of destabilized my magic do to a transfer of some of our magic.” Nova offered.

“You used a bounding spell on him, didn’t you?” Idda Peverell accused. “That’s a dirty rotten trick to be pulling on Hermione.”

“I didn’t use a bounding spell.” Nova protested. “That was sort of the side effect though, but it’s not like that.” She gave everyone a moment so they'd hear. “He and I will be a little like brother and sister now.” Nova was quick to defend herself and try to explain without having to go into detail. “It’s not like he’s going to suddenly fall in love with me, and I’ve kind of got a colt friend.”

“She said colt.” Sweetie Belle said and started laughing.

“Boyfriend, I meant boyfriend.” Nova corrected.

“Along with a wife, a son, a daughter, and a girlfriend.” Apple Bloom offered with a grin.

“I thought I had three girlfriends?” Nova asked her with a wink. Sweetie Belle stopped laughing, and Apple Bloom blushed.

“Oh, you’re not saying the four of you?” Ron protested.

“And why not?” The twins asked.

“I find I’m having difficulty deciding if you girls are really immature, or just the opposite?” Idda said as she studied the girls. The part about the wife, son, and daughter simply did not add up. “So then who’s who?”

“Alalme Silverwood would be the wife.” Scootaloo offered. “You haven't been introduced to her yet.”

“The son and daughter are Goldwine and Alya.” Apple Bloom offered.

“And if we add Scootaloo to the family that brings in Rose Myrtle.” Nova offered.

“Rose?” Hermione asked startled. She vaguely remembered meeting a foal named Rose. The details concerning who Rose was, was a bit hazy at the moment. “Ah ha, they are talking about the pegasi herd. You are so lucky you get to spend time with them.”

“If you’d like I can make it up to you by letting you join our study session.” Nova offered. “Just the five of us though.”

“You’re not inviting Ron and Harry?” Hermione asked.

“It’s going to be up in my room, be kind of hard to let the boys join in.” Nova offered.

“That’s quite alright, you don’t have to include us, we won’t feel slighted in the least.” Ron offered.

“Hang on. She has her own room?” Percy asked.

“There wasn’t a bed for her,” Idda explained. “She’s sleeping in a deluxe trunk. It’s quite nice actually. Wouldn't mind getting one for myself.”

“So we’re on then?” Nova asked. “Just us roommates

“Sure, I’d like that,” Hermione replied.


After dinner, they went up to the room at the top of the tower. Hermione gathered up the books she’d need and went into Nova’s lounge where Nova, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle were waiting. “Um, why are you just standing there?” Hermione asked.

“I thought we’d use my library.” Nova offered.

“Sounds good to me,” Scootaloo added. “Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, do you concur?”

“I think she’s ready.” Apple Bloom offered.

“Me too.” Sweetie Belle added.

“Tia, open the bookcase.” Nova requested.

Hermione’s eyes widened in surprise as the bookshelf at the far end of the room began to slide into the wall to the left. When she saw what it opened up to she dropped her books. Five pegasi foals stood expectantly, along with Alalme, Istel, Talma, Gadgull, and Twilight Sparkle.

“Pegasi,” Hermione said softly.

“This is my family.” Nova offered. She transformed herself into her pegacorn form and walked over to the waiting foals. “Some of my family, not quite all.” Goldwine went up to Nova and snuggled against her. Rose walked up to Hermione. "I should probably mention that Goldwine is still a little shy around humans."

“Hermie-ne?” Myrtle asked.

Hermione dropped to her knees. She was now surrounded by ponies, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo now back to their true selves.

“You… you have two transformations?” Hermione asked. “And you are all ponies?”

“Yep, sure are.” Apple Bloom offered.

“About the two transformations, I’d just assume not have to explain that to anyone.” Nova requested.

“She and Ensign Loki are the only ones who can do that, that I know of, and they both have the fox transformation.” Twilight offered. “My Name is Twilight Sparkle. You can call me Twilight if you like.”

“Twilight is my mother,” Nova announced. Hermione noticed Twilight’s ears twitched when Nova announced that she was Twilight’s foal. Twilight didn’t know the full truth of the matter but was growing suspicious. Nova dropped down and gave Goldwine and Alya wing hugs. “These two cuties are Goldwine and Alya. And this beautiful sable mare who’s sneaking up on my left is Alalme. Alya is her filly.”

“The wife, I assume?” Hermione asked with a smile as Alalme nuzzled Nova’s left ear.

“We’ve a sister pact.” Alalme offered. “It is good to meet you, and I hope we can be good friends.”

“Ya, um… likewise.” Hermione offered.

“Hermie-ne?” Rose asked looking at her.

“I think we broke her.” Scootaloo offered.

“Let's just give her a bit to catch up.” Twilight offered with a smile.

Meanwhile, Princess Luna was meeting with Professor Dumbledore.

“It is so good of you to offer to cover the Defense Against the Dark arts class,” Dumbledore said warmly. “And please forgive my petulance from early this morning.”

“I understand completely. We had hoped the Dark Lord would be trapped in your trap. I fear I must tell you that we felt the need to make a few modifications to the obstacle course do to students daring it. It’s a little less lethal now. Oh, and we replaced Fluffy altogether with a very clever illusion. Although, I don’t understand why Quirrel didn’t just blast his way in, short of some diminished faculties. Getting past the dog should have been easy.”

“I see...” Dumbledore said slowly as he processed what Luna had just told him. “I… I’m a little curious myself as to why he wasn't trapped?”

“He’s trapped now.” Luna reaffirmed. “We placed him in a limbo from which there can be no return.” She paused a moment. “I fear we may not be fully rid of him just yet.”

“And your reasoning?”

“It concerns Myrtle Warren.”

“Do you know what became of her I wonder?”

“Oh yes, I know exactly what became of her.” Luna offered as she retrieved a crystal vial from a handbag. “It’s the memory of her murder.”

“You’re suggesting her death was deliberate?” Dumbledore gave no hint of emotion.

“It was Tom Riddle. Granted Hagrid has some judgment issues, but the real criminal is Mr Riddle. He didn’t just kill her and frame young Hagrid, he performed some kind of ritual as she was dying.” Luna said nothing for a moment or two. “The memory is rather disturbing.”

“I suppose I’d better have a look.” Dumbledore offered. He took the vial over to the Pensieve, poured the contents in, and put his face in it.

“It’s worse then I feared,” Dumbledore stated a few minutes later as he pulled his head out. “He was reading her his fan fiction.”

“But why? It’s bad enough he killed her, but why force her to listen to bad fan fiction as she was dying?” Luna asked. The very notion of it made her feel ill. “Not even the worse villain in Eques would subject another to something so horrible.”

“It’s my belief he may have been trying to make a Horcrux.” Dumbledore offered. “It’s a way to cheat death.” “Tom Riddle had been asking about it when he was a Prefect in Hogwarts. I located a book in the school library that had enough information that he could have figured out how to do it, so I removed the book for fear he might actually try it.”

“Seems he tried it anyway, and it would explain why we couldn't kill it. So what exactly is a Horcrux?”

“A Horcrux... the individual splits their soul by committing murder, and by means of spell and ritual. They take a portion of their soul, believed to be half, and then locks it away inside an object to be kept safe. So long as that object is safe the individual cannot be killed. At the same time, they are not truly alive either.”

“What we pulled out of Mr Potter’s forehead seems to have been a piece of a corrupted soul.”

“You got it out?”

“My Sister did, with Nova’s help,” Luna explained. “It, the fragment, was reacting violently to what we did to Riddle. I’m to understand they had no choice, and they took a big risk to remove it.”

“There are three things I deeply regret, and bringing Tom Riddle to Hogwarts was one. I knew what sort of boy he was when I found him in the orphanage. I honestly believed I could redeem him.”

“And the Horcrux?”

“All I saw was a book so it’s hard to say. The memory ends before the deed was finished. And given there was a piece of his soul in Harry’s head, it suggests that he’s done it more than once. What became of the piece that was extracted?”

“It’s sealed up in an unbreakable jar. It crystallized shortly after it was placed in the jar.”

“So are your people any good at finding a needle in a haystack?”

Luna gave him an odd look. “The trouble with finding needles in haystacks is sometimes you get stuck by the needle.”

“Understood,” Dumbledore replied. “It may not be as difficult as it might seem. Tom was enamored by power. I think it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a list of items he might have used. If I trace his activities in the past, I may be able to narrow down that list. For now, there is little more we can do.”

“If he did use a book, I know an individual or two who’d be delighted to search for it.” Luna offered with a smile.

Author's Note:

It's not quite the end just yet as there is still one more Quidditch game, and the end of the school year. Voldemort is gone, but there are still a number of loose ends, and others who can take his place.

At the moment I could end this book right here, and start a sequel. Also with the holidays coming up I'm not going to be able to devote as much time as I was to this project. I am going to keep working on updates. I'm also going to take a bit of a break before I start posting again.

Edit: I have decided to continue instead of making a new book, and I'm in the process of finalizing new material.

Hawkeye - yep, that's a 4077 MASH reference.

Thank you to everyone who's come this far.

OK, I tried loading an image, but for whatever strange reason it only shows as a broken link. Here then is a link to the sketch of Twilight and Luna I did a while back.

For all you people who keep bugging me about The Philanderer's Stone.
It's not a mistake. Dumbledore is convinced that Tom Riddle already has the Philosopher's stone, and that hasn't changed. Quit speed reading. You are either missing important stuff or you are so pure and innocent that a Hentai reference is going right over your heads. :twilightangry2:

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