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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 12: An escalation of arms.

Sunset Shimmer’s presence was all but forgotten when Nova and the Crusaders informed the staff members present that a man had been caught in the girl’s shower in the Gryffindor tower. Nova then had Phenik teleport the motorcycle to the rotunda, followed by the four of them dragging Shimmer off to the Infirmary being that was going to be the easiest way to get her in to Nova’s apartment since they’d no way to know if she knew how to transform or not. Sure she could pony up, but that wasn’t quite the same thing. Then again why she didn't just teleport them just hadn't occurred to her at the moment.

Filch had quietly watched the goings on, and when an Auror asked if he knew who they were he just smiled, and replied, “Must be above your pay grade if you don’t already know.”

“It was Snape, he wouldn't take his eyes off you.” Ron was explaining to Harry. Hagrid continued to insist the idea was rubbish. Hagrid had prepared a fortifying tea to help Harry’s nerves and was presently pouring out some tea.

“The thing is, we found out that Snape tried to get past Fluffy on Halloween.” Harry offered. “We think he’s trying to steal whatever it’s guarding.”

“How’d you know about Fluffy?” Hagrid said dropping the teapot.

“Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Louise told us,” Hermione informed him.

“And Snape knows Harry knows that he tried to get past Fluffy.” Ron offered. “So he jinxed Harry's broom to get rid of him.”

“Snape would never. He’s a Hogwarts teacher.” Hagrid protested.

“Hagrid, there is something going on, surely you must have noticed?” Harry protested. “Snape got his leg mangled by Fluffy, and whoever that Louise was this past week wasn’t the Louise that we all know.”

“Hang on, Harry… why do you say that?” Hermione asked.

“Louise got hit on the left, not the right.” Harry offered.

“She did seem a bit off.” Ron offered. “Wait, you don’t mean it was her who got hit by the bludger?”

“Oh, now you’re just talking rubbish.” Hagrid protested. “It was a pegacorn that got hit by a bludger. Miss Magnus just fell off her broom.”

“To be honest I had suspected that the Louise from this week was someone else using a polyjuice potion.” Hermione offered. “I kept a close watch on her, and Polyjuice wears off after twelve hours if not re-administered, and she never left my sight, save a couple of times throughout the week.”

“Hagrid, Louise is...” Harry began, but then the hut began to shake, and a menacing voice came out of the fire.

Nobody breaks a Pinkie promise. :pinkiegasp:

“What was that?” Hagrid asked. The hut was back to normal.

“Nothing.” Harry, Run, and Hermione all said at the same time. The conversation quickly switched back to Snape, Fluffy, and whatever it was that Fluffy was guarding. Fang had curled tighter into his bed looking at the fire with doom in his eyes.

When the three returned to the school there were Aurors all over the place, and they were informed that Professor McGonagall was looking for Ron.

“Is that a minion?” Hermione asked as two men carried a strange little yellow man with blue coveralls and large thick goggles on his face. They were headed for the door with him. He was presently in a cage that had heavy wire mesh spaced so that not even a mouse could get out, and he was bound around all four limbs, as well as gagged. His beady eyes darted about.

“No Idea.” Fred Weasley offered.

“I hear the seventh year Gryffindor girls did that to him,” George said with a shudder.

“Ah, there you are.” Percy Weasley said walking up to the three. “Professor McGonagall wants to have a word with all four of us.”

“Whatever for?” Ron asked.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but Scabbers...” Percy began.

“Scabbers has something happened to Scabbers,” Ron asked as a cold fear welled up. Scabbers was the family pet after all.

“Arrested.” Fred offered, putting a hand on Ron’s shoulder.

“For voyeurism.” George supplied.

“Get off, quit joking around, what’s happened to Scabbers?” Ron asked starting to get upset.

“That little yellow man they just hauled out in a cage was Scabbers,” Percy informed him. “Pretty sure Mom’s going to want her pound of flesh when she finds out the family rat was an Animageus.”

“I think”

“you broke him.” The twins offered. Ron was standing, but his eyes weren’t seeing.

Upstairs the resident Equestrians were presently trying to placate a concerned parent.

“That Minion, or whatever that was is not the dark menace Princess Celestia told me about.” Shimmer pointed out. “I didn’t get too upset when I’d heard you got hurt, but I never dreamed you got hurt bad enough that you had to sit out a week of classes.”

“Mom, I’m fine. Nova has been tutoring me, and Mrs. Norris covered for me till I could get back on my feet.” Scootaloo protested. Sunset, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom were presently still in human form owing to Sunset Shimmer just seeming to be more at home in that skin and had shown no indication she could transform. Alalme was sitting on a mattress in the middle of the floor in Nova’s lounge with an egg, and two foals while watching the goings-on.

“We are just as safe here, maybe more so, then back home.” Nova insisted. “This apartment is well guarded, Princess Luna has sent her top squad, and there is a portal here at Hogwarts that leads straight back to the palace in the Everfree forest.”

“And who are you?” Shimmer asked.

“Nova. - I’m one of Prince Silvermane’s foals.”

“So does he name all his fillies Nova,” Shimmer asked accusingly.

“He didn’t name Estar, Nova.” Nova offered. She then transformed into her pony form. “Just so we are clear on this, I am Luna’s filly.”

Sunset Shimmer transformed. “I’ve got wings and a horn too.” She was quite a bit taller as well.

“Can you do this?” Nova asked, and transformed into her fox form.

“So cute! - Quit trying to distract me.”

“Well, you can’t go pulling… hang on.” Nova went back to her pony form. “You can’t pull Scootaloo out of school because she can’t travel yet.”

“Just transforming was difficult.” Scootaloo offered and sat down. “I’m going to be fine.”

“Well, I’d like to talk to the doctor who set your wing.” Shimmer stated.

“That would be me.” Nova offered. “My designation was as a message runner, but I’m a trained medic as well. Right now the only other medical pony is Ensign Loki. At the time of the accident, it was me or trust the humans, and humans shoot ponies. - Muma said she was going to get an actual doctor out here for us, but there seems to be a logistics issue. Otherwise, we did have Madam Hooch and Madam Pomfrey the school nurse double check my work once we were sure they’d support us. But they are human, and have limited resources and knowledge of pegasi anatomy.”

“Muma?” Sunset asked. She was registering Muma and wanted to know who that was.

“Princess Luna.” Alalme offered. “And she said that Nova did as fine a job as any white-coated doctor.”

“You nearly tipped off the individual who we believe to be the greater threat,” Nova explained to Shimmer. “..and right now the only thing stopping him, or it or whatever turban head is, from moving against us is the fact that it, and the wizard we suspect to be supporting him, don’t know we are on to them.” Deep breath. “And Mrs Norris has recruited the animals in the school to help us keep tabs on both of them.”

“She’s not another Fluttershy is she?” Shimmer asked.

“No, she’s a changeling.” Scootaloo offered.

“She’s lived here for years, and she’s reformed now.” Nova offered before Shimmer could protest. “And her primary motivation is to maintain order. We can work with that.”

“Seriously?” Shimmer asked, and then it was as though her mind had screeched to a halt. “Maybe I could hire a changeling or two at the Cloudsdale academy?”

“Anyway, despite my misgivings about Headmaster Dumbledore, we have to trust that he knows what he’s doing.” Nova offered. “Which reminds me, I need to go find Harry Potter. Oh, and Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, this is the perfect moment for the three of you to explain about that egg.”

“Way to throw us to the Timberwolves.” Apple Bloom said as Nova walked away.

“Egg?” Sunset Shimmer asked giving the trio a suspicious look. “This had better be good.”

Nova went down to the common room where she found Harry and Hermione sitting together at the victory slash we caught a pervert party. Well, technically they were on the same sofa. The two looked stunned. Ron’s rat Scabbers had been a wizard. Nova went over to them and plopped down between the two.

“So, tell me Harry...” Nova began. Harry was beginning to feel a bit awkward about how close Nova was. “Why does the gruesome twosome want you dead?”

“Two?” Hermione asked. “It was you, you threw that rock at Snape, wasn’t it? - And there are two people involved?”

“Divination is the mathematics of large numbers and the understanding of patterns.” Nova offered.

“That’s not a denial.” Hermione accused.

“In that case, I refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself, and the two of you might unknowingly tip-off Sulky Raven, and Troll Fart.”

“Troll Fart?” Harry asked a smile cracked his lips, and he started laughing. “I think I can guess who Troll Fart is.”

“So spill, why did they try to kill you?” Nova pressed.

“Snape tried to get past Fluffy. I saw his leg, it was all mangled.”

“Well, in that case, my recommendation is to keep well clear of those two. And keep in mind Snape can read minds. Guard your thoughts well, and if you suspect Snape is trying to read your mind, fill your head full of useless junk.”

“But they’re trying to get at whatever it is that Fluffy is protecting.” Harry protested.

“Then let him.”

“What?” Hermione asked. She was stunned.

“Right off hand I’d say Sulky Raven can’t sing, and Troll Fart st-st-st-st-stutters to much.”

“Sing?” Hermione and Harry asked.

“Hermione, do you mean to tell me you haven't been through all my books yet?”

“They’re just outdated copies,” Hermione replied wondering why Nova seemed to think it important.

“They are full of information that’s not in the newer versions. Seems the Ministry doesn’t want students knowing how to tame a Cerberus.” Nova informed her.

“What?” Hermione said, shocked. “No, OK, I think I can understand the reasoning, but...”

“Older wizards who’ve read the older books would already know how to get past Fluffy. What comes next is the pit. Also easy for a mature witch or wizard to get past.”

“I don’t get it, why have traps that’d be easy to get past then?” Hermione asked. “What’s Dumbledore playing at?”

“Have faith in Dumbledore, and don’t be talking to Hagrid, he can’t keep a secret. Keep in mind that the Crusaders had no trouble getting information out of him. The man is an open book to anyone who knows how to stroke the pages, and Dumbledore knows it.” Nova offered. “Look, it’s a trap, it must be, and the package is the bait. Though I imagine the gruesome twosome know it’s a trap otherwise they’d already be in it. - Once they figure out how to get past Fluffy they’ll have to figure out the other traps and spring each and everyone till they’ve made it to the final boss. All we have to do is sit back and hope that Dumbledore is smarter then they are.”

“Well, going after Harry in broad daylight sure wasn’t very bright.” Hermione offered as a smile formed on her face.

“Harry, if you play with my hair I’ll have to insist you marry me.” Nova scolded.

“I wasn’t, I swear.” Harry lied as he pulled his hands away. Nova’s hair had caught his eye, and he couldn't get over how similar her hair was to the pegacorn that had rescued him.

That night Sunset Shimmer got a room at the local Inn using local currency Nova had loaned so Sunset would have a cover in regards to where she was staying. She’d also been provided with Dumbledore’s old wand being Shimmer hadn’t a wand, and given some tips on how to redirect her magic. Nova had kept the wand after the incident at the Inn back in the winter of 1903, and refurbished it using one of Shimmer’s own hairs. It worked perfectly.

Breakfast the next morning came with a surprise no one was expecting. Sure they’d expected an article about Harry catching the snitch, but what they hadn’t expected was the heroic picture of a dashingly heroic Harry on a magnificent heroic shining white charger that looked remarkably like the Tri Star pegasus with a horn added. Harry’s fist was held aloft clutching the snitch in triumph, the two gliding over the pitch while passing cheering crowds in the stands.

“The Phuck is this shit!” Nova said putting the paper down. Laughter could be heard throughout the dining hall

“Blatant Sexism I’d say.” Idda Peverell commented. Scolding Nova for her language was the last thing on her mind, and the boys had felt as though they were on thin ice with the girls, and chose to keep their mouths shut. “Look at that, they’ve given that poor mare a sex change, and substituted a body double for Harry.”

“And a mighty sexy one too,” Scootaloo added. Most of the people at the table just assumed she meant Harry.

“Miss Moon, do mind your language.” McGonagall scolded. She’d gone over to the table the moment she saw the photo. Harry looked more like Michelangelo's David then a student of Hogwarts.

Malfoy was presently doubled up while pounding his hand on the Slytherin table saying “I can’t, I just can’t,” between fits of laughter.

“In other news...” said Ron looking at the second page. “A peeping Minion was discovered in the girls' showers of the Gryffindor tower at Hogwarts. The alleged minion was later identified as Peter Pettigrew, who had been presumed to have been murdered by Sirius Black. It is the opinion of this reporter that Pettigrew had faked his own death to frame Sirius Black who was presumed to have been the secret keeper – Harry, listen to this – the secret keeper of the Potters.” Ron continued. “It is the opinion of this reporter, and many of our colleges, that it would behoove the Ministry to reopen the investigation concerning the attack, and subsequent massacre of the Potters by you know who and his followers. It is also our opinion that the Ministry aut not to have been so hasty in convicting Black without a trial. Nor should they have been so hasty in granting forgiveness to the Death Eaters. - Wholly sheeeee...” Ron was about to swear, but then McGonagall gave him a dirty look. “And if I ever get my hands on that rat again, I’ve a mind to skin him, beloved pet or not.”

“Understandable I assure you Mr Weasly.” McGonagall offered. She then turned away from the table to go in search of the Headmaster.

“What do they mean by Minion?” Nova asked, turned the page to discover a moving image of Peter Pettigrew looking very much the part of a yellow Minion.

“Minions are in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, by Newt Scamander.” Herminone offered delighted that she seemed to know something Nova didn’t.

“Newt, you silly goose,” Nova said softly with a smile on her face. “And you all did this to Peter Pettigrew based on the Minion in the book.” Nova had told Newt Scamander about the show called Despicable Me. Nova cracked up thinking about it.

Poor Harry, thanks to that photo on the cover of the paper people kept asking him to flex his muscles, and then they’d laugh. The Slytherins delighted at teasing Harry, and they weren’t the only ones either. When Quirrel asked Harry to show him his muscles it was just disturbing. Otherwise, it was mildly amusing, at first, and then it simply got old. They’d forget about it a week later when the newspaper came with a large picture of a rather insane looking Sirius Black. The headlines read, Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban. The article made several assumptions concerning Mr Black’s mental state, calls to investigate the security of Azkaban, and finger pointing at the Ministry for dragging their feet regarding the matter concerning Peter Pettigrew. Just being reminded of ‘you know who’ was enough to unnerve many, and the school quieted down. Relief to the tension came a few days later when snow started to fall.

November twentieth. Nova and the other first years returned to the Gryffindor common room to discover a little itty bitty present on the table in the center of the room with a fancy ribbon that was nearly as big as the present. Attached was a tag that said ‘Happy Birthday Nova Moon. Sorry about missing so many, will make up for it’ signed Pinkamena Diane Pie.

“Is that a party bomb?” Apple Bloom whispered.

“Miss Moon looks like someone sent you a present.” Percy Weasley informed her. “The twins tried to open it, but no one can touch it. No one seems to know how it got there either.”

“It’s a Pinkie Pie party bomb,” Nova said with a smile. It’d been a while, and even though Pinkie overwhelmed her, she suddenly found herself anticipating pulling that ribbon. She went up to it, took hold of the long ribbon end, ducked down while looking away from the present.




“doing?” the twins asked.

“Fire in the hole!” Apple Bloom Shouted.

“Party in the house!” All three Crusaders shouted.

Nova pulled the ribbon. There was a loud bang, confetti flew everywhere, a happy birthday banner hung itself up, a punch bowl full of punch popped out, party favors, food, poppers, and presents for all!

“Land sakes!” Professor McGonagall exclaimed entering the common room. Everything and everyone is covered in confetti.

“Sweet.” The twins said in unison. From that moment on, they knew their life's calling.


“But I can’t leave Myrtle.” Scootaloo protested come December. “And I can’t go stuffing her in my luggage like you can. Nor do I understand why you can’t come with us.” Professor McGonagall had announced that she’d be taking names on the ninth of those staying behind, and Nova was telling the Crusaders to go home.

“Go, and come right back,” Nova told her. “As to why I have to stay, this has to do with me not interacting with my younger counterpart.”

“Run that by us again?” the Crusaders asked.

“I know it’s not particularly safe to use the Mirror of Erised as a portal, but there is no reason why you can’t do just that. - I’ve asked Lady Aiko to create a view screen for the portal so you can tell if there is anyone there, and then it’s simply a matter of having Princess Luna, or Sunset Shimmer teleport you in.”

“I don’t get it, why go to all that trouble?” Sweetie Belle asked. “And why can’t you interact with your younger counterpart?”

“Well if no one knows you are here, you won’t be expected to do any of the winter activities. You can stay up here for the whole winter break, or go back and forth to Equestria without anyone here wanting to keep tabs on you.” Nova took a deep breath. “As for the other thing. She and I are the same pony.”

“What?!” The crusaders exclaimed.

“Luna knows. So does Princess Celestia. I’m taking a risk just by interacting with anyone from Equestria. - I’m trusting that Princess Celestia knew what she was doing by sending you here.”

“I’d say she sent us here so you wouldn't be isolated from every pone you care about.” Scootaloo offered giving her a hug.

“So will we be adding them to our little heard?” Alalme asked.

“Maybe.” Nova replied while blushing.

“I wonder what would happen if I were to teas little you?” Scootaloo asked with a grin.

“Don’t you dare,” Nova warned. “She admires the three of you, a lot. - Don’t spoil it, alright? - Also, don’t worry about a milk mother for Myrtle, I’ve several candidates lined up.”

Outside the storms of December had grown to the point it was all Sunset could do to get back and forth from Hogsmeade. She’d had enough, checked out of the Inn, and took up residence in one of Nova’s spare rooms. Nor did she spend the time doing nothing. There were pegasi who needed educating and she was an educator. Many of the attics where the pegasi lived were miserably cold but not as cold as the dungeons for some reason. Being underground a person would think they’d be the same temperature all year, and yet… Students were forced to huddle by their cauldrons in potions, and Nova modified her flight suit to use it as long underwear. She’d also used cobwebs from the attics to increase the thickness of the material after stretching it. Magically combined of course. The Crusaders tried to do a partial transformation so they’d have fur under their clothes, but their ears were always the first thing to change. They were tempted to push their luck anyway, but then Shimmer cautioned that this was not Canterlot high where people were open to odd forms of magic, or even magic in general it being a rare community where magic and non-magic lived side by side. The human Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie had gone to Ilvermorny. Human Apple Jack had gone to a big agricultural school, Rarity went to a prestigious fashion institution, and Rainbow Dash was now in the Naval Academy. Rainbow just had a need for speed. Sunset Shimmer had returned to Equestria after High School to try to make up for all the damage she’d done by running away in the first place. She went back to school and soon found herself in the position of an administrator at the Cloudsdale Academy from which she was presently taking a sabbatical.

But I digress. Draco Malfoy had spent the better part of the run-up to the Christmas vacation going on about people staying because their families didn’t want them, only to get ordered to stay by a Great Aunt Belvina Black he didn’t even know he had, along with the instructions to make himself available to the Nova Moon girl.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#” Draco was heard to say.

Malfoy had tried to taunt Harry about what had happened at the quidditch game, but when it came right down to it, everyone had been impressed by how Harry had managed to stay on his bucking broomstick, and being rescued by a pretty pegacorn didn’t happen every day. Harry had, of course, signed up to stay because anything was better than going back to the Dursleys. He was delighted to hear that the Weasleys would be staying as well.

“Don’t be too excited that I’m staying,” Nova said to Harry as they left potions class.

“There are only a few days left to the train home, why didn’t you say anything?” Ron asked as a big evergreen came walking down the hall towards them. It had Hagrid’s feet. Ron asked Hagrid if he wanted any help, but Hagrid said he could manage it on his own.

“Would you mind?” Draco asked in a cold angry undertone. “Not trying to earn some extra money are you, Weasley? Hoping to be gamekeeper yourself when you leave Hogwarts, is it? Move in with Hagrid I suppose. His hut must seem like a palace compared to the squatter shack your family lives in.” Draco was being downright vicious.

Ron made a lunge for Draco only to get pulled back by the collar by Nova. A moment later Snape came up the stairs from the classroom. Ron clasped his hands and smiled.

“Five points from Gryffindor,” Snape said.

“He never touched him, and if he had he was provoked.” Hagrid protested. Hagrid had been dearly tempted to smack Draco himself.

“He was about to, and fighting is against Hogwarts rules provoked or otherwise,” Snape said in his cold tone. “Now step aside.”

Hagrid pulled the tree over just far enough to let people pass. He waited till the Slytherins had gone. “Can’t blame you for not liking him. Not that you heard me say nothen.”

“Never heard a thing.” Nova offered and scooted on past the tree followed by the others one by one.

“One of these days...” Ron muttered as he passed by the tree. “I hate them all.”

“Don’t be like that. After all, it’s not their fault they are so anal retentive.” Nova whispered.

“Cheer up, we’re decorating the great hall.” Hagrid offered as he lumbered along after them. He’d missed Nova’s comment, and was delighted to see the mood improving.

“What are you doing down here with that tree anyway?” Apple Bloom asked.

“I was going to ask if Snape wanted a tree in the Slytherin common room.” Hagrid offered. “E’s not getting one now though.”

“Not like he’d miss it, and what would the Slytherin’s want with a Christmas tree anyway?” Run offered.

“They were a lot more generous back in nineteen oh three,” Nova said to herself.

Whatever sour feelings they still had quickly left them as they entered the great hall a few minutes later. There were enormous Christmas trees, holly garlands everywhere, and everything decorated in sparkling extravagance. The candles in the trees were magic candles, and icicles made of crystal that looked like the real thing.

“This never ceases to impress me.” Nova offered. “This’ll be my second time.”

“Seriously?” Ron asked. “Too bad you missed all that time and had to start over.”

“It’s worth seeing, and I imagine I’ll be just as impressed in a hundred years from now. Would love to see how it’s changed a thousand years from now.”

“You think you’ll live that long?” Scootaloo asked. Scootaloo couldn't help but be curious. Until Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight there just hadn’t been what Nova called pegacorns. Not that she was aware of, and no pony really knew what the life expectancy of a pegacorn really was. And then one-day Sunset came through the portal sporting a pair of wings she hadn’t had before. And there were others, at least two in Loss Pegasus that she knew of. No, they weren’t Alicorns like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, but then when compared to the rulers of Equestria, they were barely infants.

“Father is, what, two hundred forty-something I think?” Nova offered. “No one knows how old my great gran the Lady Aiko is.” Nova's father was a three-tailed kitsune type fox pony.

“Get off, no one lives that long.” Ron protested.

“Luna is over a thousand.” Apple Bloom offered. “Luna Moon, Nova’s Muma.” Apple Bloom wasn’t known for making outrageous claims, but the none Equestrians just laughed. They stopped laughing when they realized Nova, Apple Bloome, Sweetie Belle, and Louise were quite serious. Were there people in their country who really lived that long, or were they just putting them on?

“You can’t be serious, can you?” Hermione asked.

“Ya, we’re just pulling your leg,” Nova said with a wink. “Maybe.” She then addressed the Crusaders, “Well if I should beat the odds to live to a ripe old age, I hope you three are still around.” Nova offered.

“Them, what about us?” Ron asked.

Nova went over to him, stepped up side by side, dropped her chin, and sort of look over her shoulder at him. “You um, want to be in our herd then?” Wink wink.

“Say, I think there, yes there’s something I need to do, ya that’s it,” Ron said quickly putting some distance between them.

“But Ron?” The Crusaders said pouting. They then turned their attention to Harry who decided he’d best follow Ron, and right quick like.

“Did they just run away?” Hermione asked. Hagrid left them as well as he was called over to help with the decorating. “You’re not going to ask me to join your herd are you.”

“We like you and all.” Sweetie Belle offered.

“Ya, I get it.” Hermione replied. “I told about the egg even after I helped create it. Question though, what Madam Hooch said about the egg being returned to the right mother. We were the ones who created it. Wouldn't that make us the mother? I’m confused?”

“You’re right, the four of you are the mother. Technically.” Nova offered. “Also, in our society in our kingdom agreeing to form a heard means agreeing to be bonded together to share the burden of raising our families.”

“Hang on that sounds like a group marriage?” Hermione asked.

“It kind of is.” Scootaloo offered.

“Those kinds of arrangements are common,” Nova informed her. “I’ve got two moms, one father, and at least two siblings that I know of.”

“What?” Hermione asked not quite sure she could believe what she was hearing. “Names us all Nova too. It makes it easier for him to remember the names.”

“That does it, I’ve heard enough, can’t pull that one on me!” Hermione exclaimed, and walked off.

“Nothing more fun than telling someone the truth knowing they’ll never believe you.” Apple Bloom commented as they watched Hermione walking away.

“Or frustrating for that matter.” Sweetie Belle offered. She let out a sigh, not just because she’d like to include Hermione in their herd, but because the incident involving the cutie marks will forever haunt her. They’d tried to explain, but no one would listen.

Sunday was the big Christmas dinner for the whole school prior to sending everyone off, and then on Monday morning, December twenty-third, Nova saw the Crusaders, and Hermione off to the Hogwarts express. Soon as they’d gone out the door Nova hurried back to her room where the pegasus security detail was waiting. Out the balcony door, they went racing to catch up with the train for one more farewell. No uniforms mind you. Nova and the others kind of wished they could as the weather was anything but pleasant, but then the cold air did have a tendency to make their fur thicker. As luck would have it they arrived only a few moments after the train had left the station. People at the station were startled, even awestruck by the pegasi that flew pass overhead, having never seen pegasi fly in such defined formations without riders.

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Hermione were in a compartment sitting quietly when the squad leveled off right outside their window in two perfect diamond formations.

“Look, look, look!” Someone shouted from a neighboring compartment. The girls looked out the window to see the pegasi. Nova was with the leading group, on the side closest to the train. The crusaders waved, and then Nova did a quick snap roll all the way over.

“Show off,” Scootaloo shouted.

The squad put a little distance between them, and then they all did a snap roll following first to last in quick order. Nova did one more snap roll, and then the squad pulled away from the train to vanish into the winter sky.

“Just as soon as I can get the go-ahead to start flying again I’m going to be out there with her,” Scootaloo stated.

“Do you mean to tell me you’ve been flying with them? And that looked like precision flying too.” Hermione asked astonished.

“That was a princess, and that was the security detail her mother sent out.” Sweetie Belle offered. “Surprised I don’t get a security detail too.”

“We’re not staying behind with Sulki raven and Troll Fart.” Apple Bloom offered.

“True, but we’ll be back. Mom wants me to get into a doctor first to get my wing checked before she’ll let me fly again though.” Scootaloo offered as the train rolled through the highlands, and the further away from Hogwarts, the antsier she became.

“Go on back, I see someone I want to check on,” Nova said to the lead flier as they returned to Hogwarts.

“You going to be alright out here?” Asked the big pegasus.

“I’ll be fine.” Nova offered and then transformed into her fox form. “I see someone out by the edge of the forest.” She then peeled away and glided out to the figure.

Quietly, ever so quietly she glided down, landed right behind the boy with barely, a sound, and transformed into her human form. “You weren’t thinking of going out there were you?” Nova asked. The boy spun around to reveal Draco Malfoy. Draco lost his footing, startled as he was, and proceeded to tumble backwards into the snow. His heart was racing a mile a minute. Where had she come from? A quick glance at the snow revealed only his tracks.

“What are you?!” He spat out in an accusing manner.

“I’m a minor demigod.” Nova teased with a smile. “So what are you doing all the way out here? Not planning on running away now that your parents don’t want you?”

“Why I’m here is none of your business.”

“Oh, I’m afraid it is,” Nova said picking up snippets of the reasons he had remained at school. She'd dared to read his mind, but just the surface thoughts. “You were told to stay, to make yourself available to a Nova Moon, where you not?”

“Why is that any business of yours?” Draco asked. He was starting to get apprehensive.

“Because I am...” She leaned over him, and touched her finger to the end of his nose, “Nova Moon.”

“You are?” Draco asked. He wasn’t quite sure what Nova had just done, but he felt totally discombobulated.

“Oh don’t tell me Belvina Black put you up to this? - Though to be honest I’m amazed she’s even still alive. Hundred and five not bad though, and Madam Marchbanks is older by far. Belvina has designs on getting me into the family, and she’s using you as bait. Not that I’d be interested, what with you being a total prat. Why can’t you be more like Thomas Malfoy?”


“He was one of the founders of the Hogwarts Express. Even had a friendship with a Weasley believe it or not.”

“Friends with a Weasley?” Draco was aghast. Everything about this girl just seemed off.

“The Malfoy family called him a blood traitor, and here we are eighty-eight years later, and Malfoys are using the very train they opposed. - Back then people actually had friends in other houses.” Nova straitened out. “You and Harry might even have been friends if you hadn’t have reminded him of his muggle cousin he has to live with.”

“Don’t you go comparing me to no muggle!”

“And why not? You’ve a mindset unwilling to accept anything different, or anyone who dares to have a difference of opinion. No, but that’s not you, not quite yet. It was that mindset that got Harry’s family massacred. Oh, I know all about it. Been doing some digging. Some grand wizard calling himself Voldemort got a bunch of the purebloods in an uproar and went about cleansing the community of muggle-born and anyone who stood in their way. Truth is he’s a mud-blood named Tom Riddle, good luck finding any info, but I bet your great aunt knows the truth. Harry comes from a pureblood family. He’s related to you believe it or not. It’s a distant relation, but he’s kin none the less. Didn’t stop them from going after him, and all because of some prophecy. Harry got sent off to live with his squib aunt, only she’d gone full muggle.” The research done by Princess Luna’s agents had discovered that the Evens family had in fact been squibs who’d all but left the wizarding community after the first wizard war. And every last bit of the misery seemed to be connected to Dumbledore in some way. Dumbledore could have talked sense into Grindelwald but did nothing until things had gotten so bad that Dumbledore had to resort to extreme measures to stop him. It was also Dumbledore who’d brought Tom Riddle to Hogwarts knowing the boy had some serious issues. Tom Riddle killed Myrtle by faking the bite of an acromantula, framed Hagrid, and terrorized the school by convincing everyone that the horror of the Chamber of Secrets had been unleashed once more. Dumbledore should have known Hagrid wasn’t guilty, but it was easier to blame Hagrid then to continue the investigation and risk the school being closed down. Riddle’s crowning triumph came upon him as the inspiration of a severe affliction of eighth-grade syndrome where he renamed himself Lord Voldemort. Princess Luna’s shadows were convinced that the very name was some kind of come find me spell. Hagrid was the Hogwarts groundskeeper because he'd saved Dumbledore's life and Hagrid who'd released Aragog into the forest.

“Well he’s had it better then I have!” Draco shouted. Nova wasn’t sure if what he was saying might be the truth. Sure, the Dursleys were horrible people who’d neglected and abused Harry, but could they even measure up to the Malfoy family? Luna had shown Nova the report on the findings regarding the Dursleys, and it was all they could do not to go murder the Dursleys. The Dursleys all seemed to have compulsive disorders which were compounded by Harry’s Aunt Petunia having serious resentment issues towards her sister. That said, the snatches of memories that were flooding up in Draco’s mind… His was a family of psychopaths and sociopaths. Some of them quite violent in their behavior.

“You know what. Maybe you’re right. Maybe you just admitted that your family are worse then muggles.” Nova offered as Draco looked up at her with horror in his eyes. “But that’s up to you to decide, it’s up to you to break the chain, and be your own person.” She held her hand out to him. “Come on, I’ll help you if you want it.”

“I don’t need your help,” Draco said shifting to stand.

“I never said that I asked you if you wanted my help, not if you needed it.” Nova offered, pulling her hand back. “There is a difference, and you’ll never get very far if you aren’t willing to accept a little help now and then.” “So what brought you out here in the first place?”

“I saw something. Not sure what it was.” Draco offered. He wasn’t really sure why he was even telling her, other then a relative he knew nothing about seemed to know about her. That and she just seemed to know things. “How did you get out here without leaving any footprints either?”

“Featherweight spell.” Nova lied. “I’m not very heavy to begin with, and with it I can walk on top the snow without sinking in. Downside is I’m vulnerable to wind.” She flashed him a smile hoping he wouldn't realize she'd just made that up. “So have you ever been out to Hagrid’s hut? I’ll tell him I found you wondering about the snow, and as a Hogwarts teacher he is duty bound to warm you up so en you can make it back to the school.”

Draco looked at Nova like she’d gone nuts.

“He’s actually rather likable. Harry is enamored by him because Dumbledore sent Hagrid to fetch him from the Dursleys. Harry’s relatives he has to live with, on account of they weren’t going to let Harry learn about magic.”

“Not learn about magic?” Draco said stunned. Not letting a wizard learn magic was like pulling a fish out of water. “Maybe he has had it worse.”

“Now, the best way to deal with Hagrid is to first, not be a prat, second, be genuine. Don’t try to be the person others want you to be, be yourself. Assuming, of course, yourself isn’t a prat. And lastly, never tell him anything you don’t want him to repeat.”

“Wait, what? Hang on if he repeats everything you tell him why would Dumbledore even keep him around?”

“Because he’s useful as a groundskeeper, and he repeats everything he's told."

“Does he know what the dog is protecting?”

“I imagine he does, fluffy is his dog after all.” Nova offered as she got her wand out, and tried a Featherweight spell on her self. The fact that Draco knew about Fluffy hadn’t phased her at all. She was delighted to find that the Featherweight spell actually worked as advertised. Also as predicted, Nova found herself drifting across the snow. She was about to stop when she realized Draco was following her in much the same manner having figured out the spell.

Draco completely missed when Nova’s hair inexplicably billowed out for a moment. They hadn’t been going in a good direction, but then the breeze shifted. Nova smiled in delight to discover she could manipulate the weather.

The two stumbled into Hagrid’s hut a short time later covered in snow. They’d fallen in several times when the spell had worn off. Fang set to barking, and Hagrid pulled him back.

“Hagrid, there’s a set of footprints going straight out to the forbidden forest!” Draco announced in mock alarm the moment Fang was under control.

“You lot wait right here,” Hagrid ordered, put his overcoat on, and took Fang out into the snow.

“I can’t believe you just did that?” Nova asked as mirth bubbled up.

“Nova?” Harry asked as she shook the snow off.

“Oh my god, it’s Malfoy,” Ron said. He was flabbergasted. “What are you doing hanging out with him?”

“Truce, guys.” Nova offered. “Just for the holidays, alright. Not that it’s going to make much of a difference since we’ll likely all be hanging out in our own common rooms.”

“Truce?” Draco said offering his hand. “We can go back to hating each other when school starts up again.”

“Just one thing,” Harry asked, “Were there really tracks headed to the forbidden forest?”

“Mine actually.” Draco offered. “And then Miss Moon here showed me that it’s possible to walk across the snow using a Featherweight spell on ourselves.”

“It’s kind of tricky. That’s why we are covered in snow.” Nova offered with a grin.

“Alright truce,” Harry said taking hold of Draco’s hand.

“You can’t be serious?” Ron asked.

“Why not, and besides, they just out Fred and Georged, Fred and George,” Harry said. “And it’ll be a nice break. - And Draco, you really need to switch up your insults a bit more.”

“They’ll never believe it. Out-pranked by Draco.” Ron replied with a strange look on his face.

“Ya, I’m going to go. I need to get some dry clothes on.” Draco offered after an awkward pause.

“See you then, we’ll likely see you at lunch or dinner.” Nova offered, and then Draco went back outside.

“Did you do something to him?” Ron asked.

“I might have pushed him a little.” Nova offered going over to the fire to dry off. “Wonder if it’ll take root or not?” She held her hands over the fire. “Listen, guys, Draco is the way he is because his family are a bunch of wackos.” Nova paused a moment. “Harry, we are still working on a way to get you away from the Dursleys, but it’s not going to be easy.”

“Why is that?” Harry asked.

“It was Dumbledore himself who put you there.” Nova offered. “It was for your protection, but if it’d been up to me I’d have sent you to America. Maybe even live with the Mackintosh family, and given you a new name. They used to be the caretakers here, and Dumbledore would have known them. They were good people Harry. They got driven out, and to be bluntly honest, I don't trust Dumbledore's motivations. Don’t know if you’ve noticed the outlines of foundations out there or not, but all this, Hagrid’s hut, and the pens and ramshackle buildings are part of what used to be their farm.”

“Seriously?” Ron asked.

“Seriously. - This hut is a modified silo.” Nova confirmed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some reading I want to do.”

“Reading?” Ron asked, as Nova turned, and headed for the door.

“You might want to let Hagrid know he’s been pranked.” Nova offered, pushed the door open, and went outside. Harry thought of something he wanted to say, rushed to the door, pushed it open, and looked outside.

“She’s gone,” Harry said looking out the door. What Nova had said had given him a lot to think about. He turned to find Hagrid out standing in his field with a bemused expression as he scanned the area. What he saw was one track leading to two people, and then nothing. There were some suspicious depressions in the snow at various locations leading up to his hut, but it just wasn’t clicking. Hagrid wasn’t a complete idiot, as it was obviously a trick of some sort. What was throwing him was how to they get back?

Harry went out to Hagrid. “You’ve been tricked you know.”

“I figured as much.” Hagrid offered. “And this has got to be Fred and George. One rides the shoulders of the other to get out here, but how they got back short of doing the same in reverse is beyond me? It looks like they teleported, but that ain't possible.”

“I’ll be sure and tell them you were impressed,” Harry said with a smile. For once the twins really would be innocent while pleading innocence.

Nova had transformed back into a fox and raced back. She drifted down, into the Gryffindor attic space pushing through the window to gain entry, transformed to her pony self, and walked down a staircase into her own attic. She waved to her guests who’d decided her attic was much better than the one they’d been using, and then went downstairs. She was tackled a few moments later by Goldwine and Alya.

“Captain Hoofstrong?” Nova called.

“Downstairs,” Alalme asked.

“Situation room I’m guessing?” Nova asked.

“Also we got a message from Princess Celestia. They’ve discovered a detection spell on the mirror.”

“A detection spell?”

“It’s set to detect human presence.”

“And Mrs Norris and I wouldn't have set it off because neither of us are human on coming through the mirror. At least I’m hoping that’s the case.” Nova thought about it for a moment. “And every pony else turns into a human when they come through. Aww, Crab apples! Fine, I’m going to talk with Captain Hoofstrong.”

Nova went downstairs with foals in tow like little ducklings to find the captain. She found him in a makeshift command center in a raised pavilion on the lawn behind which were tents for housing, and dining. In a panel in the floor under a pain of nonbreakable glass was the Marauder's map, and thanks to Nova’s Tia, a three-dimensional enlarged projection of Hogwarts all but filled the room. Every single room, hall, and secret passage was laid out for them except Nova’s bag that only showed up as a door in the Gryffindor tower.

“Mr Malfoy saw something go into the forest,” Nova announced. “I’m guessing one of our targets is no longer on campus.”

“You would be correct in that. Troll Fart went out to the forest near Mr Hagrid’s hut while we were sending off the fillies.”

“Shame we can’t expand the scope of this map.” Lt Mouse offered.

“Tia, can that be done, can the range be extended?” Nova asked. She was answered by a rare appearance of the Alicorn of light.

“It’s beyond my scope I’m afraid.” Tia offered. “I can only work with what I’ve been given.”

“If you could analyze the spell and provide me with a copy, I could send that off to your maker, and maybe they can come up with something,” Nova suggested.

“I can do that.” Tia offered and vanished.

“Thank you, Tia,” Nova called.

“I swear that’s more unnerving than the real thing.” Lt Mouse commented.

“Why do you think she stays hidden most of the time?” Nova offered with a smile. Her smile faded. “Your duty lies here, but I won’t stop you if you’ve a mind to put on some winter gear, take a few ponies, and have a look.”

“Wouldn't hurt to have some locals with us.” Lt Mouse offered.

“Wouldn't want to get too close to that acromantula colony. Not even in winter.” Nova offered. “Blasted things. If I could fry every last one I would.”

“I’m told there used to be a beautiful valley there.” Lt Mouse offered.

“It was. Meadows, and trees with white bark and silver leaves.” Nova offered. “I got to see it in spring when everything was in bloom. The locals were all proud to call themselves the ponies of the silver wood. They had parks, gardens, and all their buildings were high up in the trees.” Nova turned to a map on the wall. “It’s just a memory now.”

“Nova,” Alalme called. There was concern in her voice.

“Alalme, what’s wrong? I thought you were going to sit on the egg this morning?”

“Scootaloo is back.”

“What? - Oh for Celestia’s sake!” Nova rushed upstairs to find a contented Scootaloo under a pile of blankets. “Scootaloo?! Does Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle know you went back? What about the staff on the train?”

“Yes, and they are going to cover for me.” Scootallo offered. “I couldn't do it, I couldn’t leave. I finally figured out teleport. Soon as I had that they said go, and I went.”

“At least it was only a train. Don’t ever do that from anything moving faster, or while in flight.” Nova scolded.

“Why?” Scootaloo asked.

“It’s because of the kinetic energy transfer. The faster you are going, the greater the pop from the implosion – explosion. And now I need to send word to let them know not to expect you on the train.” Sunset Shimmer had been in another part of the train riding with the adults, and there was going to be Tartarus to pay.

When Nova went down to go to lunch she was all but accosted by Professor McGonagall in the common room. “Nova where have you been? Miss Magnus isn’t on the train. Please tell me you’ve seen her?”

“What makes you think she’s not on the train?” Nova asked, her guilt showing.

“Headcount spell that keeps track of everyone. Where is she?” McGonagall demanded.

“Did something happen to Louise?” Harry asked. He and Ron were just on their way down to lunch.

“She’s being a broody little hen.” Nova offered. “Otherwise she’s fine.”

“Would you like to explain that?” McGonagall said in a threatening tone.

“Might be easier if I just show you.” Nova offered, knowing this battle was already lost. “And not a word out of you two.”

“What? I wasn’t going to say anything?” Ron asked not quite sure what she was talking about.

“She means about Louise sneaking back.” Harry offered. Harry might have been a bit faster on the uptake, he wasn’t sure what broody meant, but he was sure he knew what Nova meant by hen and he knew that Louise could turn into a pegacorn and that there was likely an egg involved.

“You don’t mean she flew in that storm?” Ron asked.

Hearing this McGonagall stormed up the stairs with Nova following close behind.

“Well, where is she?” McGonagall asked once they’d reached the top.

“This way.” Nova offered going into her room. She then bid McGonagall follow her into the closet. “Oh and before you say anything, the Ministry knows, and the confines of my luggage is by Ministry charter the sovereign territory of Eques. What goes on in here happens at my discretion as governed by the laws of Eques.” As for the Ministry knowing, sure it was on file, somewhere, under 88 years of records.

“Now see here...”

Nova opened the back of the wardrobe to reveal the library. “After you.”

McGonagall strode into the library, and then came to an abrupt halt. Nova was closing the door, and two men in winter camouflage uniforms were waiting at the entrance of the library.

“This way.” Nova offered to direct McGonagall out of the library and into the lounge space. Everywhere could be seen Christmas, or in this case, Hearth's warming decorations, and a vast garden could be seen outside the window that Professor McGonagall had never seen, even though she’d swore she knew every square inch of the castle. Not a flake of snow could be seen either, despite the growing storm outside.

“Minerva?” Madam Pomfrey asked on seeing McGonagall.

“Et tu Poppy?” McGonagall asked. Madam Poppy Pomfrey was presently sitting on the floor talking to a golden unicorn under a pile of blankets. The unicorn pulled a blanket over its head with its magic. “Is that a unicorn?”

“That is Miss Louise Magnus.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “And she’s a pegacorn, not a unicorn.”

“What am I to tell Professor Dumbledor?” McGonagall asked.

“Tell him she got off the train at the last moment, and that she is resting in her room with a cold.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “Just say that she’s a little horse and resting.”

“If you could possibly leave out the part about her being a pegacorn brooding over an egg in an embassy in a handbag, we’d most appreciate it.” Nova requested. “It’s very important that all this remains secret even from Professor Dumbledore.”

“And why should I, pray tell?” McGonagall asked.

“Why don’t I take you downstairs and show you Harry’s profile?” Madam Pomfrey offered standing up.

“Harry’s profile?” McGonagall asked. “What’s Harry have to do with this?”

“I’m a princess of Eques.” Nova offered. “We have files on everyone that I come into contact with.” That wasn’t entirely true, but it was close, being all the persons of interest had been investigated by this point.

“Minerva, at the very least, Professor Dumbledore can be insulated from blame in the event of an international incident.” Madam Pomfrey offered.

“Show me Harry’s profile.”

The short trip down to the in-house infirmary was mind-boggling. What appeared to be outside was a vast garden inside an enormous greenhouse in which were several large tents that looked to be military in origin, and were being manned by pegasi of all things. Or is that ponied?

“What’s going on? Is everything going to be alright?” Alalme asked using the common language while sticking her head in the door from the garden. Two foals stood nearby.

“She talks?” McGonagall asked.

“Minerva, you have a student who is a pegacorn, and a talking pegasus surprises you?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

“We are just ironing things out.” Nova offered. “Seems they figured out that Scootaloo jumped train.”

“Oh, alright,” Alalme said and closed the door with a hoof.


“This, this is outrageous!” McGonnagal said with a medical file in hand a few minutes later.

“I didn’t want Professor Dumbledore to know about us originally because I wasn’t sure I could trust him.” Nova offered. “It was Dumbledore who pushed through Sirius Black’s conviction without a trial, and Black is godfathert was Harry’s legal godfather. Had there been a trial they might have found out about Peter Pettigrew. Dumbledore assumed magical guardianship of Harry, and then placed him in a home that was neglectful at best… Can you understand why I don’t want him to know about any of this?” Dumbledore may also be at the root of the Ministry’s dragging of the case involving Peter Pettigrew, but Nova chose to keep that to herself.

“But I don’t understand, why… I even checked up on Harry on a regular basis.”

“Right off hand, I’d say the very spells that were intended to keep him hidden, were interfering with your ability to recognize that he was not being taken care of properly.” Pomfrey suggested.

“We had to keep him safe, but we never meant for any of this to happen.” McGonnagal offered.

“Keeping him safe for his own sake would have been better served getting him as far away from here as possible, that scar removed, and a new name given him.” Nova offered. “Harry is bait.”

“Bait?” McGonagall asked. “You aren’t going tell me Dumbledore meant to serve him up on a platter do you?”

“No of course not. That’s why he brought the Sorcerers stone here.” Nova offered.

“You know about the stone too?” McGonagall was shocked.

“Dumbledore cares only about defeating you know who once and for all, and he knew he’d resurface just as soon as Harry did.” Nova offered. “The stone is the second bait.”

“I, I just don’t know what to say?” McGonagall offered. She looked faint, so Madam Pomfrey helped her to a seat.

“Afraid you're getting all this at once.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “Harry’s medical records is what prompted me to bring him in for a physical. Though removing that scar could be tricky. It seems to be a piece of dark magic embedded in his skull.”

“I am hopeful that Dumbledore’s gambit pays off without anyone getting hurt.” Nova offered.

“I feel like such a fool.” Minerva offered. “Harry resurfaces, and of course you know who would come after him, finds out about the stone... You aren’t suggesting he’s already here?”

“I’d rather not comment, but I think you can guess considering the military presence on my lawn. Trust me, my family is not happy about the situation. I’m here to continue my education, not clean up the messes of others.” About the only reason we haven't pulled up, and left is because it would be irresponsible on our part to do so.”

“Harry’s broom?” McGonagall asked.

“Not an accident. Not an unexplained malfunction. It was a deliberate act of sabotage.” Nova offered. “The pegacorn who caught him is some pony near and dear to my heart.”

“I see.” McGonagall said giving Nova an odd look.

“That might be one mystery best left unanswered.” Madam Pomfrey suggested as she took the file, and placed it in a locking cabinet.

“And it was Louise who got hit by the bludger wasn’t it.” McGonagall surmised. “So who all knows about this?”

“Yourselves, and Madam Hooch. If Madam Hooch knows about ‘You know who’ she hasn’t said.” Nova offered. “The Crusaders, of course, being kin know, but they don’t know about ‘You know who’ and I’m not telling them if I don’t have too. All they know is he’s a person of interest Professor Dumbledor means to catch in the act of trying to heist something valuable. Mr Filch knows who he is.”

“Filch?” Both women asked in astonishment.

“He doesn’t know anything about this. He thinks I’m an Auror.” Nova offered.

“Considering you should be in forth year I can see where he might get that idea.” McGonagall offered as a slight smile formed on her face. “Does Hermione know about any of this?”

“We’ve gone to a considerable amount of trouble to keep her from finding out.” Nova admitted in a tone of regret. “Afraid our friendship with her has been kind of strained as well.”

“Can’t say I blame you for keeping all this from her. Might have helped if they’d have just told us the truth about that egg.” McGonagall offered.

“Would it?” Madam Pomfrey asked. “They told us about the marks, and we traumatized them in an effort to remove them.”

“I’m under the impression they never told anyone back home or you’d have had some mighty pissed off parents to deal with.” Nova offered. “There are only two ways to remove a mark that I know of. One is to switch it with another, and the other is to take the magic away from the individual until it fades. Take too much magic and the effort will break us, leaving nothing but an empty shell.”

“So in our ignorance, we behaved no better than muggles.” Madam Pomfrey informed McGonagall.

“And that egg. The egg is, or rather was, a ghost by name of Moaning Myrtle.” Nova offered.

“Run that by me again?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

“Scootaloo, Louise to you, did not lay that egg. She’s much too young.” Nova explained. “My birth mother gave them a book of spells pertaining to the management of ghosts, and they, with Hermione’s help, extrapolated a complex, and a rather dangerous spell. My mom was rather impressed that they managed to do it without anyone dying in the attempt.”

“And that’s when Louise got sick.” Madam Pomfrey offered.

“So it wasn’t the egg that made her sick as Hermione had thought?” McGonagall asked.

“Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with that egg, there is a perfect little pegacorn growing inside.” Nova offered. “It was the spell that did the damage. The spell took from the Crusaders the raw material needed to create the egg, and the greater burden fell on Louise. Which may also explain why she’s being so broody.”

“Now then, back to my request that you not say anything to anyone about what goes on behind my book case? Nova asked after a short pause in the conversation.

“I’d like to talk to her,” McGonagall replied.

“Feel free to chew her out as much as you like.” Nova offered.

“Minerva?” Madam Hooch asked entering in from the door to the Nurse’s office. “Can I take it this means we’ve found Louise.”

“I’m afraid she’s too broody to leave Hogwarts. Even for a couple of days.” Nova offered.

“A couple days?” McGonagall asked.

“Well, the idea was to sneak her back in so no one would know she was here.” Nova supplied.

“Well, the young one’s do tend to be mighty broody.” Madam Hooch offered, as though a student being a pegacorn who’d laid an egg was normal.

Professor McGonagall agreed she’d keep quiet, and then the group went back up stairs to check on Scootaloo only for Nova to discover that Scootaloo was still damp.

“Why are you still damp? - We dried you off already.” Nova said as her mind raced a mile a minute. “Out, off with the blankets, up, or I’ll start plucking tail fathers, come on, get up.”


“No buts. - I’m just betting your clothes are all wet.” Nova insisted, Scootaloo relented, and sure enough, her clothing was sopping wet.

“Why is she so wet?” McGonagall asked. Scootaloo had teleported to the top of the train prior to transforming, only to have a waterfall of slush slam into her. She nearly fell off the roof before she could transform.

“On transforming from human to pony, the water gets trapped and slowly wicks out. - I’ve done it myself. It’s a miserable feeling.” Nova offered. “Alright, everything off. Tia, new mattress, and bedding please?”

And low the angel of Celestia did appear, and the humans fell upon their knees in great wonderment.

“Sure, treat me like a maid and an incubator to boot,” Tia said in mock complaint.

“You know you like it.” Nova said as she striped Scootaloo. The avatar of Celestia removed all but the egg which was held suspended in air. A new mattress was put in place along with new bedding, and the egg returned to its place this time with Tia the wonder sun horse warming it.

“Alright change back, and remind me to talk to you about wearing underwear. Humans were undergarments.” Nova instructed.

“Why do humans wear so much clothing anyway?” Scootaloo asked as Nova used a drying spell.

Scootaloo went floof, and the humans were overcome anew by the cuteness.

“Better?” Nova asked as Scootaloo climbed back onto the mattress and became enveloped in the light of the solar alicorn.

“Better.” Scootaloo replied making herself comfortable. “Mmmm much better.”

“Come on, snap out of it.” Nova said to the three women. “Just a fancy spell and a fluffy pony. Move along, nothing to see here.”

Nova somehow managed to get the three women downstairs. She’d forgotten that only one of the three had come up that way, fortunately, it worked out.

“Did you find Miss Magnus?” Dumbledore asked seeing the three women coming into the hall.

“She’s a little horse,” McGonagall informed him. “That is, she came back, she’d changed her mind, and got soaked in the wet snow.”

“Something will be brought up to her.” Madam Pomfrey offered. “She’s not feeling well.”

“I’ll be handling her detention for the scare she gave us.” Madam Hooch offered. She wasn’t actually going to do anything mind you. After all, scolding a young mare for doing what nurture dictated was hardly something to be punished.

“That’s good to know,” Dumbledore replied. “Go on into lunch and I’ll let the people on the train know she’s here.”

Snape sat at the high table looking as dower as ever when the ladies entered. Quirrel was nowhere to be seen, but being it was lunch it wasn’t considered too unusual. Nova want to the Gryffindor table clandestinely waving at Draco on the way. Draco was presently sitting by himself. There were other Slytherins who’d had to stay, but his goings on about people staying because their parents didn’t want them hadn’t gained him much support in his own house. He had no friends.

“So what’s going on with Louise?” Harry asked as Nova sat down.

“She couldn't bring herself to leave me by myself.” Nova offered. She thought it best not to say a word about why Scootaloo had really come back. Nova was also quietly delighted in that Scootaloo had unwittingly given her the perfect excuse to just disappear into the top of the Gryffindor tower. Later that afternoon she’d be glad for the relative safety of the school and tower.

When Nova returned from lunch she found that a unicorn had been brought in. Something had brutally attacked a mare, and left her for dead. Ensign Loki the medic that had been sent with the guards had used every means at his disposal to save the unicorn. He being a fox pony, like Nova, meant he’d more tricks then the average pony. He couldn't save her. Nova sat down at her desk and wrote a long letter to Celestia regarding the situation. They needed more ponies, and they needed a surgeon.

The ponies celebrated Hearth's Warming on Christmas Eave, and Christmas on Christmas day, though it brought them little cheer.

“Come on, we need to make an appearance at dinner,” Nova said to Scootaloo. Scootaloo was presently in one of Nova’s outfits her own luggage having been left on the train. It was anyone’s guess as to weather it would be brought back to the school. Nova was wearing her Weasley sweater. Hers was white with a purple and vermilion stripe running the length to match her hair with black trim on the collar, cuffs, and bottom edge “Myrtle will be fine.”

“Will you look at this,”

“She’s got a Weasley Sweater.” The twins said as the two girls entered the common room. Percy had taken his off and was presently putting it back on.

“Oh don’t be daft,” Percy said pulling his sweater on.

“It was a gift I got a while back. It was made by the Dowager Duchess Laurel deClare widowed wife of Sir Percival Weasley.” Nova informed them.

“No way,” Percy said softly.




a Weasly

sweater.” the twins countered.

“I didn’t say that.” Percy countered. “Mother has a photo book of the Abbey before it burned down in the blitz. There’s a painting of Nova in one of the pictures. - Not that you two ever paid attention when mother got out the old photo albums.”

“The Abbey burned down?” Nova asked. “Did they not rebuild it?”

“Afraid not.” Percy offered. “Family was deep in debt, so they sold the property.”

“Does the family still have the old Tudor hunting lodge then?” Nova asked.

“Hunting lodge?” The twins asked.

“I think she means the Burrow.” Percy offered. “Afraid the old lodge is long gone. We live in one of the croft buildings now. It used to be the building they kept the pigs in. It’s been modified quite a bit as well. Sure is a small world. Miss Nova here is wearing a Weasley Family heirloom.”

“I’d have to say it’s a Moon family heirloom now.” Scootaloo countered.

“Well I’d say”

“that Miss Nova

is practically

a Weasley.” The twins offered, and then both proffered an arm for escort.

“You do know she comes as part of a package deal?” Scootaloo said taking George’s arm.

“Come along Fred,” Nova said taking Fred’s arm.

“I’m George,” Fred said.

“No, I’d say I have George.” Scootaloo offered.

“Did it not occur to you we might be able to tell who is who?” Nova chastised playfully. Considering how difficult it could be to tell one pony from another, The fillies had no trouble telling the two boys apart.

“I suspect they just might know who is who.” Percy teased. Harry and Ron came down a moment later not entirely sure what to think.

“What’s going on?” Ron asked.

“Seems Miss Nova here is practically part of the family,” Percy informed them.

“What?” Ron asked.

“That sure escalated quickly,” Harry remarked. “But aren’t you two kind of young?”

“We’re older then they are.” Nova offered. “Not like we are in any kind of serious relationship though.”

“But you’re first-year, and they are in third year.” Ron protested.

“And but for the lack of appropriate transcripts, I’d be in fourth-year,” Nova informed them. She had celebrated her fifteenth birthday. At least she thought it was her fifteenth. Celebrated it twice within the same year by her reckoning. Scootaloo was sixteen, and Alalme figured she was seventeen turns of the seasons, and so far as anyone could tell Nova wasn't much younger. If not for their petite frames as humans they'd have looked very out of place with the first years.

“I kind of got a late start.” Scootaloo offered. “I’m older then she is, it’s just that my magic only recently kicked in.”

“I thought you girls looked kind of mature for first years.” Percy mused.

“Apple Bloom is about the same age as Nova, and Sweetie is twelve.” Scootaloo offered.

“Sweetie is a protege.” Nova offered. “She was attending the school my Aunt runs, but when she found out Louise was coming to Hogwarts she wanted to come here too. And then Apple Bloom wanted to come. Most just assume they are all the same age, and Sweetie has no trouble passing for an eleven year old. And we are all a little on the petite side. - Now, shall we go down to diner?”

“Yes indeed,” Fred answered.

“I thought she was the same age as us?” Ron asked as they issued forth from behind the portrait of the fat lady.

“Won’t mother be thrilled to hear we’ve added a new member to the family.” George beamed.

“George, do have a care you don’t go giving your mother a heart attack,” Scootaloo warned him.

Dinner was everything one could imagine, and then some. Scootaloo was glad to have come as the humans did partake in quite a bit more meat then ponies typically did. Though they did find that the local pegasus did have a taste for fish. They were in the habit of smoking it over fires in pits or just roasting it. When they’d first arrived in this world food wasn’t always the best, or easy to come by. Many had allowed themselves to be penned up by wizards so as not to starve to death in hard winters. Alalme had told them when they had dinner with the ponies the night before just how difficult living free in the forest was. And here was Nova and Scootaloo on their second feast of the day.

“I keep eating like this I’m going to be too fat to fly.” Scootaloo joked. Harry and Ron laughed all the louder knowing full well what she really meant.

After dinner, the two fillies climbed the steps a little slower than they normally would have, went into the apartment, climbed into the large shared bed, and groaned.

“I haven't eaten this much since the last time I was at the Apple Farm.” Nova offered. The two were back to pony form, put it didn’t seem to help. She caught sight of Alya and Goldwine coming in for a belly dive, and grabbed hold of them with her magic. “No bouncing around Myrtle, or my over full belly.”

Harry Potter stood in the room of requirement looking into the mirror of Erisid. He had on Nova’s advice given up on whatever it was Fluffy was guarding, but to an eleven-year-old boy, an invisibility cloak is an invitation to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, new civilizations, and to boldly go where no first year has gone before.

He’d nearly got caught by Snape and Filch in a pincer movement that had been purely coincidental. Unknown to Harry Filch had been keeping tabs on Snape and Quirinus Quirrell. Filch kept a log of everyone who went up to the off-limits corridor, and would provide Dumbledore a copy once a week. He did not leave off staff members. The list was disturbing. Sure there was the occasional lost, or misdirected student, but Snape and Quirrell seemed to be going up there quite a lot.

What are they doing? Dumbledore asked himself after the most recent list of trespasses. He knew something was off about Quirrell and was likely being used by the dark lord, may even be possessed in a fashion, but was Snape helping him? Surely Snape had to realize he wanted Voldemort to walk into his trap? As for Filch, he seemed sharper than ever, and had even mellowed considerably since the day the pegacorn got hit by the bludger. Dumbledore reasoned that Filch must have been deeply moved by the news of the injured guardian of light.

And now back to Harry Potter at the Mirror of Erised. It had finally occurred to him that what he was seeing, was his family. It was his family, and then it was men and women in winter camouflage military uniforms, medical personnel, equipment, and crates were issuing forth, a woman in black leather and hair like a phoenix, Nova’s mother came through next… what was she doing here? An old wizard, a man that looked like a Roman soldier, and a very large man who looked like he’d be right at home on board a Viking longboat.

How Harry didn’t get trampled under his invisibility cloak was anyone’s guess.

There was a flash of light, and suddenly Harry was in a large rotunda. There was another flash of light.

Harry awoke and sat up in his bed. Had it all been a dream?

The next night Harry and Ron went out exploring and were nearly about to give up when they found the room again. Once more Harry saw his family. He also saw Nova towards the back giving him a dirty look. Ron saw himself as head boy holding the quidditch cup… and Nova.

And then the room filled with people, there was a flash of light, and the boys woke up sometime later back in their own beds. Both had splitting headaches like someone had slapped them upside the backs of their heads.

“No, I am not going back,” Ron stated flatly when Harry suggested going back again. “That thing makes you hallucinate.”

“Ya, I guess you’re right.” Harry offered. Harry thought about it, and then decided that perhaps a third time probably wasn’t a good idea. After all, neither one of them had a clue how they got back to their own beds.

Dumbledore paid the mirror a visit that night to see who it was who’d discovered the mirror. No one showed. He’d suspected it might be Harry and had gone to the mirror on the second visit but had somehow missed him. After all, he had given Harry the means to find the mirror without being discovered. Harry was part of his plan. Still, though, he’d hoped to have an opportunity to explain how the mirror worked. But then again, Dumbledore didn’t really know how that mirror worked. All he knew was that it showed one’s deepest desire and that he could put things in it, and retrieved them. The spells he’d added had assured that only someone who wished to protect the stone could retrieve it, and he’d need Harry’s innocence to achieve that aim once Voldemort was trapped inside. He’d also made the erroneous assumption that once something went in, it wouldn't be able to get out on its own.

Nova made Rockhoof put a rubber stopper on his spade, and took it away from him. After the third hole in the tile she’d had enough. “Now what do you think would happen if you did that on board a ship!?” Nova yelled at him on the third hole. “This palace is like a ship, and if you go jamming that big thing were it don’t belong it’s going to be mighty unpleasant. You know what I mean! You’ll get it for missions, nothing more!”

Seeing the small pegacorn chewing out Rockhoof was nearly more than many could take, and it was all they could do not to bust up laughing. They also had a proper medical staff now. Shimmer was relived to learn that Scootaloo had healed up perfectly. “Why some of the best trauma specialists are fox ponies.” The doctor had told Shimmer. “They just seem to have an innate ability to see what needs fixing.” Shimmer was relived, but she was still troubled by the fact that Scootaloo couldn't bring herself to leave Myrtle behind in the care of others even for a couple days. Had Myrtle been anywhere other than directly above the girls, would Scootaloo have gone looking for it? But then the half-giant Hagrid had played a mighty cruel joke on the girls to keep them from looking for it.

Scootaloo and Myrtle had been moved in with Nova, and Alalme, and a pair of changelings, delighted at the chance to do a top-secret mission, were sitting in for Nova and Louise in the dorm room so the two could have more time with the foals. The last thing any of the ponies wanted was for someone in the dorm discovering the girls were missing and start looking for them. When the changelings weren’t needed for that task, they would be a reliable set of eyes and ears who could work with Mrs Norris to keep an eye on the comings and goings of their primary individuals of interest. Sure the map showed where the individuals were, but it couldn't tell them what they were doing. At least they knew who was in the castle at any given time. And everyone on the security force was fitted with tiny magical communications devices so that every creature could stay in contact.

Whenever Troll Fart decided to go for a stroll in the woods, pegasi would be dispatched to shadow him, and hopefully, thwart him without his knowing. Why he was attacking unicorns didn’t make much sense to the Equestrians either. These unicorns were about as feral as a unicorn could get, but they were still unicorns. Whatever it was Quirrel was, he was fast. Whether or not the local unicorns were in any way descended from Princess Luna’s staff would forever remain a mystery as there was nothing about them that would have identified them as having ever been Equestrian unicorns. The pegasi had at least stuck together maintaining a community, and the oral history of their tribe. The locals were proving invaluable scouts to the Nightguard who’d volunteered. Flash Magnus was the only Day Guard, not do to a lack of eager volunteers, but because of the oral history of the local pegasi. It was feared that Celestia’s finest might be viewed with considerable suspicion. Nova herself had become something of a legend as there had been five generations from the time of the appearance and slaying of the Wyrm that had so devastated the pegasi community. And thanks to Nova’s Moonie, Luna was even more of a legend. Luna was presently staying in a pavilion in the garden so as not to kick out what was rapidly growing into a small family in what was essentially a duplicate of her apartments.

Back in Equestria, there would be much discussion as to whether or not Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle would be going back. Especially Sweetie Belle as no pony wanted her in a classroom that was being taught by the Unicorn Killer.

“So why is it I’ve never seen this other me?” Luna asked Nova. She was presently sitting in the lounge with Alalme, Nova, the two foals, and all in their pony bodies. So long as they didn’t have to interact with humans every pony was just more at home in their pony selves. The mattress had been removed and Scootaloo had to contend with leaving the doors to the bed chamber open to feel like she was being included. Sitting on an egg was proving to be rather dull. Nova had been lots of help by giving her plenty of books to read. Mostly her school books, and not just the books from Hogwarts, but courses of study that would have been required in Equestria.

“She’s a representation of yourself and has been tinkered with by every Princess and or Queen Luna I’ve met in my trans-dimensional travels. Her function is to provide me with a body guard, and chaperon.” Nova offered.

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.” Luna surmised.

“You’re sister fiddled with her personality.”

“My sister...”

“Not that I’m complaining mind you.” Nova offered. “She’s actually a lot more fun as a companion now, it’s just that she has a tendency to act less like your dignified self, and more like a Golden Retriever.”

“Ah, so that’s why you said ‘your sister’ as apposed to say, Aunt Tia.”

“She will act seriously enough when the situation demands for it.” Nova offered. “You should have seen her take on the Wyrm she tracked to the farm. She put it’s eyes out with her hooves, and then while students kept it occupied went to the castle and retrieved a halberd to kill it. One of them old rusty ones displayed with the armor.”

“Impressive. No wonder I have such a good reputation.” Luna offered. “So what is she doing now?”

“I have her keeping an eye on Dumbledore,” Nova told her.

“He hasn’t seen her?” Luna asked.

“She moves through the paintings,” Scootaloo said from the bedroom.

“Wizards tune out the activity inside paintings.” Nova offered. “Many of the subjects in the paintings have a tendency to move from painting to painting, so a night mare, or gorgeous woman in the wrong painting just gets ignored. It’s like she’s not even there.”

“Well I’d say that at the moment, that must be her next to your chair.” Luna announced. Nova looked down, and sure enough, laying on the floor, nose between her hooves, and tail wagging was Moonie.

“Moonie?” Nova said. “Can I assume this is important being I told you not to let Princess Luna or anypone else see you unless it’s important?”

“Dumbledork moved the mirror to the base of the trap.” Moonie informed them.

“As in bait?” Nova asked.

“Do you think our activity has him thinking Troll Fart found the mirror?” Luna asked.

“Moonie’s analysis would suggest that Dumbledork is hoping that Troll Fart will go through the portal.” Moonie offered.

There was a moment no one said anything.

“Nope, not going to happen.” Nova and Luna said at the same time.

“So now what?” Alalme asked.

“First I’m going to confiscate that mirror, and then we are going to take matters into our own hooves.” Nova offered.

“Ooo, goody.” Luna said as a wicked gleam of blood lust brightened her face.

“Behave yourself Muma, we can’t move against him openly,” Nova cautioned as she was getting up. “Keep in mind that with the exception of Filch and the possible exception of Professor Dumbledore, all the other humans still think he’s lovable old stinky Pr-pr-professor Quirrel. We’d find ourselves and every other pegasus the targets of every human for miles around. We either catch him in the trap, or draw him out, and away from the school.”

“Shouldn't be to hard to pin him down in the forest, and this sitting around waiting for the rat to figure out how to get into the trap needs to change.” Luna suggested as she and Nova went down to the map pavilion where they found Rockhoof, Starswirl, Sunset Shimmer, and Flash Magnus studying the map. It hadn’t taken them long to figure out how to reverse the effect of the portal and were all in their native form.

“We have an issue.” Princess Luna announced as they entered. “Professor Dumbledore’s end game is to use the mirror of Erised to send Mr Riddle, AKA you know who, code name Troll Fart, to Equestria. We can’t let that happen.”

“Starswirl, if we stick to our pony forms will we trigger any detection spells that might have been added?” Nova asked.

“My analysis has indicated the spells in place only detect bipeds, and I doubt Dumbledore would think to have spells that detect the presence of what to him are just dumb animals.” Starswirl offered.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” Shimmer asked.

“It’s Equestrian property, we confiscate it.” Princess Luna informed them.

“I can teleport to the mirror, open up a door into here, and then we can just help ourselves.” Nova offered.

“That’d be a mighty risky teleport young miss.” Starswirl cautioned.

“I’m confident I can do it. We just need to make sure there are no Equestrians in human form about when we do it.” Nova offered. “Also, I can teleport in, in my fox form so I’ll be smaller. I’m really good at teleporting, and could teleport it here, but I don’t want to risk triggering any alarms by using magic on it.”

“Just leave it to me then, and I’ll hoist it on my back.” Rockhoof offered.

“What about a replacement?” Princess Luna asked.

“I built it, I think I can manage to transfigure a replacement.” Starswirl offered.

“Alright then, I’ll see every pony at the kitchen door in a few minutes.” Nova offered, transformed into a fox, and vanished with a pop.

Nova found herself on a cold stone floor, not a snippet of light to be had. To say it was black would be an understatement. The room was a total absence of light blacker then Princess Luna’s coffee. Before the cream and sugar that is.

For nova that wasn’t a huge problem as she could still use that fox sense that allowed her to perceive auras. She felt deep down that if she was not careful, if she used too much magic, even to shape shift and use her horn, it might set off an alarm. Her mind slowly created a mental sketch of the room, and she went over to a wall. Once there she placed her amulet against the wall, and a doorway shimmered into existence. Light streamed through the cracks.

Nova couldn't help but feel nostalgic. The last time she had opened that door, the Mackintosh family still lived on the Hogwarts grounds. She let out a sigh, and scratched on the door. A moment later Luna opened it. Nova went inside, and transformed back to her pony form. Rockhoof went into the room guided by the light from the door, picked up the mirror, balanced it on his back, while Luna and shimmer steadied it.

“Lets take it down to sub basement number one.” Nova said.

“Number one? How many basements does this apartment have?” Shimmer asked.

“No idea, and I don’t really care to find out.” Nova offered as she directed the other to the stairs that went down to the basement. From there they located another door that she had to ask Tia to unlock, and then they went down a sloping ramp into a wide corridor with many doors. Nova opened a door that seemed to be some kind of reception hall. “I guess this is as good a place as any.” She offered, so they carried it in, and set it down at the far end.

By the time they got back up stairs, Starswirl was ready with a replacement.

“You’re a genius, how’d you do it so fast?” Nova asked. “And it even shows me my desires.”

“Dare I ask?” Luna asked teasing Nova.

“No, you may not. I am a teenager after all. Sheesh.” Nova protested. Luna gave her a dirty look, and Nova smiled. “Just teasing. I see us all back in Equestria with all my friends.”

“Understandable.” Rock hoof replied as he hoisted up the mirror. “I see much the same sort of thing. If I could go back, I most certainly would.”

“It doesn’t have a portal, and the desire enchantment is a parlor trick.” Star Swirl offered as the mirror was taken to the dark room. Rockhoof gently set it down, and they placed it in the exact spot the original was.

A light turned on in a hallway at the far end.

“Everyone back inside, Quick!” Nova hissed, and there was a mad scramble. Nova shut the door as torches started to flair in the big room, locked it, said hide outside door, and peeped through a small hole in the door.

“It’s Gred and Forge Weasley.” Nova offered. “You know what, I know just the thing.” Nova teleported away, and popped back a moment later with a book in hand. Best Party Favors Ever, by Pinkamena Dianne Pie.

Nova looked through the peep hole, and teleported the book right in front of the mirror. It dropped with a bang.

“What, I’ve extra, Pinkie sent a whole box load.”

“Well I’m going to see what I can do about disabling the detection charms on that mirror.” Starswirl announced, and headed for the subbasement.

“Make sure to shut and lock the door. We don’t want the foals getting down there.” Nova said as he went out the door. “Where’s Phenik? Phenik?”

Phenik came swooping in, and landed on her back.

“The Weasley Twins are in yon room, could you be a dear and transport them back to the Gryffindor common room? Before they get caught?” Phenik gave a chirp, and vanished. Nova looked into the peep hole and watched as one boy, and then the other vanished.

“Something tells we we’re going to need to have Starswirl add some modifications.” Princess Luna mused.

“Maybe add a trap for Troll Fart and Sulky Raven. Can’t figure out why they haven't gotten past Fluffy yet? - Think I’ll go down to the Gryffindor common room.” Nova offered. “Tia, disconnect this door pleas.” The door all but vanished leaving only the door jam with a section of wall where it had been. Well if Dumbledore comes looking I don’t want him to find our back door.”

“Good thinking.” Luna offered. “You run along, I want to talk to the adults now.”

Nova gave her an odd look.

“Princess Luna, in my time she’d be considered an adult.” Rockhoof corrected.

“That’s alright, I understand.” Nova offered. “Princess Luna wants to talk strategy. My opinion, we are going to need some elements of harmony other then mine and Sunset’s, and a few more bearers.”

“You have elements of harmony?” Shimmer asked.

“I figured out how to create artificial elements. Not sure I can count on them in a pinch though." Nova explained. “Also the stones in my pendent seem to have taken on the properties of true element stones. I’ve no idea when or how it happened.”

“Looks like we’ve some people and ponies to contact.” Luna commented followed by the group departing the kitchen.

“Hello Ged, and Ford.” Nova said a few minutes later as she approached the twins in the common room. The two had their noses glued to the book Nova had given them. Phenik was on the outer most part of the fireplace hearth warming her bottom with her tail held heavenward.

“Nova, best Christmas present ever!” The twins said without looking up.

“Lets just say I thought you’d be less likely to get into mischief. Though I imagine we might all come to regret my giving you that book in good time.” Nova offered with a smile. The two seemed oblivious to the fact that they’d been plucked from the room where the mirror was. Perhaps to them that was exactly what they’d expected. To them the challenges were like living the ultimate video game. Assuming they even knew what a video game was.

At the end of the winter break Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle returned to Hogwarts under the protests of their families. The situation was tense, but Princess Celestia reminded them that the fillies were in no more danger there then they would be at home wondering off into the Everfree, and while Sweetie Belle could attend the school for gifted unicorns if she wanted they’d only be breaking the trio up. They also had full access of the mirror now, could go back and forth at will, and there was plenty of back up. During classes there would be changelings disguised as various animals to act as body guards – just in case.

Nova made sure the changelings all had satchels of the Kings cure herb to help counter being in the presence of the wraith passing itself off as a teacher.

Author's Note:

As more and more is happening, I'm finding these are getting bigger, and bigger.

Just a quick disclaimer: I think it should go without saying that a number of the characters, and the majority of the environments are not my own. As is the nature of a fan fiction is there are going to be things that are strait out of canon. One such item is the off hand comment about Harry's bucking broom. It really says bucking broom in the original material. I was so young and innocent when I first read Harry Potter.

As I was editing, it occurred to me there is a slight continuity issue with the respective ages of the Crusaders. It's like they've been the same age for the last eight seasons. Anyway it occurred to me that they'd likely be a bit older by the time Twilight started a family, but if I made them too old no way could I justify their being in Hogwarts as first years. Sweetie Belle is younger in this AU because I put her as Rarity's daughter in this. She's the young filly who hangs out with two older fillies. Scootaloo is the daughter of Sunset Shimmer in this, and Apple Bloom is canon.

And speaking of continuity issues... when they encounter Hagrid with the evergreen blocking the hall they were coming up from potions class. I'm also of the assumption the Slytherins were on their way to their common room. It occurred to me that there is a great big plot hole in the canon material or I'm missing something. What was Hagrid doing down there in the first place with that tree?? I wanted to do this scene, slightly modified, and that's when it hit me. Why is he blocking the hallway when he could have brought that tree in through the front door??? 0.o

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