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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 10: Enter the Crusaders

Nova looked down the dimly lit hall and wondered if there was anyone about at all. She wasn’t even sure which corridor it was. Surely the school was never so dark as this, and what was that stench? She’d put the mini lamps away, but was tempted to get them out again. As her eyes adjusted she beheld the form of a great hulking mountain troll lumbering through the corridor dragging what looked to be a tree trunk. Her first reaction was one of perplexion, and she asked herself, where are the moderators when you want one?

“Ahh...” Moonie said appearing by her side.

“Maybe it’s on the faculty?” Nova whispered. The two watched the troll as it tried the door to the girls' toilets. The door opened, and the troll went it. “Ah, maybe that’s why the doors are so big?”

“But the toilets are too small?” Moonie offered just as two boys ran up, locked the door, and congratulated themselves. They started walking away when there was a scream, followed by a gleeful call to arms along with the sound of things being smashed.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Troll Wranglers!”

The boys rushed back, opened the door, and plunged into the fray.

“Oh harmony,” Nova said and rushed to the door. What she and Moonie saw so befuddled them they weren’t quite sure what to do. There was a human girl who was being protected by Sweetie Belle who was presently in pony form. Sweetie Belle was managing a fairly decent shield spell in addition to using her levitation spell to launch broken bits of the room at the troll. She was nearly as good at it as Nova, and the troll was covered in welts. Not all of which was Sweetie Belle’s doing. Pony Apple Bloom was galloping around the troll bucking at its shins. The troll would let out an angry shout, and try to kick Apple Bloom. There was a boy hanging on the troll's back, a wand shoved up the troll’s nose, and Pony Scootaloo was flying around in circles about the troll’s head. Scootaloo having matured in the same manner as Nova, though a bit later, also sported a small horn, and was casting jinxes at the troll. Meanwhile, a redheaded boy was trying to wrest the troll’s club away with a levitation spell. The troll was not having any of it and had a good grip on the club.

“Um, who are we supposed to help?” Moonie asked.

“Well, I think the best course of action would be to put the troll out of his misery as quickly as possible.” Nova offered.

Moonie dashed into the fray, positioned herself in front of the troll, back to him, crouched down, braced, and…

Apple Jack would have been proud of that buck. The troll let out a barely audible eep, and the ceiling exploded raining dust and debris down. The redheaded boy finally gained control of the club and swung it around like a Louisville Slugger. Moonie shouted “Timber!” and dashed away pulling Apple Bloom out of the way as the troll came crashing down.

“Luna?” Apple Bloom asked startled.

“Is it dead?” The girl asked.

“I don’t think so, it’s out cold though.” Offered the boy who’d been on the troll’s back. He pulled the wand from the troll’s nose. “Eww, troll boogies.”

“Moonie, vanish,” Nova said on hearing several people running. Moonie disappeared. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo taking that as their cue, all transform into human girls moments before the adults rushed in. Nova quickly stepped aside as an older witch, a man that made her think of an angry sulky raven, and a man with a turban all rushed in. The stench of death filled the room, and Nova took it to be a troll fart.

“We were just here to use the toilet.” The CMC said in practiced unison before anyone could say a thing. “We didn’t know anything about a troll, honest.” So far as Nova could tell they were genuine, though she suspected that something wasn’t being told.

“The boys came to warn us.” Offered the girl Nova didn’t know. “If Harry, and Ron… and that girl hadn’t come, and found us.”

Nova put her finger to her lips indicating she’d like the girl to be careful what she said.

“If they hadn’t have come and found us...” The girl offered, and stopped before saying what she expected might have happened.

“Why didn’t you just run?” Asked the woman perplexed.

“It had us cornered.” Sweetie Belle offered. It really hadn’t but there wasn’t a ready excuse that the crusaders did not know by heart.

“Very well then, I’ll not take points away.” The woman said. “Harry, Ron, in the future tell someone, and don’t go rushing into danger.”

“I’d think taking five points each would be in order.” Said the man like a raven, but then the man with the turban suggested that perhaps the boys should get rewarded for their quick thinking.

“Which leaves us at zero.” The woman offered. “Now, I want the lot of you up to the dormitory.”

“Yes mam.” everyone who wasn’t an adult said, including Nova. The group filed out, and Nova was just going to follow along until the sulky raven man spoke up.

“You there, why are you carrying a suitcase?”

“Me sir?” Nova asked turning.

“I don’t know you, who are you? Who’s your head of house, and what were you doing here in the first place?” The tall dark man asked in a most suspicious way.

“I was just on my way to use the toilet. My head of house is Professor Griselda Marchbanks, sir.” Nova offered as she turned to face the adults.

“If you’re going to lie, you might as well try using the name of someone that still serves as an instructor here at the school.” the man sneered “How do we know you aren't the one who let that troll in?”

“Me sir?” Nova looked at him wondering if he was balmy.

“Severus, be reasonable.” the woman said. She then looked at Nova. “What’s your name, and no lies.”

“Nova Moon.” Nova offered. The Crusaders looked back but hurried along after getting a withering glare from the teachers.

“Very well then, Miss Moon, come with me.” Professor McGonagall said.

“Yes, Mam.” Nova offered and hurried after her.

Meanwhile, Professor Quirrel having spotted the hole in the ceiling was peering up through it, the odd shape of the hole, sending a cold shiver down his spine.

“Do you know who I am?” The woman asked as she and Nova traversed through the castle.

“I’m sorry, but I still haven't learned who everyone is yet.” Nova offered.

“You are wearing a Gryffindor robe, and yet you don’t know who I am?” She said and stopped. Nova pulled up as well. “I’m Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor.”

And as she was saying this a group of ghosts issued forth from a wall to include one Sir Nicholas deMimsy – Porpington.

“Oh, my,” Nicholas said going over to them. “My Dear Princess Nova, you haven't gotten yourself in tumble have you?” He gave a bow with a flourish.

“Good evening to you Sir Nicholas.” Nova offered with a curtsy. Sir Nicholas had just presented her with a golden opportunity. He remembered her but had no concept of time. To him, it was as though she'd just stepped out for a bit. “Afraid I’ve landed in the thick of it, and everyone has forgotten me.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Well, I haven't.” Nicholas offered cheerfully.

“You know her?” McGonagall asked astounded.

“Don’t you?” Nic asked. “Oh my, you have forgotten her, haven't you. She’s in our house. Gryffindor.”

“But I’ve never laid eyes on her.”

“Oh, this is bad,” Nic said and made a tsking noise. “No matter, I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out whatever the problem is.” He then went and rejoined the other ghosts.

“Mortals have such bad memories.” One was heard to say as they drifted away. It was all Nova could do not to start laughing. Count on a ghost to remember everyone they met, but don’t expect them to have any concept of time.

“Come,” McGonagall said, and they were off again. They caught up with an old gray wizard in a hall right where there was a large statue of a griffin in an alcove.

“Minerva, what have we here?” The old man asked.

“Albus, we may have an issue. - This child says she is in Gryffindor, Nicholas deMimsy knows her, has confirmed she is in Gryffindor, and yet I’ve never seen her in my life?”

“Oh dear, that is a quandary. Afraid I don’t know who she is either.” He stroked his beard as he took a moment to study her. “Well, she looks harmless enough, come on up, and let's see if we can figure this out.” He stepped onto the platform and began to raise up as a spiral staircase pushed up out of the floor. Nova and McGonagall followed quickly after.

The office was fairly familiar, though there seemed to be quite a few additional curious odds and ends from the last time she'd been there, and that griffin was new.

“Sorted everything out have we?” The sorting hat asked from its stool. “Ah, Miss Nova, not in trouble are we?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but thank you for asking.” Nova offered.

“You know who she is?” Dumbledore asked.

“Princess Nova Moon of Eques.” The sorting hat offered.

“Princess?” Dumbledore and McGonagall chimed.

“I put her in Gryffindor.”

“When?” Dumbledore asked.

“Do I look like a day planner to you? - I sorted her, and that’s that.” A magical artifact's recollection of time wasn’t much better than a ghost’s.

“Perhaps we should contact Griselda Marchbanks.” McGonagall offered.

Nova, on the other hand, had spotted a large phoenix on a perch and started over to have a look. She’d only taken, a few steps when there was the flash of another phoenix appearing in the room. Nova’s Phenik was smaller and considerably thinner. The older phoenix made a startled squawk, Phenik landed on Nova’s shoulder, and then the two birds started making all manner of noise.

“Will you two hush,” Nova said in a commanding tone. “Honestly, Phenik, I was just going to say hi.”

“She’s got a phoenix?” McGonagall said though she could hardly believe it.

“It can’t be, can it? No, she can’t?” Dumbledore said in a hush. “Miss Moon, this might be an odd request, but could you go like this?” He held up two fingers in the British workers' salute.

“Are you sure, it’s kind of a rude gesture,” Nova said and held up two fingers.

“Extraordinaire,” Dumbledore said adjusting his hand to a more contemplative gesture.

“What, she looks cute while making a rude gesture?” McGonagall asked confused. Nova lowered her hand.

“Not that, I remember a girl who looked just like her doing the same thing. It was a long time ago, and she had a phoenix that was identical.” His smile faded. “Not one of my prouder moments either.”

“Oh, you can’t possibly think she’s the same girl?” McGonagall asked.

The words, sweet harmony mother bucker, went through Nova's mind as she realized who this man was.

“Nova, may I call you Nova?”

“I guess,” Nova replied. She’d just have to humor him, and hope he wasn’t holding a grudge.

“What year are you in?”

“First, but I was being allowed to do third-year.”


“Brutus Scrimgeour.”

“Head of House.”

“Professor Marchbanks.”


“Professor Phineas Black.”

“Extraordinaire,” Dumbledore said. “Care of Magical Creatures?”

“Mr Percival.”

“Defense against the dark arts?”

“Galatea Merrythought.”

“Extraordinaire,” Dumbledore said again.

“What is?” McGonagall asked.

“Miss Nova, what year was it when you entered that corridor?”

“It’s 1904, the night before Easter.” Nova offered. She knew it wasn’t, but that was the last date she knew before doing the jump.

“Nineteen oh four...” Dumbledore said, went to the records of names entered in as students, not the official enrollment book, just a record. He got out the book for the 1903-04 school year and thumbed through it. “And there she is. Enrolled in 1903, but never finished the school year. Excellent marks across the board. Turned fifteen in November of that year."

“You can’t seriously think she somehow jumped from 1904 to now?”

“It would seem a distinct possibility.” Dumbledore offered. “But it is getting late. Take her up to Gryffindor tower before it’s too late for her to get any of the sweets, and we’ll put her in with the first year class.”

“First-year, she belongs in third-year, no make that fourth-year.” Protested one of the portraits before McGonagall can.

“Hi Professor Black.” Nova said with a smile.

“There’s no documentation saying she’s passed any standardized test. My hands are tied.” Dumbledore countered. “I’m headmaster now, not you.”

“Despite what people say about my methods, the results speak for themselves.” Black protested. “Good students should not be held back to the same pace as muggle born coming in without a clue.”

“Let's not forget I was a teacher back then, I know how you rode the muggle-born students.”

“It had to be done. They had to be brought up to speed as quickly as possible, and the fact that many were getting higher OWL scores then wizard born who’d had it easy proves I was right. They should have thanked me.”

“Maybe I should go now?” Nova offered. The argument between Dumbledore and the portrait of Professor Black was just making her feel a little like a third wheel.

“We’ll be going now then,” McGonagall said, and directed Nova back down the steps.

As they went Nova could hear Black saying, what about Tom Riddle? According to Black Tom Riddle was the worst mud blood to ever step foot inside of Hogwarts, and should have had his magic removed. Nova knew Professor Black could be hard on students, and she knew that humans had a propensity towards being violent and aggressive creatures. She didn’t always agree with Professor Black, but she did agree with some of his policies to include weeding out those who might pose a threat to the community. Cozy Glow was proof enough that even Princess Celestia could only forgive so much.

They arrived at the portrait of the fat lady a short time later, Phenik having taken off to harass Peeves. The fat lady had no trouble remembering Nova, and McGonagal was beginning to wonder if Professor Dumbledore might be right. She gave the password and entered to a jubilant celebration. There were Halloween decorations and food in abundance.

“I’ll need to get settled.” Nova offered.

“Your attention please,” McGonagall called. The room slowly quieted. “We’ve got a new student, or perhaps an old returning student. We’re not really sure which at the moment, but she’s been sorted into Gryffindor.” A new Gryffindor student everyone cheered. “Settle down.” She waited for the room to quiet. “I’d like to introduce you to Miss Nova Moon. She will be in first-year despite her age owing to a lack of any appropriate paperwork saying otherwise.” The announcement created a mixed reception at the name Moon, and the ruffles on Nova’s witches robe just screamed old school wizard family. There was also the issue of yet another student being put in First-year who was obviously at least two to three years older then what was normally proper for that year level. Nova was starting to feel a bit self-conscious, and she wasn’t even sure why, but then three familiar faces rushed over, and each gave her a hug which she gladly returned.

“I was called away right after the sorting, and I'm only just now getting back.” Nova offered what seemed to her to be the best and easiest way to explain herself. McGanagall looked at her and then smiled realizing they’d not likely remember if she had been there or not. Not after the year they’d had. Not to mention that had she entered at the age of eleven she'd have been here three years ago. Louise, Miss Belle, and Miss Bloom had also started late and where much older than their classmates. Only their petite sizes allowed them to fit in.

“Louise, Sweetie, Miss Bloom, I’d like to ask something of you.” McGonagall began. They looked up at her with attentive eyes. “Now I know I’ve told you to sleep in your own beds, and not to all pile into one bed, but we are going to be a bit tight, and one of you is going to have to share so that Miss Moon will have a place to sleep.

“I’m sure that’s not going to be a problem.” Offered an older girl with a ‘P’ sewn into her robes stepping up to them.

“Idda, if you could see to it that all her needs are taken care of.” McGonagall requested. “Miss Moon, this is Idda Peverell, she’s the Prefect on the girl’s side.

“Names Percy...” offered a redheaded boy as he approached. He also had a ‘P’ on his robes.

“No, don’t tell me, you’re a Weasley, aren’t you?” Nova offered. The room erupted into laughter.

“Why don’t we introduce you after we get you settled.” Idda offered. She then directed Nova to the stairs leading up to the girls' dorm. Scootaloo who’d been identified as Louise, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and the girl who’d been in the girl’s bathroom during the battle with the troll followed.

They stopped a short time later so Idda could point out the girls' toilets, and showers.

“Scabbers? - Honestly, I just don’t get why Ron’s rat keeps hanging out in the girl’s showers?” Idda said with just an edge of disgust on seeing the large fat rat. “Hermione, could you take that back to Ron.”

“I’ll be right back,” Hermione said as she went after the rat. “Come here you.”

Nova squinted her eyes as she looked at the rat. There was definitely something off about its aura.

They continued climbing till they got to the top floor. It all looked so familiar, and yet so oddly different. There was even a Wonderbolt poster depicting them as Quidditch players on brooms. “I’ve actually got a room.” Nova offered quickly before any arguments could start as to who would be sharing with who. “I didn’t say anything, because I thought it’d be best. I wouldn't want the entire school to know.” She then found a blank section of wall, and opened the suitcase up to a simple door. The door opened inward, and had replaced the steps that went down from the steamer trunk. The book shelf was also back in place so that anyone looking in would see just the deluxe apartment, and not the whole estate. Nova went in, and waved clandestinely to a gray pegasus in a large mural, and gave them the OK sign. The pegasus did a flip, and flew off. Miss Idda was so overwhelmed by what she was seeing she completely missed the exchange. The Crusaders did not.

“I should be set for everything with the possible exception of books.” Nova offered. “What I do have are all second hand.” She looked at Idda to judge the girl's reaction. “My circumstances being what they are.” Granted they were all brand new when she'd bought them, and was simply using a diversionary tactic to explain why all her books dated to 1903.

“You seem to have plenty of what you do have.” Idda commented going to the bookshelf. “This is an excellent selection. Many of these are out of print though. Your history book will do till you get up to fifth-year, but you might want a more recent copy of the History of Hogwarts. This is a wonderful first-year potions book, wish I’d had a copy when I was in first-year.” She looked over the books. “You’re missing a few books you’ll need, but you can borrow or share until we can get you a set of your own.” Idda spun in place as the room filled with light. Her jaw dropped at the sight of a phoenix that’d entered the room.

“Philomena?” The trio all chimed as Phenik landed on Nova’s shoulder.

“Her name’s Phenik.” Nova offered. “She’s one of Philomena’s babies.”

“You’re from...”

“Eques.” Nova cut in before the girls could say Equestria.

“Well, you’re all from the same place then.” Miss Idda said with a smile.

“Who knows, once we’ve compared notes we might find we even have mutual relatives.” Nova offered.

“Well then, I’ll leave you to it, but don’t wait too long, or there’ll be no food left.” She started to turn, and then turned back. “Oh and one other thing, there is pegasi living in some of the attics. You are not to climb up there under any circumstances, nor are you to help yourself to any eggs.” And with that Idda turned, and went back downstairs. Eggs???

“Alright, spill it?!” the girls asked. Nova was a bit taken aback by Idda’s parting warning, but she’d have to ask the girls about it later.

“Did you hear about the older Kitzumi who foal sat her younger counterpart… though I’m not sure if that’s even happened yet?”

“That was you?” Sweetie Belle asked astonished.

“I’d have to say it’s a good possibility.” Nova offered.

“And what about that Luna?” Apple Bloom asked.

“A very elaborate bit of spell work. Sort of chaperon slash bodyguard.” She explained with a big smile. “Now, before anyone comes up the step, follow me.”

“Where?” The girls reply smelling a conspiracy. Nova goes to the door, closes it, and then motions for them to follow them to the closet.

“You have to swear never to reveal what I’m about to show you to any of the humans,” Nova said. “In fact, you have to Pinkie swear.”

“Cross my heart, and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” The girls recited. They then followed Nova into the walk-in closet, where she reached over, pushed a piece of molding at the edge of the wall, and pushed the wall open like a big door. Nova walked though transforming to a pony as she did. Delighted at this the girls followed, transforming as they went. When they were all through, Nova used her magic to close and securely latch the door.

“It’s a library. You have a secret library.” Sweetie Bella said delightedly.

“Oh, I’ve got more than just a library. And if you come in here, make absolutely sure to close that. It’s very important for multiple reasons, two very important reasons, and I’d consider it a breach of your promise if you leave it open.”

“It’s just a library, isn’t it?” Scootaloo said as they followed Nova. “Wow.”

“Mama!” called Goldwine rushing to greet Nova. Nova dropped down and gave him a hug.

“Mama!?” The girls all chimed.

“So, we made it?” Alalme asked as she walked up to Nova to give her a nuzzle. “And who have you brought us?”

“The pegacorn is Scootaloo, also known as Louise.” Nova offered.

“Louise Magnus.” Scootaloo offered.

“Magnus?” Your mom’s relation has gone that for with Flash has it?” Nova asked with a grin.

“Well, it beats calling myself Louise Anon.” Scootaloo offered. “I’m just glad mom finally got her life back on track, and she’s in my life again.”

“Alrighty then,” Nova said with a smile. “Our little marshmallow unicorn is Sweetie Belle, and last, but not least is Apple Bloom.”

“Who you calling a marshmallow?” Sweetie asked accusingly.

“You're so floofy and cute it just fits.” Apple Bloom teased. “And besides, Nova is technically your cousin.”

“And this little colt is my son.” Nova offered while nuzzling him. Little Alya, not to be left out of the nuzzling came galloping over, and piled into Goldwine. The two tussled a bit and then settled down between Nova’s front legs. “And this is Alya.”

“They’re so cute.” Apple Bloom said.

“And this is my nest-mate, Alalme. She speaks old ponish, and she is picking up a few phrases of the modern language.

“So, is he the daddy then?” Scootaloo asked seeing a Gray Stallion approaching.

“Him? Oh no, not their father.” Nova offered. “I could say he’s part of our little heard, but he’s not my stallion.” “Alalme figure’s Goldwine’s father was a stallion named Feawine who was the son of Fea.”

“Figures? You don’t know?” Sweetie asked astonished. “And you’re Scootaloo's age.”

“I rescued his egg, and Alalme has helped me take care of him. - We don't really know for certain, but figure his mother was Alalme's previous nest-mate who was killed. - We’ve gotten rather close, and call each other sister now. I really don't know what I would have done without her."

“Oh. Alright.” Sweetie Belle said quietly. The shock to the crusaders abated though they couldn't help being a little jealous.

“If you don’t mind my asking, how is it his color is so Equestrian, and their color is so, well English countryside?” Scootaloo asked sounding a little subdued. “Just curious.”

“He was exposed to Equestrian magic while in his shell. Or at least that’s what I figure.” Nova explained. “Alalme, and he’s Gadgull, they and the others are to the best of what I can figure are descended from some of the survivors of Nightfall. And just so you know, their legend paints Princess Celestia as the instigator. It seems their ancestors were Princess Luna’s private staff and guard.” She held up a hand to forestall questions. “And yes they did become human when they found themselves in this world, but they quit living as humans sometime after they figured out how to transform back. Their subdued earthy colors developed out of the need to survive in a world without an Alicorn Princess.”

“Hello, where is everyone?”

“It’s Hermione.” Apple Bloom said.

“Quick, back through the closet,” Nova ordered. “I’ll be right there. And don’t forget to transform.”

“You’re going?” Alalme asked.

“I’ve landed on Nightmare night of all things, and there is a huge party. As the newcomer, I’m going to need to make an appearance.” Nova explained. Alalme pouted. “I could maybe get a house elf to send something up?”

“We just had a big Easter dinner.” Alalme countered.

“True, but that spell I used has left me hungry so I’d better see if I can get something to eat. I’ll be right back, just as soon as I can sneak away.”

“Alright, I guess it can’t be helped,” Alalme replied as Nova extracted herself from the foals. Nova smiled sheepishly and followed after the crusaders.


“What were you doing in the closet? And for that matter, where’d this room come from?” Hermione asked.

“It’s my portable room.” Nova offered as she stepped out of the closet. She and the trio were back to their human forms. “Everything I need in one tight package. I could try explaining the mathematics behind it some time if you’d like?”

“Could you?” Hermione asked.

“Come on you two, you can talk shop later.” Scootaloo prompted.

They arrived in the common room a short time later where there was still more food then even Nova knew what to do with. She of course helped herself to a goodly amount of her favorites. Her first few bites were as big a shock as the first time she’d eaten wizard food.

“Ya, I know, everything is full of sugar.” Apple Bloom whispered. “You kind of get used to it.”

“But there’s even more in it now, what’s wrong with humans anyway?”

“I think the use of magic burns most of it off.” Scootaloo offered.

“Ya, but it can’t possibly be healthy,” Nova muttered.

“You’re talking about all the sugar in the food aren’t you.” Hermione prompted. “I just assumed that was a wizard thing.” Hermione had to wonder why the amount of sugar was such a shock to Nova. “You are from wizarding families aren’t you?”

“Oh, ya.” Scootaloo offered.

“I can trace my family back over a thousand years.” Nova offered. “Sweetie Belle’s mom married into the family as well.”

“Ya, we’re kind of cousins.” Sweetie belle offered.

“Wizards still weirded out about pony marriages?” Nova whispered.

“Worse than finding out my sister is my mom,” Sweetie whispered back.

“You told her?” Apple hissed.

“Not like I didn’t already know,” Nova whispered back.

“Excuse me, Hermione.” Said a dark-haired boy approaching. By his side was another read head.

“Another Weasley I’m guessing.” Nova surmised.

“Name’s Ron.” Ron Weasley offered. “Listen, Hermione, about what I said, I wanted to apologize.”

“Well, you did come to rescue me, I guess I can’t very well refuse. Apology excepted.” Hermione replied. “Say, did you know, no, of course, you couldn't. Turns out that Miss Belle and Miss Moon are cousins.”

“No kidding. Not that that’s not that uncommon. Pretty much everyone in the wizarding community is related in some way or another.” Ron offered.

“So, um, you wouldn't happen to be a Potter would you?” Nova asked of the dark-haired boy with glasses.

“Oh like you don’t already know,” Ron said.

“No, I don’t.” Nova offered. “He reminds me of a boy I knew named Fergus Potter. I just thought he might be related?” Nova figured Fergus was likely an old man now if he was even still alive.

“Core, you don’t say”

“you’ve never”

“heard of”

“Harry Potter?” Asked a pair of redheaded twins. They were older, and more than likely Ron’s brothers.
“I’m Fred.”
“I’m Fred.”
“No, I’m Fred.”
“I thought you were George?”
“No, You’re George”
“Hi, I’m Fred,”
“And I’m George.”

“Hi, Forge. - Hi Ged.” Nova replied with a smile. “And no, I haven't. Should I?” She tilted her head for a moment.

“He survived a wizard attack when he was a baby, and then the wizard got all depressed, and went into seclusion because he failed. And for that Harry is famous.” Apple Bloom offered.

“He’s the boy who lived.” the twins said in unison.

“If not dying makes a person famous then these three should be supper stars by now.” Nova offered in a sarcastic tone.

“What?” The Crusaders asked in a sort of mock protests.

“Accidentally revived the lord of chaos, the time you got captured by changelings, wanton destruction of property with pyrotechnics, the time you tried to be pirates, or how about the time when...”

“Stop!” The crusaders exclaim.

“And let's not forget about all the times you’ve gone into the Everfree forest.” Nova continued.

“Ya, ya, we should be famous, we get it,” Scootaloo said. Harry was laughing having heard about the forest.

“Ya, I don’t get it either.” Harry offered. He’d stopped laughing and was looking serious now. “My whole family was murdered, and this wizard...” Harry paused for a moment. “Everyone says you know who murdered my family, and, and when he tried to kill me the spell backfired.”

Nova had no idea who you know who was, but what he'd done was horrible. Had Fergus been murdered as well?

“He’s got a cool scar.” Forge offered. Harry lifted up his hair to reveal a lightning bolt shaped scar. Nova looked at it tilted her head, one way, and then the next.

“It looks infected, did no one ever try to do anything about it?” Nova asked. To her eyes, the scar had a sickly green aura with black edges about it. Harry’s aura was a mix of gold and light yellow save for around the scar where it was gray.

“We’ve already asked why they never fixed it.” Sweetie bell informed her. “What makes you think it might be infected?”

“You remember a time when Pinkie nearly blinded a bunch of um people with a bunch of flash-bulbs on a camera?”

“Do I, I was seeing dots for days, but you… Oh, OK I see.” Scootaloo offered. Scootaloo didn’t remember a Kitzumi Nova in that group, but then she could have been if she was from a different dimension.

“I was blind for a week.” Nova offered. “I can see magic auras now. Pretty much all auras, but the magic ones are the easiest to spot. That’s about it though. Short of finding my way in pitch dark, it’s kind of a nuisance. Pretty much everything around here has a magic aura so I just tune it out for the most part. - Harry’s scar just looks off to me.”

“It does kind of hurt sometimes,” Harry admitted. “I’ve had it since… well, you know.”

“And in all that time no one ever did anything about it,” Nova said softly. “Well I guess there’s no need to worry about it now, but if it keeps bothering you, you really should have someone look at it.”

“Ya, I’ll do that,” Harry replied. “Not like my aunt and uncle ever really cared.” Harry started talking about his life at the Dursley’s. Maybe it was because here there were these girls who hadn’t known, and weren’t in awe just because he’d allegedly done something he couldn't possibly have done, and genuinely cared. The wizard's spell had backfired, and that was it. What was he going to do against a wizard when he was just a baby? The trio had shown that they cared about everyone even Slytherins. Harry just started talking, and it turned into a full-on vent.

Everyone in hearing distance was shocked.

“Harry, we...” Nova began, she’d every intention to find a way to fix it, but then an odd thing happened. Harry's aura flared a dark purple, and she’d this urge to just drop what she was about to say. She fought it, her own power surged. “Damn it, Harry, we will fix this!” She had to take a breath like something was trying to hold her back. “I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure something out, even if I have to take you to Eques, to get you away from those horrible waists of flesh. I swear by the elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia would have sent them to Tartarus a long time ago.”

Harry looked up at her and smiled, his aura went back to normal, and for the first time in his life, he truly believed his life was going to get better.

That night Nova would do more than just let Princess Celestia know she’d made it. Nova wrote a detailed report of everything that had happened, including everything she now knew about Harry Potter.

Nova got up the next morning, gave Goldwine a snuggle, he giggled, and then he remembered that he was hungry.

“You couldn't have let him sleep,” Alalme said with half-opened lids.

“You know I need to get up and get ready for school.” She let out a yawn. “Besides, it’s not like you have to actually get up. I mean you could just lay there.” Alalme just gave her a dirty look. “Just be grateful he isn’t my own flesh and blood.” Nova teased and pointed at her sharp teeth with a hoof. “Why do you think my birth mother couldn't nurse me, eh?” Alalme smiled, and chortle a little.

“That poor filly.”

“My other mom was a lot tougher.” Nova offered, and went into the shower. She decided to shower in her human form being that was so much faster to dry, got dressed, and went out to the dorm room.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a perverted rat.

Nova went over to Scootaloo. “Hey, wake up.” She gave the girl a shake. “Wake up.”

“What… what time is it?” Scootaloo asked. “Celestia’s not even up yet.”

“Isn’t it time for breakfast?” Nova asked.

“What? No.” Scootaloo looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand. “We don’t have to be up for another two hours.”

“Wow,” Nova said as the reality of what time travel had done hit her. “My internal clock is all messed up.”

“Go back to bed.”

“The sun’s coming up.”


“How many people know about you being a pegasus?”

“Hermione says I’m a pegacorn.”

“Well, that is the technical term for it. At least here at any rate. Sometimes they’ll say winged unicorn.” Nova offered. “Only true winged unicorn I know is my mother, and both of us combined don't amount to half of Princess Celestia's power. Pegacorn just fits better. Sometimes when I was traveling ponies would say I was a false alicorn or a dirty alicorn impersonator.” She clenched her jaw thinking about it. “Ask a wizard what alicorn is, and they’ll say it’s what our horns are made of. But forget about that, come fly with me.”


“Who all knows you can switch back and forth?”

“Hermione, Ron, and Harry. We’ve been really careful about that.”

“Then if anyone else sees you flying about they’ll just see a pegasus out for a morning flight. Come on, what do you say? You’re the only one who can keep up with me outside of Rainbow Dash.”

“But how do we get in and out without anyone seeing us?”

“Follow me, and learn of my mysterious ways.” Nova offered with a big grin.

Scootaloo looked at her and smiled. Sure flying on a broom was great and all, but to fly free as herself. “Led on.” Scootaloo said, and got out of bed. Nova directed her back into her room, and through the closet.

Hermione had woken up, half listening to the exchange, saw the two go into Nova’s room, and went back to sleep.

“Hey, you can go back to bed,” Nova said to Alalme. She’d just poked her head in. “Seems we need to reset our clocks. Scootaloo and I are going to get in a quick morning flight.”

“Just as well I fed the foals now then. Are you sure going out is a good idea though?”

“I’m to understand that there are pegasi nesting in the attics. I think we may have started something. Anyway, it’s early, no one is up except maybe the house elves, and no one is going to notice two more pegasi.”

“Have fun then. I might have a look see myself later on.” Alalme offered.

“Be back in about an hour.” Nova offered and took Scootaloo out to the rotunda.

“Wow… hang on, that greenhouse, that great big huge greenhouse is real isn’t it?” Scootaloo said as she gazed out the window at the bottom of the stairs.

“Sure is.” Nova offered closing the door after Scootaloo followed her. “This is another door we need to keep closed.”

“How’s that?”

“Those precocious little darlings of ours can already fly. Let them out while they are too young to understand the danger, and who knows what could happen to them.”

“Seriously?” Scootaloo was shocked. “At their age, and not just spurts?”

“And they are only fifteen weeks, and… five days I believe, yes I think that’s right. This world has been hard on them. - Come on then.”

The two went out onto the balcony, Nova making sure to shut that door as well.

“Wow, this is impressive. Aren’t people going to see this balcony though?”

“Nope.” Nova offered with a smile. “You’ll need to feel for it with your magic. I can find it with my internal senses.”

“You mean like your ability to see magic. - What was that, you just shimmered?”

“Pegasus shield. I can activate it at will and helps keep some of the cold out. You should be able to do it too. All pegasi have the ability, it just doesn't normally kick in until we get going really fast."

“It is mighty cold out here, hang on.” Scootaloo concentrated, there was a slight flash of her horn, and then a shimmer raced across her body. “Ooo tingly.”

Nova was the first to take off followed by Scootaloo.

“Now, sound caries, so keep your voice down, or use old ponish.” Nova cautioned, pumped her wings, and sped away. Scootaloo, not one to be left behind raced after her. Before long the two were racing about the castle and decided to do a bit of precision flying.

“Lesson two, use your magic to push yourself along,” Nova called over to Scootaloo. “It makes it possible to do some really cool stuff.”

Scootaloo thought about it, applied the appropriate magic, and suddenly she’d lurched forward without having to flap her wings. Nova pulled up beside her.

“Flap, delta, push.” Nova said, and demonstrated by flapping her wing for a push, setting them to the delta position, and using her magic to push herself forward. In a blink of an eye Nova was racing away at a speed that normally required a considerable amount of effort. It took Scootaloo about three tries to maintain the push for more then a moment or two, and before long the two were all the way out over Hogsmeade. And it hadn’t taken them any time at all. Nova spread her wings, made a big U-turn, vapor trail forming off the tips of her wings, and headed back to the school. Scootaloo followed, and was delighted to see she’d vapor trails off her wings as well. There was just something extra about this kind of flying. When they got back, they did some precision aerial maneuvers, loops, and rolls mostly, and then it was time to head in. They showered in their pony form, used magic to dry themselves, and went back to the dorm room, transforming prior to entering. Nova had checked on Alalme, and the foals, but they’d gone back to sleep. Nova made a mental note to see if maybe the farm had been moved as she hadn't seen house or barns. All she'd seen was a bunch of rickety old sheds and makeshift pens. Even more disturbing is all the building in Hogsmeade were now nearly identical. Each having a high pitched gabled roof, and all made of the same weathered brownstone.

“So, do you want to tell us what you were doing in there?” Hermione asked as Scootaloo quickly got dressed. Hermione was dressed and sitting on her bed with her arms folded.

“Why are you even up?” Sweetie bell asked from her bed. Apple Bloom wasn’t in the room at the moment.

“What, we were looking at quidditch books.” Nova offered on seeing her old broom by Scootaloo’s wardrobe. The Wonderbolt paraphernalia was a dead give away as to who’s wardrobe it was. On her nightstand was a picture of a group of young women, all of whom Nova knew well.

“You’re not cheating on me are you?” Sweetie Belle asked Scootaloo.

“Maybe,” Scootaloo replied with a wink and headed down the stairs.

“You better hurry up if you want to catch up with us.” Nova offered and headed down the stairs after Scootaloo. They met Apple Bloom on her way back up.

“You two sure got up early.” Apple Bloom said on meeting them.

“We went out for an early flight,” Scootaloo whispered.

“Ya, well don’t get caught sneaking out.” Apple Bloom scolded.

“I have my ways.” Nova offered and then continued downstairs. “We’ll see you at breakfast.”

Nova and Scootaloo were stopped by a seventh-year girl in a towel just as they’d come to the girl’s toilets and showers. She was holding Ron Weasley’s rat. “Can you give this rat back to Ron, or whichever of the Weasley’s it belongs to.” She asked. “I just can’t figure out why it keeps coming up here.”

“Ya, sure,” Scootaloo said taking the rat. Nova studied the rat, there was definitely something wrong with that rat, but she couldn't quite put her hoof on it. When they reached the ground floor Scootaloo handed Scabbers off to a boy who handed him off to another boy who handed him off to another until Scabbers was eventually returned to Ron, who set him down without a second though. Soon as the boys were on their way downstairs, Scabbers was on his way to the girl’s shower.

Nova and Scootaloo made their way down to the dining hall, and Nova somehow seemed to know the way.

“Are you sure?” Scootaloo asked as Nova indicated a direction that just seemed contrary.

“Look at who’s in the painting.” Nova offered.


The night mare nickered as she watched them as she followed in the paintings along the corridor.

“That’s my Moonie.” Nova offered. “She scouts out routes for me. Comes in rather handy, and no one ever seems to notice an extra character in the paintings.”

“That’s cool. Oh just one thing they probably haven't told you, we aren’t allowed in the third-floor corridor.”

“Whatever for?”

“They’ve a Cerberus in there,” Scootaloo whispered.

“What, they’ve locked a Cerberus in the third-floor corridor? That’s not a very nice thing to do. Locking a poor dog up in such a tight place. I bet Fluttershy would have a thing or two to say about it.”

“We figure it’s guarding something.”

“What, a Cerberus?”

“It’s huuuuuge, and viscous.”


“It slobbered all over me. All three heads. Hates humans for some reason. Somehow it seems to know that Apple Bloom, Sweetie, and myself are ponies.”

“Well dogs are very perceptive, and it’s the humans who’ve locked it up in there. I’d be resentful too.” Nova offered, and the fact that the crusaders had already encountered the dog came as no surprise to her. “As to using one to guard something, all you’d need to get past one is a decent singing voice.”

“What, that’s it?”

“It’s in my introduction to magical creatures.”

“Why do you have a book on introduction to magical creatures anyway, it’s not even in the first year curriculum?”

“Hello, who’s my counterpart’s mother, and ergo my mother?”

“Oh ya, you’ve your own library don’t you,” Scootaloo said, and then laughed.

“Just out of curiosity...” Nova asked.

“Our trunks are just ordinary trunks,” Scootaloo informed her. “We’ve got an address set up in Walthamstove London. All our contacts go through that location. Princess Celestia didn’t want to use the portal that’s near Diagon Alley, so Twilight set up a new portal. - We were told that if things got bad, we were to call for an extraction.”

“Why are you even here, I thought you’d be at the academy?”

“And suffer through magic kindergarten?”

“And first-year here isn’t much better.”

“True, but at least I’m closer to my own age group. When Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle found out they insisted on going too.”

“So which one of you is best at magic?”

“Apple Bloom is. I don’t get it?” Scootaloo replied. “She’s an earth pony, and Sweetie is really struggling.”

“Makes sense to me, and it’ll make sense to you when you know a little more.” Nova offered as they walked into the entry hall.

“How about just telling me?”

“Human magic is earth-based magic, and the flow of magic goes out through the arm, that is to say, the forelimb, and through the hand, or hooves in our case. - For an earth pony, the pattern is set at birth.”

“Oh, I get it. And Sweetie Belle’s natural pattern is through her horn. - Of course, I get it now.”

Whatever else they might have had to say was interrupted by the words, oh my it’s her it’s really her… “Nova, Nova Moon?” Nova looked in the direction of the person who’d just called her name to see a very elderly couple, standing with Professor McGonagall.

“Ah, do you know them?” Scotaloo asked as Nova walked over to them.

“I think that I just might.” Nova offered. The careworn visage of the woman in the rich purple robes was the easiest for Nova to recognize. “Professor Marchbanks, is that you?” The woman smiled.

“Incredible, and to show up after all these years, and hasn’t aged a day,” Marchbanks said softly.

“Just keep in mind that we are telling the student body and professors who don’t need to know that she was called away right after the sorting,” McGonagal said giving Scootaloo a cautious look.

“This is Louise, she’s a friend of the family.” Nova offered.

“Is she now?” The man offered. He was dressed in a gray suit with a black wizard robe haphazardly thrown on like an old overcoat. “She, um, just like you?”

“Is she… we are both female, both about the same age, different hair color though. Why do you ask, Mr Scamander?” Nova did not wish to give a direct answer to that question, especially as there were more people about.

“Listen, things have changed, and you’ll need a magical guardian,” Marchbanks informed her.

“And why would that be?” Asked the commanding voice of a woman not too much further away. “She’s already got a mother, and a father.”

Nova cast her glance over to who it was, and discovered a tall woman, dark complexion, with long black hair that seemed to shimmer, and she was wearing a dress that looked as though it was made from the night sky. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. There was an essence of power and majesty about her as well.

“Um, Princess Luna, what are you doing here?” Scootaloo asked wondering if she was about to be pulled out of the school. Celestia knew there’d already been plenty of reasons to do so. But no, Luna’s eyes were on Nova, she smiled, and beckoned Nova to come to her. A moment later the two embraced, Phenik flew into the hall, and began trilling happily while circling the two.

“I hear you’ve been having quite the adventure,” Luna whispered. “After your aunt all but burned down our breakfast room, she consented to let me know what was going on.”

“Does Twilight know?” Nova asked.

“She only knows you are a Kitzumi Nova, and that you need looking after,” Luna informed her. “About that other issue. We are going to do some clandestine investigations so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything right away.”

“Does that mean I can expect a visit from Rarity in her gumshoe outfit?” Nova teased.

“We’ve persuaded her not to. She’s not exactly inconspicuous. - You alright?”

“I’m trying very hard to keep my emotions in check. Wouldn't want anyone thinking I haven't seen you in years, would I?” She took a deep breath and let it out in a sort of ragged sigh. “I was just about to go in, and get some breakfast.”

“Well then, how about I join you? - If that is permitted?” Luna asked looking to the two elderly adults.

“I think we might just get away with it just this once.” Marchbanks offered.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Hermione arrived just as the group was sitting down at the Gryffindor table.

“Princess Luna?” Sweetie asked.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Aunt Luna?” Luna scolded mildly. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to pull you out of school. Harmony knows I’d have more than enough reasons to do so. Sit, and dine with us.” There seemed to be plenty of space at the table so the girls sat down, and joined them. Even Professor McGonagall had decided to join them so she could talk to Nova’s mother. Luna couldn't help but talk about some of the things Nova had done when she was little.

“Muma.” Nova protested, but she had a smile. This was almost as good as being home again. It was right about then that Professor Dumbledore came rushing into the hall wearing a house robe and bunny slippers.

“My dear Griselda, I should have been here to welcome you. Do please forgive me.” Dumbledore said addressing Professor Marchbanks. “Might I ask what’s brought you here so early in the morning?”

“Professor McGonagall sent me a note to let me know that a certain young lady had arrived, one head of Gryffindor to a former mind you, and I rushed out first thing this morning.”

“Oh, yes, yes of course.” Dumbledor offered. “Afraid the matter had completely slipped my mind. - And who is this lovely young lady you’ve brought with you?”

“Oh, I didn’t bring her. This is Luna Moon, Nova’s mother.” Marchbanks offered. If the room hadn’t already been a buzz over the surprise visitors, it was now. “She just popped in to make sure Nova had arrived safely. As mothers are prone to do sometimes.”

“Yes, yes or course, what with showing up in the middle of the night having come on her own.” Dumbledore offered. He knew a subterfuge when he heard one. Not that this one was aimed at him. No, this one was aimed at the student body. “Mind if I join you?”

“By all means, join us. It does you good to sit with your students from time to time, see what’s on their mind, and all.” Luna offered with a smile. “And it is your school after all.”

“Yes, yes, right you are,” Dumbledore replied with a smile.

Ron and Harry showed up a short time later. Their jaws dropped at the sight. Why was Dumbledore, no wait, one look at the tall supermodel explained that but who was she, and the two old people? They found a place to sit just as the morning mail was arriving. Nova received a letter, and on opening, it found it was from the bank.

“Might we see that?” Luna asked. Nova passed it over, and she scanned through the pages. “So how is it you are the principle stockholder of the London and Hogsmeade railroad?”

“It’s Aunt Tia’s money.” Nova offered.

“It’s in your name.”

“I’m under age.”

“So what you are saying is I own a railroad.”

“Pretty much.” Nova offered with a smile. “You’ll need to talk to Aunt Tia if you want to be able to access that account though.”

“I’ll be sure to do that,” Luna said. She set down the letter and picked up a newspaper. “Now this is interesting. A new crater has appeared on the moon, believed to have happened sometime around eighteen to nineteen hundred hours Greenwich time. It is believed we dodged the bullet in that speculation is that the asteroid slingshotted around the earth, and split prior to hitting the moon. Due to the unusual shape of the creator, it has been unofficially dubbed the Ball-sack crater. - What an odd thing to call a crater."

Author's Note:

Regarding Idda Peverell, I've made her up myself. There doesn't seem to be any mention of who the Prefect was on the girl's side the first year Harry attended Hogwarts. Her name was always left off so far as I am aware. Given that JKR intentionally avoided the use of the Peverell name until later in the series, I thought why not? Make her a Peverell.

One minor change on the last paragraph I'm only just now noticing. For whatever reason I had Nova speaking in the last paragraph when I'd intended Luna.

Thought I better add a note hare as well regarding ages of the Crusaders. As I was editing, it occurred to me there is a slight continuity issue with the respective ages of the Crusaders. It's like they've been the same age for the last eight seasons. Anyway it occurred to me that they'd likely be a bit older by the time Twilight started a family, but if I made them too old no way could I justify their being in Hogwarts as first years. Even if they are petite. Sweetie Belle is younger in this AU because I put her as Rarity's daughter in this. She's the young filly who hangs out with two older fillies. Scootaloo is the daughter of Sunset Shimmer in this, and Apple Bloom is canon. The ages I'm going with are 16 for Scootaloo, 15 for Apple Bloom, Nova is anywhere between fourteen to sixteen but isn't really quite sure, and Sweetie Belle is Twelve.

As for Scabbers, now you know why he was always wondering off. ;)

Regarding the pegasus shield, it's my own head canon that pagasi can project a protective shield about them when flying at high speed. My thoughts are that it just pops up when needed. Without something like that, the kinds of speeds Rainbow Dash does and her crashes, would be impossible to survive.

That last bit may or may not be related in anyway to what Moonie did to the troll. ;) ;)

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