• Published 22nd Sep 2018
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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 1: Green Goats [Eddited]

A quick note for the sake of clarity: My writing style often uses multiple quotations within a single paragraph. Assume all quotations within a paragraph are the same speaker. As this method seems to throw some people off I'll be replacing with em dashes where quoted text butts up to each other.
One more thing before you begin. This story is intended to be a comedic parody seasoned with satire. Yes there is a good deal of drama, but that was never intended to be the main focus.

A young woman in her early teens stands looking at a mirror, her expression care worn. She’s wearing a skirt of midnight blue with ruffles at the hemline, a white blouse, and a puffy sleeved tight fitting jacket that matches the skirt, her white hair put up in a bun, and a large wide brimmed hat festooned with ribbons and silk flowers rests upon her head. The hat doing a fairly good job of camouflaging the vermilion and purple stripes in her hair. An ivory colored winged unicorn with the image of a sun on her flank walks slowly up to the girl who’s head doesn’t even come up to the horse’s withers. The girl’s complexion is light skinned, nearly as light as the horse, but thanks to her heritage she could be easily mistaken for someone from Japan. She’s not. She’s not even human.

The girl is a pony, a very special pony, a fox pony with a difficult journey ahead of her.

“Nova, you aren’t having second thoughts are you?” asked the winged unicorn. Nova turns around and gives her a hug.

“Aunt Tia, of course, I’m having second thoughts. Human’s are horrible. Not all, but many are beyond redemption. They kill for the pleasure of it. They’ll even prey on their own kind. Many are as bad as King Sombra in the height of his madness, and they commit their madness in cold calculated sanity.” She took a breath and let it out slowly. “Sure I’ve done some horrible things myself, but because I wanted to save lives, not take them. I only kill out of necessity. - Bringing an end to a sentient life is reprehensible to me, that’s why I only eat animals like fish or chickens.” Nova refused to believe a chicken could ever be sentient simply because they tasted so good.

Nova gave Celestia a tight squeeze, she’d been having nightmares about her time fighting against King Sombra, possibly due to her anxiety about going into a world dominated by humans, but that was in another world. Nova was presently in her correct dimension, but she was in the past. Her best course of action to get home was to go through that portal to take advantage of the way the timelines flowed. Her teacher, Miss Oukitsune Aiko, had done her best to help her by teaching her as many survival skills as she could. Aiko was presently standing a short distance away, she, a simple white pony by all outward appearances.

“I know, but you’ll be safe at Hogwarts.” Celestia consoled. “I’ve added your name to the enrollment book, you know where the school is, all you have to do is get there from the portal. - First stop, the Leaky Cauldron, you should get your acceptance letter shortly after arriving, it’s summer there now, but the new school year will be starting soon. - The people at the Inn will look after you, and I’ve told you more or less what to expect. On top of that, your ability to transform yourself has been a great asset.”

"Transform myself," Nova said softly. "Considering my native state in that world is a small white fox with wings like an owl, I had little choice, but to learn that spell." Nova looked up into Celestia's eyes and remembered Rarity had said that that was where the fun is. Celestia and Rarity would laugh, but Nova just didn't understand the adults. “It was so generous of you to have the royal seamstress make me some outfits.” A smile formed on her lips. “And that suitcase you’ve given me is nothing like anything I’ve ever encountered.” The suitcase was a small alabaster sided suitcase with the Equestrian blazon on a small medallion on the side of it. Inside, depending on how she opened it, was either a simple suitcase, all the way up to a copy of Princess Luna’s apartments complete with an absurdly large greenhouse.

“It actually originated from the world you are headed to. I did fix a few things and made some modifications. It’ll serve you well, and give you a little piece of home to retreat to.” Celestia had actually completely rebuilt it, but modesty kept her quiet regarding how extensive the rebuild was. Nor was it truly from the world Nova was about to step into.

“Thank you for everything.” Nova offered. She then went to Aiko and gave her a hug putting her arms around the much smaller pony.

“Take care, Tsukinokazoku Kitzumi-hime.” Aiko offered. “I’ve let my contacts in that world know to be ready to provide back up to one Miss Nova Moon any time she needs it.”

“Thank you teacher,” Nova replied. Let go, picked up the small suitcase, and walked over to the mirror. She looked back one last time and stepped into the mirror like walking into a pool of water. The surface of the mirror rippled a few times and subsided.

“I should probably get onto my counterparts to let them know to expect Miss Nova in the future.” Aiko offered. “I did a reading on Princes Nova, and she seems to have been going back and forth between a lot of different dimensions. - I hope she makes it home this time.”

“She’s been very tight-lipped about how she ended up in her present situation, but I can’t help but feel Discord had something to do with it.” Princess Celestia stated. The two were still looking into the mirror as though they could see Nova on the other side of the portal. But then, perhaps they could.

“And will you act on that impulse?” Aiko asked.

“I dare not.” Celestia's tone was bitter. “I fear that Discord may have some important role to play in the future otherwise I suspect Nova would have told me.”

“She as likely didn’t tell you because she has come to understand that the moment you know what the event is, the event becomes a fixed point in time. It’s already happened, and you’ve already made the decision that has brought us to this point.” Aiko pointed out.

“I suppose so. Still, though, I’d do anything if it meant she’d not have to drink from the cup she has partaken from.”

“Even so, she doesn’t wish to lose those experiences.” Aiko pointed out, and then let out a small sigh.

“Freezing her in stone would have been the easiest thing to do. She’d lose her magic, and her memories, but then she’d get to grow up all over again unaware that her misadventures had ever happened.” Celestia offered though the idea of doing such a thing to a pony who'd done nothing wrong was most distasteful.

“Many of those memories weigh heavy on her, and yet, they are precious, and she’s unwilling to give them up,” Aiko replied. “There are a few that she needs to let go, for her own sake.”

“She’s gone now,” Celestia announced, her tone resigned to Nova's fate. “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes please, if I may?” Aiko replied as the two turned away from the mirror and headed for the door of the room they were in.

“Well, I can’t keep treating you like a maid now that the cat is out of the bag.”

“Indeed. - It never occurred to me they’d out me during an official visit like that.” Aiko had to laugh as the memory crossed her mind.

Princess Celestia hadn’t been completely surprised by the announcement of the delegation that one of her maids was their High Priestess. Princess Celestia already knew by that point. No one else knew outside a small circle of ponies, so when the delegation respectfully requested she be returned to them, quite a few jaws dropped.

“There is one thing that’s been pestering me,” Celestia continued as they exited the room, “how is it you have nine tails?”


Nova stepped out onto a cobbled street in a seldom used alleyway of London, and even though she’d just stepped from a wall, not a soul marked her sudden appearance. She had to fight back the overwhelming urge to gag as the pungent atmosphere assailed her.

This was Nova's third time through the portal. Her first was to check to see what would happen. Sure enough, she’d transformed into a small white fox on her first go round. On the second go through she found that if she transformed herself first, she’d stay that way. The downside being she’d need clothing. Her transforming into a fox had to have something to do with her mixed heritage. When other ponies went through, they’d turn into humans who were fully clothed. Usually as their counterparts, which often proved interesting. One pony might end up in rags while another would be richly adorned in the finest silks. And the tight corsets would send many a pony scurrying back across the portal as quickly as they could. Nova never transformed into a human, clothed or otherwise, and had little choice but to master her transformation spell in the little time that she had before the portal closed. She was also taking a big gamble coming here, even with her ability to traverse dimensions, her home dimension was going to be too far away for her to return any time soon if anything went wrong.

Nova took in her surroundings, memorizing the location right down to the geomagnetic position, and then headed for the bustle of the main boulevard. The air hung heavy with the acrid smell of coal smoke, and animal waste. It was nearly enough to make her gag. The street itself was packed with carts and carriages, and all manner of wagons, all being pulled by the most pitiful examples of horseflesh she’d ever seen. Many were malnourished and overworked. Nova suppressed a shudder at the sight and walked down the side of the street in search of the establishment of the Inn she needed to go to. As she walked along the street a most perplexing sight caught her attention, her curiosity getting the better of her she just had to have a look. She’d actually heard the contraption long before she could see it, it made a horrible racket, and many of the horses shied away from it. Why it was a carriage, Nova realized on catching sight of it. A horseless carriage of all things. She watched in fascination as it chugged, and belched smoke from a pipe in the back of the thing as it passed by on the busy street. Nova could imagine her mother disassembling the thing just to figure out what made it work.

It was gone now, back to finding the Inn. Nova looked about in confusion. According to her Aunt Tia, it should be around here somewhere… Of course, it was hidden. Nova wasn’t too sure how she was to find an inn that had been hidden though. Her keen senses caught sight of a tall blond man with a redheaded man, both of medium build wearing long black robes of all things. No one seemed to be paying them any attention so Nova figured it was a fashion that Miss Liberty Belle, the court seamstress, had missed on her expeditions through the portal.

And they were gone.

How very odd… hold on… Nova walked briskly for the place the two had been, and marveled at the shimmering light as she approached the spot, the Leaky Calderon Inn was revealed. Her heart leapt in joy as her first quest was completed, and she pushed the door open. However, on entering, the hush that fell over the place made her feel a bit on the nervous side. No matter, she made her way to the bar ignoring the odd looks the patrons were giving her. Celestia had said she’d be safe enough once she was inside, but right now she wasn’t too sure. Why the very way the majority were dressed made her think she'd just walked into a hive of parochial schoolmasters.

“Excuse me, I’d like to make a reservation for tonight?” Nova inquired of the man behind the counter as another patron entered the shop. The man just stood there polishing a glass scarcely looking at her. He cast a glance at the person who’d entered behind Nova.

“Little Japanese san!” called the woman who’d followed Nova.

“What?” Nova asked. She could feel her ears go up, and was grateful for the hat.

“Oh you don’t need to stay here, you’ll be coming with me.” The woman proclaimed. Nova glanced at the woman, she was elderly in appearance and dressed in the oddest way having on an assortment of odd clothing to include the undergarment of a kimono warn like a robe.

“I most certainly am… mmmf!?” Nova began but was cut off mid-sentence. The woman clutching at Nova with strong bony hands, one hand going over her mouth.

“Now why in heaven’s name is there a horse in here?” the woman asked bewildered. The black beauty with wings of night, a mane that looked like a person could fall into it, and a long spiraled horn let out a snort while eyeing the woman most intently as if to say, back off bitch. The woman clutched at Nova more tightly and started pulling her away. A blast of magical energy emanated from the horn of the night mare hitting the woman square in the face. She let go of Nova who immediately pulled away, the night mare spun, the two men who Nova had seen earlier rush to open the doors to the establishment and stand clear.

The night mare’s hind hooves moved so fast that had anyone watching blinked, they’d have missed it. A moment later the women were out in the street where it was assumed she’d walked out into traffic, and had been hit by a passing streetcar.

“I say, I do like her style.” The tall blond man offered.

“Is it even legal to have a pet Nightmare?” Asked the redhead.

The barkeep pulled Nova’s hat off to reveal two very pony like ears.

“Hey!?” Nova protested grabbing her hat and pulling it back down.

“It’s alright lads, she’s one of us.” The barkeep proclaimed. He was answered by a cheer, followed by boisterous chatter. Nova relaxed for a moment and then turned on the night mare.

“Moonie, that was an unnecessary use of excessive force!” Nova chastised followed by the night mare bowing her head, and nuzzling her charge. Nova didn’t care for humans, but still…

“Now, don’t be so hard on her.” Offered the tall blond man as he approached. The redhead was right behind him. “That Muggle did seem set on kidnapping you.”

“A rather bold one too I might add. Name's Henry Weasley."

“My Name is Thomas Malfoy.” The blond man offered. “That’s quite the impressive... um, creature you have there. I hesitate to call her a horse though.”

“Rather cute for a Nightmare.” Mr Weasley offered. “But tell me, aren’t you rather early to be traveling to Hogwarts?” He paused a moment. "I'm assuming that's why you are here."

“Perhaps she doesn’t know about the train?” Mr Malfoy offered as he sat at one of the bar stools. “A shot of some of that American paint thinner if you don’t mind.”

“One shot of Kentucky whiskey.” The innkeeper replied. “Been a hard day has it?”

“Getting everything ready for the inaugural run of the Hogwarts Express has been a nightmare.” Mr Weasley offered as he took a seat. “No offense to present company mind you.”

“She only takes offense if you threaten me.” Nova offered. “I have come a long way, and I’m afraid I know nothing about the Hogwarts express.”

“It’d be in the letter letting you know that you’ve been accepted.” Mr Weasley offered. “But you haven't gotten your letter yet, have you? - I do say, I think we may have put the cart before the horse. Might be a good idea to send out a notice detailing the plans for the train. I mean this secrecy thing is going a bit far."

“I was to wait here till it came.” Nova offered. “I’m going to need a place to stay until it’s time to go as well.” “That is assuming I don’t need to start out right away?”

“They won't even be sending the letters out for a while yet.” Mr Malfoy offered. “Oh, you’ll get one. Anyone who can get a nightmare as a pet is sure to get a letter.”

“Oh, she’s not really a pet.” Nova offered. Granted that Moonie was actually a spell attached to Nova's moon amulet hidden under Nova's jacket. And while she could be thought of as a pet, she was so much more. Moonie was intelligent, could learn, and was semi-autonomous. “I suppose in a way she kind of is," Nova admitted. Her very own Nightmare Moonie. "She’s bonded to me. My Mom’s idea. She’s to keep me safe.”

“Ah, must be a powerful witch, your mother.” Mr Malfoy mused. “I’m surprised she sent you by yourself though. - What’s her name if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Princess Luna Moon. Mom’s in exile, it was my Aunt who sent me here. - I suppose you could say I’m in exile myself.”

“Don’t tell me they threw you out?” Weasley asked astonished.

“Not exactly. Just can’t go home for a while.”

“Join the club kid.” Mr Malfoy offered.

“His family kicked him out for his involvement with the train.” The innkeeper offered. “Here, have some juice, on the house.”

“Thank you, very much,” Nova replied accepting the offered drink. “So what’s the big deal with the train? I’ve ridden on plenty of trains. They’re slow, but a great way to get a large number of, well just about anything moved across the country.”

“Including students.” Mr Weasley offered.

“And including the children of families that otherwise couldn't afford to make the trip, and muggle born.” Mr Malfoy added. “My parents.” He downed the drink he’d been contemplating. “Sweet mother… that there is one thing muggles are good at.” His comment garnered some good-natured laughter. “What I was saying is that people like my parents don’t like the idea of magical education being made available to everyone. They’d much rather it remain an exclusive club. - Now I despise muggles as much as any, but I do believe that those who are born with magic deserve a chance. Many are in need of rescue, and I've even taken in a young lady myself. Ergo, I’ve involved myself with the Hogwarts Express program. - So, what did your mother do that got her, and apparently yourself, banished?”

Nova thought about it for a moment, she’d been warned that wizards could tell if a person was lying and that she should always tell the truth. Granted she didn’t have to tell the whole truth.

“Mom number one attempted to commit regicide.” Nova offered. “I’ve two moms. Things are complicated, and to make a long story short, here I am.”

“I’m going to need another.” Mr Malfoy said putting his glass back on the counter.

“Ya, I’ll have one too.” Mr Weasley said, and a few moments later he is gasping for his life while Nova gently pats his back. Malfoy is laughing along with several other patrons.

“Dear god, how do you drink that stuff?!” Weasley chocked out.

“So, you’re a dispossessed princess then,” Malfoy said after containing his mirth at his friend's discomfort. “By the way, where’d your nightmare go?”

“Oh, she usually just vanishes once she’s satisfied I’m safe,” Nova informed them. “Mr Weasley, are you going to be alright?”

“Just, give me a moment.”

“Say, why don’t you take in our little princess here until it’s time for her to go to Hogwarts, then she won’t have to stay here?” Mr Malfoy suggested.

“Oh, I couldn't.” Nova protested.

“I think it sounds like a splendid idea.” Mr Weasley offered having finally managed to straighten out.

“But I couldn't.” Nova protested again.

“Frankly I think you’d soon grow bored staying here.” Mr Malfoy offered. “Just out of curiosity though, did they send you out with any money?”

“I’ve a little on me, but I need to get to Green Goats, I believe it was the bank.” Nova offered. “I was provided with a vault key, oh, and I’ve a partial list of items I’ll need for school.”

“That would be Gringotts.” Mr Malfoy corrected.

“I should have enough for school as well as my room and board.” Nova offered.

“Well then, as a member of the Ministry of Magic, allow me to welcome you to the United Kingdom, and escort you to the bank. - Malfoy, you coming?”

“Sure why not. It’ll be a nice diversion.” He offered, and a moment later they are in a barren courtyard out behind the inn. Two grown men out in an alley behind a pub with a young woman. Nothing unusual here.

“Oh, I’ve got it,” Nova announces, and without even bothering to count, presses the brick that causes the wall to open up. The two men eye her with curiosity. “I’d memorized which brick to press.” Truth was she could see which brick was charged with the activation spell.

“I see, well come on then.” Weasley offers, and a moment later they are stepping into Diagon Alley.

Being it was the height of Summer, midweek, and late afternoon, there was as yet only a handful of people here and there. The owl shop looked inviting, and it was all she could do to not dive into the book shop. After all, she was her mother’s daughter. The apothecary gave her the willies at the site of unicorn horns. Nova had to remind herself that unicorns here, we're just dumb beasts and not anything like the ponies of Equestria. Still, though, it looked absolutely horrid to her. Despite that, the shops in the alley reminded her of some of the more unique shops in Canterlot. The ones in the back alleys she wasn't allowed to go to.

“So what exactly is a muggle anyway?” Nova asked after a while. She’d always assumed all humans were of the same species.

“Don’t you have muggles where you are from?” Mr Weasley asked.

“No, not a one so far as I know,” Nova replied.

“Perhaps it’s just a language barrier.” Mr Malfoy offered. “Closed-minded people who have no magic, don’t believe in much of anything, and can’t abide anyone being different from themselves. -Though to be honest I can think of a few wizards and witches who can fit into at least three of those categories.”

“And if a person in the magical community can’t do magic, they’re called a squib.” Mr Weasley filled in. “Do you have anyone like that where you live?”

“No, not really. Magic is fairly common. We Have three basic types, earth magic, atmospheric magic, and of course there’s the sort of magic that requires casting charms and such.” She wasn't about to say earth pony, pegasi, and unicorns.

“And what type of magic can you do?” Mr Malfoy asked.

“A little of everything.” Nova offered.

“Well, that’s what going to school is for, to refine your talents.” Mr Weasley offered having completely misinterpreted what Nova had told him. They had assumed Nova was only eleven, and just starting, but Nova was closer to fourteen, at least that was her presumed estimate, and she had been studying magic long before she could even do it. She didn’t know it, but her skill was far above what she’d be learning in the first year class.

“And we are here.” Mr Malfoy offered holding the door open to a large building.

Nova had been so engrossed in the conversation she’d completely missed climbing the steps up to the snowy white building. Standing by the door was a little man pale in complexion with a long beard, bald head, pointed ears, nose, and long spindly fingers who bowed to them as they entered. He looked to be a bit on the grumpy side as well. Nova returned the bow prior to entering. Inside were more of these odd looking grumpy little men, and a fair number of witches and wizards inside. The trio joined a line to see a teller and waited, and waited, and waited… oh, and waited some more.

“Ah, Mr Malfoy and Mr Weasley, I was told I might find you here.” Said a man coming up to them. “There have been some issues regarding the train.”

“Well that didn’t take long.” Mr Weasley moaned.

“Mr Brown, I’ll look into it first chance I get.” Mr Malfoy offered.

“Next!” called the little man at the counter. It was Nova’s turn. “Your key.”

“Yes sir,” Nova replied and retrieved a gold key from her pocket, and laid it on the counter. It had no number, only a crest. The Crest of Equestria to be exact. “Also I have some gems and gold to… convert? Are you alright?” The little beady man’s eyes had grown as big as saucers. Meanwhile, another little man who was patrolling the floor with what looked like a spectacle at the end of a stick was looking at Nova with a similar expression. “Um, hello, sir?”

“Whatever has gotten into him?” Asked the wizard who’d come in search of Malfoy and Weasley.

“Can’t say I’ve ever seen a goblin act that way in my life,” Malfoy remarked.

“Did I do something I shouldn't have?” Nova asked starting to sound concerned. Meanwhile, another goblin had gone to the one with the monocle, took it forcefully, and he too was transfixed.

Kitzumi Nova Nightfoal Moon wasn’t like other ponies. She was a fox pony. That is to say, she was part kitsune, and it was the enchanted, or divine, kitsune that was her default form in this world. Now the spectacle was charmed to see through hidden cloaks and the most elaborate of disguises, and by rights, they should have been seeing Nova as a little filly. An alicorn filly, though pegacorn was perhaps a better description being she was nowhere near being on par with her Aunt. That’s not what they were seeing. Thanks to the interplay of the different magics and how kitsune magic worked in that world, the monocle was showing Nova more or less as she was, with massive amounts of magical energy rippling off her. Had she been a full-blooded kitsune the monocle would have shown her as an anthropomorphic fox, and Nova was only a one tail at that. The goblins were at a complete loss never having encountered a kitsune let alone a hybrid the likes of Miss Nova. Meanwhile, the teller had recognized the vault key as one belonging to royalty. A vault that hadn’t seen use in over a hundred years. Another teller took a look at the key, and before long goblins were rushing about muttering frantically to each other and no one in particular as not a one seemed to know what to do. A short time later, Nova, and the now three wizards had been directed to a very nice room. There was a large oval oak table with one large oak chair on one side and four large chairs on the other. A guard stood in each corner of the room, the room has five corners, with two at the entrance, and two more at a rear exit. Five sides because the room also doubled as a trap.

“Your Highness, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ragnok.” He offered with a bow. “You’ll forgive me, but the protocol requires a token before granting access to that specific account.”

“May I put my bag on the table?”

“Why yes, by all means.”

“Do you have protective eyewear?” Nova asked as she sat the suitcase on the table.

“I don’t expect I’ll need any,” Ragnok replied.

“Suit yourself then,” Nova said as she opened the case. Light flooded out. “Phenik? What are you doing in there?” Nova asked sounding exasperated as a young phoenix climbed out of the bag. “Honestly what am I to do with you now?”

“That’s not the token,” Ragnok stated flatly.

“I’m well aware of that.” Nova countered. She then pulled out a box that was about three hoofs in width, a quarter of a hoof in depth, and no less than seven horns in length. By rights, it should have never fit in the case. She set it on the table, and then retrieved, and put on a pair of sunglasses of all things. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Nova cautioned. Ragnok gingerly took the box, and slowly opened it. The occupants in the room were forced to squint their eyes as one of Princess Celestia’s primaries was revealed. “It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn’t so poorly lit in here,” Nova said softly. Princess Celestia truly shone as bright as the sun, and her little ponies had evolved over the millennium such that it didn’t really bother them. In fact, it was normal for most ponies to shine brightly what with their pastel colors. Even Nova’s true form was equally as bright as a harvest moon, and when ponies spoke of some pony brightening up a room by their presence, they meant that quite literally.

“Now that’s a token,” Ragnok whispered. His normal facade of disinterest had crumbled as he looked at the feather with awe and delight.

“I have a letter as well.” Nova offered pulling out a scroll with a wax seal on it. “We weren’t really sure if the account even still existed. I’m to understand it’s been a while.” Owing to the mentality of goblins, they never closed out accounts being they truly believed it all belonged to them anyway. The only loophole, one which Celestia had learned long ago, was to sell the goblins things of value that had been crafted. Princess Celestia had amassed a fortune simply by providing cut gems. Gems that would have been next to worthless in Equestria.

“I’m to understand that if the account is still available I am only to have as much as needed for necessary expenses to include school expenditures, room, and board, clothing, travel expenses, legal expenses if needed, plus the proceeds of the value of the items I provide you to be used at my own discretion.” Nova began pulling small gold bars out of her suitcase and stacking them on the table. “If I am unable to access the funds from my Aunt’s account, then I’m to open a new account to be at my discretion.”

Ragnok broke his eyes from the primary, reached across, and pulled a gold bar over to inspect it. The bar was stamped with the Equestrian winged unicorns representing night and day, Eques, Canterlot mint, point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine pure, one stone. Each bar weighed fourteen pounds when put on a scale, and Nova had stacked up one hundred bars. Now if that wasn’t enough, Nova began pulling out little square boxes. As she opened the boxes and placed them on the table, a large gemstone was revealed in each box. Now it’s important to remember that in Equestria the large stones were really only useful to dragons to be hoarded up, and eaten. To the ponies, the big ones were next to worthless because, they were fairly common in Equestria, and they couldn't be used for anything other than dragon food.

Nova wasn’t sure why Princess Celestia had insisted she bring such large gaudy next to worthless stones, but the expression on the faces of the goblins and human’s in the room spoke volumes. One being’s junk is another's treasure, Princess Celestia had explained with a wink.

“Who is this girl?” Whispered Mr Brown.

“I’m from a very old family in the far east.” Nova offered. The explanation was an answer her teacher, Miss Aiko, had told her to say. It ensured no one asked too many awkward questions and provided her with a ready answer. She’d also been told to call the country Eques being that’s what was stamped on the bars. No point in telling anyone the country was called Equestria as that might lead to more awkward questions.

Ragnok told a guard to summon a gem appraiser. “The gold will, of course, have to be appraised as well, though I’m to understand if this is indeed gold from Eques, it will fetch a high value due to its purity, and rarity.” Equestrian gold was often sought after simply for the stamps on the gold bars.

“Eques?” Mr Weasley asked.

“My country, the Kingdom of Eques. I’m a member of the royal family.”

“What are you doing here?” asked Mr Brown. "Sorry, but we haven't been introduced properly. Name's Brown."

“It’s illegal to execute members of the royal family.” Nova offered.

“Come again?” Asked Mr Brown.

It would seem there was some kind of family squabble resulting in various members of the family being kicked out.” Mr Malfoy offered.

“My mom tried to kill her sister. They had a difference of opinion, and it resulted in a knock down drag out fight.” Nova supplied. "I'm Princess Nova Moon of Eques."

“Well, I’ll be.” Mr Brown mused. “Normally that kind of behavior would be considered domestic violence and no big deal. Happens all the time, that it does.”

“Tell me about it.” Mr Malfoy drolled.

“My family fight like cat’s and dogs.” Mr Weasley offered. “No one ever gets seriously injured though.”

Meanwhile, Ragnok, having looked at the scroll had frozen. The guards suspecting something brought someone in to check him, they looked at the scroll and they nearly froze. “Why the signature is identical to the one on file, and the primary is certainly proof enough that it’s no clever forgery.”

“Why bother forging this anyway. It only allows the child to take out a small fraction, plus she’ll be adding a small fortune of her own.” Ragnok said as he looked over the document.

“A small fraction?” Nova asked.

“Not to worry, so long as you’re relatively frugal, you’d be able to live the life of the idol rich for the rest of your life.” Ragnok supplied with a smile. “And to think, you’re related to Celestia. The Celestia. Princess of the sun. How old is she?”

“She’s my Aunt. No idea how old she is.” Nova offered. “I do know she dates back to the fall of the Arcadian Empire of antiquity.”

“Arcadia? - She doesn’t have a philosophers stone does she?” Asked Mr Brown.

“A what?” asked Nova. “To the best of my knowledge, she’s just naturally immortal, or fairly near. Her magic is so powerful she simply doesn’t age. - I used to be afraid of her when I was little.” Nova made a mental note to find out what a philosopher’s stone was.

“I can see where such a person would be intimidating.” Mr Malfoy offered as the gemologist entered.

The gemologist pulled up a chair that had come from thin air, sat down, and began inspecting the gems via a magnifying glass fitted like a monocle. The room remained quiet until he came to a box containing a smallish pink stone. Small in comparison to the others, but otherwise considerably large.

“I’m not sure if that one is really worth much. It’s one that was given to me a while back. It’s got a flaw in it that looks a bit like a pony sitting in repose.”

“Looks like a panther to me.” The gemologist offered. “It’s a Mogok stone. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a gem quality stone this large. They are usually found in Burma, though some lesser quality ones are sometimes found in Canada.”

“A panther you say. May I have another look?” Nova asked. The gemologist gave Nova a pained look, placed the stone back in its box, and slid it over to her. Nova then picked up the stone and peered into its depths. Sure enough, the pony was now a panther. The position was the same, sitting in repose with its head held high in a most regal fashion, only now the mane and bushy tail was gone replaced with a long cat’s tail, a cigarette at the end of a cigarette holder in its mouth, and a monocle over one eye. What’s more is the tail was slowly flipping, and for the briefest moment Nova was sure it had winked at her. “I see, it is a panther now. It must have changed when I went through the portal, and it seems to have picked up an enchantment.” Nova put it back in the box and pushed it back over to the gemologist. “Watch the tail.”

The gemologist picked up the stone once more and looked at it with his magnifying glass. “Aaa, the tail is moving. That’ll bring up the price considerably.”

“So you got here by portal?” Mr Weasley asked. “Like a port key?”

“Beats traveling by ship.” Nova offered. Admitting to having come by way of a portal didn’t seem such an odd thing to admit being these were wizards, and it solved the issue of trying to explain by which route she’d come. “It was a mirror enchanted by a wizard known as Starswirl the Bearded. The portal would be closed now.”

“Now him I’ve heard of.” Malfoy offered. “Always though it was an odd name. If I remember correctly he did a lot of work with mirrors. It was the mirror of Erised he was most famous for. It has the most interesting enchantment I’m told, as it’ll show a person having the one thing they most truly desire. - Never understood why someone would want to do such a thing though.”

“Indeed,” Nova replied thinking she could guess. Starswirl in his travels to other worlds must have gotten stuck here, and made the mirror to get home again. The mirror showing wizards what they most desire was nothing more than a distraction to keep the human from discovering its true function being he’d have to leave the portal open.

“I’ve no doubt it’d show me shaking hands with new backers.” Mr Brown offered.

“Oh don’t tell me that’s what it was that was so important?” Mr Weasley asked.

“Mr Ragnok, looks like I’m going to want to invest in a railroad. Let's call it a school expense.” Nova offered.

And that’s how Princess Celestia became the primary backer of the Hogwarts Express.

Author's Note:

And that's chapter one of my new project. Princess Luna will show up later, along with the CMC, but not right away. We might see a young Dumbledore, but I'm not really sure how to work him into the story at this point. Also as stated in the description, the date of 1903 was chosen to coincide with the build date of the locomotive that is often depicted as being the engine used on the Hogwarts Express.

This story is intended to be comedic parody seasoned with satire. Yes there is a good deal of drama, but that was never intended to be the main focus. My main character is a foxicorn. Just making her an alicorn wasn't pushing the boundaries enough.

"Now that's a token." For those who didn't catch it, this is a paraphrase of a famous line from the movie Crocodile Dundee.

The woman who tried to collect Nova represents the typical idol rich of the age with more money then sense. She only sees Nova as something exotic, and not as a living breathing individual. She may also have been Aiko's contact, but we may never know.
Oh, and Aiko is a nine tailed fox.

The title of the chapter comes from Nova's misunderstanding, and is a signal not to take things too seriously.

Unicorn horns in shops. In Equestria, unicorn horns don't fall off or regrow. In the past, in the real world, such displays were actually Narwhal horns/tusks. People believed the horns to be genuine, but of course the hunters, and much of the nobility knew better. Even the queen allowed the scam to continue so as not to devalue the tusks. The demand resulted in hunting the whales to near extinction.

Mr Thomas Malfoy is a complex character, and he truly hates muggles. He doesn't hate muggle born witches and wizards though. Quite possibly because he suspects that the parents had actually been squibs, or worse yet, the father had been a wizard who'd done the unthinkable. In his mind set having a child born to a family that has no magic and has never had magic is about as likely as a donkey giving birth to a unicorn. Granted that Mr Weasley didn't seem to terribly concerned about the muggle who got hit by the street car either. Motivations for using a train to make it easier for aspiring young witches and wizards is often stated as a means to get students to and from school without a mass and very noticeable migration every year. Of course the train does make it easier for students who could not otherwise get to school by any other means. Prior to the Hogwarts express, many of the characters in the book, a prime example being Neville Longbottom, would have had to settle for home schooling until they were capable of making the journey. Muggle born would not have been able to go at all. And then finally, there is the issue of inbreeding causing all manner of issues. School gives young witches and wizards the opportunity to meet others outside of their normal circles. It's a pity JKR never did a book on the inaugural run of the Hogwarts express. Her time line has the train being lifted prior to its existence, and it would be interesting to see some manner of explanation that works. I'm thinking time turners were involved. A whole lot of time turners. Imagine trying to coordinate the effort.

This story will be more or less in canon with my previous books, but reading them won't be necessary unless you want more of the lore behind the character. I'm also going to do my best to stay on focus, and be better organized. Better organized... ya right! LOL :facehoof:

One more thing I wanted to add. Nova's teacher calls her Tsukinokazoku Kitzumi. Kitzumi is her 'fox' name, and Tsukinokazoku means Moon family. 'Kitzumi' doesn't actually mean anything so far as I know, and while it might look like it's derived from the Japanese word kitsune, meaning fox, I'd actually derived it from 'kitten zooming'.

And yes, she originates the 'Pink Panther' diamond in this.

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