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"Why, recreational drugs of course!"

...Oh dear.


Me too.


How bout a sequel for Twilight? .-.

Bro that was .... I'll just go finish my bananananana bread.

DON'T... don't let this be complete... Please... MOAR! :flutterrage:

I... I must have... mooooooaaaaaarrrrrrr......

needs more chapters.:raritywink:

This is just so out there, I love it.

And as I've said before: "stoner pony is best pony."

Why so many thumbs down? this story was very good so wtf? :rainbowhuh:

this chapter...... I LIKE IT!!!!


make more chapters..... plz??????:fluttershysad:

Ha! This story is awesome! I'll have to read it again when I'm not baked off my ass to catch all of the fine details.

Wait? Why would anyone thumb DOWN this? Stoned celestia is best celestia! :trollestia:

One big, yellow star. a green thumb and 6 spikes from me!

I don't usually read mlp fics with humans in it. (Or rather, I never do).
But when I do, they're hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:


I am must be high off my ass to see that this story is already done.:pinkiegasp::fluttercry:

Goddamnit, this is absolutely awesome.

I enjoyed this a lot.

Oh dear lawdy... He fingered... and then... I didn't know horse noses were sensitive.


I laughed at the description, then it took me about 7 seconds and I understood the title and laughed again. I will most likely laugh while reading. Thank you.

At the end of the carpet stands Celestia, her mane shimmering and flowing as if caught in a constant breeze. Her body is a creamy white color, and her eyes are the same soft blue as the lightest parts of the sky.


I don't think you got the right Princess mate.

um... uh... I don't normally do this but... moar? please? :fluttercry:

Noted, thanks; I'll fix that up.

And I certainly can't promise that I'll add on to it, but I do have some interesting ideas I'm kicking around that could work into it. We'll see how things develop. :twilightsheepish:

"Tonight; you."

Oh shit, Twilight's channeling Hand Banana. God help us all. ;_;

Seriously though, excellent story. :twilightblush::moustache:

“No, it’s okay. I was just- I mean, that cake is just so good.” She squints a little, her gaze intensely concentrated on your face.
“Anon, are you crying?” She asks, her voice mirthful and gently teasing.


I know that feel. I approve.

And, I guiltily ask for a second chapter with twilight.

Twilight chapter please

1020547 This is a comedy; it's funnier to just cut away like that.

At first i was like: :eeyup:

Then in the middle i was like: da faq? :derpytongue2:

then after i finished i diddnt know what to think: :pinkiecrazy:

but seriously funny story. i would appreciate more added on to this story, but in the mean time.

you get all 5 of my staches.

More please i laughed so hard that im light headed, for some reason the idea of weed in equestria never came to mind but now i wanna see more story's like this :3

1020676 :rainbowlaugh: That pic made my day!

"You smell like all the sex..."
This. Just, this.

And Twilight is going to destroy poor Anon.:twilightsmile:

PLEASE MORE!! You get my last Spike :moustache:

I'll be honest, I have never liked human-in-Equestria stories, OR 2nd-person stories. But guess what? There's a first for everything, it seems. Good work, Metals– this is going into my Favorites list. :rainbowkiss:

Also... please let there be more :pinkiecrazy:

Just finished smoking a bowl when I found this fic :derpytongue2:
Couldn't stop laughing the whole way through

Stoned Celestia is best Celestia :trollestia:

I likes this one, i ask for another!

So I'm not the only dude that gets high and sits around with his cat. Good to know.

wll ther be more?? hope so, this was good

Twilight? Hot and heavy for me? Forget tonight, we can go to town right there in the carriage!

That escalated quickly.
Pretty good anyways. I like the style of writing here.

I consider this one of the best HiE fics I have ever read.
Laughed myself sore several times in this, one of the few times a FiM fanfic has done that. :rainbowlaugh:

Please, please say that a continuation will be made, this is just too good to end here.
+1 stache :moustache:

BWAHAHA, even I have never been blue-balled that hard. Ha!

Drugs.....bah. CLOP?! YES!

''It’s that feeling. That feeling you get when you step on a stair that isn’t there.''ya and you HULK stomp the floor and everyone is like WTF is his Prob :twilightangry2:
oh and more PLZ

At first i though this was gonna be a stoner comedy fic. Until....whatever was still enjoyable.

I want MOAR please!

Oh dear, fucking hilarious!

Aww I wanted to see Rarity's fashion bridles and halters get used.

What? Marijuana smells glorious? Eww no! It smells like dog shit!
Me....smoke marijuana? Buck no, i'm too much of a hater to even try that body destroying herb!

Hate drugs with the intensity of 1000 burning suns, love clop with the intensity of 1000 burning Celestia's!

I did not clop to this.


Just... this reaction... I didn't stop laughing for almost ten minutes.

This was great. It needs must haz sequel.

I'm hoping for AnonxTwilght bondage:pinkiehappy:What don't judge me you all know you got/became boner/wet while reading that Celestia scene. Witch was pretty funny "Oh finally" made me laugh like a derp.:rainbowlaugh:

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