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This story is a sequel to Applejack's New Dress

The events of this story take place after the episode "Lesson Zero"

After the disaster that was the "want it need it spell" on Twilight's old doll Smarty Pants. It ended up in the care of Big Macintosh who has been seemingly possessed by the rag doll and acts like a foal. To make matters worse he is fine with how things are and wants to remain in diapers. But Applejack isn't going to let a rag doll possess her brother and will do everything she can to snap him out of the enchantment.

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Comment posted by Fudgebrownie deleted Sep 16th, 2018

But it was about time she brought it up seeing that the spirit that possessed her and Spike was still on the loose.

But if a voice is saying stuff in your head, it could be the curse that Twilight was talking about.

What? :rainbowhuh: I'm so confused right now.

This is a sequel to two other stories about a spirit that posses ponies to make them think their foals.

Oh, no! Smarty Pants did indeed become the next vessel for the spirit. Now it has gained control over Big Mac and appears to have gotten much smarter in how it is manipulating its target.

Previously the spirit was more outgoing with how it regressed the minds of its targets. However Big Mac is a definite exception. Perhaps this strategy is to ensure the grip of regression has a stronger hold?

Nice to see the series continuing. Twilight really should be more careful with her stuff.

Why there is 7 dislike this story is not that bad:applecry:

Liking this a lot so far!
Keep up the good work!

Some of them probably came from trolls who downvote diaper stories no matter the quality.

That said, the grammar IS kinda shaky in places.

What is most impressive in this chapter is the thought on the mental well-being of Apple Bloom. The spirit is definitely up to its typical antics but thinking on how both AJ and Big Mac have been afflicted by its brainwashing while a very young and impressionable Apple Bloom has to cope with it is certainly a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple Bloom didn't go back to her fellow crusaders and talk to them about plans if she went all foal like her older brother and sister. She'd perhaps even consult Zecora to see if there is a potion to keep her from doing what her older siblings have done.

Definitely a cute chapter but, again, I applaud the thought on Apple Bloom's well-being. It took this chapter to the next level of awesome!

Poor Apple Bloom. Will she ever live this down?

Well this was a good read keep it up.

Again nice work on the chapter, now I wonder what AJ is going to do next for Big Mac now and how the reast of the Apple family is going to deal with it.

<LoL!> Patty Paddington! I loved her! She's like the Pinkie Pie of padding! :)

Poor Apple Bloom. Maybe AJ will give her some time away from chores for helping out with her possessed brother?

<LoL!> I liked when AJ noted on how 'huge' her brother was. Definitely heard the actual voice during that scene.

Happy Love Diapers? Hmmm. Perhaps they are for Spike...? *Giggles*

Yipes! I could certainly see Baby Mac going a bit too far with his Big Mac body. He's quite the strong stallion and infants / toddlers tend to never hold back at anything.

<LoL!> Overalls are so fitting for an adult foal farm pony. Applejack's reactions to it all were quite well done, too.

Poor Apple Bloom. Though, now that it has been mentioned, I would laugh my flank off if she ever did eat her hat. :)

Ooh! Fluttershy watching Big Mac? Now that will be quite the adventure. I wonder how Angel will take it?

Oh, boy. Flutters definitely has her hooves full now. Perhaps she may need to call for some backup from Pinkie Pie?
I could see Fluttershy's emotions going as she disciplined Little Big Mac. I could also believe that, as he got galloping, he'd find it would work some other things out, too.

What will be next? The spirit seems to have learned a lot since Spike and Applejack. It's going to be super-tricky to remove it now.

Interesting turn of events, I wonder what would have happened to Mac if he had gone through with dunking into the pool?

9328525 Probably would've filled up his diaper with pool water and made it all soggy and squishy.


he would have regressed into a actual foal.

se past two chapters were a delightto read. It's interesting to know there is still a lot to figure out about the spirit along with how it came to be.

The ending here is very cute. You lead into what will be 'Baby Cakes' very well. The reaction of the town definitely makes sense and the 'light teasing' here-and-there certainly makes sense.
I enjoyed the discussion that lead into the food fight at the end. Glad to see Big Mac and AJ still get into their fair share of spats. I could only guess how Apple Bloom feels being the only one spared from being impacted by the curse. :)

This is also the closest the spirit has come to completing a full regression. One can only fathom where it may show up next. Or maybe it's actually gone...?

Anyone got a link for the cover art?

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