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After a long night of studying and storytelling, Scootaloo, Smolder, and Yona team up to bake a cake for Rainbow Dash.

Artwork - TheArtsyEmporium
Editor - Dreams of Ponies
Pre-readers - I Thought I Was Toast / JackRipper

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

God I love this ship

Unusal ship but ill support for more chapters.

I loved the darkness of this story. It brings a whole new dimension to these characters. And that whole Yona and Ocellus "best yak" was hysterical XD
Very good read!

Eh, not so onboard with the ship, but who cares, the story's otherwise brilliant, not at all what I was expecting going in. :twilightsmile:

Only complaint was Gallus being a bit too much of a jerkface all of the time a bit more than I felt was justifiable. I get the story sort of calls for it, but that duty could've been shifted around to a few other characters so it wasn't all on him to be the jerkface every time he opens his beak. :rainbowlaugh:

I really liked the story but I'm not too big on this ship but very good. :D

There needs to be more Smolder X Ocellus fimfic.

Damn it, you made me cry!:fluttercry: But a wonderful story and a great ship!:twilightsmile:


Just to give you a little heads up you can a misspelled ocellus name a couple of times

Dang Try to keep a secret like that really does kill you from the inside not only makes it worse the others who was there with her even feel more Terrible than ever That's why it's not a good idea to keep that to yourself like that Even though it will get you in trouble but you had to face your consequences for your action This was a pretty good story

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