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“I ain’t just a farmer anymore and you ain’t just a fashion designer anymore. Now we’ve got new titles.” She placed a hoof on her chest. “Element of Honesty...” -- she moved her hoof to Rarity -- “and Element of Generosity. Saviors of Equestria and whatnot.”

When Applejack was a filly, she'd been told a hundred times by her parents that she was special. This... this isn't what she expected.

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Hmm, it's easy to forget amidst the heroics, but Applejack is very much a homebody. Of all the Mane six, she has the least interest in travel and adventure. Even Fluttershy travels, If the destination isn't too scary, but the entire focus of Applejack's life is that apple farm.

Nothing wrong with that, the best renditions of Applejack I've seen always ground themselves in that fact, of a hardworking mare whose satisfaction is found in a simple life lived well. Thanks for the story, and the thoughts.

This was beautiful!! Definitely deserved its feature.

This is great, straight onto favorites! :pinkiehappy: Reminds me a lot of the short I wrote a while back, too.

I think I caught a couple tiny errors, by the way. (If you prefer not to have proofreading stuff in comments I can edit this out and PM it to you instead?)

“And apparently does some unknown force of friendship.”

Looks like a missing word: "apparently so does", I suspect?

A moment of cold silence passed between then,

It seems like "then" should be "them" there.

Honestly beautiful, just a simple little piece starring a pony who's at heart, a simple mare.

Comment posted by Cillerenda deleted Sep 13th, 2018

>“Well of course, Applejack,” Rarity said, feeling a bit defensive, “we helped save Equestria, did you expect that to go unnoticed?”
Lel, you would think that, wouldn't you? The next day Sweetie Drops has never heard of Rarity, shoppers are pushing past Fluttershy in the market, the Wonderbolts have no idea who Rainbow Dash is, and Princess Twilight can't get a cab.

thank you, I'll get those fixed!

Magnifique! Straightforward, honest, and deep. Very in-character for all involved, in particular our two leading mares. I could see this being canon.

"I never asked for this."

Sorry, I just had to! ^^

This is a nice little bit of character focus. It makes sense, the delivery is smooth, and Applejack and Rarity's characterization feel right.

This was good. This was really good.

Dammit you beat me to it!

Very nicely done, and a good insight into AJ immediately after the opening episodes. ^_^

Love this story, Applejacks reaction is so perfect. but time does seem to be screwed up a bit. One moment thry have had a feast in canterlot already and the glass windows made. The next they have only been elements a couple hours. Unless straight after celestia returns, they were teleported to canterlot, where a feast was alteady waiting, along with a stained glass window, something feels off.

I feel like Celestia could whip up a stained glass portrait in a snap so that's my reasoning. As for the the rest.... shhhh :pinkiecrazy:

Ooh - a new Applejack story. I must read!


Rarity turned to face Applejack directly, locking eyes once again. “If and only if the time ever comes where we fail, we fail together. No beating yourself up, no dwelling on letting others down. Deal?”

“I can’t promise that.”

Rarity scoffed. “At least you’re being honest. Well try, then?”

“... deal.”

Now that reminded me of this

Tony Stark:We can bust arms dealers all the live long day, but, that up there? That's...that's the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?
Steve Rogers: Together.
Tony Stark: We'll lose.
Steve Roger: Then we'll do that together, too

A goodie. Perfectly in character, and not a topic often considered, not in this situation. Thank you.

This is one of the sides the show doesn't reveal. Six mares, half of which were not all that remarkable, were suddenly thrust into the limelight and given a, quite frankly, ridiculous responsibility. It was also one they did not ask for. It's true they set out to stop Nightmare Moon, but Twilight was the one who wanted to do that. The others followed because they couldn't let her do it alone.

But then, I suppose that's the mark of a true hero. they don't seek fame, glory, or fortune. Er... MOST of them don't, anyways *Eyes Rarity and Rainbow Dash.*. They find responsibility forced on them... and rise to the challenge.

This reminds me of the conversation with Sunset and Starlight, over the former's fears of future conflict she may face with her friends.

In the end, you've gotta focus on the present. And not worry about what MIGHT occur.

This is Celestia we are talking about

She probably had it made up before hand.

Change can be really scary for anyone. This is a good story.

Great work in considering how the humble farmgirl felt at the start of her Hero's Journey. The setup dragged a bit and the character voicing could use a little work—there were times when Rarity and Applejack didn't quite sound like themselves—but overall this was an excellent bit of friendshipping for two newly minted friends. Thank you for it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: any story that really meaningfully delves into Applejack's inner life (without just leaning on The Parents thing) gets points in my book and this one chooses a really intriguing angle: the way you tie Applejack's self-confidence in who she is and what her purpose is with the way that image is challenged by her being chosen by the Elements of Harmony is a fascinating one (especially when one remembers how AJ reacted to LOSING the Elements at the start of Season 4) and indeed I almost wish the story had delved a bit deeper in that direction but still manages to explore it in compelling fashion; I especially appreciate how AJ uses the revelation that the story she grew up believing was just a fable about the Mare in the Moon to contextualize just how shaken this has all left her feeling. I also appreciate your use of Rarity here; I always love when writers remember the ways in which she and AJ are similar rather than just different (her observation that they are both business mares and how that guides her thinking especially struck a nice chord for me) and the way she uses her own life's story to help AJ out worked really well for me. I feel like there are some minor leaps in emotional logic during their conversation, admittedly, and I think you might've wanted to tighten the opening a bit (it's enjoyable but it also feels like it takes up more of the story than it should), but overall I really enjoyed this story. It takes a unique perspective on its characters and fleshes it out believably and compellingly and resonated with me very strongly! 8D

Thank you so much!!

This is a take on Applejack I really like. Her asking the question "Why me?" It's a question I ask myself a lot. Like Applejack, I have a big responsibility now, and the outcome of that scares me. So I can really relate to what Applejack is afraid of here. Essentially, she's asking "out of all the ponies in Equestria, why did I get picked for this?" It really makes you wonder what the requirements for a hero really are.

I like the way you wrote Rarity here as well, how she didn't understand Applejack's plight right away. She didn't come off insensitive, which is good. Instead, she came off as someone who just didn't put as much thought into it as Applejack. Very well done.

Short. But good. Real good. Don't have anything to really say other then the conversation felt completely natural ^^ Good job.

No one ever signs up to become a hero.

Those who try are in it for the sports money.

The real heroes are those who rise to the occasion when no one else will stand.

Change wording of title a bit:
Ah didn't sign up fer this!

Slice of life was very on point.
I liked this story and feel it could be show canon, that's how good it is.

Based on Look Before You Sleep, IDK that Rarity would be that cordial to AJ.

In Celestial Advice, it was shown that these five had been friends before Twilight had come into the picture. It’s true they were at odds in that episode but friends have days where they get on each other’s nerves.

You pulled me in with a good hook, and I came out feeling great. I love fantastic short reads like this, and I have to say, this was definitely one of those top hitters!

9168471 A homebody? Out of all of the M6, Applejack is the one who *left home* and traveled all across Equestria to live with her aunt and uncle, abandoning her brother and sister and grandmother on the farm in search of her destiny. Then when she got her cutie mark, she traveled *back* to her home. Half of the M6 have refined cultural instincts, Twilight who was raised at Celestia's side post-cutiemark, Rarity who mostly has been making it up as she goes, and Applejack who had gotten ingrained with Manehattan culture *before* getting her mark.

Yeah, she knows what fork to use. And how *not* to use one if needed.

Excellent work. Have a like and follow.

Well done. Applejack is typically the strong, down-to-earth member of the mane six. It's nice to see a fic where she's vulnerable and open.


ahh... I'm sorry I just woke up a little while ago, are you agreeing, or disagreeing with me?

Good to know! I'm glad we cleared that up.

That was pretty slick. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic little character study. This feels like a believable reaction from Applejack as she's suddenly chosen to wield this nugget of weaponized friendship that she didn't even know existed before that day. Rarity is very well characterized as well, the way she sympathizes with AJ as a fellow entrepreneur and wants to understand what's bothering her. It's been a long time since I've read a good Rarijack friendshipping fanfic - it's just so nice to see a story like this at the top of the feature box.

A good story. Showing the doubts of a newborn heros responsibility.

This story is a sweet throwback to where this all began. I really liked an honest ( :ajsmug: ) look into the mind of someone forced into such a crazy life changing situation. I even teared up a little bit :fluttercry:. Super cool story.

Now I have to go watch these episodes again :rainbowkiss:

What a delightful blast from the past. I do agree with the issues FoME mention below, but really, the character work is fantastic, and all these seasons really give a lot of weight to that moment in AJ's life.

A lovely little moment of introspection.

Catching up with notifications of reviews I missed ages ago, so here you are. Short version: I liked seeing AJ and Rarity before they'd smoothed out on each other -- I'm fond of "Look Before You Sleep", which helped -- but I did find this very telly.


Whoa... That's one of these stories you hunt for - a real gem in the sea of 'meh' out there, well-written and inspirational.

I loved it, thank you :twilightsmile:.

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