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This story is a sequel to The Brother's Adventure 3

Voidic gets a letter of admission from Hogwarts, asking him to be their new "Alternate Magic" Professor. How will the students react to a student that's the same age as them? How will Voidic deal with teaching a bunch of spoiled brats?
(You guys never expected this did you?)

Chapters (24)
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Hacksmith, based on the You-tuber i'm guessing?

EXACTLY! jovian is jovian0011. Vashley Simpson is Vash12349. and Mr. Furze is Colin Furze. all youtubers

It always bugged me how ron and Hermione hooked up they antagonized the sh*t outta each other 75% of the story and ... I'm sorry to say this but Ron's sorta dumb ..... I mean he has his strong points but intelligence isn't one of them. I'm not saying she's shallow like that but if it wasn't Harry who had like a bizillion romance flags in the goblet of fire between them she ended up with ....I'd expect she would end up with a ravenclaw wizard. Ginny was a good match for Neville in my opinion. I mean come on he stood upto voldermort and killed his snake that took some balls.

I agree. As well as ron being dumb. But honestly, in GOF, i thought harry was being slightly shallow, he got a date with Parvarti. The least he could do is enjoy the night with her instead of wallowing in his feelings over cho. Ginny and neville are a good combo. But out of all the pairings, i fully expected harry and hermione to be a thing

Egggh cho had cedric diggory from hufflepuff .... with all the googly eyes Harry was giving her it wouldn't of taken a rocket scientist to realize he was interested ... she was aware too he did a spit take while smiling at her which she giggled at .... I blame his infatuation on hormones ... but instead of seeing if he was interested first she agreed to go with cedric ....only reason he got to first base anyway was she was emotional over him being their when cedric died and felt an attachment ... Parvati and her sister were last minute I don't wanna have to dance with mcgonagle kinda decision... no emotional attachment.. but the way he treated her was bad it was one night even if it was just for show pay attention to your date.

Yeah. But i have some good ideas for fourth year. I also have an idea for an altered prophecy.

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