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Has Sunset actually changed? She’s nice enough around her friends, and one of them has become something wonderfully more. But what does her girlfriend see in her?

An honorable mention in Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Valhallen? Fuck that guy.

Mon-key! Mon-key! Monkey! Monkey!

Ye gods, they're cute.

A magnificent synthesis of every moment we've seen of Best Human, along with some fascinating innovations that lead to intriguing questions about pony Derpy. Love, care, savage beatings... what more could I ask for? Wonderful stuff from start to finish. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

A totally unexpected couple! But this story really makes it work. Good stuff! :derpytongue2:

Damn, this is good stuff.

Goddamn that was good.

very good story i deeply enjoyed it so question does sunset know derpy travels through time with the doctor :P

and another question did derpys mom pay for sunsets stitches cus i doubt sunset has health care in the human world

Just when I thought King of Beggars' fic was my favorite, you go and make me so goddamn conflicted on that choice...

Great story, Pasco. Given your propensity for gut punches like in In Bloom and If Memory Serves, I was kind of disappointed there was no big twist in that style. That said, the story's simple but pointed linearity will still carry this miles past most of its contenders.

Glad this was the last on my list, since I knew you would give my slate a strong finish. Here's to this one making finalists!

I see where you're coming from, but I don't want to say too much while judging is still going on. I'll follow up afterwards, but I'm happy you liked it as much as you did. King of Beggars is good company to be in.

This story is absolutely stunning! It made me fall in love with the romantic scenes and It had me at the edge of my seat and had my adrenaline pumping during all the action.
This is a awe-inspiring and you have done a magnificent job~

So, as I alluded to earlier and as I said in the contest results thread, I do get why this might not have been as powerful a story as I wanted it to be. The only twist is the one revealed pretty early on, but the real thing to resolve is Sunset's uncertainty of why Derpy loves her. The problem is, I ran out of editing time before I'd fully figured out for myself what makes them work as a couple, so it's not going to come through that well in the story.

I'm flattered you liked this even close to the eventual winner, but having it finish well down tells me that either you hadn't read any of the other winners by the time you left your comment, or the other judges were far less impressed with this than you were.

In any case, thank you for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Author Interviewer

Fuckin' crumb scrapers, man. XD

So then Prim met a national games inspector during one of her Manehattan trips, and the two got to talking...

No, no, they had a screaming match in a bar first. Then they got to talking.

Very nice. Though I admit I am uncultured enough to have no idea what these crumb scrapers are.

This was an adorable ship. Also didn't see that coming with whose Muffin's mother was lol.

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