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This story is a sequel to Little Miss Tempest Tantraum

Flurry Heart and Fizzlepop due to a kind hearted way of trying to help their daddy Shining Armor. They accidently turned Sunburst and Shining into toddlers. Cadence finds a simple antidote to turn them back to normal she learns that the spell Flurry Heart and Fizzlepop used had some how erased years of potty training from the two colts.

So before Cadence can turn the two back to normal she has the two colts retrained in using the potty. But both Shining armor and Sunburst become engrossed in seeing who can be repotty trained the fastest and turn it into a adorable competition.

Editor: Superpinkbrony12

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 42 )

That very good and so cute great start!

Nice start. Poor shining has definitely had his fair share of regression moments as a result of his adorable lil' daughter. However, as I'm sure Flurry would agree, it never gets old.

I loved the bathroom door scene. Sunburst was quite imaginable as he struggled to hold out as Shining trolled him from within. I think you got Snubrust's speech right on, too.

Looking forward to more as you have the time to write. Keep having fun developing these stories and series.

Well on the bright side, Shining Armor and Sunburst can teach the foals how big ponies use the potty. Children emulate their peers after all. :rainbowkiss:

Cadence finds a simple antidote to turn them back to normal she learns that the spell Flurry Heart and Fizzlepop used had some how erased years of potty training from the two colts.

Um, that's not a proper sentence.
Cadence soon finds a simple antidote to turn them back to normal. However she learns that the spell Flurry Heart and Fizzlepop's spell had somehow erased their years of potty training.

Shining and Sunburst need to set better examples for Flurry and Fizzlepop. :ajbemused:

I sense Rugrats style sheningans at the pre-school. :yay:

I don't know how I missed Chapter 2 but I went back, read it, and now finished Chapter 3. :)

I really enjoy how you have Shining and sunburst interacting with each other. It's quite silly with plenty of antics you'd expect from two competing siblings.

Plenty of adorable scenes in the story, too. Cadence returning back to 'foal sitter' mode is definitely delightful. The whole experience with the "ABC" battle was great, too. :)

almost everyone make a appear now. expect for one character.

Do I smell Crystal Clear getting possessive of Sunburst? :heart:

*Applause* I really super-duper love how you create OCs to go with your stories. Your OCs are always just perfect matches for the regressed characters.

I also really enjoy the names you came up for the regressed Shining and Sunburst. 'Cloudy Day' and 'Sunny Day' are just so perfect. Their new friends are cuties, too!

Oh! I read a story the other day that actually mentioned something about you having an OC. North Star, right? I never knew you had an OC for yourself. Very awesome!

I am normally never the person who corects people but you kept calling scrabble skribble.

Playfully cute. I loved imagining all the interactions and seeing how Cadence is having fun with "Sunny" and "Cloudy". I genuinely could see Shining Armor acting this way if he were in such a regressed state. Crystal Shard sure got him. :)

Crystal Clear made a nice finish by smooching Sunburst and calling him 'pumpkin'. I definitely heard his little voice as he thought on that one.
Still fun and still delightful. Looking forward to more.

Cadence better make sure that potion is well guarded. :pinkiecrazy:

Well this was a good read, I think the quality of the writing on this one was much better this time around. keep it up.

the delight in this story is when Sunburst and Shining get into mischief. The way the two compete is priceless!

It also seems our foal friends are picking sides. Crystal Shard for Cloudy and Crystal Clear siding with Sunny. This means we could have quite the match ahead of us. especially if Sunburst is putting on his thinking cap to get the aging potion in his hooves before Cadence believes he is ready.

I now wonder what may happen if Crystal Shard or Crystal Clear got their hooves on the potion? They'd certainly feel really weird being growed up but lacking the mind and memory sunburst and shining Armor have.

Moral of the story: There are no shortcuts in potty training. :rainbowlaugh:

YEAH! you wrote more! BEST NEW YEARS DAY EVER!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

<LoL!> Such delightful little misadventures for our aspiring stallions. This most certainly will play into a lot of explaining to Cadence for what they got themselves into.

This felt like an episode in the show with the potion being the key plot point that started things off and, ultimately, got our quick-witted fellows worse than where they started.

I like how the rivalry between Shining and Sunburst keeps going while also 'maturing' as they age up. It was also neat noticing how Sunburst showed up Shining with his fancy footwork.

You also do great in bringing in OCs. Never forced but definitely memorable should they need to return.

How long until Twilight comes to foalsit? :twilightsmile:

Uh-oh! 'Mommy Fever' returns! Cadence is certainly one who would have a difficult time not having it because she is "The Princess Of Love". She's also been foal-sitting since she was much younger, too.

I like how Celestia and Luna disguised themselves. I'm sure it is fun for them to move about as everyday ponies instead of as royalty.

It also appears Shining Armor and Sunburst are battling over who is most loved, gets the most attention, etc. It's an adorable struggle that is further amplified by their foal friends.

Points for the Spike costume. That made for a cute visual. :)

Well to be fair, it seems like in the show Shining Armor and Cadence let Flurry Heart get away with a lot. It's no surprise she's a trouble maker. :pinkiecrazy:

Ooh! Good times! I like how we are seeing who takes after who a bit more. The build-up to Flurry taking after her father is delightful!

I also like how you had Celestia sneak in her 'inner-thoughts' of how she does want to be a mom and isn't one to not pull a little 'trick' here-and-there to get her Mommy Faver going.

I wonder how often Luna and Celestia ever talk about if they wer parents? It would be neat to really understand how Blueblood is related to them. Cadence seems like she was adopted by Celestia but we never got to see how Bluey came into the picture. Perhaps a way-extended family line for Luna and Celestia? 1,000 years makes for loads of potential relatives.

I like the Spike-themed kids play place. The Crystal Empire would certainly have one of those to honor the one, and only, Brave & Glorious!

The babble-banter between Sunburst and Shining is wonderful, too. The opening scene in the crib where they kind of argued was definitely funny. I like how Sunburst tattled on Shining, tried to apologize, and shining just called him a 'pooy head'. I could hear that. <LoL!>

Before long, poor Cannon Feather would find himself be diapered by the foals, who laughed and laughed at his misfortune. “ I sure hope Bucket Bridle and Bright Wing don’t find out about this, ” He thought to himself. “ It’s bad enough they say I’m a junior guard, I don’t need them thinking I need more potty training. I was out of diapers before I was five, thank you very much. ”

OMG, that's a reference to your other story, "Royal guard in training" lol

Thought that makes the timeline kind of weird. That story takes place during the first episode of season 1. And the my Little pony movie (the movie that Fizzlepop is from) takes place right before season 8. So for cannon feather to be a adult in this story makes no sense.

This is not connected to that story this is a different universe

Oh, still thought it was a good thing to point out

Shining should get a patent for the diaper dance, because it's going to be a thing with all foals in the Crystal Empire very soon. :rainbowlaugh:

<LoL!> I liked how Shining came up with the protective shield bubble on the way down into the sewers. It certainly added some fun imagery as he and Crystal Shard were swept down into the sewers below. The part where the bubble bounced before popping was perfect for comedy, too.

Speaking of comedy, I loved when Shining got Sunburst to do the Diaper Dance. I wonder if he had as much style as Shining does?

Great idea of having the way out of the sewers be a result of construction work. Definitely clever and a tad fun compared to either being rescued or just happening upon some convenient opening with no real reason for one to be there.

I will always think of how Sunburst and Shining will remember Crystal Shard and Crystal Clear. Maybe they'll take both on as their respective students when they come of age? Thinking of how Shard could go on to be the next Captain Of The Guard and Crystal Clear being a very knowledgable librarian would be awesome!

maybe twilight maybe to force on something esle.

spoiler maybe she have her eyes on certain Pegasus but betting shinning will not have not of that

Twilight will make an excellent (if embarrassing) big sister figure for the colts. :twilightsmile:

It just keeps getting better-and-better!

The idea behind "Twilight's Pre-school" was brilliant! Her execution of the tests was really great and the clothing 'downgrades' as markers of wrong answers was both silly and fun.

I like how the foal side of Shining Armor and sunburst keeps getting through just enough to make the pair get into silly tiffs. Seeing Sunburst upset about Shining getting more attention for doing more potty than he did was such a silly thing to be jealous over. However attention-is-attention and both boys want to ever be the center of it.

I wonder if the two will remain extra competitive once everything finally returns to normal?

9495929 Probably not, unless maybe they wanted to compete over who gets more affection from Flurry Heart: Her daddy or her royal crystaller (basically her foalsitter).

I see Shining is becoming overprotective of Flurry Heart, and she's not even out of diapers yet. :rainbowlaugh:

I want to see a story of Baby Sombra with his mama Luna.

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