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Princess Luna is the best princess and Nightmare Moon is the best queen.

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I like this story so far, but it's a little fast paced. Maybe dial it down, just a bit?


I am sorry but it is complete. I simply forgot to change the status when I finished it. Unless a story is like my "Unpleasant Correspondence" stories, I generally don't publish incomplete stories.

Too bad they’re just friends.

What do you mean by that?


This is part of a series I'm starting, the Friends With Benefits series so they'll always just be friends in them although I will admit, these are stories that could have sequels.


Thanks for the advice and don't worry, it takes a whole lot to hurt my feelings. If you don't mind telling me, what words made you feel a bit uncomfortable?


I could ultimately decide to change that, I could always do a sequel.


I suddenly have a hell of a lot of things on my plate. The three that I was working on at the time I chose to drop clop and once I had everything restored, I have a ton of stuff to do now. Some of it will be SFW and some will be NSFW, but hopefully I can do a sequel to this at some point. After all, why should they just be friends with benefits?


Tell you what, I'll take care of my two biggest projects right now then I'll do the sequel, alright?

That would be awesome. Thanks


What are you talking about? I think this discussion would be done better via private message where not everyone can see it.

Juniper is an underated cutie of the Equestria Girls franchise. She gets a bit overlooked in my opinion.

I hope you do another story with her! This one was good!


Juniper does get overlooked quite a bit. I didn't watch many of the Equestria Girls specials but I did so with "Mirror Magic" because Starlight Glimmer was in it....and I think Juniper looks a lot better as she is than she did that image she saw in that mirror....and you can't go wrong with pigtails.


Yeah, Wallflower is more popular than Juniper. They're very similar to each other.


They are quite similar....although I doubt Wallflower would ever want to be famous. She was envious though, particularly of Sunset Shimmer. When it comes to Sunset, she is a good character yet overrated in my opinion.

I don't think she's overrated, though she is very popular for being one of the first villains to reform and we saw them reform over time.

Who do you like more Juniper or Wallflower?


I personally like them equally although I think I have more in common with Wallflower. I am very introverted and normally blended into the background back when I was in school. For me, a good day was when I didn't have to deal with any one and their BS.

Same. She's a bit like Fluttershy in that regard, but different enough to be her own character.

Who would be the better girlfriend/wife material though.


Fluttershy in my opinion, she is so kind and caring....I personally think she'd be the # 1 wife/girlfriend out of everypony, out of every generation.

Who would be your second choice after Fluttershy?


I honestly haven't even thought about it....probably Izzy.


She gets a lot of unnecessary hate in my opinion.

Nice to see an story involving Juniper. Glad to see I’m not the only one who decided to write a story about her to show her some love.


The main reason I wrote it is because so many people hate her.

I know. Same here. She doesn’t deserve as much hate as she does.

That was a very good one dude. Good work.

Thanks, I think that Juniper gets way too much hate and besides, what better way to show Juniper someone cares than some friendly intimacy?

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