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When pranks are the name of the game, sometimes, you gotta take a break from it all, especially when you're reformed and no longer considered the "bad" guy. But, you'll always be considered the "weird" guy, and for Discord, the makings of a potentially huge prank are always best done with a splash of boredom.

However, things tend to take a turn for the worst if you don't know what you're doing, or don't take into account everyone that could be involved...

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“Good lord, Spike, you magnificent manwhore!” Discord squealed, all eyes turning to him again. “How many oil gauges have you been sticking your dipstick in?”


Goodness! Love the idea of spike and discord's broship evolving. As always, a quality story and it got me laughing like no other in recent memory! Glad to see your writings again, friend!


I'm...not really sure how funny I can find this. The impossibility of Spike getting laid with so many girls (and them all being fine with it) aside, Discord basically ruined a lot of people's lives as a prank. Not sure this is punishment enough for him, honestly.

I love this this is something I kinda wanted to always see. We never get to hear about the fallout of when someone start to wiggle their meat stick all around town but now Spike has to deal with it and it will best chance drive him crazy lol.

Dear lord this is a thing that happen.

Damn! You took the, go big, or go home, phrase and made it your bitch!:pinkiegasp: Great job!:pinkiehappy:

Um...I have not been on Fimfiction long enough to be aware of "trends" so I might be a little ignorant, regardless I do not understand why this story interests people. I just think its weird...I did not like it.

However, the writer's writing style is good. The story has a good flow to it.

laughing too hard to comment properly, bwahahahahaaa :moustache:

:trollestia: And don't get me started on the crystal empire!

Heeeyyy, you're writing fimfics again! Haven't seen your horsewords in a long while. Nice fic. Spike getting all the ladies in a fun way is great to read.

P.S. Did you happen to write some fluffy pancake fics on r/HFY a few months ago? I think it was written under Abramus but wasn't sure if it was you.

Yes, that was indeed me!

Cool, bc that stuff was awesome! Though i did wonder if it meant that you moved on from your fimfics. If you did, then oh well, but I would hope you write another pancake story soon. I may try my hand at it, but getting it to fit the HFY thing is hard.

It indeed can be, since you've got to do the HFY as the main point, but trying to think of a unique HFY aspect while then threading in the pancakes so that people don't say you're just writing porn for the sake of porn with a sprinkling of HFY. I will likely still be doing some HFY stuff in the future, as I have a few ideas, but as with all my writing, I need to find the time, and harness the drive to do so. Which one did you like the best?

Personally, I liked the Not Holding Back ones the most, but the Auction ones were well done too. I may try something like it or the goblin princess one (that one was cute) bc HFY needs some more fantasy stuff imo.

Will there be a bonus chapter

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