• Published 26th Sep 2018
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A War On Two Fronts - The Boss

War! The tensions between Equestria and the Griffon Empire erupt into what will come to be known as the deadliest conflict in history.

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While I can't say this is the ending I was hoping for, or one I would have chosen. And though it is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. It's an acceptable conclusion. There was a lot I would have done differently, and some aspects and resources story wise that I would have used, but it ain't my story. Well it's been real.

What a ride...

You need to send this story (and previous one) to some of the boards brother. It def deserves more notice. Your writing is excellent in my opinion. A couple of grammatical errors here and there but nothing that detracted from the story. Loved the spin on how the war turned out. Didn’t see it coming.

i noticed this fic only today... wow it was a nice read.

Jesus Christ that was a bittersweet ending. Just...damn that was good.

I finished this up and looked at your other stories you've written. I never realized that your the same guy the wrote 'coming out of it' and I feel stupid for not recognizing it sooner.

This was a very good story, and very well written. But please forgive me if I really don't want to ever read it again. I need not a second serving of such a heavy tale to appreciate it fully.

Wow, this story hits like truck and pulls no punches.

Are you going to continue with Thomas searching for Twilight, or is it done?

I have to applaud you I have read both of your series and they were some of the best I have read your writing style is super smooth and flowing and once again I applaud you

This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read (Both Silver Lake and this one). It pulls no punches, nothing is left to speculation. It hits hard and keeps hitting right up until the end. Turner feels real. Scratch that, he is real the way the events of the story affect him and have long lasting effects are brilliant. These are a few of the reasons I come back and re-read your stories so often they just capture my attention and are amazing reads even though I’ve read them multiple times. I still get goosebumps every time Turner sees his child and wife on the verge of death even though I know it’s coming. That is the tell of a good story, it makes you feel even though you know what’s on the way.

If you are to write a new story or even a continuation of this one... I will be watching.

(Another thing is that this story helped me to realise that nothing is bad forever, given time perseverance and maybe just a little bit of luck life will go your way just like Turner was able to see Samantha again and Paige for the first time. Thank you.)

This has been a great story it and silver lake. I have to say this would make a great trilogy and Thomas and his adventures in the eq civil war would make an incredible finale to finish off the story (it doesn't even need to be that long honestly, but that's ultimately up to you)
I will say I've been on this site since 2016 and this is definitely a top 5 story on the site for me (number one if talking about character writing you are dam skilled at characters).
This is the longest comment I have ever written but thank you for the story.

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