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The continent of Equine is embroiled in a bitter and fierce war between the superpowers of the continent: The ponies of Equestria under the banner of the two sisters along with her pony allies and the Changelings hives, led to war by their egomatic queen Chrysalis. In either country, the war weighs heavy on all minds as the outcome shall determine the fate of both. Winner takes all.

But in the surrounding countries, the war is no more than meaningless predictions, rumors and a leaked report or two, with the only, truly invested being the neutral yet pony nation of Stalliongrad. Nevertheless, only a fool would ignore the largest war in the continent history and as such, the ex-imperial griffion colony of Nova Griffiona has decided to stake its claim with the ponies, even if they don’t get along well by sending weapons and volunteers in secret. With the new political situation in Nova Griffiona, it isn’t hard to find those willing to leave even if it is to help the weak, peace-loving ponies.

From the capital of Weter to the coldest peaks of the Duli mountains where the world seems furthest, to the bleak cold of the newly integrated frontier lands, grifs take their chance for glory, adventure or even just a chance at promotion and better pay. Or simple escape.

One of them, a simple griffion named Heartfeather, takes his chance to leave his home and past behind while hopefully redeeming himself and helping others for once even, if even for more selfish needs. Surely, anyone can be baptized by fire and steel...right?

(Set in the universe of the Equestria at War mod for Hearts Of Iron 4.)
(Will most likely be changing the title and short description, update tags and will probably be editing a lot of the story later on. For now, this is just down so my head doesn't... split from ideas bottled up)
(I'll leave now

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